Son Wants Mom Ch. 01

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Thank you GrrrreatImagination for help editing my story.

All characters are 18 years or older.


(Hubby Told Her)

My wife Tammy is 42 years old, and she has the sexiest green eyes I have ever seen.

We have been married for the past 10 years; this has been both of our second marriages. We both agree that the second time is far better than the first. Tammy has two sons who have lived with us over the past decade, Brendan 19 and Zack 12. They both treat and respect me better than they do their own father but that isn’t surprising since I actually spend time with them.

Brendan is our oldest son who still lives with his Mother and I. He’s a hardworking kid who never has been into the party scene nor have I ever known of him going out on a date. He is very shy and has never had a girlfriend so thus he is still a virgin.

I had to attend a three week school last year, which meant I would spend 21 days of talking on the phone and for me jacking off. Usually the talk consisted of normal day to day activities that where happening at home or for me at the class. One night I told her I loved her and was about to hang up when she announced, “Wait, I almost forgot to tell you what happened with Brendan at the pool today.”

Tammy told me that she was sunbathing on the deck with the top of her bathing suit undone so that she wouldn’t have any tan lines.

My thick 6.5″ began to swell as I imagined my wife’s long lean legs and firm ass baking in the sun. “I kept drifting off to sleep in the heat, I guess.

Anyway, the next thing I knew, Brendan came in from work. When he said hello, I was so startled I forgot about my top when I turned over.” I could just picture the scene. Tammy’s curly auburn hair trailing over her shoulders down to her perfect 38C tits above her firm stomach with her eyes wide in surprise. “What was Brendan’s reaction?” I asked.

“Oh my god, Rick, he couldn’t take his eyes off my tits, even after I’d pulled my top into place.” I heard Tammy giggle over the line, “The lounger was right by the door and the way he was standing over me reminded me of you for a second. He’s almost up to your six feet, you know? He was blushing and trying to cover the bulge in his pants.”

“Honey you scared me, I was sleeping. Glad that your home though. Any plans for the weekend?”

“No just going to hang out here and play X-Box, I guess,” he replied. While Brendan was speaking Tammy noticed a sizable bulge in the front of his jeans. He quickly left saying he was going to his room.

Tammy had to go to the bathroom so she made sure her suit was on correctly then headed into the house. She walked directly into the downstairs bathroom to be surprised by Brendan lying on the floor completely naked. He was stroking his thick 8 inch cock muttering, “Yes Mom fuck my cock.”

She was frozen in shock to seeing and hearing him jack off. Brendan looked at the door and screamed “Mom, what are you doing?! You yell at me if I don’t knock on the door.”

She replied, “I’m sorry, I thought you went to your room,” She closed the door and went upstairs to the master bathroom.

She changed into a tight t-shirt and a pair of short shorts without bothering with a bra or panties. She noticed that during dinner, Brendan was checking her out but he was too embarrassed to say anything.

She was confused as to what he was thinking and asked me for my advice, when she called me that night.

“He is a very sexually frustrated teenager,” I responded, “Stroking his cock thinking about his mother is perfectly natural for him, especially after seeing your tits earlier.” Astonishment filled her voice, “There is no way that my baby would want to fuck me! I’m his Mother after all.” “That’s exactly why he wants to, believe me nearly every boy fantasizes about having sex with their mom, I know I did,” I informed her.

“You’re crazy, I’m positive that he doesn’t want to fuck me,” Tammy declared.

“Why wouldn’t he? He’s shy, a virgin and holds his Mother on a pedestal, I know that he would love for you to take his virginity,” I told her.

“There is no way I’d ever do that, it’s just sick to think of that,” Tammy snarled.

“Why is it sick? I couldn’t think of a better gift for you to give your son than your pussy. You would be so much more loving and reality kings porno caring than some teenager or even worse a hooker,” I replied.

Tammy remained silent for a few minutes contemplating until she finally asked quietly, “if what you say is true, what do I do? walk naked into his room and say here I am fuck me?”

Laughing I replied, “That would be one option, but I think that teasing and seducing him would be even better. You do a very good job doing that to me, I am sure he’d be hard and ready in seconds if you try to seduce him.”

“My head’s spinning with so many thoughts right now; do you really think that I should do this?” Tammy asked.

“Babe, like I said earlier, what better way would there be for him to learn how to please a woman than from you teaching him,” I responded.

“I don’t know, but I will think about it,” Tammy said, “We better go to sleep now, you have class in the morning and I have to clean the house, I love you.”

“Your right, we do have a busy day tomorrow, just promise to give me any and all details if you do decide to show him the ropes. If you do I will be stroking to every detail. I love you too,” I replied.

Tammy had a difficult time sleeping; she tossed and turned for what seemed like hours thinking about Brendan stroking his cock. Finally, she knew what she had to do to relive her mind; she opened the drawer in her nightstand and pulled out her favorite vibrator.

Removing her tight shorts, she spread her legs wide as she slid the vibrator into her tight wet pussy. She turned it on high speed as she slid it in and out of her cunt. Picturing Brendan naked stroking his cock filled her mind as she imagined the vibrator being his cock.

