Somebody’s Got To Do It Pt. 02

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Thanks for reading Part 1 and your nice comments.


“Hi guys. What’s up?”

“We were up at the marina checking on the boat and we were in the neighborhood so we thought we would drop by. Obviously, we came too late for the party. Looks like you were dipping the wick, you look worse for wear.”

“Yeah, I was just fuckin’ my best fuck-buddy and it was fuckin’ fantastic.”

“Who? Who?”

“My lips are sealed. It’s very discreet, you know. She has a husband.”

“Come on, tell me,” Casey pressed. “Do I know her?”

“Mum’s the word, Case. I ain’t sayin’.”

“Oh bummer. Can you tell us what’s she like in bed?”

“Very uninhibited. Sex hungry. Can suck the rings off Saturn. A good wrestler, too. Like you, Casey.”

That brought a laugh. “She can’t hold a candle to me.”

“…especially if the candle is up her butt!” Terry interjected.

More laughter. “So let me ask you, can you get it up!”

“Can’t hurt to try…anyway, my jaw still works! It’s a little sore but I can manage.”

“That’s the spirit I like.”

We sat around in the living room shooting the shit. Casey was passing along the latest gossip. Sipping a bottle of vino that Terry uncorked, smoking a doober that Casey rolled and eating chips that I bought. And laughing. Sitting around nude was nothing unusual for us. We’d been friends and fuck-buddies for years. When I got divorced and was in a deep funk, it was Terry and Casey that brought me around. They are both very good-looking and while Casey had two children, her body is as fit as a twenty-year-old. Terry is in very good shape, too, given all his exercising.

“When are you going to come to the gym with me, Ray?”

“When there are snowball fights in Key West, my friend. What do I need to go to the gym when the trainers come to me? You think I could duplicate the exercise I just got? Are you nuts?”

“Yeah, Terry, what does he need to work out? He gets his work out from the steady stream of booty calls that pass through this house.”

“it ain’t like that. Come on, Casey, give a guy a break.”

“Look at your dick! It’s limp, chapped and sore and with track marks!”

“Yeah, ain’t it grand!”

“It needs some TLC, I think.” Terry got up and strolled to the bathroom where she got some washcloths and baby oil. “I’ll fix you up.” He wrapped the warm and wet washcloth around my cock and let it lay there. “How’s that feel?”

“You know it feels great.”

“Let it sit for a few minutes.”

“So let me tell you about a great encounter that we had this past weekend.” Casey began to relate (and roll a joint at the same time. She rolls ’em good.) “So, after our little buoy cruise, we took a drive over to Max’s Farm to get some eggs and we bumped into Phil and Sherry Walters, you know that prissy, uppity couple that goes to every benefit?”

“They have that big Viking in the marina?”

“Yeah, right.” Casey passed the doob to Terry. Terry passed it to me.

“Well, they were anchored off Darby Beach and we passed them on our way out. They were on the stern deck and fucking like crazy. We were close enough to hear her screaming.”

“I took out my binoculars and let me tell you, they are way out of shape! Anyway, he must have seen me or something because they got spooked and ran inside.”

“We were laughing pretty hard so it was interesting when we bumped into them. She looked like a storm had hit her but still she was snooty. So, you know me, Miss Big Mouth, I asked her how she liked her little cruise. She looked at me like I dropped the bomb. I told her that we saw them fucking and that they should not have gotten spooked but instead had finished the job. I told her that it looked and sounded like she was having fun. Well, she turned bright red and ran off to Phil. They both took off after that.”

“I swear, Casey has no internal editing machine,” laughed Terry. “She loves to take down pompous people.”

“harumph…like she’s better than me. Fat chance.”

“But did she have a nice body?”

“Nah. I’m about her age and my body is a million times better. How about we stop talking and you boys talk care of me? Waddya say?”

“I have to confess that I don’t know if I can get it up. My last visitor and I really had a workout.” I picked my washcloth-covered cock and gave it a little shake. It was dead.

“My luck! I’ve got two men and one is out of commission! What is this?”

“I have an idea. Why don’t you sit down on my face and suck on your husband?”

“It’ll do. It’s not what I had in mind but,” she laughed, “I’m flexible!”

I lay down on the floor atop a shag rug. Casey stood above me and surveyed the terrain. I looked up and saw that sweet small ass and that long slit. I always loved her cunt with its long and sensual lips covering another pair of puffy lips and a pearl underneath. Her clit was like a pencil stub in size, almost like a small throbbing penis. She took her time squatting over me, allowing me to gaze into her hole. I began to move my jaw around and do theatrical vocalizations. “Just pendik escort getting prepared!”

