Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 20

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Cuddled up behind Mom in her bed along with everyone else, I slept poorly. The emotional ordeal that we all experienced last night, or rather early this morning, was the cause for my fitful sleep. I kept going over it and over it in my dreams. I had little doubt that the two psychopaths, Adonis, AKA Bandana dude and Jinx, AKA Puss n’ Boots, planned to kill all of us as soon as they had sexually entertained themselves at our expense. We had thoroughly enjoyed the family sex for most of the summer, but the strain of doing those same things under the command of two whack-jobs with a gun and a knife knowing that the moment those two became bored with us, we were toast.

Since I was the only one not tied up, I knew it was incumbent upon me to do something to free us from this situation. At some point in the ordeal, I noticed that Mom and the twins had resolved themselves to their fate and had decided to enjoy their last moments with each other like they had for weeks. I was getting to that point too but I never stopped trying to find an opening without getting one or all of us killed.

When I came fully awake, the sun was up and brightly illuminating the ceiling between the windows and the black out curtains that Mom had the presence of mind to close when we all crawled into her bed at dawn. I couldn’t tell what time it was. The digital clock on Mom’s nightstand was behind me. I was still spooned up to Mom as she cuddled with Dad. Julie, who was spooned up behind me was gone. I lifted my head to look over Mom’s shoulder and discovered that June was gone too.

I had a wicked morning woody. It wasn’t pulsing or throbbing or moving in any way. It was just hard and applying a constant pressure against Mom’s ass. I reveled in the sensation trying to decide what to do with this boner of all boners. Dad was on his back and Mom had pushed her head up on his shoulder. The covers were at his waist and I could see the trace of Mom’s arm to her hand resting in his groin. There was no movement and their breathing patterns indicated that they were asleep.

Laying there working on a plan, I heard the twin’s moans coming from my room. I guess they weren’t comfortable with the exposure on the outside beside me and Dad and they decided to provide their own comfort in my bed. I hadn’t heard their moans before so I guess they were just tuning up. My cock hardened further and lurched harder against Mom’s ass causing her to moan. It wasn’t a sexual moan.

Should I get up and go join the twins? Should I make a move on Mom to get us started. I opted for the latter. I lifted the covers and saw that Mom’s long tee shirt had ridden up to her waist. I reached down and gripped my hard-on and dragged the glans across her gorgeous butt-cheeks. She moaned again and this time, she waggled her ass as if to drive a pesky fly away. I held still to see if she was awake or not.

The thought of getting into a position and slowly pushing my cock into her pussy before she woke up was intoxicating and I made that my plan. I slowly moved myself lower with my cock pressed firmly to my stomach. I kept stopping and lifting the covers to see if I was in the right spot and when I was, I let my cock go and it pressed against her ass and upper thigh of her bottom leg. I pulled my hand up to my face and let saliva drool into my palm. I pushed the hand back to my cock and got it as wet as I could and returned the hand for more.

The moans from my room were getting louder and from my experience, I knew that at least one of them was about to explode into an orgasm. Their ramped-up excitement was ramping up mine too. I moved up as close to Mom’s backside and slowly pushed my hips forward. My cock slid into the crevice at the top of her thighs heading for her pussy. I moved very slowly, trying not to wake her. I had no delusions about the potential for success but it was fun trying.

Mom moaned again and I stopped and held my position for a minute or so. She didn’t move and I renewed my efforts. I knew where I was going but the actual angle would depend on how Mom’s hips were cocked and my glans lacked the dexterity to feel for her vaginal opening and I would surely give myself away if I pushed my fingers in to find it. I decided to just wing it. Fuck I was hard. I pushed another centimeter and Mom groaned and said, “For God’s sake, do it.”

I chuckled and gave up all pretense and pushed my cock into her pussy. She was soaking wet so she probably hadn’t been asleep like I thought. I moved my thighs in tight behind hers and she groaned as I entered her. Initially, she pulled away from me and then she pushed back and groaned again. She was jerking Dad’s cock off under the covers and he came awake. He sat up kind of startled but then he grinned and laid back down again driving his hips up and down in synch with Mom’s hand on his cock. He groaned at the same time as me as I pushed as far into Mom’s pussy as I could. Mom let out a long guttural groan that ended when I pushed vivid porno my balls against her thighs. She lifted her top leg a little and reached her free hand down to cup my balls. She let them pulled back as I withdrew to the ridge of my knob and then she recovered them when I pushed back in. Mom groaned, “Jesus Christ, Dex. You are so hard. Fuck me Baby.”