“That’s it, fuck Mommy with your big cock, make me cum baby.” She moaned. Faster and faster she fucked herself as she rubbed her clit. She was thrusting her hips up and down as the vibrator slammed into her pussy until she finally exploded in orgasm. She soaked the sheet so bad on her side of the bed; she had to sleep on my side.

Tammy pictured Brendan’s cock all day while she cleaned the house. Thinking of him completely naked stroking his cock up and down made her pussy extremely wet. While she was showering, she finally gave in to her lust and rubbed her clit to another orgasm.

She was recovering from the orgasm when she thought, “Rick was right, I need to see if he is interested in women or not. With Rick not being here the only thing that will relive my horniness is to have Brendan’s cock in my pussy.”

Walking naked into the bedroom, she went through her closet to pick the perfect outfit to wear. She decided on a white sleeveless blouse and black miniskirt with her open-cup bra and matching thong.

Leaving the top three buttons of her blouse undone, she admired herself in the mirror. She thought, “If this doesn’t excite him and make him hard, he would have to be gay.”

She planned Brendan’s seduction for today because it was Friday and Zack would be staying the weekend with a friend, leaving them home alone.

Tammy was sitting on the deck of the pool, drinking a beer. She finished it rather quickly, “Boy this went down quick, but that’s good because if I’m going to go through with this, I’ll have to be relaxed.”

Sitting down after grabbing another one out of the cooler, Tammy heard Brendan’s truck pull into the driveway. She was both nervous and horny as she began rubbing her nipples through her shirt. With her nipples erect she thought, “It’s now or never,” as she took another drink from her beer.

Brendan walked around the corner of the garage and saw his Mother sitting on the pool deck. He said, “Hey Mom, I’m home,” as his eyes drifted to her tits. Tammy noticed him staring at them and replied,

“Hey babe, did you have a hard day at work?” as she stretched her arms over her head and leaned back in her chair.

Brendan who continued to stare at her hard nipples replied, “It was ok but I am sure glad it is Friday.”

Tammy smiling, as she knew that he definitely fell for her first plan and stated, “What plans do you have for the weekend?”

“Not much, just hanging around here playing X-box I guess” he answered.

Tammy seductively spoke “I’m glad that you’re going to be here, I could use the company sexmex porno since Rick is away and Zack is spending the weekend with his friend.” She took a drink of beer deliberately missing her mouth spilling it down her cleavage.

Her fingers slowly rubbed the beer from her cleavage as she watched him follow her every move. She brought her fingers to her lips and slowly sucked the beer off them, all while noticing the huge bulge formed in the front of his pants.

She spoke, “You would probably rather spend the weekend playing X-box instead of spending it with your old mother, I understand.”

She stood up, walked over to the cooler and bent over farther than necessary to ensure her g-string was fully displayed for Brendan. Stumbling for words he said “I-I w-would rather be with y-you, I can play X-box anytime.”

Walking over to him, Tammy hugged him tightly, rubbing her tits on his chest. Tammy smiled when she realized, “Rick was right, he does want to fuck me,” as she felt his hard cock pressing against her stomach.

Kissing his neck she whispered, “Thank you, I am sure that we will have fun together this weekend.”

Releasing her arms, Tammy turned to walk back to her chair when she slipped on water that had leaked out of the cooler. Trying not to fall on the concrete she stumbled towards the pool where she fell in.

“Mom, are you ok?” Brendan screamed as he rushed to the pool. Tammy coming up for air laughed, “Yes honey, I’m ok, I’m just a klutz.” She swam towards the ladder and climbed out of the pool.

Brendan could fully see her areolas as her shirt tightly clung to her chest. His cock ached as it pressed against his jeans while he was transfixed on his Mom’s tits.

“What a mess I made of myself, would you be a sweetie and go in and grab me a few towels? I just waxed the floor today and don’t want to leave watermarks on it,” Tammy asked Brendan.

Returning, Brendan’s eyes were still focused on her tits as he handed his Mother the towels. While Tammy was drying her hair she said, “You know the water is actually nice, want to go for a swim?”

Brendan replied, “Sure, let me go and get my trunks on.”

“Why? With this shirt wet like this, you basically have seen me naked, let’s just skinny dip.” Tammy replied. She began unbuttoning her shirt before Brendan could reply.

His eyes were focused on her chest as he stuttered, “I don’t k-know, umm, i-its j-ust that I don’t know if I can, um.”

Standing in front of him with just her open-cup bra, Tammy’s tits were fully on display to him as she spoke, “Is it because your dick is hard that you don’t want to do it?”

“Yes, it would be kinda weird for me,” Brendan answered. “Nonsense, I’ve seen it before, remember the bathroom?” Tammy replied as she slid the miniskirt down her legs.

Brendan was hit first with her bra and then quickly following her G-string, as he watched his Mother’s ass disappear into the water when she dived into the pool.

