Smart Girls Rule Ch. 05

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This is the last piece in this series. If you could take the time and comment, it would be valued – and give encouragement to try a Western, from the Indian point of view, or a horny alien Sci-Fi.


“Marvin, this would be a perfect opportunity to have some fun with Mike. With Rita working out of town this weekend, I can practice my art of seduction, and hopefully eliminate all our barriers – so that our little sex cult family will be locked together by secrecy, faithfully shared!”

“Good idea Jean, I will give Mike a call.”

“Hello Mike, this is Marvin, Since Rita is out of town for the weekend, I was wondering if it would be alright for Jean and I to come over and have a little splash party. Hey, since it is your pool, you are invited!”

“Smooth move Marv.” Jean whispers in my ear.

“Sounds like a great idea, let’s make it in the evening – after I tuck the kids in. That should make it more relaxing for everyone. Does 8:30 sound ok?”

“Ok with us Mike, we will come a little earlier to see little Fran and David. Jean is now proud of being a granny, and wants to tweak the giggles out the babies.”

“Heh heh, I understand, see you guys later.”

‘Is there anything you need Mike?”

“Naw, we got everything over here, unless you got a Genie in a bottle.”

“It’s hard to conjure one up on such short notice, but we will give it a try. See you later Mike. Goodbye.”

“That’s taken care of, now Jean get yourself ready to practice your craft.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark. Mistress on a mission! Sounds like the start of a great sit-com. Now help out Marv, should I dress for dignity or slut.”

“Oh Jean, somewhere in between, that still shows off your sexy assets.”

* * * * *

“Hey Mike, now that the tykes are beddy bye, lets get some screwdrivers going, and get into the pool. I’m sure Jean will be able to find us.”

“Ok Marv, we can suit up in my bedroom first, and when Jean gets through tucking in, she can use my bedroom to change afterwards.”

“I have noticed you gawking at Jean. Rita has been gone only 24 hours now and you seem to have a bit of craving. You seem to be a man after my own heart.”

“Choke, I didn’t mean to Marv, but she looks so wonderful for an older woman. I almost hate to see her in her suit – that may break the illusion.”

“Don’t worry about it, she is something else, all American made! Well let’s go down and grab the makings and mix up a few. Jean loves Amaretto Sours.”

“Gotcha, looks like a really nice evening with almost a full moon and a light breeze. Here take two drinks with you, it will save getting out of the water.”

“Then you better mix 3 for Jean, I believe she can drink both of us under the table.” [chuckle]

“Your pool is really neat, with a hot tub at the end. Rita was the one who laid it out, and I only helped her with the contractors Mike. Because everyone has been so busy this last year, I wasn’t able to make it a habit, er, home away from home. Beside, she had her hands full breaking you in.”

“Ahh, the water is great, just the right temperature, and here comes Jean. Hi sweetheart.”

“Good grief, I’m glad Rita talked me into a privacy fence. Rita is beautiful, brazzers porno but her mom is totally hot!”

“Come here baby, do you realize you’ve turned a young mans head. I see you got your sour, set it down and join us. Mikes a bit scared you may raise the temperature of the pool, so prove him wrong!”

“I kinda drank one drink while you guys were getting in, anyway here I come. Thanks for your votes of confidence, it gives this old lady a thrill.”

“Old lady? Jean your gorgeous! If it wasn’t for Marvin over here, and the fact that you’re my wife’s mom, I would do my best to get something from you – you’re that kind of exciting.”

“Oh BS, but don’t stop! Marvin, I want to talk to Mike a while, Ok?”

“Fine with me Jean, he’s yours to corrupt. I’ll take the pad off the glider by the hot tub, and use it for a mat to stare at the stars.”

“Mike, I know my daughter is totally in love with you and is happy. I also know she is very honest about herself, and told you the details of her education – what she did with her college professors etc., and I am pleased with your acceptance, which shows me how much you love her. I also know you guys have a degree of open marriage, wanting comfort primarily for your companion, and to me that kind of devotion and sincerity makes me quite hot being here with you. Hope you don’t mind.”

