Some Kind of Tragedy Pt. 05

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“All of you are so, so ignorant.”

The man who decided to call himself Homer had to adjust the audio on his feed as he listened to Hayden Tellus speak. The video from the bug he’d planted decades ago was doing fine, though, and he could see the pale, dark-haired man clearly, sitting in his overstuffed chair. In fact, he could see very, very well, which allowed him to take in the sight of the lovely, curly-haired woman with her face in the stoic man’s lap, her lips and tongue running unabashedly up and down her husband’s dark, curved penis.

Damn, it’s good to be a genius. Homer smiled as he leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers behind the thinning hair of his head. This shit never gets old. Long, long ago he’d discovered his aptitude for all things electronic, his instinctive understanding of computer systems and code weaknesses. For a man like him and his hacking skills, the sky was the limit; law enforcement, corporate espionage, or good old fashioned blackmail… but he knew immediately what he wanted.

He wanted to know. He wanted in on the biggest, best story of all time… and boy did he ever get it.

The Tellus family that controlled Zero Lymp U.S., the biggest, most profitable corporation in history, was a notorious magnet for all sorts of lurid rumors for as far back as Homer could remember. Started by Gail Tellus and her husband Ethan, the pair had begun a dynasty that controlled their business empire through a pantheon of different CEOs and executives over the decades. On paper, to the public, Ethan Tellus passed the reins to his son, Uriah, who was in turn assisted by Gail. Years later, control went to their adopted son, Craig, then finally, currently, to a man named Zedekiah who seemingly came out of nowhere with a hostile takeover.

Homer knew better. Starting from when he was just fifteen years old, the boy genius was able to compromise Zero’s systems and plant surveillance devices all over the company. From there, he was even able to branch out and bug individual members of the Tellus family as well; it was easy when dealing with the arrogant and overconfident. None had a clue. Well, until the surprisingly-prescient Paul came around, but that had worked out well enough, and now he was owed a favor by someone very powerful.

Just for fun, and for the millionth time, the voyeur pulled up some footage of Gail and her son Uriah; their first hungry fuck on the conference table after they’d forced her husband, Ethan, out of the company. That was a gem, but not the only one. Another few seconds, and he saw Gail on the cam in her cottage, the place of her exile, being fucked by Craig, her true son, despite what the outside world was told, as the pair had now ousted Uriah.

From there, he ran the gamut. Craig’s trysts with his pristinely put-together twin sister, Rhianna, and their offspring, also exiled by the paranoid CEO. Rhianna’s revenge when she found her lost children and brought them back to enact some justice, headed their hidden, youngest son, Zedekiah. Then came Zed’s claiming of his own luscious sister, Helen, followed by his utter inability to keep his dick confined to his jealous wife/sister. It was fantastic stuff.

Homer ran a special collection then, titled: Under It All. This one revolved around one man, Tarrence Tellus, Gail’s brother. The stocky, dark brute was the most compelling of the lot. A board member for life, he was a mover and shaker of quiet power, and all these wicked people came to him eventually. His presence underwrote the entire dynasty, whether they wanted to admit it or not. This time, the footage went in reverse order, starting with merely a week previous as Gail, Rhianna, and Helen slathered the man, uncle and brother, with their still-supple bodies as he just laid back and enjoyed. He watched his pets play with his rotund, but surprisingly muscular frame, while they worshipped his ever-turgid cock, still hard and strong, even at his advanced years. The women just couldn’t help themselves; he had that much control over them. Watching Gail ride her brother’s dick, while her daughter and granddaughter each nursed at her impossibly-firm, septuagenarian tits, reminded Homer just why he’d gotten into this life to begin with.

Of course, Tarrence had claimed each years before, as the footage attested to. Helen had been forced on him by her own son, who’d used the experience to humiliate her. Rhianna and Gail, though, had come to him of their own volition, trading their bodies, their lives, to him to get their respective revenges on their husbands. That part of the price they paid was that they tied themselves to him in perpetuity seemed to only add a thrill to the minds of the three women. Hell, Gail and Helen had even borne him children… which, when Homer thought about it, was ultimately why he was even watching the feed from Hayden’s office to begin with.

