Study Break

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Double Penetration

I walk into the University library, with its high ceilings and humongous oak tables, with rows of tall back chairs lining the side of the tables which stretch out long across the center of the first floor. The center is wide open aside from the tables, surrounded by case after case of shelves, and the library scales three stories. Three stories of books, indexed and cataloged for all the public to peruse.

I have a term paper due. Next week. As usual, I have chosen to procrastinate until the last minute. I resign myself to a long, long night, and walk throughout the library in order to find a quiet, secluded desk to hunker myself down in. Off on either side of the library are small desks with high walled sides, to ensure privacy and help minimize distractions. I find an empty one to call home. As I unload my laptop from my backpack, I see you look out at me from the desk right next to mine. You’re beautiful, and I pause just long enough to make eye contact.

“Hi.” I say. You nod a greeting right back at me. You’re wearing a tight black turtleneck, and short rust colored skirt. Opaque black stockings and knee high black boots, laced up the side.

“Term paper?” I know I should be concentrating on getting my own work done, but I’m mesmerized by your presence. You look back out at me, and look me over.

“Yes. You?” I must have passed the once over.

“Yeah. Just starting. Long night ahead of me.” I take off my leather coat and drape it over the back of the chair.

“I’m just about finished myself.” You smile at me. I’m wearing a white, loose, untucked collared shirt and my favorite pair of faded jeans, slightly torn from overuse. “Maybe I can help you out…”

“Really? God, that would be great!” I can’t believe my good fortune.

“Sure, what are you working on?” Uh oh. I hadn’t planned a response this far ahead.

“Um, uh, 19th century erotica..?” I waited for the giggle, or a sarcastic smirk. It didn’t come. “It’s for my English Lit class.” I explained.

“Mmm,” Your eyes sparkle. “I love erotica. But we really shouldn’t leave those kinds of books out in the open here. Let’s go grab a private room.”

The library had small private rooms, with windowed doors of course, and they were primarily used for listening to audio materials or viewing “controversial” materials. I really didn’t illegal bahis think erotica qualified, but I wasn’t going to argue with the opportunity to be a enclosed room with you, researching historic porn.

We found an empty private room up on the third floor to put our stuff in, and each armed with a reference list headed out to find our materials. We split up the research, I went off to find my texts and you went off for the illustrated works, kept in an entirely different area of the library. This place was huge and sprawling. It took me about 40 minutes to find everything I needed and get back to the room to find you waiting. By the looks of things, you had already been there awhile. One of the large illustrated books was turned open to a page, with several young men servicing an upper class woman. You were entranced in the drawing, and your cheeks were flush. I shut the door behind me.

“My god, this stuff is incredible!” You say, grabbing my hand and pulling me down beside you. “Look at this!” You open the book to another page you had marked. Two naked woman were sitting atop a lying man, one sitting on his face, the other on his cock. Both woman had expressions of total bliss. I notice you breathing a little heavy. “I love this one!” I wonder just how long you had been looking at these pictures. You turn the page to show me a drawing of a man kneeling between a woman’s spead legs, her dress lifted high, licking her pussy. You groan. “This is so hot…”

I put my hand on your leg, as you continue to turn the pages. Your breathing increases I slowly ran my hand up your leg, and up under your skirt. Your stockings end, and I feel my fingers caress your bare thigh. As you view a picture of a man finger-fucking a woman as he sucks her nipples, my hand hits your panties and glides across your pussy. You gasp, and pull my hand out.

“Wait…” you say, as reach underneath and pull off your panties. You grab my hand and pull it back where it was, with this time nothing to block its way. Your pussy is soft and wet, and my fingers easily slide around it’s perimeter. I run a finger across your clit, and watch as you bite your lip. “Fuck…” you whisper, under your breath.

You turn another page, as I continue to explore you with my fingers. I kneel down in front of you, positioning myself at a better angle. illegal bahis siteleri You are so wet, and I can hear my fingers in the quiet room, as they slide back and forth. I can’t see the book anymore, so I ask you to describe the scenes to me.

