Spin Dinner Party Ch. 01

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Dinner Party

Friday night, I came home late from a long week of work.

Amy greeted me at the door with a kiss and a glass of Tequila.

“I am so looking forward to doing nothing all weekend except going for a nice long mountain bike ride tomorrow,” I said as I settled into my favorite chair.

“Babe, we have that dinner party tomorrow night with my friends from the spin class, remember?” Amy said.

Smiling and trying not to show how that was the last thing in the world I wanted to do this weekend, I said, “Oh, yeah, I guess I will go for a ride on Sunday instead.”

Saturday morning, Amy woke me up by gliding my morning wood up into her hot pussy. I do love my sexy wife. Her sex drive has no off setting; it is either go or go harder.

She proceeded to fuck me silly, kissed me, and told me to keep sleeping. She was going to start straightening up the house. I knew she was nervous about having all her workout girlfriends over for dinner. I tried to fall back to sleep, but it was no use, so I got up.

I headed downstairs to find Amy frantically cleaning and straightening up the house.

When Amy saw me, she said, “Babe, help me put another leaf on the table.”

Confused, I said, “Another leaf? The six of you will fit around the table without another leaf.”

“John, it’s not just the ladies; their husbands and boyfriends are coming too,” Amy said.

“What? You didn’t tell me they were bringing their husbands. Great, so I have to spend the night entertaining five guys I don’t know while you ladies go on and on.” I said in a frustrated tone.

“Honey, I promise I will make it up to you,” Amy said.

“Ok, I will hold you to that. So do I have to prepare six different meals for these ladies? Safe to assume none of them are meat-eaters,” I asked.

“Why don’t you do ribs for you men and some salmon for the ladies. Oh, and some veggie pasta; Kristy is a vegetarian,” Amy said.

“Any other request for the hired help?” I asked.

“Well, you could fuck me again right now if you want?” Amy said as she bent over the table and lifted her skirt.

Even as cranky as I was about having to cook and entertain a bunch of strangers tonight, I wasn’t about to pass up my wife offering up her pussy.

I fucked her fairly aggressively as she hung onto the table, still a bit perturbed about the dinner party.

When we finished, Amy smiled at me and said, “tonight, when one of the ladies is sitting right here, you can think about how you had your fat cock buried in my cunt and fucked me good and hard.”

I thought, Amy just said “cunt” she only uses that word when she is super horny. Was tonight something more than her and a group of her spin workout girlfriends getting together?

Amy said, “Babe, you will have fun tonight, you know Lisa and her husband Isaac and I will make sure Cara sits next to you.”

While I hadn’t ever met all the women, I have seen them at the gym on occasion. All of the ladies are above average in looks, with Cara taking the lead in looks; she is drop-dead gorgeous. Cara is a tall, lean Irish woman with long Auburn hair and steely blue eyes. I have seen her husband Alex at the gym, too; both are in their late twenties or early thirties.

Lisa is a petite black woman with large breasts; I know why Amy friended Lisa. Amy is attracted to petite brunette women. Black or Hispanic women being her favorite. I was surprised when Amy told me Lisa was in her fifties; I would have sworn she was in her late thirties or early forties. It is no surprise she was married to a younger man.

I said, “I don’t know about sitting next to Cara, a babe. I find myself tongued tied when I see her. She is so beautiful it is hard to look at her directly.”

Amy, laughing, said, “I know the feeling, several of the women in the group have said the same thing. I find myself not listening to her when she talks; I am so engrossed in her beauty. It’s not fair how beautiful Cara is. At least she is one of the sweetest, most down to earth people I know. I honestly don’t think she knows what knockout she is.”

I said, “Yeah, add in the hot Irish accent of hers, and I am lost.”

“So maybe tonight won’t be so bad after all then, right?” Amy said as she went back to her frantic cleaning and straightening up of the house.

I said, “Ok, whatever I can do to make my beautiful wife happy. Refresh my memory of the other ladies again.”

“You know Lisa and her husband, Isaac. I think you met Maria at the block party a couple of years ago. They lived down the street before they moved to the other side of the neighborhood.” Amy said.

“Oh yeah, Maria, hot little Latina. The spin classes are definitely working for her figure. Hubba hubba.” I said.

Amy, giggling, said, “yeah, I always make sure my bike is right behind hers. She has the most beautiful ass and her tits. Her breasts aren’t big, but there is something about them that turns me on. Dark brown nipples with tiny areolas. Oh my god. I would love to get my hands escort ataşehir on them; you should see them.”

