Skye’s Desire Pt. 01

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Skye had survived high-school with her virginity, but lost it during her first year at university. She and her boyfriend had dated for almost three months and had progressed from making out, to petting and to masturbating each other.

She hadn’t planned on intercourse, but the night was so romantic and one thing led to another. It hurt a bit and ended before she had time to enjoy it. For the next week, all her boyfriend could talk about was sex and when she said she didn’t want to have intercourse, he moved on.

Upon graduation, Skye had slept with two other guys and each time sex was good, but not mind-blowing. She decided her career would be number one and guys would be way down on the priority list.

Due to work assignments during university, Skye was taken on full-time at the law office of Stanley, Owen and Lisky. She continued living at home, saving money and enjoying the company of her mother and father.

Two years of dedicated work and study paid off and her value to the firm increased. She rose higher and the desire to find a partner and share her life with him rose in priority.

After several dates that didn’t work student sex parties porno out, Skye was close to giving up and delve deeper into her work. That was until she met Tim on her date site and they had their first face to face meeting.

She sat at her favourite coffee shop, at ease with the staff she knew and the few regulars that were sipping their coffee. Tim walked in with an air of confidence, but not one of superiority. His smile was genuine and all the females in the room looked his way.

His curly brown hair was windblown and he would have looked at home on the beach with a surfboard. He wore a light brown shirt and khaki slacks and his six foot frame looked formidable.

He noticed Skye immediately and her online photo didn’t do her justice. Her light brown hair curled past her shoulders and her eyes shimmered like pools of golden honey. Her skin was porcelain smooth which highlighted her round cheekbones.

The hour scheduled for coffee went into hour two and three. At times she laughed like a schoolgirl and at other times her brow creased in thoughtful discussion.

Skye’s mother, submissive cuckolds porno Leah was thrilled that her daughter had found a man she adored. Leah had been motherly when required and Skye’s best friend when a mother wasn’t required. They talked about everything under the sun. Nothing was out of bounds.

The only thing that caused a blush on Skye’s cheeks was the topic of sex. An anatomic discussion was okay with Skye, but Leah was very open about all types of sex, from missionary position to BDSM.

Tim had turned out to be an excellent lover, but there was something Skye wanted to experience and Tim was grossed out by it.

It took a while for Skye to build up her courage and late one evening, alone with her mother she brought up the subject of sex.

“Mom. You and dad are so happy together and it’s easy to see the sparkle in your eyes after you and dad … do it.”

Leah laughed. “It’s that obvious?”

Skye nodded. “Yes, very. Is there anything you want dad to do, but he doesn’t?”

Leah thought for a moment. “No. I can’t think of anything we haven’t done. Well, maybe one or taboo heat porno two,” and she grinned.

Skye playfully tapped her mom’s shoulder. “Yew!”

Leah was a mirror of Skye, with a few wrinkles of age.

She blurted out. “Tim won’t do oral. He thinks it’s gross.”

Leah’s eyes flashed in surprise. “He’s missing out on a very intimate experience.”

“I know,” Skye whispered.

Skye explained the things she had done to entice Tim to lick her, but nothing had been successful. Leah listened carefully, racking her brain to think of something that Skye hadn’t tried.

“Maybe he needs to check his testosterone levels. What you’ve done should’ve had him at your mercy.”

Skye sighed and raised her hands in resignation.

“There may be a way for you to feel what it’s like to be licked,” Leah said.

Skye looked suspicious.

Leah continued, “I’ve been with other females … but, it’s been a while.”

“Mommm,” Skye cried out.

This was the first time Skye had seen her mother blush.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Shortly after, Skye hugged her mom and drove to her and Tim’s condo.

Skye and Leah spoke a few times the following week, but normally they spoke daily. Week two passed and they had spoken more and by week three things were back to normal.

At the end of week four, Skye met with her mother. “Remember what you said a month ago?”

Leah nodded. “Yes”

End of Part One

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