Sleepwalking Ch. 02: A Step Too Far?

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Ok Diary, I promised to tell you about the time between the last entry and when I was leaving home again. Now that Grant and I have settled in I have some time to tell you exactly what happened.

As you know, I went home to try and keep safe and get help for my sleepwalking. In the process, I ended up in Grant’s bed and he took advantage of the opportunity and experimented with my body. It should have freaked me out when I found out, especially because I woke up with his cock in my mouth, but somehow Dumbass (that’s me) believed she was the one at fault (It didn’t help that Grant was happy to let me believe it).

Then of course I got all super-freaky and went even further until I got him to blow his load all over my tits. Yeah, I know, I’m a freak: I got him to do it. He did it willingly though so he’s a freak too!

Right, that’s where we were up to. Now for what happened next.

Grant didn’t know that I knew he’d cum all over me and he certainly didn’t know that it had left me wanting more. Like I said before, I’m a freak. Who knew?

Anyway, I wasn’t satisfied after he’d cum all over me. I wanted to feel his cock inside me. I wanted to feel him cum down my throat. I wanted it in my pussy. I could have gone out and fucked any guy I wanted, but a dirty little seed had been planted in my mind and I wanted my little brother. I wanted him in all the wrong ways and in all the wrong places. It seemed that nothing else was going to do the trick. My problem was going to be getting him to fuck me. I couldn’t just ask him, I wanted it to be his idea. I wanted him to think that I didn’t know. It turned me on to think of him fucking me in my sleep (whether I was pretending or not). I mean, I actually found the thought of waking up and finding his cum dripping from my pussy a massive turn on. It made me super wet whenever I thought about it. Yes, I must be sick.

There was one small complication. I was still sleep walking. I couldn’t pretend to do it every night and when ever I would sleep walk for real, I’d have to back off my plans for a couple of days. I had planned to try and have some fun with Grant a couple of days after he came all over me, but the night I was planning to, I woke up sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in front of me and milk all over the table. Apparently my sleep walking self isn’t so good at pouring.

A couple of days after that something happened, but I didn’t know what. I woke up in Grant’s bed again. I was naked and alone. I hadn’t slept through the night and had to go back to sleep there, wondering what might have happened. I questioned Grant, but he said as soon as I came in he fled; his standard line now if that happens. I knew for a fact that it wasn’t true from the state of my pussy, but couldn’t confront him without revealing exactly how much I knew. I always woke up with a wet pussy after he’d had fun with me in my sleep. I was horny thinking about it, knowing that he must have had some fun, but unable to extract the detail of what it was from my brother. Talk about frustrating.

I know from later what really happened though because he eventually confessed (and yes, I will get to the point of the confession, but let me follow things how they happened first).

I went into his bedroom and took my top off. I kept my pyjama shorts on and climbed into his bed. As he usually does, he took off his boxers and then worked my shorts off down my legs. Apparently after having cum on me the previous time he intended to do it again. He started on my breasts, sucking the nipples gently, getting them nice and perky. He played with my tits with his hand and stroked himself to full erection. It seemed that he was in a hurry to get further with each of my visits, so he didn’t spend as much time playing with them as he had before. He told me later that he challenged his previous theory that maintaining a good pattern might keep me asleep and decided that perhaps he was better off progressing more quickly in case I woke up.

He said that whenever he was doing this to me he was constantly in fear of me waking but that it heightened the experience for him. He said that was always working out his excuse in his head, hoping he could get away with telling me that I had taken advantage of him in my sleep, as I’d believed the time I’d woken with his cock in my mouth.

His plan for this night was to taste my pussy. So after some quick fun with my tits, he pulled the bed covers off to expose me and moved between my legs. He took some time to admire my pussy, touching it gently, fingering my landing strip, my lips, poking between them. Then tentatively, he ran his tongue along the outside of my pussy, feeling my smooth skin. He hadn’t known quite what to expect (being very limited in his experience) and was kind of surprised to find that there really wasn’t any taste (Duh!) even though he could clearly smell my arousal.