“You have seen them?” I said, with a bit too much excitement in my voice.

“Yes, she is one of the few women at the gym that showers there and walks around naked in the locker room, her and Lisa both. Lisa has a beautiful body, too, so yummy,” Amy said.

My cock was tingling listening to Amy describe these women.

Amy went on, “I always make sure my bike is right behind Maria’s. Her perfect heart-shaped ass inspires me to keep going, and then Cara is to my right so I can smell her sweat. She drips with pheromones that keep me inspired. Then Lisa is to my left, and we encourage each other verbally.”

“You have it all set up, don’t you? What about the other ladies? What are their names again?” I asked

“Oh yeah, there is hell to pay if a new person tries to take one of our spots. Barbara and Kristy are the other two ladies. Kristy is very quiet, and I have never seen her go in the locker room, which isn’t all that strange. Women don’t use the locker room as you men do. You men walk around naked with your dicks swinging everywhere,” Amy said.

“Now, how do you know what goes on in the men’s locker room, young lady?” I said.

Laughing, Amy said, “well, I imagine that’s what you do. I mean, when we go to Desire, all the men go completely naked while the women tend to either go just topless with only a few going fully nude all day.”

Smiling at Amy, I said, “well, so that you know, you are right. Men tend to walk around the locker room naked. So what’s the deal with Barbara and Kristy?”

“You will like Barbara; she is Italian, like you. She is a foodie; I can tell by the way she talks about food. I think she grew up on a farm. I don’t think I have ever seen her wear makeup, just natural beauty, girl next door look. She has a great sense of humor when you get to know her,” Amy said.

Amy went on, “If I had to pick one of these women and only one to be friends with, I would probably pick Kristy.”

“Really? Not Maria, Lisa, or Cara?” I asked.

“If you’re asking me which ladies I would like to get naked with, yes, those three, but outside the bedroom, definitely Kristy. Kristy and I connected, from the moment I met her, I felt like I have known her all my life. Plus, I wish I had her body, and I am sure you will wish too when you see her tonight,” Amy said.

I smacked Amy on her ass and said, “I doubt that babe, your body is more than I can handle.”

“Yeah, right, as long as Jacky isn’t around, you mean,” Amy said.

Jacky is married to Jack, and they are our closest friends of 15 years. A little over two years ago, they became friends with benefits, but that is a different story.

“So, what about their husbands? What do you know about them? Don’t even try to say you don’t know; you women love to talk about your men, good and bad,” I said with a smirk.

“Well, honestly, I don’t know much about the other ladies’ husbands. You know Lisa’s husband, Isaac. He is younger and played college baseball, so you two can talk to him about that. Cara’s husband is just as gorgeous as her, which I would expect. Pretty sure he is a veterinarian. I think she said he is older than her. You know Maria’s husband, Javier. I have seen you two talking at the gym when you work out.” Amy said.

“Javier is Maria’s husband? Funny, I never put two and two together to equal Javier was married to a smoking hot Latina wife. From what he says, she has hot Latin blood.” I said.

“What does that mean?” Amy asked.

Laughing, I said, “just that it sounds like she could give you a run for your money in the sex drive department. So, what about the other guys?”

Amy gave me a questioning look with the sex drive comment but went on with, “Barbara’s husband Cris, spelled Cris, which she likes to say all the time as he is very particular in making sure people know how he spells his name. He is in Tech, but I don’t know which field of Tech he specializes in. I hope he is not a nerd for all our sakes. Kristy just started dating Jason, so they are not married. She had a very rough divorce, and she says he is an amazing lover. It is good to see her so happy.”

“Well, I will be sure to ask Jason for some pointers,” I said sarcastically.

“Babe, you don’t need any pointers; you rock my soul when you make love to me,” Amy said as she jumped into my arms and hugged me.

Changing the subject, I said, “I better get to the store; what time is everybody due?”

“I told them 1800, so we shouldn’t be too late at night, and you can still get in a bike ride tomorrow. Get something for dessert, babe, but keep it light otherwise, they will all want to go to the 0600 spin class tomorrow, maybe just some fresh fruit,” Amy said.

At 1700 Amy came into the kitchen and said, “Babe, they will be here in an hour; you better go shower.”

Time had slipped away from me as I prepared dinner. For all of Amy’s traits that caused kadıköy escort me to fall in love with her from that first day back in elementary school, cooking was a trait she never learned or even attempted to learn. I don’t mind, though; she does let me have sex with other women after all.

