Sonal’s Secret Deepens

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This is a continuation of my earlier story, Sonal’s Secret.


It was now night time but I couldn’t push out images of Sonal out of my mind. Although I have been seeing Neha naked quite often now, but today Sonal was all over my mind. Maybe because not only I had seen her naked, I had also seen her give blowjob and have sex. I had never thought that someday I would see my sister naked, let alone think about watching her have sex.

I went out of the room to have some water when I heard some voices from her room. I was pretty sure that she won’t call anyone in the house so late in night, but after what happened today anything was possible.

She was on phone with Bobby (with whom she was having sex in the morning).

“Hey Bobby, did you had a word with Karan and Tanya?”

“And what about Mona?”

“Ok, my brother goes to office by 10, so you come by 11 and bring your laptop with you”

“No yaar I am really tired now and we just had it in the morning.”

“Ok bye see you tomorrow”

She then disconnected the call and went off to sleep. I was lost in thoughts as to what does she have in her mind for tomorrow. I thought to find it out so dropped a message to my manager that I won’t be coming to office tomorrow. But I decided not to tell this to Sonal and leave as usual the next day.


Next day at breakfast table I saw that Sonal was wearing white top and blue shorts. The material of the t-shirt was too thin and body fit because of which I could clearly make out her bra and breasts through the dress. The shorts also ended well above the knees giving a nice view of lower thighs and her sexy legs.

I soon finished my breakfast and left for office at around 10. However I didn’t go too far and was around the home only. I saw Bobby coming and entering the house at 10.45.

After staying back for another 10-15mins, I went around the house to face her room. When I saw some movement inside her room, I opened the door without creating any noise and went in. As expected they were talking in her room which was locked from inside.

I took a look from the key hole and saw that they had opened the laptop and had attached small speakers to it and also a microphone. I couldn’t guess what they both were up to.

After waiting for few minutes, I heard some boy speaking from her laptop. I guessed that they were having some sort of video chat for which they had used microphone and speakers.

Sonal: “Hi Vivek how are you?

Vivek: “I am fine Sonu.”

Sonal: “Where are Karan and Tanya?”

Vivek: “No idea”

Sonal: “I hope they are not fucking in another room”

Vivek: “No yaar, they were fucking last night. Right now they have gone out and should be back in sometime”

After waiting for 5-10mins, it seemed that Karan and Tanya had come. Till that time they all were just chatting.

Sonal: “Hey Karan, Tanya how are you guys?”

Tanya: “We are fine. But now we would be enjoying ourselves more hahaha”

Sonal: “Ya that’s right. So shall we start?”

Tanya: “Yes we should start”

Sonal: “So from where should we start?”

Karan/Vivek: “Sonu please pull down your t-shirt a bit. I want to see your cleavage.”

Sonal sat on her knees on the bed and bent down slightly. After this she pulled her t-shirt down due to which ample cleavage could now easily be seen.

Karan/Vivek: “Sight of that valley is mesmerizing and those melons are simply amazing. Don’t worry gal you would soon be showing them completely.”

Tanya: “Sonu, these shorts are not looking good on you. Take them off”

Sonal: “Shall I take them off completely?”

Tanya: “Yes”

And with that Sonal started taking off her shorts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister was taking instructions from her friends on video chat and was taking her clothes off. I didn’t know why she was doing all this and what all they had in their minds.

Karan/Vivek: “Your panties are very sexy. But there is something sexier hidden behind it”

Sonal: “You want to see it?”

Karan/Vivek: “Yes”

Sonal didn’t take her panties off but pulled them to a side and exposed her pussy to them.

Tanya: “Hey Bobby how come you are there and still her pussy is so dry”

Bobby: “Wait I will make it wet”

Saying this he inserted his finger into her pussy and she started moaning in no time. Slowly his speed of fingering increased and so did the count. Now his 4 fingers were inside her pussy which was now dripping.

Karan/Vivek: “Now that’s what we were talking about. See how her pussy is dripping juices”

Tanya: “You will just keep fingering her or will lick it also?”

Soon Bobby was licking her pussy like a cat is sipping milk from a utensil. He was kissing and licking her pussy very well. Her pussy was now totally drenched and her moaning had increased.

Karan/Vivek: “See how the slut is enjoying herself. Her nipples are also erect now”

Surely her nipples were quite erect. She was wearing a thin white t-shirt with a bra underneath taboo heat porno and still her nipples could be clearly seen. I could see her nipples poking out and was highly enjoying it.