“You are children in the bodies of adults. Infants who think… mmm…” Hayden’s voice brought Homer back to the present just in time for him to see him shove fake agents porno his hand into the curls on the head of his wife as he grunted and came into her mouth. He looked down at her and smiled warmly. “Fantastic, as always my love.”

His wife, Penelope, smiled, returning the only warmth her husband was capable of showing. “I missed you, Hadie.” The pet name for him brought a brief flash of longsuffering annoyance across his face, but it disappeared when she began slipping out of her sundress so she could put on a set of studded, leather undergarments, complete with a lacy black blindfold and collar, and topping it all off by applying a glossy, dark lipstick. “I love mom, and my time with her…” She spoke around a pomegranate seed she’d popped into her mouth. “…but she can’t do the things to me that you can.” She laughed then, the sound a unique combination of airy chimes and low, throaty promise. “Though that doesn’t stop her from trying.” She leaned in to whisper in Hayden’s ear when she finished her costume change and crawled into his lap. “I gotta say though… she does have you beat when it comes to tongue-work…”

“Beat, huh?” Hayden suddenly slapped her exposed ass hard, forcing a loud squeak from his victim. Her voice broke as she pulled her panties to the side and slid down her husband’s cock, even as he kept up his punishment for her words. “Beat? You know I am the master of discipline. I keep everyone in their place, including you.”

“Ung! Yes!” Penelope squealed as she rolled her hips on his, her ass tensing visibly just before his hand would come down again. “Yes master! This one is sorry she spoke out of turn! Aaaahhh… please, please show her what… oh, oh fuck… what she must do to cleanse herself of… Goooddddd… of her mother’s dirty… Oh Shit!” She quivered as she came all over her husband’s cock, not able to withstand what he was doing to her.

Homer grimaced, though didn’t look away. This one was a bit rough. Penelope, the daughter of Zed and his other sister, Demara, had actually been kidnapped by Hayden, Zed and Demara’s brother, when the girl was barely an adult. In the time it took for everyone to figure out what the hell had happened to her, Hayden had thoroughly broken and brainwashed the vivacious, lively young girl in the springtime of her life; warping her mind so that she was hopelessly enslaved to her uncle, the morose hermit-like man who was in charge of the corporation’s human resources department. It was only to appease Demara that Zed forced Hayden to give her up, and only for part of a year at a time so she could visit her mother. Hayden had too much dirt on everybody to be completely overridden.

Of course, it was exactly that extensive access to everyone’s lives that brought them to that moment. Them, and their visitors.

“Ahem.” The sarcastic throat-clearing caused Homer to bring up another camera angle so he could see those visitors; Althea, Zed’s oldest child, and her half-brother Herman, who sometimes did some work for Hayden. The pair was not exactly happy to be exposed to the display that Hayden and Penelope were putting on, but they were really in no position to complain. They had, after all, entered Hayden’s offices uninvited, having arranged a distraction for their uncle’s security team. They were lucky that Hayden, a man with nearly as much power as their father, was humoring them at all… though Homer could tell that Althea wasn’t unappreciative of the sight of her sexy sister vamping it up in front of her, as evidenced by the surreptitious fingers snaking under the hem of her tight, professional skirt when no one was looking her way.

Hayden glared, but finally sighed and pulled his niece up and off him, eliciting a long, regretful moan from her. Dripping her uncle’s jizz down her thighs, she glared at her half-siblings. “You’re lucky that the asylum called and I have to schedule a meeting to check on our daughter.” She turned and bent to give Hayden a long kiss. “Don’t worry though, love. Melinda responds better to her mother than I do to mine. She’ll be fine once we have some… quality bonding time.” With that, the tamed woman sashayed out of the office, her beet-red ass cheeks so bright that Homer was surprised they weren’t leaving a light-trail on the cameras.

Hayden’s smile faded with his wife’s departure, and he turned to his niece and nephew again. “As I was saying, you people know next to nothing. You think you have an idea of what’s assailing you, but there are agents in play that—”

“Assailing us, dear uncle.” Althea stepped forward, her fiercely-intelligent eyes boring into the smug man as she fixed her spectacles in place. “Don’t forget, you’re a part of Zero Lymp U.S. You’re entire way of life depends on your brother’s good will. You hate it… but you can’t deny it.”