I got out of the shower and started to get dressed.

As I pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and Amy said, “Why are you putting those on? You usually go commando on the weekends.”

“Well, I was planning on wearing my baggy cotton pants, and I didn’t want my cock swinging around in front of your girlfriends,” I said.

“Oh, don’t be silly babe, be comfortable, besides, nothing wrong with giving the ladies a treat. Now take those off, if not for them, at least for me,” Amy said.

At the time, I didn’t think anything of it as I do prefer going commando whenever possible. I am almost always commando on the weekend, if not naked when possible.

I had just finished getting dressed. It was 1545 when the doorbell rang. Amy was still doing her hair, and she asked me to please get the door.

Great, I thought as I headed downstairs. I have to greet these people I don’t know and then host them until Amy came downstairs. UGH.

As I opened the door, I hoped it was Lisa and Isaac since I knew them or at least Maria and Javier. No such luck; it wasn’t either.

Having no idea if this was Barbara or Kristy, I stuck my hand out and said, “Hello, I am John, I am Amy’s hired help, and I will be serving you dinner tonight.”

Kristy laughed and said, “Hello John, I am Kristy, and this is Jason; thank you so much for opening your home for a bunch of crazy women. It is so nice to meet you finally; Amy gushes about what an amazing man she has for a husband.”

I could feel my face flush. When Amy told me about how close she was to Kristy, she left out how attractive Kristy is; well, to me, she is anyway. I can see why Amy didn’t mention Kristy’s figure. Kristy is tall and slender with small perky breasts, a complete opposite of Amy’s type, but not mine.

I extended my hand to Kristy, expecting a handshake, but she stepped into me and kissed me square on the mouth and then whispered in my ear, “and you’re even more handsome than Amy said.”

Caught off guard, I was stunned for a moment.

Jason smiled at me and said, “nice to meet you, John; not sure how us guys got roped into this, but I hear you are an amazing cook, and I like to eat.”

Laughing, I said, “Oh, I know exactly how we got roped into this; her name is Amy.”

Jason laughed, and I thought, ok, he seems like a nice guy and, just like me, would rather be somewhere else during this hen party.

I closed the door and escorted Kristy and Jason into the living room, offering to get them a drink.

Before they could answer, the doorbell chimed again. Amy was still upstairs, getting dressed.

I answered the door again to find Maria, Javier, Lisa, and Isaac standing there.

“Hello, John,” Lisa said. “You remember my husband, Isaac.”

Then Lisa stepped into me, and she too kissed me on the mouth. My head was spinning; what the hell is going on here.

Stunned once again, Isaac said hello and shook my hand.

Then Maria stepped into the house and said, “Hello John, I am Maria, and this is Javier; I believe you two know each other from the gym.”

Maria followed suit with Lisa and Kristy, kissing me on the mouth. I was totally flustered now, which doesn’t usually happen when a beautiful lady kisses me. Maria lingered when she kissed me. Her lips were soft and warm, and she smelled fantastic. I felt my cock tingle and a rush of blood pulse through cock when she broke off the kiss.

Javier said, “Hello, John, how are you? I didn’t realize until just now who you were. Maria kept saying I knew you, but I couldn’t place you.”

I escorted the four of them into the living room and set about getting everybody drinks. I was now sporting a chubby and after these three beautiful women’s kisses. My mind was spinning; what were they up to?

Amy came downstairs finally and started saying hello to all her guests and getting introduced to their husbands. I noticed as Amy got introduced to one of the women’s husbands, she too kissed them on the mouth. All the women, as they got introduced to a husband, kissed him on the mouth. My head was spinning now as I tried to figure out what this was all about. The doorbell chimed again, and Amy asked me if I would get it for her.

Slightly perturbed, I went to the door and opened it to find Cara. I felt like a fool as I stood there, staring at her and unable to talk. Her deep blues locked on me, and I couldn’t move.

In her Irish accent, she said, “Hello John, I am Cara, you probably don’t remember me, we have chatted several times at the gym, and you have helped me with the weight machines. Alex, this is John, Amy’s husband; thank you so much for having us tonight. Amy says you are a wonderful cook, and we are so excited to be maltepe escort bayan included with this group.”

“So nice to see you with your clothes on. I mean, dressed up, not in your gym clothes, not that you don’t look amazing in your gym clothes. It is my pleasure to have all you lovely ladies here tonight.” I could feel my face turning red as I stumbled over my greeting.