Even he managed to work out that to taste me he was going to have to spread my lips and get more intimate with türbanlı porno my lady parts. He used his fingers and stared at me for a while, seeing the inner pink of my pussy before sliding a finger in. As he had before, he played around, enjoying the fact that even in my sleep I tended to make happy little sounds and squirm on the bed. With my lips parted and his finger moving in and out, the scent of my pussy became a lot stronger. He summoned his courage and after pulling his finger out, tentatively poked his tongue at my entrance.

He pushed it as deep as he could and wiggled it about experimentally before withdrawing it back into his mouth, contemplating the flavour. He tells me that at the time he thought that it wasn’t anything to write home about, but that it wasn’t so gross that he wouldn’t do it again, either.

Being so close to my pussy had him thinking about how good it could feel on his cock. He tells me that he had decided to slip himself inside just a little … enough to feel me on the head of his dick, but that just as he started to move, I’d stirred and rolled over. He panicked and fled to my room quicker than light. Then he’d laid there wondering how he would have explained being on top of me if I was the one that had been the instigator. Little did I know that it would set my plans for him to fuck me back even further. He hadn’t even cum on me.

After waking in his room I had to wait a few more days before summoning the courage to pretend again. It may have taken some courage, but I still managed to do it.

I walked into his room at 3am this time and shed my pyjamas, climbing naked into his bed. Rather than just flopping like a star-fish on his bed, I snuggled up against him, draping my thigh over him and crushing my breasts against his side. I had to work so hard not to start dry-humping him. He was laying on his back and I could feel his cock trapped beneath my leg. I smiled to myself in the dark as I felt it grow. When it was close to being completely hard, he lifted my leg to adjust himself. He turned toward me slightly and now his cock was much closer to being between my legs.

I knew that I could get away with sucking him if I wanted to, but the aim of the exercise was to feel his cock in my pussy. I could feel him moving slowly beneath my legs, working his hips so that his cock was thrust closer to my pussy.

It was rubbing against my inner thigh, but he couldn’t seem to push himself any further to make the contact that we both desired. I could sense his frustration. It matched my own. I was considering just rolling on top of him and mounting it, but he pushed me off before I could really do anything about it.

One hand moved to my pussy and his mouth closed over my breast, sucking mostly on the tight nipple. I wanted more but I contented myself with enjoying what he was doing. That and maintaining the pretence that I was actually asleep. He kept at it for some time before moving. He had knelt beside me and was stroking his cock. I felt it against my lips and let them part, allowing him to push his cock into my mouth. I turned my head toward him and rolled on my side so that he could push more into me. I moved my hand and grabbed his sack, rolling his balls slightly as he slid in and out. At the first contact he’d gone very very still, obviously worried that this was a precursor to waking, but when I didn’t appear to, he once again lost himself in the sensations of his sister’s mouth on his manhood.

I loved listening to the sound of his breathing. Little pants and gasps escaped him when he failed to suppress them and they gave me a good indication of just how close he was to cumming. I could taste his precum and wondered whether I could make him explode in my mouth before he had time to pull out. I couldn’t. He was clearly too worried about cumming in my mouth because despite my attempt to keep him there, he withdrew and furiously stroked his cock in his fist. He moved and I realised that this time he wasn’t going to be aiming at my tits.

I so wanted to open my eyes to see his explosion! When it came I felt the first gush of sperm splatter over my pussy mound. A second followed, coating me further, closer toward my belly button. The third and final significant pulse that he managed hit me just beneath the breast.

With a flash of inspiration, I moved my hand and simply plonked it on my belly, right in his cum. I heard him groan with lust at the sight and then gasp when he realised that he needed to clean up. While he was gone, I scooped some of his cum with my fingers and then put them in my mouth. I left no doubt as to what was going on.

When he returned from his bathroom he moaned aloud again, taking in the sight of my cummy fingers in my mouth. I felt him clean me up (including pulling my fingers from my mouth and dabbing at my lips) and had to work so hard not to be busted for actually being awake.

The following morning after I’d thanked him profusely for being so wonderful as to türk porno leave me alone (again) I mentioned to him that I’d woken with a weird taste in my mouth and that I wondered whether I’d done anything to him that I shouldn’t have.

He quietly told me no, but he struggled to meet my eyes.

