Soldier Doll Ch. 02

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My special thanks for much assistance and helpful criticism to Mriceman1964, without whom much would not have been possible!


Louise lay in Dylan’s arms, looking at him, trailing her fingers through his soft dark chest hair, patterns and swirls delineating the rippling muscles of his torso, outlining his nipples and forming into a central band that swooped down to unite with his wiry pubic hair, her head filled with images of him and her need for him. He’d come home to her, and loved her like she’d always wanted, sealed the two of them together, asked her the thing she’d always longed to hear him say. She’d loved him since as long as she could remember, her world always revolving around him, her need to see him, touch him, hear his voice, feel his presence. When he’d gone away, a band had tightened around her chest, constricting with every day he was gone, the pain distant but ever present. Seeing him yesterday, at the train station, tall and gorgeous, the man she’d always known was there in the boy who’d left, had snapped that band, spinning it away like it had never been, and her need for him had risen up, her heart turning over and slamming into her ribcage like a wildcat attacking the bars of its cage. Somehow they would be together, if she had to wait 5 years, so be it, she’d wait for him, he was worth it. And when they were together, it would be forever, she would see to that.

Dylan was thinking along the same lines. He’d spent the last three years thinking about her, day-dreaming about her, and now, the thing he’d only ever allowed himself to dream in the deepest caverns of his mind had come to pass. She was stunning, a knockout, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and she’d come to him like he’d fantasised, taken him to places he’d only ever dreamed of, said the things he’d most wanted to hear, was lying here, now, his for the taking again, and again. He would never do that, her gift of herself was far too precious, and he revelled in the knowledge that she had pledged herself to him forever, as he had to her.

He gathered her in, kissing her passionately as his need for her rose up and burned through him, his cock hardening instantly with the need to unite with her again, share what she offered him so freely, give himself to her again.

They slid down the bed together, Dylan showering her with kisses as his hands roamed over her, touching, stroking, fondling, Louise no less tactile, her hands holding him and fondling his cock, his scrotum, making him ache with need for her, for release inside her body. They rolled together on the bed, legs and arms entwining as they kissed, sighs and moans of need escaping from them as their bodies yielded to each other, finally coming to rest with Dylan on top of her, Louise looking deeply into his eyes as he searched hers questioningly.

She smiled and lightly kissed his face, pulling him to her, and his hands slid over her body as he mounted her, holding himself above her as she positioned him, then pushing gently into her, her eyes widening as she stretched to accommodate him, her breath coming in short huffing gasps as she took him all in. When he was buried in her to the hilt, he started moving, backing out to slide back in, the way easier this time, and so it went, Louise moving against him, pushing back as he pushed into her, grinding herself against him, rubbing her clitoris against him, working herself up. He began to speed up, Louise matching him stroke for stroke, the only sounds their gasping as they approached their mutual climax, excitement mounting as they humped and pumped at each other, until, with a muffled cry, Louise came, her vagina squeezing and clenching at him as it convulsed, her breath coming in high-pitched moaning gasps, taking Dylan with her, his groan no less loud as he climaxed, sperm jetting out of him and into her depths, long, pulsing ejaculations, emptying himself into her, the sensation incredible as he came like never before.

At last, they both fell back, sated, muscles twitching and quivering in reaction to their exertion, hands seeking out each other, to hug and fondle each other as the afterglow engulfed them.

Louise touched his face gently, making him open his eyes and smile at her. “Dyl, this is all I want to do, all the time you’re here. I don’t want to go anywhere, do anything except this, this is the best I’ve ever felt, and I don’t want it to stop!” she smiled. “I’ve wanted you for so long, I want as much of you as I can have before you have to leave again. Do you mind?”

Dylan grinned back at her. “Lou, this is my idea of heaven, you’re just perfect, and I already told you, I have no intention of going anywhere or doing anything. You’ve locked me up with you, and it’s the best feeling in the world!”

Louise smiled, slipping her arms around his neck to pull herself close enough to kiss him long and deeply, her slim, supple body pressed tightly against him as she enjoyed the feel and the nearness of him.

They czech harem porno spent the morning in bed, holding each other as they slept, to awaken and resume exploring and kissing, gently maintaining connection, content to hold and touch each other.

