Sleeping with Mom

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Each character involved in this story is 18 years old or above.


My heart is pounding remembering the last night incident, I was sleeping with my mom (you must be wondering, in India its normal to sleep with our mom, most boys stop sleeping with their mom after sometime, but some do.)while sleeping my hands accidentally got on her boobs and instead of removing it I kept it there, I liked the softness of her boobs and I could feel the heat emanating through her blouse, my heart was booming out of excitement I just kept my hand there after sometimes I fell asleep like that.

I woke up early in morning, mom was still sleeping. The excitement from the night was still there so I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to relieve myself after peeing I got to my bed mom was sleeping on her side she was wearing a sari which has come loose around her waist and I could see her pink petticoat, her blouse was covered with the apron of the sari.

I got in the bed behind her and put my right hand on her waist and I started sliding hand down her sari slowly, the sari was now around her knees and the only thing covering her was her petticoat, I thought to untie the knot fastening her petticoat but her knot was in the front, so to turn her around I slid my legs on her thighs, I was pretending to snore all the time so even if she would wake she would think her clothes has slid accidentally.

So, I applied pressure on her thighs hoping she would turn, but she woke up and sat down on the bed, I thought I am busted, I shut my eyes and began snoring, she murmured something got down from the bed adjusted her sari and went out.

I was feeling scared that she would confront me regarding the incident, but she seemed normal at the breakfast, she had changed and was wearing a green sari and green blouse. After having breakfast I went to college, the whole time I was thinking about the last night incident and I was very eagerly waiting for tonight, time seemed moving very slowly, after waiting for like eternity finally the bell rung, I rushed out of the classroom .I went home mom was watching TV.

“Is that you Ravi?” Mom asked from the drawing room.

“Yes Mom, what have you made for the dinner.” I asked.

“There’s some rice in the fridge and some vegetables in the kitchen and Mohit had called.”Mom shouted from the hall.

I thought it would be better if I call Mohit first, so I went to my room and called Mohit he asked if he could come over to my house, I knew he is just asking to come over to see my Mom, each of my friend drools over my mom but no one says anything, its not their fault mom is such a beauty even at 36,she has 34D breasts, curved luscious hips but the thing I like most is her beautiful face, she is fair complexioned has black hair which she always keeps open as she mostly remains in home.

Mohit is my uncle’s son, they live nearby, Mohit always liked my mom, the only reason he wanted to hangout with me was Mom.

I told him to come that we would play some videogame together, he came after sometimes said hello to my mom and reluctantly walked with me to my room he kept pressing me to watch TV I knew his intentions so I replied negatively after playing sometimes he said he is going to his house.

After dinner we watched some TV together there was a horror movie playing on the TV which I had watched so I said goodnight to my mom and went to sleep hoping she would also come after sometimes a she was afraid to watch horror movies alone, waiting for her I fell asleep.

I woke up around 1am, Mom was sleeping soundly, she was wearing a green sari and a matching blouse, she was sleeping on her side facing opposite of me her ass was towards me so slowly I put my hand on her waist and began pulling her sari out so to loosen it after pulling around for a bit I succeeded and I could see her green petticoat, luckily she had tied the knot on her side I was easily able to untie her petticoat, I began tugging her sari down and succeeded in pushing the sari around her knees.

My heart was pounding very heavily, I gathered some strength and began untying the knot of the petticoat after fiddling for a while finally I succeeded in untying the knot, whole time my heart was thumping very loudly adrenaline was flowing through my veins out of excitement and fear that she might wake up. Slowly I pulled her petticoat down the curve of her waist.

Her naked side of hips was now visible to me, I began pulling further she moved a in her sleep. I got panicked and pulled my hand off her and began pretending that I was sleeping. After a while I checked if she was asleep again she was sleeping very soundly I could tell it from her face, so I tugged the petticoat down, now her naked ass crack was visible to me, I took some time to admire her crack then pulled the petticoat all the way down to her knees where her sari was gathered.

Her luscious ass was bare before my eyes but as it was dark and a very little light was coming from the window i couldn’t teen porno see much but I was awestruck by the naked site before me her ass was full and curvy, as I touched her ass, all of a sudden she moved muttering something I rolled to my side and shut my eyes.