Tammy coming up for air with her tits just under the water, yelled at him “Are you going to join me or just stand there and watch?”

“Why not,” Brendan thought, as he removed his boots and socks. While he was removing his shirt he thought, “Never thought I would be skinny dipping with my Mom, but this could be fun.”

Suddenly he felt shy he knew he’d be exposing his hard cock to his Mom, as he began to remove his pants. Facing away from his Mom he pulled his pants down followed quickly by his underwear.

His cock was very hard and sticking straight out when he heard his mother yell, “Nice ass, now come and join me.”

Tammy smiled when she saw Brendan blushing as he turned toward her. His hard cock bounced when he walked toward to the edge of the pool. He stood at the edge of the pool and dove in.

He didn’t plan on coming up from the water so close to her, but as he did his cock brushed alongside her leg.

Feeling his cock resting against her hip, Tammy spoke, “Isn’t the water nice? I love how it feels.”

Brendan blushing said, “Yes m-me t-too, it’s very nice.”

Teasing him Tammy stated, “You act like you have never swum naked before.”

“I never have nor have I seen a woman naked.” Brendan answered.

Reaching under the water, Tammy grabbed and squeezed his cock sindrive porno saying, “That explains why you’re so excited then, would you like to have a better look at a naked woman?”

“Hell yes I would!” Brendan exclaimed as Tammy pulled him by the cock to the shallow end of the pool.

“Go ahead and touch them,” she said as she saw him starring at her tits. His hands were shaking as he reached forward to feel the softness fill his hands. Slowly he began to squeeze and rub them.

“Pinch my nipples, most women love that,” Tammy instructed as she continued to stroke his cock. Brendan took both of her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, roughly pinching and twisting them.

He felt her stroking his cock faster as her nipples got hard in his hands. Her soft hand felt wonderful on the cock only he had touched before. “Suck on them” Tammy moaned, as he twisted her nipples harder.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, as he sucked the left nipple into his mouth. He sucked it harder and harder as she stroked his cock faster. He replaced her left nipple with the right one sucking on it forcefully.

His breathing was really picking up, allowing Tammy to know that he was getting close to cumming, to which she said, “You’re getting close aren’t you?”

“Mmm Hmm” Brendan muffled into her nipple.

“Go sit on top of the ladder,” Tammy commanded. Brendan was unsure of why she told him that but he obediently released her nipple from his mouth, moved to the ladder and climbed onto the top step.

His cock throbbed as it pointed straight in the air as Tammy approached him. “Have you ever had a blow job before?” Tammy asked as she kissed the head of his cock.

“N-N-NO” Brendan stuttered as he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock. He never felt anything as wonderful in his life as she sucked more and more of his cock into her mouth.

Tammy squeezed his balls softly as she started bobbing on his cock faster and faster. “God that feels so good Mom,” Brendan praised.

Tammy removing her mouth from his cock replied, “I’m happy that you are enjoying this, but believe me you’ll experience even better feelings later this weekend.”

Tammy grabbing his cock began to lick the underside of his head. Inch by inch she licked the entire length of his cock. She licked his balls, sucking each one into her mouth. “Oooooh” Brendan shouted as the right one was sucked in.

Quickly licking back up his cock she devoured it into her mouth. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat causing her to gag. Tammy accelerated her stroking and sucking of his cock. Brendan moaned loudly as he felt his cock covered in his Mother’s spit.

“Mom, Mom, Oh shit Mom, I’m going to cum,” Brendan screamed. He was surprised when his Mom began sucking him harder instead of removing her mouth from his cock. “Holy shit, here it comes,” he shouted as he exploded into her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of Brendan’s cum hit the back of Tammy’s throat. She moved her mouth to just his tip to give her more time to swallow his load. As she removed her mouth to take a breath the final spurt hit her chin and chest.

Brendan sat there quivering and moaning from the first orgasm he ever received by someone other than himself.

Tammy with cum dripping off her chin, smiled at Brendan said, “Now wasn’t that better than any game on X-box?” “Oh my God yes,” Brendan exclaimed.

“Glad you thought so, because I don’t think you’ll be spending much time on the X-box this weekend,” she said winking at him.

Wrapping herself in a towel, Tammy picked up her clothes as she headed into the house. After using the toilet in the master bathroom she cleaned the cum off her face smiling. She put on her short satin robe as she headed out of her bedroom.

She stood in the kitchen for a few minutes looking out the window thinking about what had just transpired. She picked up the phone and dialed my number.

“I told you that he wanted to fuck you,” was my response to the story she told me.

“You’re not angry or upset with me for doing this are you?” Tammy questioned.

“Not at all babe, shit I’m the one who suggested it so why would I be?” I responded. “I think it’s awesome that you are willing to teach him how to treat and pleasure a woman,” I assured her.

“I love you, thank you for not being upset,” she said.

“Just promise me that you will share any and all stories with me.” I stated. “I will be sitting in my motel room stroking my cock to every detail.”

“Really, Well I guess I’ll have to give you some more jerk off material later then,” Tammy said before hanging up the phone.

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