Spring Break Ch. 03

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All characters in this story are fictional and solely the product of the author’s imagination. Any character depicted as being sexually active with another person is always at least 18 years of age or above and engages willingly in the sexual activity described. The main characters live in the fictional state of South Tennebama where most laws against incest have been rescinded and the remaining laws are ignored because there are more pressing problems requiring the attention of law enforcement.

As Ted drove away from the house he thought to himself that maybe he should have gone inside for a moment to get some lube. But then he was struck with a better idea. He drove instead to a large 24 hour gas station/convenience store/truck stop. He got out of the truck, saying to Sarah, “Wait a second.” He came around to open her door. Ted invited her out of the truck. As she slid out of the truck her skirt rode up completely above her hips, exposing her entire bottom. She started to pull it down when Ted said, “Here, let me help.” He did not pull the skirt down as much as Sarah would have. Then, when he was satisfied with the bottom of the skirt, he rolled down the waistband of the skirt a couple of times making the skirt nothing but a narrow band of cloth that stretched over but did not cover her hips. Anyone less than four feet tall would see her pussy from the front and everyone could see plenty of ass cheek hanging out of the bottom of her skirt and plenty of ass cleavage visible above the top of the skirt. Ted put his right arm around her back on her bare skin, held her tight and they walked into the store.

“We’re looking for lube,” he told her once they got into the store, “but if you’re thirsty I’d be glad to buy you something to drink.” Either Ted really didn’t have the foggiest idea where to find lube in the store, or else that was his excuse for walking slowly around the entire store with his beautiful slut under his arm. In either case, he enjoyed it. At Ted’s suggestion they each opted for a can of V-8. (“You really don’t want to be fucking with 32 ounces of carbonated beverage in your belly,” he had told her. And he told her that loud enough so that a number of people could hear.)

Once they found the lube and the drinks they took them up to the cash register. After Ted paid for their purchases the young man behind the counter looked at Sarah and said, “You made my day, thank you.”

“Thank you for saying something. The pleasure was all mine.” With that they started to walk away when Sarah suddenly stopped. “I think I dropped something,” she said, and then bent over at the waist, giving the young man an unobstructed view of her ass and pussy. After looking around for a few seconds, she said, “I don’t see it. My bad,” and stood up again, walking with Ted out of the store without pulling her skirt down.

“That’s my beautiful little slut,” said Ted as he opened the door and helped her up into the truck. They arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Mather’s and pulled into the driveway. A light was on by the front door and there was a piece of paper taped to it that said, “Come right in and lock the door behind you. Then go all the way through to the sun room and make yourself to home.”

“Before we go back there, let me take a pee,” said Sarah.

“Good idea,” said Ted, “I’ll meet you right here. Don’t wipe yourself,” he added with a wink.

When they met in the hallway Ted knelt in front of her. She spread her legs and he cleaned her with his tongue.

The sun room was a large room that extended all the way across the back of their house. It had a large sofa and lounge chairs. The room was gently lit and grandma and grandpa were sitting very inconspicuously to one side of the room. They were both just wearing string thongs, although grandma had high heeled shoes on. Both grandparents were in great physical shape for their age and looked very sexy.

When Sarah spotted them she went right over to them and said, “Don’t be shy. Do I look sexy – like a slut?”

That’s about as sexy as they come,” answered Karl.

“I want you to watch your innocent little granddaughter become the slut that lives inside her. I am so fuckin’ hot and horny and I need a dirty fuck. Tonight I am going to go from a nice innocent granddaughter to a dirty fucking slutty granddaughter. Daddy/daughter incest is really dirty, having somebody watch it is even more dirty, having the ones who watch it be my loving grandparents is even more dirty, and if you want to masturbate while you watch, that will be even more dirty, especially if you do it close to me so I can see how turned on you are watching me become a slut. And if you cum on me while daddy is fucking me that will be dirtiest of all.”

After that little speech, she fell on her knees in front of Ted and began to loosen his belt, unbutton and unzip his pants and pull out his cock. She did not have to suck him to life because he was already hard. He just stood there for a little while enjoying the blow job. Then he reached down and started playing with her tits. Shortly after that he took firm hold of both nipples and put upward pressure on them so that Sarah knew she should get on her feet. In a illegal bahis moment Ted had her top off, her skirt off and his own shirt off. He held her nude body tightly against his own. “You feel so good, Baby. I love your body. I love what it does to me. I love what it does to my cock.”