Mom got up tied her sari back and she was gone. I am busted for sure, I was filled with guilt and the fear of confrontation I would get tomorrow, filled me with fear, somehow I felt asleep hoping somehow she would think her clothes was disheveled by accident.

I woke up next day filled with guilt went to the drawing room hoping she wouldn’t be pissed at me, she was making breakfast and she was singing her favorite song I was relieved that she was cheerful.

“Good morning Ravi.” She said while singing.

“Good morning mom.” I replied.

“You sleep so badly you move a lot while sleeping, last night you undid my sari last night.” She said while rolling chapattis.

I was like a deer caught in the headlight; I just stood there not able to speak anything.

“Sorry Mom, because of playing I get tired that’s why I move a lot at night, I will try not to move so much tonight,” I tried to sound innocent.

She asked me to sit on the table for breakfast, she was wearing a red sari and she had hair tied, she wore a low cut blouse so I could see lot of her cleavage while she was serving me breakfast, but I was waiting for the night.

Whole day went eventless at night we ate and mom went to bed very early, after a while I followed her when I entered the room mom was stripping her sari, she said her sari would get wrinkled if she sleeps with me in it. She had stripped her sari she was now in her red petticoat and blouse, she had her hair tied, and she looked so hot like this.

There was already a sexual tension created in the room , we got in the bed the moment I fell on the bed, I fell asleep, in night I felt mom tugging me like she was trying to wake me up, I moved a bit and she got still. I got excited thinking that she was inviting me to touch her, she was sleeping on her side again facing away from me but her knot was tugged to her underside so I began lifting her petticoat up as it was a nylon material it slid up without any difficulty.

In a swift tug I lifted her whole petticoat around her waist as the material came from under her waist I found that her knot was already untied, now it was very easy for me so I lifted and gathered her petticoat up on her belly.

She was naked waist down. I switched on the table lamp beside me, I could see her luscious ass in all its glory she had shut her ass crack tightly so I knew she was awake.

I slid my hands to her waist and began rubbing the sides of her ass I wanted to see her asshole, my cock felt like it would break anytime. I grabbed her cheek and began kneading it slowly after a while she relaxed, I began tugging at her side so to get her on the belly after some effort she turned down her naked ass facing the ceiling.

I had full access to her ass now so I began sliding my finger up and down her ass crack, I wanted to see her anus so I got up quietly and got above her ass keeping my legs on both her side, I spread her ass cheeks apart so now I could see her puckered rosy anus and I could see a bit of her tight pussy there was some hair on her peritoneum region and soft brown hairs around her anus.

I bent down and sniffed her asshole, a musky inviting aroma was coming from her cute anus so I took out my tongue and touched her anus she moved a little as in approval, I began kissing on her anus, after kissing for sometimes I inserted my tongue in her anus and began making fucking motion with my tongue furiously she started writhing under me.

I got up and inserted my middle finger up her ass but she was very tight I wasn’t able to get my finger in her ass so I bent down and spit on her asshole now my finger slid easily in her ass. I began fingering her ass.

‘uunngghhhhhh…’ she began moaning and I increased my speed, after fingering for some time, I unzipped my pants she heard the sound and got alarmed she started getting up so I got down on the bed and turned to other side she got up panting, she was naked waist down, she gathered her clothes and went out of the room.

I was still horny and excited beyond limits, I got up to go to bathroom to relieve myself, as I neared the bathroom I heard a low moan coming from the bathroom, Mom was masturbating, I was shocked, I thought she ran from the room because she felt guilty. I got on the bed and tried to sleep.

“Ravi, wake up, its 8, you have to go to college.” Mom was shouting from the drawing room.

“Mom, why didn’t you wake me early, my first subject would already be going on.” I replied. I didn’t want to go to college as it was already very late.

“Okay, come down for breakfast then.”

“Okay Mom coming.”

Mom was sitting on the sofa, she was dressed in her red sari and red blouse she had red lipstick on her, she looked so sexy travesti pornp that I wanted to eat her, I couldn’t believe this was the woman that I touched last night.

she was so out of my league, here I am a average male and I am not even blessed in that department, I have a 5′ penis although its thick but compared to Mohit’s 7 its nothing and there she is so beautiful with her Yami gutam face, flawless skin, black jet hair, so full lips, at 5″6 she is tall for an average Indian female.

