Spell, Crook and Handle

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All characters are 18 years or older and have given their consent to have their secrets revealed to the mundane world. Also, no demons, spirits or elementals were harmed in this story, well none that didn’t have it coming that is.


The Rare Book Section:

I guess I am amazed at how many people still visit the public library. I would have thought that the internet and all the Wiki sites would have doomed an antiquated notion such as a brick and mortar thing like a library but it is still going strong. I have the opportunity to visit it quite a few times a week since my older sister works there. In fact she is the assistant head librarian. She even has her own domain of the library she lords over, the rare book section. It is more like a climate controlled vault than an actual section of the library. Most of the volumes are very valuable and require a certain temperature and what not. I don’t pretend to understand it.

To even get into the vault, I mean rare book section; you need credentials and permission from the head librarian or my sister. I guess for me it is like I have a sister that works as a roadie for a band. I go in and out of the rare book section all the time. When she told me some of the books were worth over a hundred grand I about pissed myself. Now I understood the security and the location of the vault. You couldn’t just walk in and walk out. The rare book section was located on the fourth floor of the library. The vault itself was pretty much in the middle of the floor so you had quite a walk to either a stairwell or elevator. They had security in mind when they installed it.

On this particular day I had just gotten off of work. I was saving up to go to college. I hadn’t managed to land a full ride the way dear old sis had. So I worked for my mom and dad as a maintenance guy for half a dozen or so properties they owned. It sure kept me busy and as they were often fond of saying, out of trouble. It allowed me plenty of time to flirt with the MILFs in some of the complexes but not enough time to take full advantage of them. I was working six days a week and by the end of next year would have enough socked away to quit and go to school full time. I wanted to study archaeology of all things. The thought of digging in the Valley of the Kings or some other exotic location kept me going. I already had a leg up and thanks to a few language courses I was fairly fluent in Latin, Arabic and Mandarin. I was working on Greek at the moment and struggling.

I turned off my MP3 player as I entered the main branch library. It was air conditioned inside and I shivered as the sweat I had earned cooled on contact. I greeted the guard by name and headed for the nearest elevator. One ding and a short ride later and I was on the fourth floor. I greeted the two other librarians by name as I headed for the rare book section. Sis would be tapping her foot when I got there since I was close to fifteen minutes late. It wasn’t my fault I ran into traffic heading downtown. I slipped through the old fashioned turn style and entered the reading area of the rare book section. It was here that the valuable books could be taken by students, academics and others to read under the unblinking scrutiny of not less than four security cameras.

That was strange; sis was usually waiting at the open doorway of the vault. I could hear her moving around inside the vault and humming. Humming was good that meant she was in a good mood. I stepped in and saw the minor chaos that was completely unexpected. Sis was bent over one of the two work tables located within the confines of the vault. She was dressed as always in a knee length skirt, white blouse and comfy leather shoes. I paused to take in the scene and had to admit, if she hadn’t been my sister I’d hit that. She had a well-rounded bottom she inherited from our Latin mother and the dark red hair she got from dear old dad. I wondered if I lifted up that skirt of hers what I would find, panties, t-bar or was she going commando?

“Commando,” I said breaking the silence.

“Perv,” she said back as she stood up and adjusted her skirt. She only did that when she was being self-conscious which meant I was right. “I don’t know how you do that.”

“It’s a gift. So what the hell is going on?”

“Shit, I forgot to call you… again. I know, I know but this time I had a very good reason,” she said as she turned to face me.

“She finally let you reorganize and properly catalog this mess,” I said stealing her thunder. Sis narrowed her eyes but then smiled and let out that annoying sound of hers.

“Squeeeeee,” she said hopping in place. I took full advantage and noted the luscious way her boobs bounced. “You really need to get laid.”

“I agree, so when do I pick you up?”

“UMMMM…” she said and another one of her tells came up as she nervously interlaced her fingers.

“Oh hell no,” I said as she closed in for the kill.

“OH Pleaseeeeeee,” she begged. “I really need your help on this one.”

“Lily,” I weakly responded knowing I was already doomed. “I have already escort buca worked eight hours and I am all filthy.”