“What does it do to you?” Sarah asked playfully.

“It makes me want to fuck you,” he said a little more forcefully. Releasing her he held her out to Dorothy, saying, “Doesn’t that body just make you want to play with her?” Dorothy stepped forward and started holding, kissing and fondling Sarah.

“Let me taste you,” she said and she moved to the carpeted floor that also had two blankets on it in case they wanted to fuck on the floor. They moved into a 69 position with Dorothy on the bottom and they licked and sucked and fingered one another until they both came almost simultaneously.

After they had relaxed a little bit, Ted said to Karl, “Take off that thong and come over here and show your granddaughter what her naked body does to you.” Karl quickly complied and approached Sarah sporting a full blown hardon.

“Oh, Grandpa, is that for me?” asked Sarah. She reached out and started to fondle his cock and balls as he reached for her pussy with one hand and to play with her tits with the other. Then Sarah reached around and grabbed his ass and he followed suit and mashed their groins together as they kissed, tongue fucking one another.

Gently taking Sarah by the arm, Ted said, “Now it’s my turn.” He took her to the sofa and started kissing her. Soon he was kissing more than her lips and they were fondling one another.

Ted was ready to go down on Sarah but Sarah said, “I’m ready, Daddy. I’m more than ready. Fuck me.” Ted got on his back on the floor, his cock fully erect and standing straight up.

“Take your time, Baby, and ease yourself down on it,” he said.

She found the opening to her vagina and placed the tip of his cock into it. When she was sure he was in just the right place she plunged herself forcefully all the way down on his cock. “Ease, nothing! I want to FUCK,” she exclaimed and then started riding him hard. “Yes, that feels so good. I was meant to fuck. I’m a little fucker. I’m a hot little fucker, and I’m fucking my Daddy which makes me a hot little dirty fucking slut.” She kept riding him hard and on every upstroke Ted slightly changed his position until he found the angle that seemed to give her the greatest pleasure.

She began to tire so Ted suggested that she get on her hands and knees, then lower her upper torso to the blanket. When she was in position, he entered her doggie style and started fucking her. Again he searched for the angle and depth that brought out from her the most favorable response. Once he had identified three especially good angles, he bent over her and started playing with one of her tits. That brought out a favorable response as well. That almost took her over the edge but Ted, sensing that, eased up a little bit. He had something else in mind he wanted her to experience before climaxing.

He got up off of her and sat on the sofa with is butt on the edge, almost hanging off. “Now get on me facing your grandparents, and keep yourself raised off of me just a little bit so that I can do the thrusting,” he said. She did that. And there, just a couple of feet away stood her grandparents engaged in frenzied masturbation, watching the dirty scene in front of them. The fucking she was getting and the visual sight in front of her almost made her cum again.

Ted reached for the lube he had just bought. “I need you to get off me for just a little bit,” he said. He had her bend over, steadying herself with her arms on the sofa. Ted took the lube and started lubing up her asshole.

“Oh, this is going to be sooo hot,” thought Sarah. “Daddy remembered: I like anal play.” He lubed her up thoroughly, then drenched his cock in lube as well. He tossed the tube to Karl. Karl wasn’t sure what to do with it. Ted mouthed the words, “Lube yourself up.”

“Now go back to sitting on Daddy’s cock,” he said, “but put it up your ass. And you’re allowed to be gentle.” This time Sarah was more cautious in lowering herself on her dad’s cock. Once she had it all the way in she started bouncing up and down on it.

“Oh fuck, that feels so dirty. You remembered, Daddy. Thank you. I love you in my ass!” Ted started to take over the thrusting as he gently eased her back onto his chest. Then he reached forward and started playing with her clit. Her hips started moving involuntarily and her sighs and breathing gave signs that she was ready to orgasm and orgasm hard.

“Now, Karl,” said Ted, “shove your cock up her dirty slut cunt.” It only took him a couple of strokes and Sarah exploded in orgasm and her ass spasmed around Ted’s cock. He shot his load of cum up her ass. Her cunt spasmed on Karl’s cock and Karl came. Her body shook in orgasmic convulsions and she squirted pulse after pulse of her female ejaculate.

And then she was out like a light. Karl withdrew. Dorothy cleaned him up, But then Karl realized that Dorothy had masturbated herself to climax as she watched the scene unfold before her. So Karl illegal bahis siteleri cleaned Dorothy up. Dorothy was still so turned on that she went over to see what she could to to clean Ted up. Sarah was still lying on top of Ted, but Ted’s cock had softened and had fallen out of her ass.

