Snow on the Balcony

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A hand reached in, took my mouse and closed the PDF I had been reading about Tuesday’s IPO from CalWest Diving Services.

“Hey! Not fucking funny, John!” My office-mate’s sense of humor often ran to the annoying. ‘The old man’s counting on me for this. I need to make sure I’ve got every detail covered.”

“The ‘Old Man’ is quite certain that everything will be fine, Mr. Taylor.” The voice of my boss rumbled over my shoulder. “He is also aware that a certain young lady is eagerly awaiting her husband’s arrival so that they can go on a Valentine’s Day trip that is in reality a much-delayed Honeymoon. What’s more, if the ‘Old Man’ catches you anywhere within the Los Angeles city limits in the next week, let alone inside the offices of Haggard do you, Mr. Haggard? I’ve made a lot of money for this firm in the last year.” I gave him my best cocky smile.

“Son, there’s something far more powerful than money. You’d best learn it.”

“What’s that, sir?”

My office-mate answered. “Mrs. Haggard.”

“Exactly right, Mr. Williams. Adam, take a clue from John. A happy wife makes for a happy life. Now, get that computer shut down and get your ass on the road, son. This firm got along just fine before they kicked you out of UCLA. It can survive for a week without its latest young gun.”

I did as I was told. Well, I could hardly do otherwise with Mr. Haggard all but standing over me stroking his mustaches like Snidely Whiplash. I tried to convince him to let me take the laptop, but it was an argument I lost before it started.

Understand, it’s not that I don’t want to get home to Latisha. But I do know where our future lies. I’m going to make full partner in five years or less, and our future will be assured. That requires extra hours. Latisha understands, even if she wishes I had more time at home.

Latisha and I met when we were both in our junior year at UCLA. We couldn’t have been more different. Me with my long blond hair and surfer attitude, having grown up on the beaches of Orange County, but blessed with an aptitude for numbers and smooth talk. Latisha was on a track scholarship with an ambition of being a social worker. She was so painfully shy it took me six weeks to get her to even come to Starbucks.

We had been together since that first date. We had a lot more in common than we first thought. Huntington Beach and Minneapolis were very different, yes. But Latisha and I were not.

And, let’s face it; the sex was terrific.

When I pulled into the driveway, I discovered that she already had the X-Terra packed and ready to go. Her skis and my snowboard were strapped to the roof. I parked in the garage and thumbed the Genie remote. As the outside door closed, the inside one opened and my lovely wife smiled out at me.

I got out of the car and advanced into her arms. She gave me a strong squeeze, but as I went to kiss her a slender finger came to rest against my lips.

“Later, baby. Let’s get on the road. That storm is moving fast.”

“Awww, it’s only gonna rain a little. We got time to play a bit.”

“It’s only going to rain a little here. That system is going to dump eight to ten inches of powder on Big Bear for us, love. We can play at the lodge…or maybe a little bit on the way up the mountain. But first, get into something more comfy than that suit. It’s a long drive, lover.”

“Okay, just a quick shower and…”

“We’ll shower there. Together. But I’m serious about wanting to get up the mountain. We aren’t the only ones going that way with this much snow coming tonight.”

“Okay, baby. Jeans, t-shirt, and a fleece and we’re off!”


Once again, my wife’s instincts were proven correct. The skies dropped only drizzle as we started up towards Big Bear, but the higher we went, the heavier it came down. We passed several people putting chains on their tires, but we kept moving with our four-wheel drive. It gave Latisha plenty of opportunity to tease me about Southern California drivers. The higher we went up the mountain, the more her mood lightened. I realized that even with all the planning, she wasn’t counting on this holiday getaway until we actually left the city. She expected me to cancel.

By the time we pulled into the Big Bear Lodge, she was beaming. I watched her step out of the SUV and spin around, her face lifted to the heavens, mouth open in hopes of catching a snowflake or two.

The snowfall was quite brisk. She had been right about the eight to ten inches part. We would have wonderful skiing in the morning. I laughed at my dancing wife as I quickly pulled the bags out of the back and handed them to the bellboy pendik escort who ran out from the lobby. He carried them inside and came back to take the skis and my board as I pulled them down.