“Three things,” she said grinning almost maniacally. “One, you can use the staff showers. Two, I stopped by and picked out some clean clothes for you. Three, Rhonda has agreed to pay you this time around. She has a voucher for a full grand.”

“Whoa, a thousand dollars for one night of work,” I asked.

“WELLLLL, a grand for three nights work,” she said cringing. “She wants it done by Monday. There are big wigs flying in from the state capitol and they are going to inspect the library.”

“Damn, let me call mom and dad… you already called them didn’t you?”

“Yeah, they are cool with you helping out,” she grinned wickedly.

I knew my way to the showers. I had used them before, just not with permission. Lily had already placed my clothes in a locker for me, how considerate of her. I opened the locker to inspect the contents and amazingly she had not only packed clothes but a towel, shampoo and body wash. She had forgotten however to get me a comb, wash towel or loofa. Oh well, she had done better than usual. I showered, dried off and dressed. I returned to the vault and she showed me her schematic of the new lay out of the rare book section. Now I knew why she wanted my help. Some of the books were really big and quite heavy. I was going to be the muscle of the team while she cleaned and verified each volume. I would move it to its new resting place.

It seems like it had been decades since anyone had performed this particular task. No one had the eagerness that my sister possessed and just let things be. The ledger that held the contents of the vault was ancient and falling apart. Sis had a brand new one as well as a laptop that would enter the books into the central register. We were entering the computer age here people. I wasn’t surprised really. The librarian was a civil job and the wheels of progress moved slowly indeed. I was actually getting excited. Many of these works hadn’t seen the light of day in a decade or more. The first task was to move all of the books from one corner of the vault clean the shelves and then begin the laborious duty of hunting down the right books for that section.

There were over five thousand books and many didn’t have writing on the spines or that writing had faded a long time ago. I would be handling many of the same titles over and over again. It couldn’t be helped. We did our best to move books from the old shelf and place them in the vicinity of their new location to minimize the insanity. There was one book that caught my attention early on. It was like many of the others being a beautifully crafted leather bound tome without title or author on the outside. What really made it stand out was the fact that there was no title or author on the interior. I didn’t have time to look it over properly bit it nagged at the back of my mind.

We halted at midnight that first night and shut the vault behind us. I was so damn tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. I handed sis my keys and followed her out as she turned on the alarm and relocked the outer doors on our way out. She drove and I fell asleep on the way home. I stumbled up the stairs unlocked the front door and staggered in waving goodbye to her. By some miracle I managed to reach my room in one piece, strip down and crawl under the covers. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The alarm went off at seven o’clock and I hit the off button. I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. My stomach growled loudly since it hadn’t been seen food in over twelve hours. I told it we would go by a pancake place before I returned to the library to help sis out. Suddenly the bed shifted slightly and I realized I wasn’t alone in my bed. I turned my head and there was a mane of deep scarlet hair poking up from the covers. Why was my sister in my bed? Did I finally cross the line and do the nasty? I didn’t remember anything like that.

“Lily… Lily… LILY… what are you doing in my bed,” I asked.

“Morning sunshine,” she said her eyes only half open. “I was TOO tired to drive all the way home last night. I didn’t think you’d mind having a naked girl in your bed.”

“Naked, Lily why are you naked,” I asked.

“It’s only fair after all,” she giggled still half asleep. “I got to see your junk so it’s only fair you see my stuff.”

“Perv,” I said and sat up. Then I slid my hand over and it came across the naked flesh of her left ass cheek. “You really are naked.”

“Yep,” she said as she rolled over and my hand landed square on the fullness of her right breast. Instinct over ruled manners and I cupped her tit and gave it a bit of a squeeze. “Naughty old you, they’ll be plenty of time for that later. I AM HUNGRY!”

Yes my sister can be a ditz at times but this was something new for me. I shrugged and got up and headed for the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder. I had barely finished when sis raced in, shoved the lid down and plopped that juicy bottom of hers down. buca escort bayan She let out a very healthy sigh as she followed suit. I looked down at her nakedness and she looked up at mine. I bit my lip while she just winked and suggested I start a shower. Oh hell, we had already seen all the naughty bits what was the harm now. I turned on the water and when the temperature was okay I slipped inside. Sis, giggling now, stepped in behind me and slid the frosted glass door closed behind her. I lathered up first while she stood under the flow of hot water. We traded places as I rinsed off and she built up a sensual lather over her entire body.