As Dorothy approached, Sarah woke up. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. That is even sluttier than I imagined. She realized that she was still on top of her daddy so attempted to get up. He helped her.

“Now stand in front of me,” he said, and when she did he started to clean her up – in front. When she attempted to clean him up he said, “Not after I’ve been in your ass. Maybe some time if you’ve cleaned your ass out thoroughly just before we fuck, but not tonight.” Sarah agreed. It looked really hot in porn but the porn stars had undoubtedly cleaned themselves up really good before doing it.

“So let’s clean up one another in the bathroom then, okay?” asked Sarah.

“Good compromise,” said Ted. After cleaning up they got dressed and went home. As they drove, Ted asked, “How do you want to work sleeping when we get home?”

“I want you to sleep with me in my bed,” she said. Each child’s room was large and each one had a queen sized bed.

“That sounds like a pretty slutty thing to do – to have your daddy sleep with you all night til morning after fucking you,” he said.

“It’s going to be even sluttier because he’s going to fuck me again before we go to sleep,” she replied.

When they got home they went up to Sarah’s room. As they passed the master bedroom the door was open and they could hear Tommy and Carol talking softly to one another. They did not try to look in on the couple.

Arriving at Sarah’s room, Ted helped her off with her boots. He took off his shirt as she put them away. He then had her sit on the edge of the bed after pulling down her skirt. He started eating out her pretty pussy. She took off her top and lay back. He reached up with one hand and started to play with her tits. His other hand was used to insert two fingers into her pussy. He located her G spot and worked it over while he sucked and licked her clit and played with a nipple. “Oh Fuck, Daddy!” she exclaimed as she came on his mouth. He needed to stop to give her a breather, so he stood up and finished getting undressed.

“Daddy, I really like it when you make me do things – like when you made me show my tits at the traffic light, or when you shortened my skirt before going into the store. I loved it when you told Grandpa to fuck my pussy. That’s really slutty. And I like you to call me names: like slut and bitch and whore. That really turns me on.”

He mounted her missionary, but held himself up on his arms so that he was not crushing her. “Should I have told you to dance with the guy at the dinner club?”

“I don’t think I was quite ready for it then yet. But if you told me to do it now, I would do whatever you want your slut to do,” she said.

“I’ve got to admit I loved it when you decided to be really slutty all on your own and bent over in the store showing the clerk your pussy. That was hot,” said Ted. “But you’re telling me that you are good with me telling you how I want my slut to dress and even if I tell you to give your body to someone else for a while.”

“I’ve read slut stories where the man tells his slut that he owns her pussy and that she has to wear what he wants her to wear and fuck whoever he tells her to fuck. Those stories are always so hot to me.”

“So you’re telling me that if you’re my slut, you’ll wear whatever I tell you to wear and fuck whoever I tell you to fuck, is that right?”

“No, Daddy. I’m telling you that I AM your slut – your dirty slut – and I will wear whatever you want me to wear and fuck whoever you want me to fuck,” she said as Ted was driving his cock into her with more speed and force and she was responding by fucking him back.

“Even your brother?” asked Ted. And she exploded in climax. “I guess that answers my question,” he said and he leaned down and kissed her passionately. “You really are a dirty bitch!” he said. “A bitch will get hot even for her brother. Sounds like you are the classic definition of a dirty bitch.”

After they came down from their sexual high they went to sleep. In the morning both Carol and Ted were awake before the twins. They met in the kitchen, started brewing some coffee and sat down to discuss the previous night. Carol explained that she had just not felt comfortable being called “mommy” all the time and had moved Tommy to calling her Carol when he was fucking her. Ted explained the use of the word “bitch” with Sarah which would be associated with fucking her brother. Carol mentioned that Tommy seemed to be excited to fuck his sister. Sarah seemed very open to have Ted help her push her limits although she could be quite aggressive all on her own at times. Tommy was turned on by having his friends fuck Carol. They had a lot of stuff with which to work. The real tentative plans for the day included Ted taking Sarah to a strip club to watch some strippers because the Monday night was amateur night at a strip club and Ted was thinking it canlı bahis siteleri would be hot to enter the girls in an amateur strip contest. But tonight, Sunday, they would go to a concert where the girls could once again dress sexy – pushing the limits before coming home to fuck.