“Honey, wait for me at the front desk. I’m going to park the truck!”

Latisha waved and turned to walk inside. I caught myself staring at her ass. The years we had spent together only increased the lust I felt for her.

We collected our keys and followed the bellboy to the elevator. As the doors opened, we lagged behind so that he could lead. I slipped my hand into the back pocket of my wife’s jeans. She laughed as I wiggled my fingers.

“Nice to know some things haven’t changed since college.”

“Oh, that hasn’t changed. You still taste sweeter than candy to me, my love.”

“Hmmmm. I’m gonna give you the chance to prove that statement tonight, Mr. Man.”

“Bring it on.”

The gentle sound of someone clearing his throat broke our revelry. We looked up to the bellboy fidgeting by the open door to our room. I smiled and made sure to tip him as we walked by. Our suitcases sat at the foot of the bed and he brought our downhill gear in as Latisha walked to the other side of the room.

Next to the fireplace, a sliding glass door led onto a balcony that overlooked a small stand of woods. She leaned against the glass and looked out at the snow drifting through the branches. The light from the hotel windows made the flakes flicker as they fell. Beyond the reach of the lights, a full dark blanket of night existed. The city was never that dark.


I looked back at the bellboy. It seemed strange to have someone less than ten years my junior calling me sir. My look must have showed my confusion, for he went into a rehearsed spiel with the uncertain confidence of someone who has memorized his lines rather than learned them.

“The fireplace is gas; the handle is here on the right. There are long-handled matches on the mantle. In the mini-fridge here is milk, and there are mugs and cocoa powder on the shelf. Hot Chocolate is the specialty of the house, sir, and complimentary to our guests. Just fill the kettle and swing it around once you’ve lit a fire. It heats up pretty fast, and they say that nothing tastes quite like hot chocolate from a copper kettle. There are also some extras in the mini-bar, such as brandy or peppermint schnapps.”

“Thank you, very much…now, if we could just…”

“Certainly, sir. Call the front desk if you need anything. Happy Valentines Day.” Finally, the young man left.

“It’s about fucking time!” My wife said as she rushed me from the side and knocked me sprawling on the four-poster bed that dominated the center of the room. “C’mon, sexy man, let’s get naked!”

I laughed as she pulled at my polo shirt and I found her lips with mine. We rolled around the luxury of the big bed, making out like high school kids. We took our time, teasing and nibbling, knowing that no one had work tomorrow and that we had no need to rush. I kissed the dark brown of her nipples as her bra came off. She ran her fingernails teasingly through the hair at the base of my cock as she pulled both jeans and boxers down.

“Baby, it’s a little chilly in here. How about we light that fire?”

“What? Are you wimping out on me, Adam?”

“I didn’t grow up in Minnesota, baby. I’m used to sun and sand.”

“OK, fine. Get up.” The sarcasm was hard but the gleam in her eyes betrayed her true feelings. “Think you can start the fire then? Maybe start some of that cocoa he was talking about? That was a long drive and I haven’t peed since we stopped for dinner.”

“Sure, baby. I think I can figure it out. Something about rubbing sticks, right?”

“Men! Always thinking about sticks!”

Latisha spun and walked into the restroom, the sway of her bare ass distracting me for a second before I remembered the task I had been assigned. For once, something was as easy as advertised. A twist of a handle, a flick of a match. I even remembered to open the little flap in the chimney. The copper kettle was on a long handle that rotated to bring it over the fire. I swung it around just as something hit me in the side of the head.

It was a long, white terrycloth robe, luxuriously soft and thick. Latisha was already wrapped in one, smiling down at me. “These are nice, baby. Okay, I admit it. You did a good job picking the hotel. Put that robe on before you go icicle on me. I found the thermostat, but it’s gonna take a little while.”

She walked back over by the door to dim the lights. The flames of the fireplace came to life on the walls of our hideaway. Latisha maltepe escort sat down next to me and snuggled into my shoulder.