“Can you do me,” she asked suggestively.


“I mean can you wash my back and butt for me. Pleasssssssse,” she asked blinking her eyes all innocent like.

“You are fucking evil,” I said as she turned to face away from me. “Damn!” I muttered under my breath as I worked my way down to the ass that could launch a thousand boners.

“You love me,” she said in her flawless coy tone. “When’s the last time you got laid anyhow?”

“Too long for this evil shit,” I said handing her back the loofa.

“I’m sorry, I just assumed you were…” she said and then stopped. “I am really sorry!”

“Hey, it’s okay, I just overreacted a little,” I said as I opened the shower door and left her alone.

I toweled off and returned to my room to dress in peace. I found an overnight bag of Lily’s and put it on the bed. I went downstairs and started a pot of coffee. By the time it was ready sis appeared wearing jeans and a navy blue t-shirt. I was confused as all get out.

“The rare book section is closed until Monday,” She said. “So until then I get to dress down for work.”

“I need pancakes,” I said and she smiled back. “Fix a cup to go and we can get on the road.”

Sis grabbed one of the chrome mugs she had brought home from work and given to my dad. It had the state seal on one side and city crest on the other. We hit the road and managed to get a table for two at the nearest pancake place in reasonable time. We might arrive a little late but sis told me we had some leeway considering the amount of hours we were going to be putting in. While we made small talk I suspected there was something on her mind but she didn’t want to talk about it in public. Sure enough the minute we finished eating and returned to the car she broke the awkward silence.

“Do you think I’m ugly,” she asked as I started the car. I turned off the engine and turned to face her.

“Have you lost your fucking mind,” I asked and she looked like she didn’t know how to react to my outburst. “You are one of the most attractive, intelligent, if a bit ditzy women I have ever met. Who the hell told you otherwise?”

“Well, there’s this guy,” she began and I saw the pain. “He said some really mean things and…”

“Listen to me. You don’t need anyone to tell you who and what you are.” I said angry now. “Jeez Lily mom and dad taught you better than that. Wait a minute. When is the last time you got laid?”

“A… a…,” she fumbled and the tears came. “It’s been almost a year.”

“No fucking way,” I said stunned. “How the hell can someone that looks as good as you not get laid?”

“I scare them off,” she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Now I got it, she was so damn smart she would talk about books and they would be intimidated by her. I buckled up, started the engine and told her there was a solution. As we headed for the library I gave her options on how to find the right guy.

“So either I play dumb,” she said as we pulled into the underground parking garage. “Or I hang out with other smart people. Where the hell do I meet smart people at?”

“Comic book shops or Sci Fi conventions,” I said.

“The next thing you’ll want me to start doing cosplay,” she giggled.

“Couldn’t hurt,” I told her. “Dressing up like a sexy anime girl could only help your self-esteem, besides guys go bat shit for that kind of role playing.”

She went quiet on me as she pondered the variables. We took the elevator from the garage to the fourth floor and went to work. Rhonda, Lily’s supervisor, was waiting for us and seemed happy with our progress so far. Rhonda was an older blonde in her fifties dressed impeccably as always. She was barely five foot with a healthy dusting of gray in her golden locks and bright blue eyes. Sis filled her in and after a few minutes we were back at it.

I noticed that the area was roped off and a security guard was posted to keep gawkers at bay. There weren’t many at first but as the day went on the guard had his job cut out for him. I asked sis why people were hanging out around the vault and she told me that the big wigs were bringing something special along with them. She couldn’t tell me but when the workman arrived to install the pedestal in the middle of the reading area I was intrigued. Were they going to be displaying something? That is the only real reason for all this work. The main branch was going to buca escort be hosting something special and I was going to have a hand in it.

The work seemed less monotonous after that. I kept trying to figure out what that something special would be to help pass the time. We took few breaks and worked until midnight again. Sis asked to stay over this time around and I agreed. After we locked up we went to her place to pick up clothes and necessities. When we got back home I let her have the bedroom to herself while she undressed and got into bed. I stripped down to my boxers and slipped beneath the blankets before I tugged them off and held the up for her to see.