Dad pulled himself up from under the covers and Mom’s hand followed. He sat back against the headboard and turned his hips toward Mom, offering his hard cock to her lips. She didn’t hesitate a single second. He was pumping his hips into her face and Mom was ‘awking and glurking’ as she held her mouth loose so Dad could fuck her face.

From my room came two separate screams in stereo and then silence. I feverishly pumped my hips at Mom’s sex and without warning her body tensed into knots and she screamed around Dad’s cock but never pulled off. Dad smiled down at me and something he had said weeks ago flashed through my mind, ‘If your mother’s happy, we’re all happy.’ Her cooing around Dad’s cock indicated that she was happy as her pussy clenched spastically on my cock.

I wasn’t done yet and Mom knew that but she pulled her hips forward and my throbbing hard cock came out of her. She reached around behind her and grabbed my gooey wet cock and guided it to her anus. She didn’t have to say a word. I knew what she wanted. When she was satisfied that I was lined up properly, she pulled my cock so my glans was inside and she flinched and groaned. She pulled back her hand and pushed her hips back at me and she flinched again and groaned louder as the fattest part of my gooey cock slid all the way inside her bowels. She looked back at me and she was on fire. Her eyes were wild with lust as she took up the action. She had forgot about Dad’s cock for the moment.

Suddenly, the covers were being pulled down over our hips and legs. June and Julie were naked and climbing up on the foot of the bed to watch us. As if nothing was going on, Mom said, “Good morning Baby Girls. How did you sleep?” They knew it was a rhetorical question and didn’t respond. June noticed that Dad had a hard-on with no one paying attention to it and she got up on her hands and knees and moved in his direction. He waggled his hard cock at her and smiled.

Mom said, “Uh-uh, Baby Girl. I have plans for that cock. You can have it afterward.” June moved back to her original position. Mom flinched and groaned again as I picked up the pace. I reached up under her tee shirt and wrapped my fingers around her fleshy tit. Her nipple was so hard. I palmed her left breast and nipple. She was laying on her right breast as she was tipped forward to provide better access to me.

As Mom groaned from my attack, she revealed what her plan was for Dad’s cock. She turned and looked up at him and through her groans she said, “Fuck me Daddy.” I had never heard Mom refer to Dad as ‘Daddy’. The twins both tittered. I knew they had probably said those same words to Dad many times.

He launched himself off the headboard and got on his side facing Mom. They kissed passionately and Mom whimpered, “Hurry, Daddy.” The twins tittered again. My cock hardened as I was getting into this role playing too.

The twins moved so they could get a good view as Dad pushed his cock to Mom’s pussy. She fine tuned his position and then pulled his cock forward and I could feel his cock slide into her through the thin membrane separating his cock from mine. The pressure and heat in her bowels were incredible and Dad’s entry made it more so. Dad hadn’t pushed into Mom’s pussy more than twice before she screamed out, “Oh my gggawwddd. I’m cumming again. OOOOHHH. GO DADDY. Fuck me. Cum in me. DADDDDDYYY.”

I could feel his cock jackhammering along my cock and the sensation and pressure yanked my balls up as I tried to hold back. When I felt spasms of cum launched from Dad’s cock that was it for me too. Mom screamed out, “OH JESUS. YES. I’M GOINNNGGGG AGGAAAINNNN. I can feel both of you. FUCK.”

Mom groaned hard through her multiple orgasms and then went limp except for her clenches on Dad’s cock. We were both spent. Julie got off the bed and ran out of the room. I heard the bathroom sink faucet come on and go off and then Julie ran back in and jumped up on the bed. She lifted Mom’s top leg and both girls maneuvered to get a view of Mom’s sex with two cocks buried in it. June said, “Fuck, that’s hot. I’m going to have to try that.” I saw her bite her lower lip as she had a tentative look on her face. I wasn’t sure June would be up to this. Julie? Sure. She liked anal sex. June had tried it with me but I didn’t think she liked it much.