“Oh, Adam. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

“Happy Valentines Day, baby. I promise, we’ll have more times like this. Hell, ol’ Haggard will die before he lets one of his ‘boys’ burn out.”

“Always knew there was something I liked about that man.”

The whistle of the kettle started shortly after she lay her head down on my shoulder. It seemed traumatic to move her, but after a moment her head sprang up with enthusiasm.

“Yummm….hot chocolate.” She grinned at me in the dancing light.

“My favorite.” I said simply.

“Yeah, it had better be! Now where did he say the extras were? A little schnapps sounds good and…Ohhh! Perfect!”

“What, baby? What’s perfect?”

Latisha held out a small jar of marshmallow cream. “This. I’m having this. Later, too.”

“Now that sounds interesting. But what about the cocoa?”

“Right here, baby. Way ahead of you.”

I poured two mugs full with the steaming milk and we mixed in the chocolate powder. Latisha used her fingers and the warm spoon to add a generous dollop of marshmallow to the top of each mug. Gentle sips revealed that the Lodge was right to brag about their recipe. It was wonderful. The warmth, from the fire against our faces and the mugs in our hands, was unnecessary thanks to what shone in her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her and she tilted her head forward as our lips met. I could taste the chocolate on her lips, but I knew my other thought was right. Her flesh was the much sweeter flavor.

We pulled back to stare into each other’s eyes. I was about to suggest that there was no reason to stay up any later, or at least no reason to be out of bed, when her eyes widened.

“Adam, look!”

Latisha got up and ran to the sliding glass door that led on to the balcony. The snowfall outside had increased to a furious pace. She turned to me, looking like a kid at Christmas, then slid open the door and walked out on the balcony.

The chill rushed into the room, along with a couple flakes of snow. I sighed and stood up. Cinching the robe tight around my naked skin, I picked up the two mugs and walked out behind her.

“Damn! Baby, come on back inside. It’s cold out here.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad. Snow is always on a warm front…it’s gonna be way colder tomorrow. But look at this! It’s really coming down. Adam, this is practically a blizzard, only without much wind. I’m so happy for you. I know you’ve never seen anything like this. Watch!”

Latisha stuck her hand out into the drifting white stuff. At first just a few flakes caught on her skin and they quickly slid off, already melting from her body heat. But the flakes seemed to attract each other. In a brief time, she had a small pile of white in her hand.

“It’s not snow that I want to watch. Although I admit it is quite pretty. And cold.”

“Oh, hush. I remember the last time I saw snow like this. It was back in Minnesota. Barry had taken me out that night. We knew it was gonna snow, but the day before had been my 18th birthday and we wanted to celebrate. We went out anyway. Friday night, too, just like now. He tricked me. Well, he tried.”


“After dinner, we were driving in the country, and he said it was too hard to see and we should pull over. Then he suggested we should get in the backseat and get under the blanket to stay warm. I knew it was all a devious little attempt to get laid.”

“So what did you do?”

“I fucked his brains out, of course. He was cute and a good kisser. Not as good as you, but close.”

Latisha came into my arms, took the mugs from me and set them on the wood deck of the balcony. Then she opened both our robes and slid her arms around my waist. The warmth where our bodies met was magnified in the chill air. She lifted her lips to me, and I took them. Her tongue darted into my mouth; I captured it with mine. I lost the world for a moment.

“No, I’m wrong. He wasn’t half the kisser you are. But you’re shivering. Still cold, Adam?”

“Well, not as bad…but yes, I’m still cold, damn it! Look, why don’t we just go inside? We can keep the blinds open and watch the snow…I don’t expect we have to worry about peeping toms in the woods on this night.”

“No, I bet not. But I’m not ready to go inside. How about if I distract you?”

“From being cold? How do you intend to do that?’

“Like this.” Latisha dropped to her knees slowly; her hands sliding down my back. As she came to my cock, she engulfed it. The heat of her mouth after kartal escort the cold of the night was shocking. It almost burned.