At lunch, Louise cocked her head at Dylan, grinning. “Dyl, I’ve changed my mind, I want to go to the cinema, take me to the movies, Soldier Man!” Dylan grinned in embarrassment. “Lou, I don’t have…” Louise smiled.

“I’ve got a Student Card, so it’s my treat, come on, slowcoach, get dressed, we’re going to the pictures!”

They eventually decided on the cinema in the Meridian Leisure Park, in Leicester, Louise getting a 50% discount for being a student, and settled down in the back row to watch some American rom-com movie that Dylan had never heard of. At first he was bemused; Louise had never been fond of the cinema when she was growing up, so this was definitely a departure for her. They were holding hands, Dylan resting their joined hands on his lap, when he felt Louise’s hand squirm free, coming to rest directly on his lap, her fingers lightly tracing his cock. He looked at her, but she appeared to be completely absorbed in the film, her long legs showing up beautifully under her short denim skirt.

Gradually her hand movements in his lap became more directed, her fingers tracing out the outline of his cock more definitely, and his cock responding to her rhythmic stroking, hardening under her stroking fingers. Now she began rubbing the palm of her hand over his cock, pressing it down, feeling him getting harder the more she rubbed.

Her hand moved to his zipper, inching it down until his fly was open, and sliding her hand inside to grasp his now fully erect cock. She began squeezing and massaging him, Dylan trying not to groan as she worked him up. He popped his waistband button, allowing Louise to slide her hand down inside his shorts and wrap her warm hand around him, pump and squeeze him some more. Now, for the first time, she looked at him, a wicked little grin on her face as she pulled down the front of his shorts, holding his cock upright, and dropping down to lay her head in his lap, sliding her lips over him to lick the tip of his throbbing erection.

His face contorted with the effort of remaining silent as she sucked and licked him, her head bobbing as she sucked, cheeks hollowing with the effort.

Dylan was desperately trying to hold back, and glanced around for something, anything to distract him from the acute sensations he was feeling, noticing for the first time two other couples also seated along the back row, one couple on either side of them, the females also with their heads firmly in their partner’s laps; one of the guys looked at Dylan, grinned and thumbed-up him, and Dylan could only grin back; evidently the matinee showing was popular with more than just the bored or the broke…

Louise’s talented tongue and mouth was having a definite effect, and he could feel his balls tightening, the juncture of his thighs beginning to tingle with that pre-ejaculation prickle, and his sperm was definitely beginning to boil over.

Lou…It’s …I’m coming…!” he managed to gasp out.

Louise redoubled her efforts, and Dylan lost all control, shooting long ropes of hot sperm into her hungry mouth, his hips bucking and his abs tightening as he had to restrain himself from pounding into her mouth. At last, his cock stopped spurting, and Louise licked and cleaned him, polishing his head with her tongue before tucking his rapidly deflating cock back into his shorts, pulling the front back up and patting him gently on the crotch.

“There now, Dyl, that was a good film, wasn’t it?” she asked him innocently, Dylan grinning as he nodded agreement, busily doing up his fly and re-buttoning his jeans.

They got up to leave, passing the couple who’d caught Dylan’s eye earlier, the man grinning and quickly brushing knuckles with Dylan as they squeezed past, his girl sitting raptly watching the movie as though nothing untoward had taken place.

They got back into the car, and Dylan pulled Louise closer to give her a ‘thank-you’ kiss.

“Where did you come up with that then, you dirty girl?” he grinned.

Louise smiled back. “You hear a lot of things, and some of them stick in your mind. I know the matinees are popular for that, half the girls in my tutor group have been here doing it, which is why I know about it!”

Dylan grinned even wider. “Still, what you did was very naughty. I think I’ll have to punish you!”

Louise grinned back, playing along. “Oh, please, I think I need to be punished for being so dirty!”

“Lou, just find somewhere quiet while I think about how I’m going to punish you!”

They drove away from town, finding the A-roads that took them into a rural part of the county, eventually spotting a secluded lane with low overhanging trees.

“That’ll do!” grinned Dylan.

The swingers porno car rolled to halt, and he jumped out, ran around to the drive’s side and almost pulled Louise from the car, walking her to the front of the car, and sliding her onto the hood in one movement, stepping between her knees to take her face between his hands and kiss her, a long, slow, passionate kiss.