“There are two women… and one man…” I move a finger slowly inside you. “Uhn… and one woman… oh… is sucking his cock… god, it’s so thick…” I lift my other hand up and rub that thumb against your clit. I insert another finger in you, and began to slowly pump them in and out.

“Oh god… yessss…” You’re starting to tremble. It must feel so good.

“Keep reading.” I ask, “What is the other woman doing?”

“Uhn… she’s laying next to him… her legs spread… he’s… oh, fuck… he’s licking her…”

That’s all I need to hear. I remove my fingers. You immediately groan in frustration.

“D-don’t! Don’t stop…” You plead. I’m not about to stop. I dive beneath your skirt, and my lips meet yours. You’re sweet and salty, and I suck your juices in my mouth. I’m in heaven.

“Oh, fuck… fuck me… god, don’t stop…” The book slides out of your hands to your side. Now free, your hands grab the back of my head and pull me harder against you. I eat greedily.

“That’s so good… keep licking me… oh, yes… right there… faster… FASTER…” My tongue is flying against your clit, huge and exposed. You’re very close. I pause, licking slow.

“Oh God, you’re killing me! Oh God, I want to cum… please… make me cum…” I increase the pace again. Every time I feel you reaching the edge, I slow down, deliberately avoiding your clit, alternating licking deep inside you, pressing my tongue against you.

“Fucker! I need to cum… please!” You’re begging me now, crazy with lust. My cock is straining against my jeans. I can’t take much more of this myself. It’s time to make you cum. I plunge two fingers back into your pussy as I focus my tongue directly on your clit.

“Oh, yeah… oh FUCK! I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum… oh, fuck!” Your body starts shaking and I feel you start cumming. Juices cover my fingers, pumping in and out your pussy. I look up to watch your face as you cum. I almost cum in my pants watching. “Enough!” you shout, pulling my hand away, “Oh, god… so sensitive… need a minute…”

I stand canlı bahis siteleri up in front of you, my cock a hard bulge throbbing against my pants. You look at it, unzip me, and pull it out into your mouth. My eyes roll back in my head. I can’t take it. It feels so damn good.

You’re slowly rolling your tongue around my cockhead, your small hand wrapped tightly around the base, holding back my cum. Your other hand is caressing my balls, and my head is spinning. I can’t open my eyes. I don’t care if we’re in a library, in a small room with a window on the door that anyone walking by can look into, can see you with my cock in your mouth. All I care about is you, and what you’re doing to me.

Suddenly, you stop.

“H-huh?” I open my eyes and look down on you. You’re leaning back in your chair, and you’ve lifted your skirt up to your waist. I can see your pussy, and how wet it is as you begin to play with yourself. I know what you want. I start to stroke my cock above you, masturbating with you.

Your eyes are fixated on my cock, as I pump my hand up and down along it’s length. Your hand is moving faster, and I increase my pace to keep up with you. I’m not going to last.

“Oh, fuck…” I say, “I’m going to cum…” Your eyes open wide, and you plunge your finger inside yourself.

“Yes! Cum for me… cum for me…”

“Oh, Gooooood…” My cock starts pumping what seems like gallons out at you. It splashes on your leg, so close to your fingers that are slamming your pussy, as you cum with me.

“Oh, yessss… I’m cumming…” You stretch out. My cock is still pumping. On your leg. On the floor. On my hand. I pull my hand away. My knees fell weak. You look at my cock, still hard, dripping it’s juice. You look at my hand, cum covering my fingers. You take my hand, and bring a finger into you mouth, sucking clean the cum. At this rate, I’ll be hard all night. You pull away from finger, and lick you lips.

“Thank you.” You say.

“Thank me? Thank you!” I stand there, rock hard cock pointing in your direction.

“Down boy! We’ll take another ‘study break’ later.” You smile at me, run your fingers down my cock, and go back to the drawings. “It’s time to get back to work!” As you look over the pictures again, your hand drifts back up to me. I guide my cock into your hand and you start to stroke. You’re still flushed.

“Ok… enough studying!” You slam the book shut. “Come here, you!” You pull me on top of you, and our tongues wrestle as our bodies rub against one another.

I was right. It’s going to be a long, long night…

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