Splitting Mom’s Ass

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Air Lock

I’m a 38 year old man who works in the information tech industry. I live in Chicago with Natalie, my wife of 15 years, and I have a 13 year old daughter. Life is pretty ordinary. I go to work, come home, eat dinner, help with homework or house chores, watch TV news, then go to bed.

Every few days my wife and I have sex. We have good sex. I love eating her out. She always tastes so good and gets extremely wet. She doesn’t hesitate to suck her own juices off my fingers, lips, or my cock. I think she actually likes it. Her favorite sex is to stick her lovely ass in the air while I plow her pussy from behind. Natalie loves a finger up her ass as we fuck. She’s not very fond of ass fucking, but she does let me now and then. Our sex life is pretty good.

The other day I got a phone call from my mother who lives on the other side of Chicago. She asked if I could come over after work and fix a leaking faucet in her kitchen. I wasn’t very happy about it but I told her I would. Now if you’ve been to Chicago lately you know that every major road is under construction and it is a royal pain in the ass to get anywhere. Especially at 5:30 in the evening. It was a Friday and that made it even worse.

I called Natalie and told her what was up. She was a little pissed but told me to give mom her best. We both knew I wouldn’t make it home for supper so she made me promise to get something to eat.

90 minutes later I arrived at mom’s house and became really angry. Mom was shit-faced drunk. She was wearing an old, ugly blue robe and she was laying half on and half off the couch giggling and waving an empty bottle of wine. I was actually worried that she was going to drop the bottle on her face so I took it from her and set it on the coffee table.

“Um dunk,” she slurred.

“No shit,” I said as I walked to the kitchen.

I was a simple job to replace the gaskets in her faucet. I was done in 20 minutes. The whole time I was working mom kept rattling off bullshit from the other room, very little of which made any sense. When I walked back out to the living room mom was still laying on the couch but her robe had come open and her wrinkled nude body was entirely on display. Her saggy tits were falling down to her arm pits. Her massive bush was centered in a sea http://www.izmirlitv.com/ of stretched skin and cellulite.

I told her I was finished and she asked if I would help her up. I took her hand in mine and pulled her up to a sitting position. When I let go she just plopped back down.

“Nevah mine,” she told me.

Then she started giggling again and actually rolled off the couch. She landed on her knees and face with her arms out wide. Her massive ass was pointing straight in the air and I was staring right into her hairy old wrinkled sphincter. I started to help her back up on the couch and she told me she just wanted to stay where she was because her head was starting to spin. I sat on the couch to wait. She was really pissing me off. I wanted to get home and now I was here babysitting my drunk mother who was on the floor mostly naked with her big ugly ass staring me in the face. I don’t know what possessed me but I just spread her pussy with my left hand and shoved three fingers up her nasty cunt. “Maybe that’ll sober her up,” I thought.

Mom started giggling again.

This was ridiculous. I put my forth finger into her and started jamming her pussy. Mom was trying to talk but her face was mashed against the floor and the bottom of the couch. I did manage to understand her noises though as pleasure. Fuck pleasure. I jammed the thumb of my left hand up her shit hole. That got her attention but it wasn’t what I expected. She actually pushed back against my invading fingers. At this point I realized that my depravity was actually a turn-on. My dick was hard. Sick as that big flabby ass was to look at I was horny. So I did the next normal thing any guy does. I pulled down my pants and shoved my hard dick up her slimy cunt. I fucked it in and out a few times then jammed it up her ass. That produced a very loud squeal. Now I could understand what she was vocalizing.


Every time my balls slapped against her bush and the tip of my dick bit into her bowels she made a noise. I don’t know if it was a happy noise or a painful noise, but it was a noise. I pounded her ass like I’ve never pounded any other. I knew one thing though; when she came out of her drunken stupor she was going to know she had been butt-fucked. After several minutes of savage fucking I shot a huge load of cum up into her guts. God, it felt like I came a gallon. I pulled my dick from her gaping ass and a stream of cum and blood trailed down her fur and cottage cheese thighs. I plopped down on the couch to rest for a minute but the sight of her open butt was too much, so I got back up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I cleaned my scummy dick off with one of her good washcloths and just let is lay there on the counter with blood and cum and a little of her shit visible.