Mind, hell, Mike loves it and pulls her a little closer, and I can see his hands resting lightly on her breast.

“Oh, thank you, that’s it feel my titties. Marvin and I have the same understanding, Ohhh yes, that feels good. Now that I am removing my top for you, kiss me!”

I can see them in the moonlight, Mike passionately kissing Jean, pulling her hips close while masturbating his cock against her mound, both feeling carnal excitement, which also happens to be a turn-on for a voyeur like myself. They separate, step back and remove what is left in clothing, cling together for another torrid kiss. They separate, giggling, and taking another drink when Jean calls out.

“Marvin, come join us darling!”

With that invitation I cast off my trunks, dive into the water and swim up to them to take Jean into my arms feeling her hard nipple spikes digging into my chest as we entwine tongues, my cock rubbing against her puffy vulvae and rigid clit, that is forcing her moans of pleasure – that is further exciting Mike.

Mike then goes to the top step of the pool and sits upon the coping, and Jean sees in the moonlight what she has already felt, and charges her prey to hungrily engulf it with her mouth while Mike remains motionless as if in a state of shock.

“Rita was right, you are a stallion Mike. Honey, I am going to suck your cock until I drain your balls. And Jean intensified her attack by deep-throating her victim.”

After a few minutes of intense cock sucking, Mike’s involuntary release pours hot sperm right down Jean’s throat in intense spasms. Wiping her mouth of the overflow, Jean looks at Mike and states.

“I do hope Rita is taking proper care of you, because if you ever are in need, count on me to help you out.”

“Marv lets move to the glider mat, my pussy needs some of your loving care.”

I clip4sale porno move the glider mat for lots of accessibility then lay on my back waiting for Jean, who stands over me happily looking at my eyes that are glued to her dripping thatch of pubic hair covering her torrid snatch. She then straddles me while guiding a tit to my mouth.

“Now it your turn Marv to give me a blow job, that’s it, suck my titty, ahh good, that’s it, and remember that a tit in the mouth is only half a treat! Ok Marv, my other one is getting a bit jealous! There you go, two for the price of one sale!”

Jean then moves her body trapping my cock against her cunt and kisses me. “I love you Marvin,” as she wiggles her groin to tantalize me, my cock slowly disappears into her body – helped by my slow thrusting. Once into her wet velvety environment, we tongue kiss intently while comfortably humping rhythmically.

“Stop! Take it out. Ummmm. Now that I am good and wet, Mike come here and shove your cock into me. That’s it baby, Oh god, your long cock is moving into my womb, Ohhhh uhhhhh, what a thrill! Hold back; now take it out now that it is lubed up. Marvin, put your cock back into me. That’s it, oh god, oh god, you know how to fuck a girl! Mike, put your cock into my ass! That’s it, take it easy, Marvin, slow down so I can concentrate, easy does it, fuck, wonderful, you’re both now buried to your balls. Give me a moment. Ahh, now lets take it easy while we enjoy this moment of adjustment, this very intense (for me) moment! Now that we are all adjusted, let the unghhh, fucking begin!”

Although Jean and I have been married for over 20 years, I have never before experienced this almost surreal event. The 3 of us now in rhythm, Jean’s cloying pussy stimulating me, but with another out of phase modulation of Mike’s cock that I can feel right through her pussy’s walls that are thinly separated. This is a maddening experience, that must be experienced by pythons when the gather into a ‘mating ball’.

“Damn Mike, your huge dick is splitting me, oooh, but don’t you dare stop. Oh shit, Marvin, loosen up, your arms are crushing my tits, and I uh, want to slide down a bit to feel your cock with my clitoris!”