He stepped back and slid his hands up under her skirt, hooking the waistband of her panties, and pulling them down to her knees in one quick jerk. Louise giggled, kicking them off and draped her arms over his shoulders, giving him a deep, wet, erotic kiss, licking his lips and sliding her tongue around in his mouth, rasping his tongue with hers. Dylan’s hands came up to her breasts, rubbing her nipples through her top, feeling them erect as he realised she wasn’t wearing a bra, and tugged her top up to feel her warm firm flesh in his palms.

Taking hold of her legs behind her knees, he pulled her towards him and draped her legs up over his shoulders, dipping his head down to lick across her labia, making her gasp as his tongue brushed her hooded clitoris. Dylan bored in further, lapping at her labia, feeling them swell and part as they engorged, smelling the warm, fresh scent of her arousal.

He pointed his tongue and pushed the tip deep into her recess, teasing her pink and glowing inner lips, touching her emerging clitoris, feeling the little bead harden and swell against his tongue. He licked gently at her bead, lapping at her juices, tasting her, Louise moaning and gabbling incoherently, her head thrashing from side to side as he pleasured her, her hands clamped behind her knees, holding herself wide open for him.

He gently sucked her clitoris between his lips, and rubbed his tongue across it, feeling her orgasm tremble through her, hearing her guttural moans as she came continuously in waves of pleasure, pushing her wet and swollen vulva against his mouth, as his tongue rubbed and flicked inside her. As she was riding the wave of orgasms, he pointed his tongue and pushed it as hard as he could into her tight little anus, and Louis screamed in release as she came like a thunderbolt, her juices squirting from her swollen cunt, a first for her, flooding his mouth and bathing his chin with her honeyed fragrance, her whole body wracked with tremors as she climaxed harder and more completely than she had ever thought possible. Sobbing with the intensity of her release, her body trembling and quivering, she slumped back against the car hood, eyes squeezed shut and tears glimmering at the corners as aftershocks and mini orgasms chased their tails through her.

Dylan pulled her upright, let her lean against him as she slowly came down, Louise kissing him gently, lovingly, while he stroked her hair, held her close, brushed his lips against her, ran his hands over her lovely svelte frame, eventually clamping two hands over her lovely taut buttocks as he kissed her deeply, tongue and lips conveying all he felt for her.

“Wow Dyl, I’ve never done that before, it was amazing, you’re amazing! Let me take care of you, now, I can feel you…!” she whispered.

“No Lou, I want you in your bed, naked, making love, not roughing-it in a country lane!” he whispered back. “I want to take my time, eat you slowly!”

Louise grinned. “OK Darling, when we get home, anything you want…anything! “

Dylan grinned back happily, watching as she slid her panties on, anticipating when he was going to get to slide them off again. When she was done, he enfolded her in his arms again, kissing her long and hard, his hands squeezing and moulding her shapely firm bottom, she responding by grinding against him, feeling his cock flex and harden against her mound.

The drive back home was interminable, or so it seemed to Dylan, although it was probably no more than twenty minutes or so; his aching erection made it seem longer, and the sly glances and knowing little smile on Louise’s face weren’t helping matters, either. As soon as they rolled to a halt, he was out of the car, tugging open the driver’s door to speed Louise out of her seat, and if he didn’t know better, he would have sworn she was taking her time, torturing him, making him wait for the pay-off.

Louise smiled brightly at him, took his hand and strolled to the front door, fumbling with her keys, finally getting the right one, Dylan in an agony of anticipation, hustling her inside as soon as the door opened, slamming it behind him as he grabbed her, spun her round and clamped his mouth over hers, pushing her back against the wall, Louise kissing him back no less fiercely.

She tugged his shirt out of his jeans as she wrapped her legs around him, Dylan holding her against the wall with his hands tightly clasping her buttocks, his erection pressing against her as she rubbed herself against him, an animal moan of need escaping both of their mouths as they ground and czech pool porno rubbed against each other.

Dylan broke away first, letting her down to stand shakily. “Bedroom, now!” he croaked, Louise already unbuttoning his shirt as he tried to kick off his shoes and unbutton his jeans at the same time. He grabbed her hand, hurrying to the bedroom, to stand by the bed and tug down her skirt, Louise yanking off her top to stand in only her tiny panties.

