Step Dad Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 01

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*This is a work of fiction, and this is my first attempt at writing. I’d love any and all feedback.


My name is Alexa, but everyone calls me Lexy. I’m 19 years old fun in the sun Cali girl. My parents split up when I was 12 and my mom remarried a guy named Larry when I was 14.

As most Cali girls I obsess about my body, I workout by rollerskating basically everywhere. I’m 5″4 with long brown hair, size 2 with naturally perky 36c tits with very sensitive nipples.

Now since you know a little something about me here’s a little more, ever since I started having sex at a young age and I couldn’t get enough! I love sex and if that makes me a slut or a whore then print out t-shirts. The first guy I had sex with was my 22-year-old neighbor at a pool party.

But let’s get to the present shall we? My parents are away on a mini vaca and I’m on my back with a 9-inch thick cock pounding my tight little twat. Roger works with my stepdad, I’ve been fucking his 42-year-old cock for a few weeks now and let me just say he knows how to make my little pussy sing! I’m addicted to orgasms so when I say I’ll spread my legs to almost anyone that’s no lie.

But Roger isn’t the only one I’m fucking but I’ll get to that later. The bed was squeaking every time Roger pumped into me. “You little bitch! Your cunt is sucking me deep! FUCK that feels good!” He said as he forced my legs up to his shoulders.

“FUCK ME! Uncle Roger! FUCK me hard! Make me take that big cock! You know I love it!” I screamed loud. After fucking my pussy raw for what felt like a hour he laughed and said “Oh! Come on whore its time for me to split that fine ass open!” With that, Roger pulled out his soaking cock out of my pussy and aimed it at my little ass.

Now some women don’t like anal but I’m not one of them, for the past few months I’ve had all my hole fucked and loved it.

“Hold that ass apart my cock wants in” he yelled. Holding my cheeks apart oh how I loved that feeling of being that full… maybe one day I’ll try a 3 way or a 4 way, have all my hole filled… but sadly that’s when my little bubble was burst when my stepdad walked in and Roger was really getting into fucking my ass and me screaming while I was strumming my clit to an orgasm.

“What the FUCK is going on here!” Larry yelled I knew he could see everything, illegal bahis my red well used pussy and my ass filled with a huge meaty cock. And right at that moment was when Roger decided to explode in my ass, his face red and sweaty from pumping my tender ass.

And to make things worse I squirted, coming hard while getting my ass filled. Larry was fuming as he pulled Roger off me his cock plopped out of my wet ass.

” You mother fucker! How the fuck could you fuck her! Get the fuck out of my house!” Larry screamed. He dragged Roger out of the room and then out the house.

I’d never seen Larry get so angry like that in my life, and it turned me on like crazy that I can’t help but rub my little clit hard and fast, and there he was my stepdad in the doorway watching me make myself cum with a mixture of anger and arousal. “You little whore! This is what you do when we’re not around!”

I was too relaxed and exhausted “your fucking up my high Larry … so fuck off!” Yeah, that was the wrong thing to say. Something snapped in him that he came towards me a pulled me by my hair, next thing I know he pulled his belt off and started to pull his pants down and his gigantic 11-inch cock smacked me in the face.

It was beautiful, veiny, and thick as hell. “You act like a whore, spreading and fucking everything! Wanna you act like a slut? Your bitch mother won’t let me fuck her the way I want to so maybe I’ll make you my bitch instead!” Oh fuck, I’m wet. I licked the pre-cum that dripped from the head of his cock and Larry moaned

“That’s a good whore lick my cock, finger that cunt while you suck me I want that cunt dripping when I fuck it” that’s all the permission I needed my clit was throbbing and my fingers started to circle my horny cunt.

“Daddy, are you going use my mouth? Are you going to use me, daddy?”

“You know I am you little slut! Open wide” was all the warning I got before Larry shoved his cock into my mouth. Mmm, he tasted salty as I took him in deep swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, his pre-cum tasted so good I couldn’t get enough so I sucked harder, that my cheeks hollowed.

“That’s it whore suck the cum right out of my cock! The first ones for your mouth” and with that, I sucked him with a new found vigor because all I wanted to do was taste his cum.