“Jean, this is a dream come true, this so much tighter than your cunt! Oof, I don’t know how much of this wonderful fucking I can handle? I am getting ready to loose myself in you. Its soo tight – it’s hard to control myself.”

“Okay Mike, cum in my ass. OOOhhhh, that’s nice pour it into me. Oh god, I feel you so good. Mmmmmm!”

I feel Jeans tenacious pulsations, and cuntal secretions pouring out as she intensely orgasms to meet Mikes passion.

Mike gets off of Jean, his big cock loosing a bit of fame while he gratefully kisses Jean, who is now concentrating on my erection, still stuffed in her cunt.

“Baby, I am missing Mike already, but you feel so good, oh fuck, and I am so hot. I can’t cum now, Uhhhhh; it’s a lady’s-first thing! Shit sweetheart, you really are a bitch in heat!”

“I love you Marvin you bastard! Fuck me until I break! Yes, Yes.”

Jean is now undulating and rolling her pelvis. I delight in her pussy actually milking my cock. colette porno Frictionless pleasure, with my cock super sensitive to her rapid changes in pressure that is rippling through our delightful coupling – while I am enjoying the heat of her female organ.

Tremors are forming throughout her delicate frame – for which I can take total responsibility. Her mouth and eyes wide open giving her the appearance of an inmate in an insane asylum, and a final scream burst forth that triggers a flow of cum right out of my cock deep within her spasming pussy, only to splatter out as I remove my deflated member. She then rises onto her feet, and shakily, takes a few steps with sperm dripping from both her orifices.

She has a big grin when looking at me and says, “now that Marvin, is fucking!”

She puts her hand out to grasp mine, “need a little help here old man? Or can you handle another fucking.”

“Damn, your something else Jean! Yes, I will need some recovery time – you got me good. Lets get into the hot tub, and cool down a bit. Here Mike, you sit next to Jean.”

“Jean, that was something else. I love anal; however, Rita is an ‘old fashioned girl’ where cock in cunt is the ultimate; so she says. And feels that anal is like a turd with an automatic transmission that is stuck in reverse, so it’s a missing thrill for us. Thank you for resurrecting the thrill.”

“Well it looks like we got that problem resolved Mike, and when Rita gets back she will be pleased, I am sure, that you can have total happiness. Jean, we will give her a great hot welcoming, and seal in the rules of secrecy about our family’s broad sexual horizons.”

“You see guys, it appears that we have a totally liberated family here, where sex is a normality with consenting adults. Genitals simply become a social connector where carnal pleasure can be shared in loving camaraderie, like our forefathers enjoyed, that is before organized religion imposed unrealistic demands – to elevate hypocritical paragons of virtue.”

“A-man to that guys. As Rita’s main squeeze, I ain’t going to rock the boat. I’m really glad you don’t mind that I cannot keep my hands off you Jean.”

“Mike, keep it up because I am not done with you. I love being a desired woman. When we get out of this tub, we are going to your bedroom and take a shower together. Then we will get into your bed for more sex and sleep; if that is okay with you Marvin; that I spend the night and make breakfast for the family here?”

“Oh, its fine with me. Sexually I’ve been totally neutered by an expert. I will drive home now, and Mike can bring you back to me in the morning. Have fun with the kids afterwards, and give them hugs for me. Take your time lover.”

“See you in the morning Marv, I love you.”

* * * * *

“Hi Dad, I got home early and dumped my stuff at the house. Mike and Jean were doing a fine job of babysitting, and they told me what happened last night. God, it got me so horny listening to them, but after mom got through with Mike, he was useless!”

“I guess Jean is going to be very popular with our little family now dear.”

“Yes Dad, she made quite an impression as the ultimate party girl! Now I am going upstairs to cool off in a shower. I hope your recharged enough to join me?

“Yes madam, service with a smile!”

The End.


Next book will start Jan 1, 2020. David and Francis will be consenting adults then! Story plot is based on the adage: “A family that lays together, stays together!”

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