When I got back out to the living room mom had turned her face away from the bottom of the couch and out toward the center of the room. Her big ass was still in the air and looked even nastier than before. As I stood there looking at her she opened her eyes and looked directly at me.

“Ohhh, it’s you. Can you help me sit up. I fell off the couch.”

“No shit mom, I can see that.”

I straddled her back and hooked my arms under her shoulders to lift her up. She was erect but she sat back on her heels and slouched against the couch with her hands on the seat. She looked me in the eye again and said “You hurt my bum.” “Well it’s late, I’ve had a long day, and when I found you here drunk I just let loose. I hope I didn’t hurt you too much.”

“It’s okay…shit…I’m leaking.”

I helped mom to her feet and walked her to the bathroom where she plopped down on the toilet. I had to hold her so she didn’t topple over into the tub. Her robe had fallen on off in the living room so she was completely naked. Her old tits almost hung down to her lap. It wasn’t very appealing.

“Hold me while I wipe up.”

I held her by the shoulders as she gently patted some tissue at her sore ass. I could see the bloody cum on the toilet paper. She flushed and I helped her back up and out to the couch again.

She sat down with her crumpled robe at her feet. After a few seconds she slumped back down to her laying position.

“My head’s still spinning,” she said.

“I don’t doubt it. How much wine did you drink today?”

“Don’t know but it was a lot. Look, now that you’ve hurt my ass you owe me. Make my pussy feel good.”

“What do you want?”

“Fuck me, eat me, I don’t give a fuck just satisfy my pussy.”

There was no way I was going to stick my tongue in that furry cavern so I stroked my flaccid cock a few times to get it semi-hard and crawled between her tree-trunk-like thighs. It was easy to work my hardening dick up her loose cunt. She had her forearm draped across her forehead shading her eyes. I started working in and out of her pussy while she laid there like a dead fish. Her tits juggled back and forth at her side. I took hold of her tits and used them like her hips to hold on to as I lunged in and out of her sloppy cunt. Every inch of her over-weight body jiggled with each thrust. Unfortunately, I was a long way from cumming since I had already done it once so I just pounded away.

I rolled her onto her side and straddled her lower leg, holding her upper leg the air for maximum penetration. Mom wasn’t making any sounds except for her breathing. Her big old cunt must not have been very sensitive any more. From this position on her side I found myself looking up her shit hole again. It looked kind of bruised but what the hell.

I pulled out of her pussy and plunged my cock back into her ass. Boy did she scream then.

“Owwww, oh fuck, owwww, you fucking asshole!” she screamed.

Thing is, she didn’t push me away or ask me to stop so I kept fucking her ass. She actually turned the rest of the way over and put her big butt back up in the air for me to plunder. I reached around her and took a tit I each hand to hold on to and savagely fucked her ass. Soon I was ready to come again and I filled her bowles with another load of juicy sperm. As before, I watched the creamy liquids flow out her hole and down her leg and pussy. I went to the bathroom and brought out the towel I had used before. I wiped my dick clean and decided to be nice and clean her up a little as well. As the dry cloth rubbed across her abused pucker she let out another scream.

“Ow, my God you little fuck! Wet that cloth before you scrub my sore butt. You are really a mean stupid fuck today.”

“Thanks mom. That’s really sweet of you to say.”

I picked up mom’s robe and gave her my arm to help her to her bedroom. We didn’t say any more other than good night. I got dressed and as I locked the front door behind me a big smile came across my face. I had just fulfilled my life-long fantasy of fucking my mother. She won’t be happy in the morning but I would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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