“Baby, you didn’t stop moving, you undid my petticoat last night, and you move your head a lot too .” Mom said. I couldn’t understand, what was her intention in bringing out that subject as she also was actively participating.

“I am sorry mom, no matter what I do I can’t stop moving.” I said hiding my grin, if she want to play let it be so.

“Be careful today, I can get hurt if you keep on moving like this.” She said mischievously.

“Okay Mom I will be careful today.”

We ate breakfast together, then mom went to meet her friend and I called Mohit to play some video game together.

“Where is aunt Shobha?” Mohit asked.

“Mom has gone to meet Mrs. Shalini, why.” I knew why he was asking.

“My parents are going to nana’s, so I wanted to ask her if I could stay over for tonight.” He replied.

Shit, he is going to ruin today’s night, if he wasn’t my cousin I would have replied negatively right away, but the decision was not mine.

Mom came home few hours later, she looked not much happy either. She began cooking after a while we all sat together to eat. We spent whole evening playing videogames, he was no match to me, he is passive and remains indulged in studies, I save his ass at college from the bullies.

“Boys come down for the dinner.” She called from the kitchen.

Our house is not so large, we have four rooms upstairs, Mom has occupied two rooms in one she keeps her yoga stuff and some gym equipment and in other she keeps for her hobby embroidery, the third room is occupied by me for videogame and other stuffs and the fourth room we sleep.

And downstairs we have a room which mom has converted into storeroom, our drawing area is large with sofa and a 55′ TV placed in the middle and the kitchen.

“How will we sleep.” Mom asked at dining table.

“Mohit can sleep on sofa, mom.” I replied

“Yes, aunty I can sleep on sofa.” The devil said innocently.

“Don’t be ridiculous Mohit, it’s your home too, you won’t sleep on sofa, and the bed is big enough we can all adjust.” Mom said.

After dinner mom went straight to bed, we stayed to watch TV, Mohit looked very excited and I knew the reason for his excitement. After half n hour he went to sleep too.

I wanted to go to the bed late as they would be sleeping and I would get to touch her.

After two hours I went to my room slowly cautious not to wake them up, as I reached near the door I was shocked to see the site before me, Mohit was massaging her boobs through her blouse, Mom was on her back, she was wearing the same sari she wore in day, her apron has slid down exposing her blouse.

I stayed there I wanted to see how far does he advances on her and how far mom let him, I knew Mom was awake as I saw her eyelids flickering, I moved a little back out of there site.

Mohit slipped his right hand under her blouse but he wasn’t able to grasp her boobs as her blouse was tight, so he pulled his hand out and he began unbuttoning her blouse watching her face for any reaction, but mom was very well at hiding her emotions, he undid all her buttons and slowly peeled the covering exposing her naked breast to the air, he admired her breast for a while then took hold of her left breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers.

I was aroused to see another man playing with her, so I took out my cock and began rubbing it, Mohit sat on the bed and took mom’s nipple in his mouth, mom moved a little but I could see he was way past to maintain any inhibition now, he began sucking furiously while mauling her right breast with his left hand, and he switched to the other breast kissing it all around.

I began masturbating hard; I moaned almost giving myself away, Mohit got cautious he got up from the bed to watch if I was coming, so I moved behind the wall, after making sure no one was there, he climbed on the bed holding mom, he sat on the bed looked at moms face for a while then he slowly started lifting her sari he lifted it till her mid thigh.

I ejaculated in my hands; I didn’t want him to advance any further so I got downstairs washed myself and I climbed stairs with loud thump, I didn’t want to embarrass him. He was sleeping on his side as I went inside the room, mom’s blouse was done but the apron was still on her waist and her sari was still on her thighs.

I got on the bed between Mom and Mohit and I waited for Mohit to sleep, waiting for Mohit to sleep I fell asleep too; I was woken around 3 am by the tugging from Mom. Her sari tricky masseur was still on her thighs and she was lying on her back. Mohit was snoring so I slid my hand on her thighs.

I began moving my hands up and down her legs feeling the smoothness of her thighs, I slid my hand further north at the juncture of her two legs, it felt so hot and the dampness was making me mad, I slid my hand further up, but instead of her pussy I was on her mound covered with curly pubic hairs, I felt sexy too, I started rotating my fingers in her hair feeling the hotness emanating from her pussy.