Cum was pushing out of Mom’s pussy and anus and Julie pushed the wet towel to her sex. It was a good plan on Julie’s part because when we pulled our spent cocks from her, cum and vaginal fluids flooded out of her and Mom flinched and said, “Oh my. You two really loaded me up with cum.” Everyone woodman casting porno laughed. Mom rolled onto her back and reached for the towel and wiped it all around her sex.

June went immediately for Dad’s gooey cock and inhaled it. She lashed her tongue all around his shaft as she looked up into his eyes. He grinned down at June and said, “Good girl. Get it nice and clean.” We all laughed again. I could see in Julie’s eyes that she wanted to clean my cock too but I guess the thought of where it had just been dissuaded her. I couldn’t blame her. I used a free part of the towel to wipe my cock clean.

Then I got up and headed for the bathroom. When I turned on the shower and was about to step in, the bathroom door opened and June and Julie pushed past me into the shower. I got in too and shut the glass door. I delighted in getting them both foaming with soap. They washed their own hair as I molested their tits and pussies to their girlish squeals. I moved them around under the showerhead and rinsed them off one at a time. They started to return the favor but I wasn’t done with them and I pushed them back to sit on the built-in bench. They had confused looks on their faces as they reached for my renewed erection. I went down on my knees and pushed my face between June’s thighs. She eagerly spread her legs. Her confused look had already morphed into a huge grin. She held my face in her sex and I used my tongue in her pussy while I rubbed my nose on her clitoris. That caught her by surprise and she groaned out all the air in her lungs and heaved air back in again. She pushed her hips up at me as I used my broad tongue to lap around her pink inner folds. I took an occasional jab of my tongue on her anus and she squealed each time.

Julie wasn’t waiting her turn. She had all four fingers of her right hand digging furiously in her sex. Her head laid back in the corner with her eyes closed and her lips forming an “O” as she gasped in and out.

June’s body went rigid as she pushed her hips upward right off the seat. I continued my attack as her orgasm seemed to build higher and higher like a surfing wave on Waikiki Beach. When her orgasm crested, she let out a long and loud scream. Her hips gradually released and she slowly dropped them back to the bench seat. Her eyes opened slightly and she grinned at me and then whispered loud enough to be heard over the cascading water, “Fuck Dex. You do that so nice.”

I made sure June was secure on the bench and then turned my attention to Julie. She was looking down at me with lust in her eyes as she continued strumming her pussy. She removed her fingers from her vagina and used her index and little fingers to separate her outer labia, exposing her pink inner labia. I pushed my lips to her inner folds and kissed them. I flicked my tongue through my lips to her clitoris and I thought she would launch through the roof. I was startled by her reaction and I pulled back. Her clitoris was so red and protruded from the top of her pussy. She released her outer labia and gently touched her clitoris with her index finger and her lungs purged again. She looked from her clitoris to my eyes silently pleading for me to finish her off. That was my plan and I pushed my tongue deep in her vagina and she drove her hips upward like June had done.

She gently placed both hands on the sides of my head and guided me where ever she wanted me to go. I offered no resistance. My goal was to give her what she wanted. I would remember this for next time. Julie started wailing as she humped her sex on my lips and tongue. Her body tensed. It was different from June’s, but I recognized her approaching orgasm and ramped up my tongue action. I was getting tired but there was no way I was going to leave Julie hanging. Hanging. That was a good description of where Julie was at that moment. Her orgasm seemed to hover over her. Her eyes rolled back and then they slowly closed. She was holding her breath and her body began to tremble. It was different from just going rigid like usual. I was anxious to get her over the top and I pushed my index finger into her anus. She came back from where ever she had gone and exploded into her orgasm with a huge expulsion of air she had trapped in her lungs. She inhaled and wheezed out, “Jesus Christ,” as she flopped around on the bench beside June, who was trying to hold Julie in place. My tongue was so tired I couldn’t keep up the attack. Julie took a long time to come down from her high. She just sat there on the bench leaning into the corner breathing erratically.

When I was satisfied that Julie would be alright, I stood up and moved under the showerhead to soap myself up and wash my cock. The water was getting cold and I turned the mixing valve all the way to hot. When I turned around to rinsed my hair and backside, June was on her knees already on my cock. My eyes had been shut as the water washed across my face and I was startled. I looked down at June’s beautiful türkçe alt yazı porno face that looked even more erotic with her cheeks concaved around my cock. She pulled back to the knob and grinned up at me before burying her lips on my cock again. I let out a groan that got Julie’s attention in the corner. She grinned up at me but made no move to assist June. She was wasted.