I’d managed to make him cum again but still hadn’t had his cock inside me. I was starting to worry that he wouldn’t have the balls to go through with it.

Days later I had spent even more time plotting exactly how I was going to finally get my brother’s cock deep in my pussy so that I could satisfy my ever growing kinky desire. Despite spending more time than I should have thinking about it though, I still hadn’t really come up with a plan. I just hoped that I wouldn’t actually sleep walk just when I was ready to try again.

Fortunately I didn’t and so found myself creeping down the hall to Grant’s room again at 1am in the morning. I made my now-familiar pretend sleep walk into his room and casually discarded my clothing, sliding into his bed naked. This time he hadn’t woken up. I lay there wondering what to do, my heart racing as it always did. I snuggled close to him, pushing my body against him but still didn’t wake him.

I decided more direct action was required. Surely he wouldn’t continue to sleep if I made his cock hard. I played with it, stroking my hand over his boxers, enjoying the way it started to harden as I did so. I should have done it with my mouth, I mused to myself as I continued. He was fully hard and moaning in his sleep before long and I was stunned that he hadn’t woken. Maybe we weren’t so different after all.

I decided that maybe there was an intermediate step to getting his cock inside me. It meant taking longer than I’d like, but so be it. I decided that it would possibly be more believable that I was on top of him and humping his cock if it wasn’t actually in me. I tucked his erection back through the fly and then carefully straddled him, facing toward him. My pussy was almost dripping with the excitement as I mashed it down on his hard shaft.

It felt good. Not as good as having him inside me would, but it was certainly working for me. I ground myself against him, circling my hips, my head hung forward so that my hair hung down in front of my face.

I felt him stir. His whole body stiffened as he came awake and realised what was happening. I heard him groan.

‘Nikki?’ he whispered. I didn’t react. I just rocked my hips back and forward, wishing he was inside me, not trapped between us. I felt a hand close over my breast. It was tentative. He was obviously checking to see if I was really doing what I appeared to be. He pushed his hips up against me too, pushing his cock at me.

I kept grinding and he whispered a few more times but I still didn’t respond.

‘So fucking close,’ he mumbled at one point and I felt his hand go down between us. He was trying to move his cock! I desperately wanted to know if he was tying slip it inside me or not. I wanted him to, but had to maintain my sleeping persona. I just kept grinding. Then, as if finished, I rolled to one side and lay down, ‘sleeping’ again.

I lay with my back to him, knees tucked up in front, wondering, hoping.

Grant spooned against me. I felt his cock pressed up between my butt cheeks. It wasn’t between my legs though. I almost screamed in frustration. He ground against me a bit, even reached around to play with my nipple. I almost sighed out loud, resigned to the fact that he wasn’t going to take the final step.

I thought he was moving to get out of bed and leave me there, but it turned out he was just adjusting his position on the bed. I felt his fingers between my legs, lightly touching, seeking out my wet pussy lips. When he found them he slipped a finger between them, sinking it deep and holding it there. I felt his body weight move on the bed again and then finally I felt his cock rub up between my legs. He used his hand to guide it against my lips, Slipping it ever so slightly between them.

He groaned and I wanted to groan with him, to let him know that this was exactly what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to fuck his sleeping sister. I wanted to be fucked! I pushed back a little, trying to be subtle. I felt a bit more of his cock ease inside me and heard his breathing stop as he held his breath.

‘Be brave!’ I wanted to scream at him.

He wasn’t though. He pulled out. Oh the frustration! He was wanking. Here he was in bed with his naked sister, able to do anything he wanted to her and he decided to go it alone. Fuck!

I rolled onto my back, letting my legs fall wide apart, crashing into him. He gasped and quickly rolled away, obviously too worried about getting caught. He did cum on me again though. All over my tits. It wasn’t the satisfaction that I’d been looking for.

After he cleaned me up and abandoned me, I fingered myself to orgasm, tweaking my clit mercilessly, wondering what the fuck I needed türkçe alt yazı porno to do.

‘Grant?’ I said to him the next day having found him in his room.


‘Have you kept masturbating after you see me naked in your bedroom?’

‘Fuck Nikki, I thought we weren’t going to talk about this,’ he complained.