Now Dylan got to slide them off, and he savoured the moment; slowly sliding a girl’s panties off is an erotic treat for virtually all men, and he was no exception, the swish of the material sliding down silky thighs, the sight of a gradually bared pussy or exposed buttocks just so damned sexy! He pulled her close, lips and hands playing over her, Louise gasping as he nibbled her neck, her shoulders, clasped and spread her buttocks apart, his hands sliding into that shadowed cleft, finger sliding gently over the sensitive little pucker concealed there.

Her own hand worked him, pumping and squeezing, rubbing the head of his engorged, highly stimulated cock with her thumb, spreading the lubricant seeping from him over the head and down the shaft, her lips working at his neck as he switched his attention to her wet slit, sliding first one then two fingers into her, rubbing her clitoris, making her gasp and squirm against him.

Dylan edged her backwards, until she sat on the bed, his cock at the right height for her to take him into her mouth, taste him as she sucked and squeezed him, her head bobbing as she fellated him.

Dylan reluctantly withdrew from her delicious mouth, urging her up onto the bed as he lay down next to her, his lips finding hers as his fingers once more probed and gently rubbed her wet pussy, Louise humping herself against his hand now, her lips hungrily clamped to his as he frigged her, while she found and pumped his rock-hard cock.

Dylan moved between her thighs, lying on top of her for a moment, nibbling and licking her lips, and then, in one swift movement, slid his cock into her, burying himself to the hilt in her tight sheath.

Her eyes snapped open wide at the sudden invasion, her gasp muted by her mouth pressed hard against his. Dylan pumped harder and harder, Louise holding him and raking him with her fingertips as he plunged his cock into her like a jack-hammer, humping madly, a torrent of sensation bursting through her as he roughly fucked her.

Dylan reared up, and took hold of her calves, pulling her legs up, draping them over his shoulders and tilting her pelvis up to increase the angle of penetration, and now he leaned down over her, forcing her knees almost level with her shoulders, pumping as hard as he could, tremors rippling through her body with the force of his hammering into her. Her breathing began to come in hitching gasps, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as he pumped her full of his cock, Louise in ecstasy as her orgasm built in waves, hot liquid sensation emanating from deep inside her womb. On and on Dylan hammered, sweat rolling down his face, watching Louise build, wave after wave rippling through her, until finally it was too much.

With a muted scream, she came in a roaring wave of hot ecstasy, eyesight blurring with the intensity of her orgasm, her vagina pulsing as her cervix convulsed, her juices squirting in a hot wave, soaking his cock and balls, the rippling walls of her vagina clenching and sucking at him, squeezing him, pushing him over the edge. Dylan came with a hoarse bellow, his over-stimulated cock lurching and bucking like a live thing as a spray of semen shot out of him to coat the walls of her pussy, then another, then another, filling her with his seed.

Finally, his cock stopped pumping, the torrent of sperm reduced to a trickle as his body refused to give up any more. Dylan lay on top of her, his weight on his elbows, tenderly kissing and being kissed by Louise, all need satisfied for now; now they were content to just hold and taste one another. Louise smiled up at him, grinned sleepily and rubbed her finger over the contours of his face.

“That’s never happened to me before, and now twice in one day, what have you done to me, you sexy soldier-beast you!”

Dylan just smiled, and pulled her into him, letting her breathing lull him to sleep.

They awoke to the sound of Dylan’s army-issue unlisted cell-phone ticking; someone was texting him. All members of his unit were issued with one when going on leave, to ensure they were easy to contact if they were needed. He read the text message, Louise looked at his face, guessing it was bad news, tears already welling up in her eyes.

“Lou, something’s up, I’ve been recalled to Hereford, we’re being stood-to!”

Louise looked confused. “Dylan, why are you going to Hereford, the Para’s are based in Colchester, what are you doing in Hereford, that’s where the SAS is…Oh my God, you joined that mob up there! Oh Dylan, what have you done, they get sent to all the worst places, the dirtiest jobs!”

Dylan’s face reddened. “I can’t talk about it Lou, please, no more questions. All I know is something’s kicking-off, and I’ve got to go back. Shit! Shit, shit, shit! My first proper fucking leave in three fucking years, and this shit happens!”

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