June pulled her lips back to the knob and locked them tight as she used both hands to jerk me off in counter-rotating circles. She grinned around my cock again. I smiled down. I knew what must be on my face. A look of pure bliss. She lashed her tongue around my shaft and then went to work on the ‘spot’ and when I got harder, she pushed forward until my knob was in her throat. My orgasm was building fast and she held my cock in her throat until she had to come up for air. Saliva followed me out and she spit it on the shower floor and it quickly disappeared down the drain. My cock was throbbing with my pending explosion of cum. June was jerking me off at a furious pace with my velvety crown inches from her face. She wanted me to cum on her and I was only to happy to oblige. She grinned when she felt the jizz pulse up my shaft.

Even though my ejaculation wasn’t as powerful as usual, cum splattered across her face. She quickly aimed my cock lower and all the remaining shots were deposited on her tits as she aimed back and forth from one tit to the other. When I was done, I turned to shut off the water. It was freezing cold.

June was collecting cum off her tits and pushing her fingers into her mouth. I didn’t understand the fascination of spraying cum across her tits just so she could scoop it up and push it into her mouth. She could have just let me cum in her mouth and got it all. She stood up and pushed her cum-covered tits to my chest and kissed me. I kissed her back and then she wiped cum off my cheek with her thumb and pushed it into her mouth.

June turned and bent down to kiss Julie. She leaned forward off the wall and licked cum off June’s face. June stayed right there to let Julie clean her face. They kissed again. My cock had softened to half-staff but only hardened as I watched June and Julie share my cum.

I opened the glass door and stepped out. June was helping Julie to her feet but she was very unstable and June asked me to come back to help her. Together we got Julie out of the shower and she sat down on the toilet like she was a rag-doll. June grinned at me as she took a washcloth and got it wet in the cold water from the sink faucet and she careful washed my chest and face before she started jerking me off again with the cloth wrapped around my cock. I pulled back and said, “I think I’ve had enough. Maybe later. I have to call Reece with the news. What the hell time is it anyway?”

June pulled the cloth off my cock and started washing her own chest and I took the cloth away from her and grinned at her as I slowly washed her chest and breasts, which hardened her nipples again. She sighed and closed her eyes. I wondered if she was ever completely satisfied. She and Julie were definitely Mom’s daughters. I finished washing her face and hair and then bent down to kiss her with passion. She ramped up the passion as she kissed me back. We broke our embrace and June pushed her tits to my chest and put her face on my shoulder and said, “I love you, big brother.” I wrapped my arms around her back and then dropped my hands to her ass and pulled her hips to me.

We helped Julie back to my bed. I wasn’t sure she could navigate the stairs. June climbed in with her and threw me an air-kiss as I pulled on a pair of dress shorts and a polo shirt. I checked the clock on my nightstand. It was eleven o’clock. I pulled the door shut and headed for the stairs. I heard nothing from Mom and Dad’s room as I walked by. They weren’t downstairs either nor were they in the backyard, the pool or the hot tub. I guess they went back to sleep too. After the turmoil of last night, it was like a tomb in the house. It was kind of creepy. All the house noises from last night, that drove me crazy trying to analyze, where the only sounds now. I pulled on a pair of sneakers and grabbed my car keys. I left a note on the bar saying that I was at Sylvia’s.

On the way there, I thought about how I should explain what happened last night. I decided to just tell them that the crisis is over and Bandana dude and Jinx were taken into custody. It would be better if they knew nothing about last night.

My cell phone rang and I answered on the car speakers. It was Reece and she was pissed at me because I hadn’t held up my end to make sure we stayed in touch. She was right and I felt bad. I explained that I was on the way to her and she seemed less pissed.

All three of them answered the door when I knocked. They were firing questions at me as fast as they could. I held up my hands and said, “Whoa. Let’s go inside and sit down and I’ll tell you everything I know.” Reece grabbed my hand and pulled me through the gauntlet to the living room. The drapes were open and the sun streamed in. I guess their solution to the peeping-tom across the courtyard was to make sure they were fully dressed before they walked into the pervert’s view.

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