‘Sorry I just need to know. I always wake up so horny in the mornings. It’s weird, when I wake up in my own bed I’m fine, just normal like, but whenever I wake up in yours I’m almost dripping wet.’

‘Geez, what’s that got to do with me wanking?’

‘I dunno, maybe it’s just my body wanting more or something,’ I suggested. I nearly laughed at how uncomfortable he was. ‘I always have to masturbate when I wake up like that,’ I said almost dreamily as if I was just thinking aloud rather than really talking to him.’

‘Um thanks, that’s an image I needed,’ he replied sarcastically.

‘Oh come on, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve climbed naked into your bed now, it can’t be that much of a shock.’

He just looked embarrassed. I bet if he’d wanted to answer he could have told me instantly exactly how many times it was.

‘I wonder if I could ever cum while I sleep walked? Imagine if I masturbated, that would be so freaking funny,’ I suggested, plunging on despite any discomfort he might appear to be feeling. His hands had gone to cover his crotch. I knew I was turning him on.

‘None of my boyfriends have ever said anything, I wonder if they’ve ever had me do something crazy like fuck them in my sleep. I guess I couldn’t blame someone if they ended up fucking me when I was asleep, I guess it’s not like I’m saying no given how much my body appears to want it.’

‘Um Nikki, do we really have to have this conversation?’ he asked.

‘Sorry Grant, I guess I’m, just unusually horny. I probably just need a good fucking. I’ll leave you to it.’

I nearly laughed out loud when I left his room just because he looked so uncomfortable. I didn’t know if I’d managed to plant a seed in his head or not, but I hoped it was enough.

Of course I had to wait days before I’d be able to take a chance on finding out whether any seed I’d planted would actually germinate.

Trust my luck to sleep walk again the day before I’d decided to. It was totally embarrassing too. Mum found me completely naked in the living room! Apparently I was just laying on the couch with the TV on and not wearing a stitch of clothing. She wouldn’t tell me any more than that and I was too embarrassed to ask for any detail. I do know that I was wet though. I wished I had some idea what had transpired, but even after my brother confessed everything to me he told me he’d been no where near me the night that I did that. It seemed that my dirty kinkiness might actually have been penetrating my subconscious!

It delayed my attempt, but it didn’t stop it.

Again I crept into Grant’s room and stripped naked before climbing into his bed. He was awake this time and by the time that I was in the bed beside him, he was naked.

He very quickly moved to take advantage of the nakedness of my breasts. I let him enjoy them for a couple of minutes (yes, I was enjoying it too) before I started to move. He quickly stopped, clearly afraid that he had woken me. I took advantage of that time to work my way down the bed. I soon had his throbbing cock in my mouth, gently sucking on it. I loved the way he would start to thrust at me as became more aroused. I liked having his cock pushed deep into my mouth so that it would start to bump against the back of my throat.

I didn’t want him getting to the point of nearly cumming, so I stopped sucking him before he probably liked. This time his cock was going in my pussy! I worked my way back up the bed, making sure that I pushed him onto his back as I did so, straddling him. I hoped that having humped him through his boxers the previous time had set this up to be less suspicious than I thought it should be.

I think the amount of blood in his cock kept him from over-thinking things anyway. I hung my head forward again so that my hair hid my face and sat with my pussy grinding his hard cock flat against his stomach. I wiggled back and forth a little, my wet lips slipping either side of his shaft. I was humping him, but his cock wasn’t inside me. I could feel him thrusting with his hips, making the most of any pressure that he could get between us. I desperately wanted to guide his cock head between my lips, but thought that it would be too much. I just couldn’t believe that I would do that in my sleep. What I was doing was as far as I was prepared to push it even though I wanted more.

Grant’s cock was slick with my pleasure and I was just getting to the point where I would again be left alone and frustrated in his room when he moved his body differently. I felt his cock slip back and away from me and then he was thrusting harder. If I leaned forward far enough and tilted my hips just right I could feel his cock head pushing closer to my opening. It ran across my clit and I shuddered, stifling a moan before it gave me away. He did it again and again, but the angle was never quite perfect. It wasn’t working. I wanted to scream!

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