Hayden looked like he wanted to do things to his niece right then that he, well, that he’d done to another niece a long time ago. In the end, though, she was right, and he deflated fake angets porno a bit. “You want info? Fine, but I’m keeping out of it as much as I can.” He looked over to his quiet nephew. “I’ll give Hermes the means to do what he needs while staying invisible. Use it, but don’t be surprised when I make my peace with the others, if that becomes necessary.”

He stood then, walking over to a database nearby. “In the end, everyone comes to me, whether they want to or not. Everyone has to play my games.” He grinned wickedly. “And it helps that both teams are still family, after all.”


Now this was exciting. For the decades he’d watched the Telluses, Homer had been privy to some amazing, unbelievable things, as the backups to the backups of his collection could attest to, but never before had events been unfolding like this. The watcher knew exactly what Hayden was talking about when he mentioned the family being assailed. The world at large knew something of it; how Zedekiah was gradually, but inexorably, being dragged into a fierce courtroom battle by numerous parties. Parties that seemed disparate, but were anything but to those in the know.

In short, the dynasty was under attack, and the attackers were winning. Sure, Zed had a legal team second to none, headed by his oldest son, Hezekiah, who was a genius when it came to creating new tools to wage this litigious war… but it didn’t seem to be enough. The clan was being stymied at every turn, and it had everything to do with who their foe was. Like Hayden said, it was family.

Tyson Tellus. The first child of Gail and Tarrence, a monster of man without a single impulse for empathy or fair play. He, along with more of Gail’s children, the ones that the main family deemed too brutish to be allowed to join in on all the fun, had bided their time for years, seeding the world with agents that would be able to assail Zed on all sides.

Tyson had put his own children into positions to cause harm to Zed’s branch from the shadows, and it wasn’t by messing around in a courtroom. He’d had a psycho son who’d kidnapped the family of allies to Zed when they had gone out for an innocent night of sports and fun. He had another who ran a nightclub that specialized in laundering money and blackmailing people who would otherwise have been a help to the CEO. There was one that did nothing but poison Demara’s greatest agricultural achievement just before she unveiled it to the world. Hell, even Hayden’s security trio were Tyson’s daughters, though few seemed to be aware of it. In short, it was Tellus-on-Tellus, and only one branch would be left on the tree when the storm subsided.

Homer sat back and keyed up multiple feeds, ready to weave them into the full tale. He wanted to be able to take the whole picture in, to see what was happening on multiple fronts, so he made sure to hone in on the juiciest parts, the cams that had never failed to provide the most insane experiences over the years. First up; Herbie.

Reversing the footage so he could catch up, Homer watched the big man cavorting with the three sisters that made up Hayden’s security team, while Althea and Herman were inside with the boss. Homer had to admit, he was rooting for the guy. As he watched the hardened women melt under Herbie’s touch, with each of the three practically panting from lust he was instilling in them while they waited for their particular turn at playtime, he gave a smile. The guy’s life was shit; after having been drugged by Helen Tellus and tricked into killing his own family, the man had labored under his hated cousin for nearly two decades as part of a deal cooked up by no less than Helen’s own step children. Over the long years, Homer had seen Herbie come out on top again and again, despite Helen trying to sabotage him, and had developed a fascination with the down-to-earth guy. In effect, he was rooting for the man. It was too bad his world was about to come crashing down.

Sure enough, after the task of distracting the security women was over, Herbie was unceremoniously informed by Althea and her siblings that he was in fact a Tellus himself, the son of Zed, and the only reason that Helen had fucked with him… and just outright fucked him… was because she couldn’t believe that her husband had knocked up a woman who wasn’t related to him, and had inexplicably transferred that disgust onto the innocent Herbie as soon as she found out he existed. Yeah, they were all pretty scrambled in the head alright. Now… now they were begging him for more help, apparently unaware of the concept of shame.

“You want me to save June… Helen… because she might lose everything in some legal fight?” Herbie was rubbing his temples to ward off a headache as he stared at Althea and his other newfound siblings. “Is this my new job? To figure out if you’re all bat-shit crazy or not?”

“Save Helen, and us.” Althea put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him. “We’re under attack, and trust me, you fake cop porno do not want our enemy to win. He’s absolutely insane…”

“And our uncle…” Paul coughed into his hand. Althea ignored him.