Cara followed suit of the other ladies, and she stepped into me and kissed me on my mouth, and let out a little purr as she broke off the kiss. There was no hiding it now; my cock was on its way to a full-blown chubby.

Just then, Amy walked up and saved me.

Amy said, “Hello, Cara, don’t you look as gorgeous as ever, and you must be Alex.” Amy kissed Cara and then planted a long, firm kiss on Alex’s lips.

Barbara and Cris walked up just as Cara and Alex entered the house.

Amy seeing them, said, “Hello, Barb, and this must be Cris. Nice to meet you, Cris. Barb, this is my husband, John.”

Barbara didn’t hesitate; she walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth and then said, “John, this is Cris.”

I turned to see Amy was doing the same to Cris, a full-on mouth kiss on the lips.

Cris said, “Hello, John, nice to meet you; Cris, spelled C R I S not C H R I S.

Still shocked from another one of these women kissing me on the mouth, It took everything I had not to laugh out loud when Cris spelled his name out.

Still slightly stunned, I stood in the hallway as Amy escorted the last of spin girls and their husbands to the living room.

I watched again as the women were introduced to the husbands proceed to exchange kisses on their mouths.

I got to the living room and was feeling self-conscious about the chubby I was sporting. I was positive a couple of the women in the room noticed my situation.

Lisa said, “Amy, are you going to let the boys in on our little prank or keep them tongued tied all night?”

I looked at Amy, and she had a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

Cara said, “Oh, Amy, you are so mean. John, when Amy planned this dinner party, Amy knew you men would be less than excited to host a hen party, let alone, including our husbands. So she told us when we got here we should all kiss you, men, straight on the lips and not to hesitate.”

I looked at Amy, who was now laughing out loud.

Realizing Amy’s joke, I said, “Well, that was an ice breaker, that’s for sure. I thought I was going crazy.”

Lisa said, “Amy, you are a lucky lady. John, you are a wonderful kisser, even for the short little kiss I got.”

Kristy said, “I second that.” Then turning to Jason and saying, “Honey, your kisses are still my favorite.”

Jason, laughing, said, “good recovery, my love.”

With the ice fully broken now, the party was off and running. Drinks were flowing, and I don’t know why I was surprised at how fun these women were. I should have known better that Amy wouldn’t friend a bunch of snits. These women were not only gorgeous, but they were wild and fun. My hesitation to the dinner party was that I expected the ladies to pair up together and leave us, men, to entertain ourselves.

Amy asked all the ladies how each of them met the man in their life.

According to Amy, Kristy, the supposedly quiet one, jumped right in and told everybody how she and Jason met online. Kristy said with a very matter of fact tone that she was planning on getting laid that night whether she ever saw him again or not.

I about spit out my drink when she said that.

Kristy went on and said, “well, he did send me a dick picture, so I wasn’t flying blind.”

That caused the room to erupt in laughter, and Alex said, “Remind me not to stand next to you at the urinal, Jason.”

Cara bunched Alex in the arm and said, “You have nothing to worry about in that department, babe.”

I was shocked, and I looked at Amy. She gave me a wink and a smile.

Sensing a lull in the party, I said, “who’s ready to eat? Why doesn’t everybody get seated, and I will bring out dinner.”

Barbara jumped up and said, “John, can I help you in the kitchen? Amy has made it clear the kitchen is the one room in the house she avoids.”

“That’s ok, Barbara, you’re a guest,” I said. Thinking, it usually takes longer to explain to someone how to help than just do it myself.

“Don’t be silly,” Barbara said as she followed me into the kitchen. I was surprised at how quickly she found her way around our kitchen. I didn’t have to explain anything to Barbara. She knew exactly how to help without having to ask, only pausing once to ask where to find a platter for the salmon.

Barbara and I brought the food out to the table, and Lisa said, “John, I saved you a spot right here, between Cara and myself.”

Smiling, I said, “this isn’t another one of your lady’s pranks, is it?”

Amy said, “Nope, my pranks are over for the night.”

“Cara and Jason, the pasta is vegetarian, and I didn’t put any cheese in it, in case you are vegan as well,” I said.

Care smiled at me with her deep blue eyes, and I melted.

“Oh John, that is so sweet of you. Thank you. You’re not only handsome, but you’re also so sweet,” Cara said.

I felt my face flush as I sat down between these two beautiful ladies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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