She sat down on my face. “That’ll shut you up!”

One thing I loved about this woman is that she knows how to maximize her pleasure. Her crotch directed the play, moving around, wiggling, sliding, grinding and nestling on my lips, my nose, my tongue and my chin. I was in a total vaginal environment, a sort of sensory overload, and needless to say, I loved it.

“Yeah, Ray. Eat me. All of me. Come here, Terry.”

I could hear her making loud sucking sounds and grunts. I couldn’t see because pussy juice was coating my eyes. After a few minutes of this, I began to feel sucking on my limpness. I felt a bit sore, too. I don’t know who it was but it was doing the trick, making me hard again. Casey was now rocking hard on my face. I grabbed hold of her ass and began to control her friskiness. I had her entire clit between my lips and I was licking it with the tip of my tongue. Each time I flicked it, she would bounce. She changed her position, stretching out over my face, legs wide, and face on my stomach. Now there were two tongues on my cock. Does this pair like cock!

I began to feel a tiredness come over me, like I hadn’t recovered from my last fuck long enough. I needed my second wind and I needed it now. I really wanted to take advantage of the dripping snatch on my face and the multi-mouth pleasure on my sore, sore dick. Suddenly, I felt like it was a job. “No,” I thought, “Erase these thoughts! Be in the moment! Be here now!” I began to repeat this as a mantra in my head. My body relaxed and I suddenly felt languid, lazy and utterly sensual. I began to pay attention a bit more to what was going on around and to me. I was “being here” and it was working. I began to rock my hips as they took turns deep-throating me.

She pressed her clit down causing my nose to press into her love canal. I couldn’t smell her scent as she soaked me and juices dripped over my face. I flattened my tongue causing her to spasm. She was starting to come as she surfed my face while pressing down harder. I took a finger and began to rub her asshole. Just that simple caress hurled her into an orgasm. She lifted her cunt and sprayed her orgasm over me. Her orgasm is always a show-stopper when she squirts. Powerful blasts of clear vaginal fluid shot from her canal. I drank what I could but I was awash in pussy. It was delicious. She slowly laid back down on my face.

There had been no action on my cock for a few minutes (which was just as well) when I heard Casey say, “Come on me. Come on my face, honey.” I heard Terry stroking hard and moaning. I felt his cum fall on my thighs. Another spurt must have hit Casey. Another shot landed on my crotch. I could hear him jerking and panting. He gave one good grunt and shot one more rope. Casey squealed, “Good shot, honey!” with a full mouth. And then he collapsed. We lay there in a motionless heap.

Eventually, they got up and hit the bathroom, dressed and made their way back to the living room. “We hate to fuck and run, Ray, but we’ve got to pick up some things in town…and it’s getting late. Bye.” Just like that. Gone. They must have come by on a blow-and-go whim. Good thing I was home.

I never moved from the couch, I never said a word, never even waved goodbye, I was just kind of limp. My get-up-and-go got-up-and-went. “No,” I thought, “I have something to do first.” I shook myself out of my malaise and stood up. I did some stretches but I felt twinges of soreness all over my body. It was coming on evening and I felt that a nice night in front of the tube would be good for me. I had a couple of joints rolled. I grabbed one and heading out to the deck where my hot tub was still on. I flipped the bubbler on and slowly slid in. This is what I had to do. Instantaneously, I felt better.

I loved the bubbles and jets. I toked up and turned my body so that one jet was shooting water up my butt and along my balls. Oh, man, did this feel good. I did this for a few minutes and turned around so that the jet surge caressed my cock. Oh, man, did this feel good. Finally, I settled back onto the seat and renewed my limpness. Why was I so tired? Well, let me see…there was Cynthia hiding from her husband during the day and then a late night visit from Judy and Ben…she’s insatiable. Then I got up early and wrote for two hours…that can be very exhausting. Then I spent the afternoon with my hot nurse and it was well worth it. I thought I was fucked out after that, and I was when Terry and Casey stopped. Upon quick reflection, it was easy to see why I was so physically flaccid.

I’d been in the tub far too long or maybe it just seemed like that because I was stoned. I pulled myself up and felt the cool air on my body. I felt rejuvenated. Still a bit sore but rejuvenated. I dried myself off and sat down to enjoy the sensation. I lit the joint and took a long drag…ah…and then the phone rang.