Karan/Vivek: “Sonu take off your bra but don’t take off your t-shirt.”

Her hands went inside her t-shirt and over to the back side. She unhooked her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. She then pulled out the bra from the t-shirt, showed it to them on cam and threw it aside.

Tanya: “Now that’s good. Booby suck her breasts wet from over her top”

Bobby now started pressing her breasts with both his hands. He then started licking both of them one by one. He licked first one till it was soaking wet and then moved on to the other one. And so he relayed between the two till her breasts and t-shirt was absolutely wet.

Sonal: “Suck them more Bobby. Don’t stop”

After few more minutes of sucking, Bobby moved off her and one could see her breasts very clearly from over her dress. Her mounds were clearly visible since after getting wet, her dress had become quite transparent.

Karan/Vivek: “See how big her breasts are. Now we need to expose them as well”

Karan/Vivek: “Sonu pull up your t-shirts till your breasts are exposed”

Sonal slowly started pulling her t-shirt up and soon I could see her bare navel. It was all sweaty and the sweat beads were flowing over her navel and into the belly button. She was looking smashing hot. Soon enough her lower breasts could be seen and then her nipples were out of her t-shirt. They were surely very erect and pointy. Soon her t-shirt was over her breasts and I could them very clearly.

Her breasts were looking absolutely gorgeous and so did she. I could see both her pussy and breasts now but wanted to see more.

As soon as her breasts were out in open, Bobby again started to lick them up. He slapped her breasts, pressed them and licked them. Soon they were red and totally wet. She also seemed to be enjoying as she was moaning heavily.

Sonal: “Vivek fucker, you seem to be enjoying yourself, see how erect you are”

All of a sudden all the eyes were on Vivek who I think was indeed erect as everyone started teasing him.

Tanya: “Last time when I and Karan were fucking, that time also you were not so erect. And Sonu has not yet started fucking”

So I realized that they all liked to show each other fucking their boyfriends on cam. I had never imagined Sonal would be involved in something like this.

Sonal: “Now that Mona is not here, Tanya you will have to satisfy him”

Very soon I heard sounds of unzipping followed by light moans. I guess Tanya had taken out his dick and was now giving him either a handjob or blowjob.

Karan: “What happened to you today fucker, you are fully erect now”

Vivek: “Buddy her breasts are so big and sexy. Since last time when she gave me a boobjob till I came onto her breasts, I have liked her breasts and get fully erect when I see them”

So Sonal has been fucking with other guys as well. When did she become like this? And since when has she been doing all this? I surely need to talk to her about this.

By the way I don’t blame Vivek for this. Sonal’s breasts were indeed gorgeous and I don’t think anyone would be able to resist them. Why even I had pulled out my dick soon after her breasts were out.

Sonal: “You don’t know how big fucker he is. Last time after I got exhausted and was lying, he took some photos of my breasts. Some from close range as well. He even clicked the photos of his cum spread on my breasts”

I couldn’t believe all this. So they were doing naked photo shoot as well. Or was it just a one-off incident.

Tanya: “Wait you fucker. I will shake your dick hard and make it cum”

Soon enough his moaning had increased and Sonal and Bobby also stopped to watch them. Complete focus was now on Vivek who was now I think on verge of cumming.

Sonal: “Come on Tanya. Do it. Make him cum”

Vivek: “Ya Tanya make me cum. don’t stop now. I am almost there”

Vivek: “Ahh ya. Come on Tanya. Faster faster. Ahhh ahhh ahh. Come on faster”

Very next moment he let out a roar and then was silent. I think he had just cum in her hands or mouth.

Tanya: “That was a nice load Vivek. You still come in so huge quantity. I had almost spilled some of it out of my mouth. Wait let me clean up the dick”

So Tanya had given him a blowjob and then swallowed his cum in front of everyone. Listening to all this was turning me on, I wondered how exciting it would be with other people around. I felt pity for Karan and Bobby whose dicks were still unattended.

Now that Vivek’s dick was blown, attention turned back to Sonal and Bobby.

Tanya: “Vivek keep that dick of yours hanging out of your pants. And you Sonu, what are you waiting for. We are here to see you guys. See how hard Bobby is.”

Bobby was indeed very hard now and if things went this way, I would not be surprised if either he came in his pants, or he took out his teach that bitch porno dick himself and blew it off.

Sonal: “So how would you like me to do this?”

Karan/Vivek: “Bobby, sit like a doggy on the bed with your back towards us.”