I put all five fingers in her pubic hair and slowly caressed her mound, she giggled from the tickling sensation, she spread her thighs a little, I accepted her invitation and slid my hand down on the forbidden place of my mother, I could feel her swollen lips, I rubbed her lips with my palm, she moved a little adjusting herself in my hands.

All of a sudden Mohit sat up on the bed; I pulled my hand away from her sari with a jerk and shut my eyes. He got up and went out of the room. Mom adjusted her sari and rolled to her side away from me.

In the morning Mom made us breakfast; we headed out for the college.

“I know what you did last night.” Mohit said to me sheepishly, I was awestruck, does he not know anything about not breaking the charade.

“I know too what you did last night.” It was so good to see his shocked face.

“Ravi, I am so sorry, if you will keep m secret safe I will too.” Mohit said.


“Aunt is so hot, I couldn’t stop myself.” He said again making the conversation weirder.

“Can we not discuss about my mom’s hotness.”

“We should make a sleeping plan, as I am staying two more night, I’ll sleep today, you sleep tomorrow.” He blurted out, I was shocked to see his brazenness, I wanted to slap him right away but I controlled myself.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, DICKHEAD, if you say anything else I am going to kick your ass.” I shouted at him, many of the passerby’s stopped to look at us.

“Okay fine I will not say anything else.” He replied taken back by my assault.

“Hey, look I am sorry, you do what you have to do until Mom doesn’t stop you its fine by me, but don’t ever discuss it with me.” I said trying to sound soft.

We parted to our respective classes. Whole time passed by thinking about Mom as bell rung, I sprang out of the classroom to avoid going home with Mohit.

I entered the house and was shocked to see Mohit was sitting on the sofa conversing with Mom. Mom was in her green sari and a low-cut blouse, her boobs were spilling out of the blouse and Mohit was feasting on it, oblivious (or not-so-oblivious) to Mom.

“Come and sit here baby.” mom said looking at me.

“Okay Mom.”

So I sat beside Mohit on the sofa.

“Mohit, will you be a darling and massage my shoulders for me.” Mom asked Mohit with a slight grin.

Mohit jumped up at the invitation, he began kneading her shoulders with both hands, mom closed her eyes, and Mohit lifted his hand and put it above her exposed breast, keeping his hands in the air he looked at me.

“I will kill you.” I mouthed at him.

“You said I can touch her, if she doesn’t objects.” He mouthed back at me.

“Not now.”

“You didn’t mention the time.” And with this he put his hands on her bare skin above her blouse; mom is going to slap him for sure, I thought but to my surprise mom didn’t even moved.

Grinning at me he began rotating his hands above her boobs, my cock was standing as hell and it was bent as I was sitting on the sofa, so I straightened my cock forgetting that he could see me. I realized he can see me I looked up and saw now he had his hands full on her breasts squeezing it lightly.

WHAT THE FUCK. They’re cuckolding me. What happened after Mohit got from school, I wondered. Mohit was squeezing her breasts, mashing her breast together, I was entranced to see the site before me, fuck, my cousin is squeezing my Mom’s boobs and she is letting him do it.

Mohit unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse exposing her deep cleavage to my eyes. Have they gone mad, I had my doubts on Mohit but Mom, this is crazy but instead of freaking out I was feeling jealous.

He unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her blouse and pulled the covering to both side on her arms exposing her delicious boobs to the air, this was the first time I saw her breast so openly, her breast was round, firm making a very sexy curve with pinkish nipples jutting out, I was like seeing her in HD I could even make out the pore of her nipples and the small bulges of her areola.

Mohit pinched her nipples between his fingers making her flinch, he began squeezing her breasts vigorously he bent down and kissed her right nipple.

“THANKS, Mohit, that was so sweet of you.” Mom said buttoning her blouse up, I turned towards TV. Mohit was grinning wide at me like he was acknowledging my defeat.


We ate dinner in silence, I sat to watch some TV, I thought Mom would join me too but she left for the Bedroom, Mohit following soon behind her, so I decided to go as well. As I entered the room mom was stripping her sari, she was now in her petticoat and blouse.

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