When she pulled back, the cold air rushed in against the sides of the shaft, chilling me again. Then the warm heaven of my wife’s mouth slid back down. She changed her pace, quickening and slowing to keep me off balance. She knew me better in this way than any woman ever had, knew how to keep me on the edge by varying the tempo and depth of her strokes. Even the amount of suction changed, consistent and fast enough to draw me up, then shifting when my body caught on. Sometimes, she would stop entirely and just hold still for a moment, daring me to try and take control and thrust.

This time when she stopped suddenly, she looked up at me.

“I want some marshmallow cream. Do you mind?”

“God, no…just keep doing that, and it won’t be very long until…”

She smiled. “No silly. Real marshmallow cream. Like this.” Latisha put her hand down to where the hot chocolate rested and scooped up some of the warm white foam floating on top. Bringing it up, she spread it around the head of my cock. The chill of the air muted the heat, but it was still almost shockingly warm. Her tongue flicked out and took a swipe of the white covering off my flesh.

“Ummm. That’s nice. Are you still cold, baby? I could stop.”

“No. I think I’m adjusting. Please don’t stop.”

“Good.” Her eyes closed and head of my cock slipped towards the back of her throat. Her hand followed her lips, rubbing against me. Every once in a while it would slide around to my ass and pull me forward, Latisha burying all of me inside her mouth. Then the off hand would drop down to her pussy. She ran her fingers along her folds while she sucked me, and I had to close my eyes against the sight of it so that I wouldn’t explode.

Finally, she released me and stood, her hands traveling up to the back of my head. Her fingers curled in my hair while she brought her lips to mine, and I could feel the wetness of her pussy on the one hand.

“Now, fuck me!”

She spun around and leaned on the balcony rail. I moved behind her and lifted the back of the thick terrycloth robe. The balcony rail had acquired an inch-thick snow covering by this time, but Latisha ignored it or else used the cold against her chest to enhance her pleasure, because she didn’t hesitate. As soon as she felt the tip of me against her lips she thrust back.

Involuntarily, I thrust forward. I pounded against her, my hips slapping loudly against the cheeks of her ass. She was incredibly wet and warm. The sound of my cock rushing in and out of her was frighteningly loud in the stillness of the storm. I knew no sense of pacing, had no desire to slow down or back off. I put all my strength into hammering her, and she began a deep breathing pattern that I had heard before. I knew she was as lost in the moment as I.

My forceful thrusts buried her against the rail. Her head and shoulders moved forward into the drifting snowfall. Flakes of white began to accumulate on her black hair and her chocolate skin. At first, they melted with the heat of her, like they had in her hand. But soon, they too began to draw fellows, until my wife’s head and shoulders began to look like the surface of the cocoa, with the white of the marshmallow cream brushed against the brown surface of the liquid. The dusting of snow made me think how cold she must be and I started to pull her away to bring her back under cover. Her eyes flew open and blazed into mine.

“No. Finish! I want you to come in my pussy. I want to feel your legs go stiff; I want to hear you gasp out my name as you come.”

Emboldened, I let go of my soft concerns and forcefully slammed into her. I ignored everything but the heat of her, the silky friction and the way her ass flexed as my hips pounded into it. Soon, I could hold back no longer.

I cried her name out as she had asked me to as I gave one final thrust. My legs locked, my back arched, and I felt the pulse as I came into her pussy. A tremor ran up her spine and a long, low moan escaped her as I collapsed against her back. We lay there for a moment, just breathing.

I felt a sharp elbow dig gently into my side.

“Get up, Adam. Please.”

I leaned back and pulled myself back to my feet. I looked down at my wife and gently brushed little bits of snow out of her black hair and off her shoulders.

“Come on, silly boy!” She leaned over and retrieved the mugs of hot chocolate, still steaming into the air.

“Where we going, oh most gorgeous of valentines?”

“You really are silly. Let’s go take a hot shower together. You can’t stay out here all night and look at the snow. Aren’t you cold?”

She ran, and I chased her laughingly. I got halfway across the room before I turned and sprinted back to close the door. It really was cold, damn it!

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