Bobby simply sat on the bed as told and then was waiting for next instructions.

Karan/Vivek: “Sonu, pull his shorts and underwear down, but don’t take it off yet.”

Sonal did as she was told and his shorts and underwear were around this knees and his ass was facing the camera.

Karan/Vivek: “Now using your right hand, finger fuck his ass.”

Sonal on hearing started to finger fuck him. In some time I guess he also started enjoying it as he was now moaning.

Tanya: “Now stop finger fucking him and using your hands, spread his ass cheeks and show us his ass hole.”

Sonal did just that and spread his ass. I was unable to see his ass clearly but it was on full display to others.

Tanya: “Now keep it like that and lick that ass”

I thought that now Sonal would object to this. But to my surprise she didn’t say anything. She started licking his asshole. Her saliva was now dripping from his ass and both of them seem to be enjoying themselves.

Karan/Vivek: “That is one amazing sight. But we now have to move ahead.”

Sonal stopped in her tracks and looked into the camera, waiting for next instructions.

Karan/Vivek: “Bobby, lie on your back on the bed. Sonu take off his shorts completely but don’t touch his underwear.”

Bobby lied down as told, and Sonal started to take off his shorts. When his shorts were taken off, his dick had formed a big tent in his underwear. Since his size was quite big, his underwear was lifted from the base and one could see his balls and lower dick.

Karan/Vivek: “Now insert your hand into his underwear and stroke his dick. But don’t take it out.”

Sonal inserted her hand and tried to do that, but couldn’t do it properly since it was quite huge and didn’t fit completely. She still stroked his dick slowly.

Karan/Vivek: “Now take out his dick from any one side of his underwear and then stroke properly.”

Sonal took out his dick from right side of the underwear since she was sitting on his left side. As soon as it was out, I gasped. It was quite huge. I think about 8 inches and quite thick as well. I wondered how she took it in her pussy last time.

Karan/Vivek: “See that fucker’s dick length. No wonder all the girls are ready to get fucked by him.”

Tanya: “That indeed is a big dick. It doesn’t even fit in the mouth properly. Last time I tried to take it full, I was gagged and had to take it out.”

Sonal by now was stroking his dick gently.

Karan/Vivek: “Sonu now everything is in your hands and mouth. Please him as you like”

As soon as she heard this, she took off his underwear completely. She held his dick firm in one hand and played with his balls with the other hand. She then licked his balls and stroked his dick slowly at the same time. His eyes were now closed and low moans could be heard.

Like how ice cream melts all over the cone and little child licks it all the way up, similarly she licked his dick from bottom to up several times but didn’t take his head in her mouth. After doing this several times till it was all wet, she placed her tongue over his head and let it lie there. The pleasure must have been immense as he moaned louder and his dick started twitching.

Pre-cum started to flow out of the head and she quickly lapped it up. She rolled her tongue only on the top of his head several times, till the time he couldn’t take it more and begged her to take it in her mouth. After teasing a lot, she finally kissed his head and took it in her mouth. He was now on top of the world.

Bobby: “Yeah baby that is what I was talking about. Ahh ya take it full in. Suck it and make it cum. Empty my balls in your pretty mouth.”

Sonal was now moving up and down his dick taking it quite in and out and licking it all well. She sometimes took it out of her mouth, gave it a good shake, licked it from top to bottom and then took it in her mouth again. I was quite amazed that he had still not cum and here I was on verge of cumming watching her give him a blowjob.

Tanya: “Bobby tell her in advance when you are about to cum”

Bobby: “I might cum any moment. I don’t know”

Tanya: “Ok in that case, Sonu stop giving him blowjob. Hover your head over his dick and give him a nice handjob.”

I don’t know why Tanya said so but Sonal did just that and was now shaking him vigorously and I was doing the same outside the door. The very next moment I knew why she had said this. Bobby shot his load which flew upwards.

The big blob hit her right between the eyes and the next spurt landed on her nose. It then started flowing over her eyes and onto her cheeks and lips. After the initial big spurts, few more spurts came out but all spread over her hands and his dick and stomach.

The moment he had come on team skeet porno her face, I too came. My dick was shooting for almost a minute in huge quantity and yet there was no one to witness it. Damn, how could I have been so careless? I forgot to shoot in my hands and had now made a big mess on the floor. I would have to remember to clean this after this or else I would be busted.