Then Sarah came into the kitchen wearing a pair of tiny g-string panties and a pair of stripper heels. She walked up to Ted, who was only wearing a thong, pressed herself into him and said, “I was hoping for a taste of morning wood, but when I woke up, you were gone. I’m sorry, I must have still been all fucked out. Give me a rain check?”

“Sure, but you’ve got to remember that tomorrow I’ve got to go to work. So if you didn’t wake up today, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for tomorrow,” he replied.

“Coffee’s done,” said Carol. “Come and fix your own.” After they had each poured and doctored their cup of coffee, Carol put out a couple boxes of cereal and some bowls. She got milk out of the refrigerator. They started eating a little breakfast when Tommy came down.

“Morning Dad, morning Sarah, morning Carol,” he said, giving his mom a knowing look. Sarah jerked up her head in surprise, never having heard her brother call their mom by her name before.

Ted caught her eye and mouthed to her, “I’ll explain later,” as Tommy was at the counter pouring and fixing his coffee. Tommy was also wearing just a thong.

As he sat down at the table he asked, “Does anybody have any plans for today?”

“I had a few things in mind but nothing set in stone, so if you have any plans put them on the table. We’ll all do that and then try to coordinate things if there seem to be any conflicts,” said Ted.

Sarah began, “The only reason I beat Tommy down here is because I was awakened by a phone call from one of my college friends inviting me to come over to her house this afternoon to lay out in the sun with her for a while. She was thinking like between 1 and 3 because she has to go in to work at 4. Otherwise I have no plans – except for going to bed with Daddy. And I don’t have to wait until tonight to do that.”

Tommy then spoke up, looking tentatively at his mom. “I woke up this morning thinking that I might like to invite Andy and Greg over this afternoon and hang with them. I haven’t really spent any quality time with them since last summer. Mom, do you think you would be able to hang around with us in case we need a fourth for badminton again? I know we all enjoyed that afternoon and it might be fun to do it again.”

“I didn’t have any plans,” Carol replied. “Sunday is usually my day to kick back and relax. But I know your Father is hoping that we could all take in the concert tonight at the coliseum. It’s just his excuse to get Sarah to dress up like a slut so he can have his way with her.”

“And I can have my way with him,” added Sarah.

“And I can have my way with you,” said Tommy, looking directly at Carol’s huge tits.

“I also want to take Sarah someplace this afternoon when she is done with her friends, but I’d kind of like to keep it a surprise for now. But what she wants to do with her friends will still leave plenty of time for what I want to do with her.”

Turning to Sarah, he said, “So you can use our old clunker car and take it to your friends and when you come back, I’ll take you to my secret destination.”

“So, recapping,” said Carol, “We’ll meet here at noon to eat a fairly substantial lunch. Tommy will have some friends over and I’ll have some lemonade and iced tea ready for them. Sarah will go to her friends after lunch for the early part of the afternoon. She’ll come home and she and her dad will go to who knows where for a little while but be home by 6 for a light supper and then we go to the coliseum to get charged up for a night of fucking once we get home. Do I have that right?”

“Almost, Mom, except that I have to talk with Daddy a little bit about going over to my friend’s house. But your timing and everything else is perfect as far as I’m concerned,” said Sarah. Everyone else was with the plan, so they got up from the table. Sarah took Ted’s hand, saying, “Come with me, Daddy,” and she pulled him off to her bedroom.

“Daddy, we’ve got a potential problem here. Well, I’ve got a potential problem. And maybe it’s not a problem at all.”

“I’d appreciate it if you would start making some sense,” he said with a smile on his face. “I’m understanding that you are having a difficult time trying to talk to me about whatever you want to say to me. Just spit it out. I can take it.”

“Okay, Daddy, it’s like this. We children have had a good relationship with you parents pretty much all our lives, even before last night which was fantastic. Not all children do. I appreciate it when you walk into games where I am a cheerleader. I know you are there for me. In fact, I’m the only reason you’re there. To the point: when you walk into the gym for a basketball game a number of the guys are actually on the lookout for you, especially for mom. I’ve seen them nudge one another and then say to one another, ‘She’s hot as fuck.’ But the girls on the squad look at you and say the same type of things about you. You always look hot when you’re with mom. You dress hot and you’re in shape. So I’ve heard a number of girls say things like, ‘What I’d give to be able to jump his bones!’ But I know you are there for me and are interested in supporting me and love me.

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