“Roleplaying,” she said quietly. “What sort of roleplaying?” It was like that train of thought had only been put on hold until now.

“Well, I hate to say it but guys are easily intimidated by a beautiful woman. Now add brilliant to the mix and it is a man’s worst nightmare.”

“But you’re smart, do intelligent women scare you?”

“Not me, I am used to living in your shadow so it’s not so bad for me,” I said watching her expression change.

“My shadow,” she said. “I never meant… to hurt you.”

“NO… you never hurt me Lily,” I said shaking my head. “It’s just mom and dad used you as an example, all the time. You gave me goals to try and meet. Why do you think I learned three languages over the last four years?”

“Three and a half,” she corrected as she sunk down to a prone position now. “I envy you.”

“Say again, why the hell would you envy me? You are working your dream job. You have gone from entry level to assistant librarian in record time. Why on god’s green earth would you envy me?”

“You are so down to earth,” she said thoughtfully. “People like you and you can talk to anyone.”

“I am a social creature,” I admitted. “I like people. I love to people watch when I go to the coffee house. I adore interesting women.”

“Am I interesting,” she asked using that uncomfortable in her own skin voice.

“Yes… very… if we weren’t related I would…” I stopped feeling like a line was about to be crossed.

“You would what,” She asked her voice soft and hungry now. “Tell me.”

“I would devastate you,” I said giggling.

“You would wreck me,” she said soft and sultry now.

“Over and over again,” I said. “Goodnight.”

“Night,” she giggled.

To keep from doing something really stupid I rolled onto my side facing away from her. My erection hidden from her and safely out of reach, I hoped. I was half asleep when the evil fucking thing from hell rolled onto her side and spooned behind me. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my back. Her heat was infuriating and her scent was intoxicating.

“I hate you,” I whispered.

“I know,” she replied.

By some fucking miracle we managed not to have sex that night. When I woke up Saturday morning I was on my back as usual and Lily was on her belly with her arm over my chest. I was sporting morning wood like no body’s business and prayed I could slip away before she noticed, didn’t happen. I felt the hand on my chest travel south and moments later her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my dick. I whimpered softly even as I tried to roll away from her.

“Un-uh… not a chance,” she whispered in my ear. “I noticed how thick you were but I had no idea you were this big.”

“Lily… UNNNNNNN,” I groaned as she gave my cock a long healthy squeeze.

“Shhhh… I’m busy getting to know you,” she moaned as she nibbled my ear now. “Damn you are rock hard now!”

“Not my fault,” I replied as her hand began to move up and down now. “NNNNNNNN you are driving me crazy!”

“Yeah I know,” she said as she rolled onto her side and snuggled closer still. “Don’t move an inch.”

Sis let go long enough to pull the covers off of us and then returned her loving grip to my hardness. She could see my cock now and purred in my ear as she stroked me. How long had it been since I got any? It’s been like eight months or more. I’ve been working these six day weeks for so damn long. Lily’s hand moved faster now and my breathing became more and more ragged.

“Are you getting close,” she asked her lips brushing my ear and I nodded. “Good, now where do you want to shoot your load, on my face, or maybe my tits or should I swallow it?”

“Oh god you’re killing me,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Your ‘cock’ really twitched when I said swallow,” she moaned. “Mouth it is…”

I should have stopped her but I was just too damn caught up in the hand job to fight back. Sis shifted her position and knelt on the bed with her head over my lap. I watched as she lowered her head her eyes never leaving mine. She opened her mouth and took the first few inches of my dick between her lips. Oh god I could feel her tongue as it flickered and swirled around the tip even as she began to double-fist my erection. I was shaking now and pleading while she locked her lips tightly around the head and patiently waited. She didn’t have long to wait. A minute later I warned her and with a guttural cry shot down her throat. I watched her throat muscles work as she swallowed. Her hands and tongue milked every last drop from me and left me a shaking husk on the bed. Lily licked me clean and then gleefully snuggled close and looked me in the eye.

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