I almost choke illegal bahis siteleri as I tried to swallow all of my stepdads cum and wow! That was a lot. And I did my best to drink all of him like a good slut would. “Get in that shower whore and clean yourself! I want your cunt and ass clean when I fuck them.” I ran into the shower so excited as I took the removable showerhead and washed my pussy and asshole changing the spray to a jet stream so the force would penetrate my tender holes.

It felt so good as the hard spray of water fucked my clit I just had to finger my ass, well I had to stretch my ass cause Larry was much bigger than anyone else I fucked. “Here let me help Lexy doll, daddy’s fingers are much thicker.”

And with that, I turned around to face the shower wall pointing my ass towards my daddy. He licked three fingers on his right hand and slid them in all the way and started fucking me hard as he pinched and rolled my nipples with his left hand and I held the shower head to my clit.

“I want you to cum for daddy Lexy doll, you’re going to cum from daddy finger fucking your ass Lexy slut! I can feel your ass tightening around my fingers whore! You know only true whores cum from anal? Are you my whore Lexy doll? Are you going to be a real slut for me Lexy doll? Answer me slut!”. “Yes, Larry I’m your slut!” I screamed.

“Larry? You will call me daddy, whore!” He growled in my ear and pinched my nipple.

“Yes, Daddy! I’m daddy slut whore!” I screamed and squirted and gushed warm liquid all over my thighs. I came so hard I almost fell to my knees. That’s when daddy pulls me by my hair and dragged me his bed it’s much bigger a California king. I’m dripping water but he doesn’t care he just pushes me onto my back and spreads my legs wide over his shoulders and started to ravage my pussy.

“Do you like that Lexy doll? Do you like daddy’s tongue on your cunt? Does it feel good baby? Tell daddy whore!”.

“Yes, daddy I love your tongue! Suck on my clit daddy! Finger my ass and suck my clit! Oh god! that feels so good!!”

The suction I felt from his mouth was incredible it was like a flesh vacuum that had my tender nerves pulsing. I was grinding my pussy on his face and he greedily eats me. “Daddy I’m about to cum fuck my ass harder!”

This feels too good and he does go harder canlı bahis siteleri and I now have four fingers in my ass as he alternates sucking and licking my clit. “I want you to cum on my tongue you little slut! Squirt whore! And don’t you think I’m going to stop eating this sweet pussy anytime soon, daddy loves to eat pussy especially my little whore’s pink pussy. Scream bitch no one will hear you!” It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had the pleasure and was almost painful.

“Fuck daddy I’m cumming!” My orgasm squirted out of my pussy and my ass clenched hard on my daddy’s fingers pushing them out.

“Good girl. Oh look, looks like daddy is ready for round two!”

“Come on Lexy doll its time for a good fucking! Spread those legs.” Larry says holding my ankles apart.

“Yes, daddy. I’m so wet and my pussy needs a good hard fuck. I’ve wanted your fat cock inside me ever since I caught you and mom fucking a few weeks ago.”

I’m soaking wet and loving it. He pushed his hips forward hard and moved all his length into my tight hole until just his balls were hanging out. “So, how does my pussy feel? You like fucking your daughter’s tight little cunt, don’t you?” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“You sick little bitch you love this don’t you? Because you’re a dirty whore who’s been craving her step father’s dick! Fuck!”

I was on the edge of a huge orgasm and pure bliss.

“You are such a fucking cock whore, I love ramming my cock in you. I’m gonna fill you with cum too.” Larry pumped my pussy hard while he played with my clit.

She was going to cum, and when she was this excited her cum squirted out of her like a geyser. “Daddy, I’m going to cum all over your big cock,” I screamed.

“Oh my little whore, Daddy’s going to cum too.” I feel like I’m going to explode. My daddy tensed up I could feel his cock getting bigger.

“Do it, daddy, shoot your big load inside my pussy. Fill me up! I want to feel your hot Daddy cum inside of me. Fuck me harder and shoot your load inside of me.” That’s when I felt his body stiffen and he filled me with his creamy hot cum.

Oh god did that feel great! I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy I couldn’t resist dipping my fingers into my pussy and taste us. A true slut am I! I thought and laughed.

“We’re not done yet whore, get daddy beer and you better keep that ass naked we won’t be interrupted by your mother anytime soon, I dropped her off at your aunt’s house before coming home. So hurry up.” I love this manly forceful side of him and just hearing it makes my ass twitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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