“… and he would use the resources of the company to make everyone’s lives miserable. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Like, people who vacation in Aspen, and unfortunates living in the slums of Bangladesh. Like it or not, the whole world dances to our beat, and if Tyson gets the drum…”

Herbie stared at her, his mind spinning. Homer knew what he was thinking. What he was picturing. His children by his niece Iola and cousin Adele. Maybe the score of others there were probably out there too. “Ugh, fine. I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do, I’m not a lawyer or anything even close. What use am I?”

“You’re an outsider. You’re someone they don’t expect.” Arlene, his other sister, clad in running shorts and a sports bra like she’d just got back from the track, stood next to Althea, looping an arm around her big sister’s waist. For a heartbeat. Then it went lower… then lower, and in no time she was running her hand down the surprised woman’s thigh until it reached the edge of her short skirt. Without wasting a second, Arlene slid it right back up and under, causing Althea to gasp inadvertently. The entire time, the hunter kept her eyes locked on Herbie while her fingers elicited a nice range of appreciative sounds from her genius sister. “And you have the Tellus… touch. I’ve seen it. You’re pretty much the sexiest bastard on the planet. Well… out of those that were cursed with a dick, I guess.” Nearby, Paul and Herman didn’t look too appreciative of their sibling’s estimation.

Herbie didn’t have a comment right then, and just watched as Althea’s eyes squeezed shut behind her expensive glasses and she turned around with her mouth hanging open in an O of pleasure. She plastered herself to Arlene, nuzzling the younger woman’s neck and lifting her leg to crook it around her waist. Arlene’s eyes sparkled as her fingers picked up the pace, and soon enough, Althea was muffling her screams in her sister’s neck as she came, running her fingers helplessly through Arlene’s thick, wild hair in an instinctive attempt to get something solid to hold on to in order to ride out the wave of sensation.

When Arlene laughed evilly, then picked up her big sister to carry her to a nearby couch, Homer, gaze riveted to his screen, couldn’t help but think back years ago to when the roles had been reversed, and Althea had forcefully inducted her virginal little sis into the pleasures of female love. Of course, they’d both been whipped into shape, literally, by their aunt, Heather, but it seemed that when it came to sexual dominance, the hunter had come out over the brainy girl.

And now the brainy girl was having her face shoved into her dom’s hairy twat, running her palms all over the athlete’s exposed, rippling abs, and was wiggling her ass like a puppy given a treat. Arlene stroked her pet’s hair and looked up at Herbie one more time. “You can see… mmm… see what benefits there are to… aaahhh, god… to being… being… fuck!” She hunched over, panting and flushed, as Althea did something particularly noteworthy. Finally, after she regained some control, she finished. “Well, you just see.”

Herbie looked to have been at least mostly convinced by that, and deigned to listen to what they had to say then. After finishing the show with shameless flair, then readjusting her glasses and smart little outfit like she’d been doing nothing more than attending a board meeting, Althea extracted a promise from him to go home and wait for a call. Once Herman had used what Hayden had provided to do some digging, they would be able to send Herbie out to where he’d do the most good. Herman, apparently, had begun already, and was bitching about the amount of data he’d have to wade through. “Big as a motherfucking hippo” was the exact phrase that was used.

Meanwhile, Homer, knowing he had some time, perused what else was at his fingertips; out of boredom and a compulsive need to keep abreast of the rest of the family more than anything else. A facial/voice recognition algorithm he’s set up alerted him that something deserving of his attention was about to unfold, and he activated a pre-set cluster of feeds in order to get the full show.

In front of him, through a dozen eyes, he saw April, the head of the company’s Glamor Division and recipient of some wild, mad science, tiptoeing down a hallway in Zero’s sprawling complex. This particular hallway lied in the legal department, the department headed up by her husband, Helen and Zed’s firstborn son; Hezekiah. The ravishing redhead, still possessing the face and body of a young woman despite being nearly through her middle years, was slinking past her hardworking husband’s office, trying to be quiet, though she did stop at the door to shoot a glare at its unseen occupant, as well as flip him the bird. Homer knew why too; April had been forced to marry Hez as part of a deal leveraged by the CEO to free Helen from a binding trap of legal red-tape straight from hell. It was all very convoluted and dramatic, but led to many, many hours of juicy footage. Needless to say, gorgeous April was not exactly a doting wife to the deeply ugly Hezekiah.

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