Tanya: “Wow now that’s what we had wanted to see. We always see him shooting cum inside your mouth every now and then but this was new and good. Sonu show us your face. We want to see his cum all over your lovely face.”

Sonal sat up and turned towards the cam. Her face was completely covered in Bobby’s.

Tanya: “Yeah baby you look prettier now. Scoop up that cum and drink it up. Also clean up your hands and the mess you have created around his dick.”

Sonal: “I have one better idea on this.”

She scooped the major part of his cum and licked it all up. Then she leaned onto Bobby (who was still lying down) to kiss him. I think he would back out since she had cum all over her face and mouth, but he kissed her. Not only did he kiss her with full compassion, he also occasionally licked out his tongue to scoop out his cum remains from her face. He kept doing this till her face was clean. How could Bobby do this? Is he out of his mind? Or is he bi-sexual?

Bobby: “This is better than licking cum off Vivek’s dick”

So Vivek was also into this. He was also bi-sexual or maybe gay. How come Sonal is with these guys?

Bobby: “Sonu now you will have to clean all the mess around my dick”

Sonal complied and kept licking his dick and stomach till he was absolutely clean.

Tanya: “Awesome work Sonu. Bobby its now your turn to return the favor. Sonu, doggy style.”

Sonal sat like how Bobby was sitting earlier and Bobby pulled down her panties. Her mind blowing ass was staring at everyone and in the next moment, Bobby had opened her ass cheeks and pressed his face in them licking it with ease.

Karan/Vivek: “Bobby, while you are licking her ass, finger her pussy as well”

Listening to this, Bobby inserted one of his fingers into her pussy. So he was now licking her ass as well as fingering her. The scene was awesome and I had seen something like this only in porn movies. Sonal was also enjoying herself as she was now moaning loudly. After few minutes, another voice came from the speakers.

Karan/Vivek: “Turn her around, tear her panties and have a go at her pussy.”

Bobby didn’t waste a moment and literally tore her panties and threw it aside. He then turned her around and spread her legs. Watching all this made me hard again and I again started stroking my dick.

She took his face in her hands and led it to her pussy which was lying there to be licked. But Bobby removed her hands and started to finger her instead. His speed was quite good and she was now moaning. Within few minutes she was asking him to lick it.

Sonal: “Yaaa Bobby this is feeling so nice. Ahhhh ahhh ahhh. Come on Bobby. Lick me there. Make me feel like a woman. Ahhh ahhh”

Hearing all this, Bobby too got excited. He held both her legs and pulled her towards himself and gently placed her legs over her shoulder. He then buried his face in her pussy.

Sonal: “Yaaa Bobby. This is it. Lick me. Lick me up. Make me cum.

Tanya: “Bobby lick her well and bring her to the point of orgasm but don’t let her cum. Have got a better idea”

Sonal’s moans grew louder and it ranged in my ears.

Sonal: “Yaaa Bobby ya. Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh. Oh my god. This feels so nice. Ahhhh yes Bobby. Mmmmmm mmm. Ahhhhh”

She had to put a pillow over her face to drown her screams. Bobby was a really good sucker and was doing an awesome job there.

Bobby: “Tanya, she is about to cum now. What you want to do now?”

Tanya: “you just stand near her pussy facing it and let Sonu finish herself off using her fingers. You guys don’t know her. She can squirt till long distances. If you are lucky, you would be drinking from a fountain.”

As instructed Bobby left her but stood with his face quite near to her pussy. And Sonal started to finger her pussy vigorously.

Sonal: “Yaa yaa Bobby. Stay right there. I am cumming. Ahhhh yessss”

The very next moment she came. Tanya was right. She could squirt very well. The way she squirted, it was like a fountain had been busted open from the ground. Bobby immediately lowered his face and started to drink from it. She kept squirting for about a minute. The bed as well as Bobby’s entire face was drenched and she laid there feeling immense pleasure.

Karan/Vivek: “That was fucking awesome. I never knew she could do something like this. Will need to experience this next time.”

Tanya: “You guys still don’t know Sonu well. She can do many more things.”

Karan/Vivek: “Ya but still the oral sex that we just witnessed what simply out of this world.”

I too couldn’t agree more with them. Both of them were amazing in their performances and the way they both had cum on each other was absolutely fabulous.

Tanya: “I think we should now take it to the next level. Or do you guys want to rest for some time?”

Bobby: “No we are fine and want to move ahead.”

Tanya: “Alright then. Bobby lie down on the bed with your dick upright head towards the cam and let Sonal ride you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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