“Hey Ray, whatcha’ doin’? It’s Rudy and I’m in a bind. My keyboard player was in a car accident. maltepe escort Wanna play tonight at the Driftwood? Two sets, about forty-five minutes each. Fifty bucks a set. Waddya say?”

“Sure, Rudy. What time?

“First set is at nine. They’ve got a B-3 on stage, you know, so you just have to show up. I got lead sheets if you need ’em.”

“I’ll see you then.”

Cool. I could use a few hours of playing music. A little rock, a little blues, a little r&b, some oldies… I had an two hours to kill so I sat down at my piano and played some stoned scales. Yeah, I felt pretty good.

I must have slept for a while. Lazy and slow, I washed my face, dressed in my stagewear and headed for The Driftwood, a funky roadhouse on the turnpike. I got there just as Rudy and the other guys pulled in. I knew them all and we greeted each other warmly. Apparently, the keyboard played was pretty messed up in the accident and so, temporarily, Rudy needed a keyboard player. I was noncommittal. I had no desire to drag equipment around…and he had a small tour coming. No, sitting in was cool for me and that’s all.

The gig was fun. The crowd was real good for a Friday night. They were packed in, dancing and having a good time. Also, the beer was flowing much to the appreciation of the club owner. Rudy is a really good bandleader. Sometimes, he plays little tricks on the musicians just to keep us sharp. At one point, he turned to me and said “Wanderer. In B flat.” He kicked it in and we started to play. I quickly realized that I had the middle solo and so I started looking around the keys for the notes. When the solo came, Rudy turned to me and smiled. “You’re on.” My hands ran up the keyboard and I nailed that iconic solo. I even played it twice! Rudy was beaming and the song exploded. The excitement level in the room vaulted up to a new level. Beer bottles began to line the stage lip as tributes from the audience. When the song came to an end and the crowd erupted, I left the keyboard and began distributing beer bottles to my bandmates and to the crowd to great applause. I passed a beer over to one very hot babe who was dancing in front of the stage. I’d noticed her when I was playing. Rather, I’d noticed her unbridled tits shaking up a storm. When she took the bottle, she passed my a slip of paper that I carefully palmed.

Back at the keyboard, it was “96 Tears”, a song I could play with my eyes closed. I opened the note and read “Elaine” and her phone number. I smiled and nodded to her. She gave me a big smile and shook her chest at me.

The set ended with “Tumbling Dice” and it was time for a twenty-minute break. I was soaking wet. I must lose five pounds when I perform. I walked out back to feel the cool night seaside air and have a smoke. The other guys were already there and passing a joint around. I passed and slowly drank my tea with honey, the only thing I drink when I play. Elaine made her way through the crowd and cornered me.

“So you’re Ray. Gabby used to talk about you all the time.”

“You know Gabby? How is she? I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

“Oh, she flew out to L.A. and will be living there for a while. She got a part in a TV series for HBO.”

“Nice! Good luck to her! She’s been waiting a long time for a break.”

“She used to tell me all about you.”

“Uh-oh. My reputation precedes me.”

“Don’t worry. It’s all good.”

“Whew! So what did she say?”

“She said that you were a great lover. You took her places…”

“But she and I parted badly…” I interjected.

“Well, that’s Gabby, you know. Everything is so dramatic. I mean, she is an actress. Don’t take it to heart.”

I thought about that. “I have good memories of her but she did know how to emote, that for sure.

Suddenly, Rudy yelled, “Break’s up. Let’s rock and roll!” I said goodbye to Elaine who started to say something but held back.

The second set was even better. The beer had its effect and the crowd was looser. We were having fun on stage playing to each other. Elaine was at the stage lip again. She was smiling, happy and bouncing those beautiful tits around. I always had a sense that she was watching me, it was a little strange but when you’re onstage you can feel all the eyes in the room. Finally, Rudy set up the final number with his favorite closer, “Whipping Post”, a tune sure to fire up the crowd for one last time. As we played, we were letter perfect to the Allman Brothers. We dragged out the end, “Sometimes I feel…sometimes I feel…sometimes I’m feel like I’m tied to the whipping post, tied to the whipping post…” The crowd went nuts and we exited the stage. It was a good time and I felt that deep inner satisfaction I get from playing music. The rest of the group felt the same way. There is a camaraderie among musicians especially when the musicians are firmly in the pocket. And we were.

Rudy tried to get me to commit to his band but it wasn’t to be. I told him that I’d sit in with him – locally – any time but there was no going on the road for me. He finally let kartal escort me alone about it. He handed me one hundred and fifty buck and said that the owner had a record night in beer sales. Since I had no gear, I turned to go to my car happy and cash flush.

I hadn’t seen Elaine after the show. I figured that she went home and, considering my stamina, that was good thing. But as I walked to my car, I heard her call my name. She came running up to me. “So what are you doing now? Want to come up to the diner with me and some friends?”

“No, Elaine. I’m going to go home and decompress. It’s a part of my ritual. Thanks for the invite and your number, I’ll call you.”

“Oh. I don’t want the night to end. Do you need someone to decompress with? I’ll go home with you.”

Geez. How do I tell this maximum young babacious beauty with spectacular tits that I’m fucked out and crapped out. I can’t. I just can’t do that. I never have and I won’t start now. It goes against my code. Period.

“Sure, if you want to. I have to describe my ritual to you though in case you want to change your mind.”

“No way. Gabby gave you a top rating. You can tell me in the car.” Oy!

Now let me tell you why I couldn’t turn her down. First off, I figured she was in her early thirties. I was probably almost twice her age. Too tempting. Clearly, this was some low-hanging fruit I had to taste. Opportunity doesn’t knock that often. Next, she had an incredible body with fantastic boobs, so lush and you know, bosomy. Her nipples, protruding against her shirt, pretty much sealed the deal with impressions of silver-dollar areolas. I consciously prevented myself from drooling. It might have spoiled the mood. But when I noticed her little tongue-button and I knew I had to have that on my dick. How could I say no? Like John Hiatt says, “I’m so easily led when the little head does the thinkin’.”

“Hop in.”

Driving the fifteen minutes to my house, I said, “I hope I don’t disappoint you but I really am physically beat. I get this way after a show. I feel drained. I like to go home, roll up a thick one and slide into my hot tub. Then I fall out.”

“It doesn’t sound too exciting but I’m happy to be with you. I’ve wanted to meet you after all the talks I had with Gabby, I’m very excited.”

“So what did she say?”

“She said that you were a great guy basically and that the best thing that ever happened to you was your divorce. She said that you are a very creative person and bring out the creativity in others.”

“Well, don’t believe everything you hear. I liked Gabby but I couldn’t handle the drama. I don’t think we parted all that well. I seemed like a scene from a show.”

“She was sorry about that. She understood her penchant for drama and she never held it against you. But, she can be pretty high-strung.”

“That doesn’t work for me.”

We pulled into my long driveway up to the house and scrambled inside. I’m not used to not carrying my gear home. That’s a real blessing on my back. I ushered her into the kitchen and offered her some wine but she opted for iced tea. I poured wine for myself as she walked around my house and looked at my stuff. I made myself busy by rolling a thick one. I then walked out and turned on the hot tub.

Elaine joined me on the deck. We sat under a cloudless starry sky and toked up.

“It’s beautiful here. You have a nice house.”

“Thank you.”

“And all that interesting art and music all over the room. It’s very “you” and it says a lot.”

“This is my oasis. A civilized place in an uncivilized world. The tub must be hot now, I have to unstiffen my muscles.”

“Here, let me help.”

Elaine leaned over and gently kissed me. As she smooched, she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I let her strip me of my sweaty stageclothes as she attended to me not unlike a geisha. She undid my sneakers. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. I lifted my ass to slide my pants off. She pulled me to a standing position, put her fingers on my drawers and pulled them down.

I heard her sigh. She passed me the joint and led me into my tub where the hot bubbling jets did their thing. Instantly, I unwound.

Standing on the deck opposite me, Elaine started to strip. First she pulled her blouse off exposing her girls to the night air. I was right about those nipples. Her tits were great but these were the star attractions. Next, she stepped out of her sandals and wiggled out of her skin-tight pants. She stood in front of me in a black lace thong that gleamed with a transparent wet spot. She turned around and bent down exposing her tiny ass, the string hidden between her cheeks. I felt a stirring. She pulled the thong down and rolled the string over her cheeks and down her legs. Her pucker and her mound were so tempting. Finally, she turned around, her pussy bare and puffy. She had an hourglass body with a heart-shaped ass. Slowly, she slipped into the tub next to me.

“Nice show.” I said.

“Shhh. Let me take care of you.” She gently curled into my side. “Shhh. Close your eyes…relax.” She ran a hand lightly along my body. The bubbler jets were putting me in a very good place. My mind began to empty itself from all random thoughts (even music!). I wasn’t asleep but clearly I had drifted to another place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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