Sister’s Roommate

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Big Tits

You know how you can just be doing something without realizing it? That was happening to me. I was sitting on my bed and looking at this girl’s ass. She had a very nice ass. I could see she had a very nice ass because she was only wearing a pair of lacy pink panties and nothing else on her bottom. It was a sexy ass. I wouldn’t mind walking right over to her and grabbing some of that ass. If her pussy was half as nice as her ass, I probably wouldn’t mind getting a chance to fuck her.

Wait. What the hell was I thinking? That girl was my sister!

Ok. So, I was going to have to get used to this. I had just woken up and I wasn’t in my right mind yet. My morning wood was trying to put ideas in my head. I’d have to knock that off or this was not going to work and I kind of needed this to work.

What had happened was some rule about something got changed by president C- at the federal level of government. That conflicted with something at the state level and the next thing the university knew it had a lot more students than it had either expected or could house and there was no easy way to reduce the student population. With so many more women than men, some of the male dorms had been converted into female dorms so men were being pushed out.

(Thanks H-)

The meeting we’d had where they told us that siblings would be roomed together was a pretty funny event. They had said that since we were all getting family discounts we couldn’t complain about it. If we didn’t want to room together then we could either move off campus or join one of the Greek houses but if we wanted a regular dorm, then siblings had to room together.

So I got put into the girls dorm. Officially all the bathrooms on the campus had been converted to be gender neutral but the girls on the hall had already told me they did not want me or my thing in their private, sacred bathroom. When I went to one of the RA and asked what I should do I got a pretty funny answer.

I quote:

“All the bathrooms on campus are non gender specific. If you don’t want to use the same bathroom as someone at a different place on the gender spectrum as yourself then you are welcome to use any bathroom that is more popular with those of a closer gender identity.”

Yeah, I have no idea what any of that meant either. All of that just to tell me I could go use the mens room on another hall. Yeesh.

Anyway, so I was stuck living in my sister’s dorm room. I guess it could be worse. When I told a friend of mine what had happened he made it sound like it was the best thing that could ever happen.

I quote:

“Dude! That is so fucking awesome. You’re going to be seeing them prance up and down the hall half naked all day and all night. Topless titties all the time, girls shaving their bush where you can see. Aw man. You just died and went to heaven. Pussy heaven.”

Unlike my friend I was not really that excited to move in with a bunch of girls. I could already predict some of the other guys accusing me of being gay. This was not going to be fun. But if I wanted to go to school here then I had to live with my sister.

So I got my things to the room and I got settled in and I spent my first night in the girls dorm. So far, so good.

Then I awoke to my sister in a tshirt and panties. Before I knew it I was staring at her ass and holding my hard on through my shorts. Then, as I said before, I caught myself and looked away.

After I got past my first reaction to this I told myself very sternly that I did not feel that way. I did not look at her that way. No. No, Paul. Don’t think like that. Elana is your sister. Stop it. No. It never happened.

I got out of bed and tried to hide my erection from my sister lest she think it was because of her. As a matter of fact, I often awoke that way in the morning, sister or no sister.

I went to my first real college class and I got a piece of paper called a syllabus. I was expecting the teacher to start teaching but she dismissed the class after only fifteen minutes. I guess we were supposed to go and buy our books.

When it was time for my next class the same thing happened. The professor introduced himself, then he handed out the syllabus and then we were free to go.

So I ended up with a lot of free time that Thursday. I did have things to do, such as the aforementioned buying of books, but again and again I found myself with just time to kill and no immediate thing to take care of.

In my quiet moments, again and again, my thoughts went to my sister. Again and again my thoughts went to her perfectly sexy ass. I would try to make myself forget it or think of something else but the moment my mind was idle the image of her ass was again on instant replay.

Maybe I was just having an off day. I’m not even really settled in or used to the system here. Once classes really got started everything would be ok. Being idle was the problem. I needed something to do.

I went back to the dorm and had to endure czech couples porno all the dirty looks from the women in the lobby as I went to the hall so I could get to my room. I dropped my bag and planned to head out and find the cafeteria where I could eat dinner. On my way out someone tapped me on the shoulder and pointed me to a message written on the white board that was in the lobby.

I quote:

“No more racism. No more sexism. No more classism. We don’t need Straight White Cis Males. You go away.”

Was that meant for me? It seemed like it couldn’t be since I wasn’t racist or sexist and I had no idea what classist even meant. Neither did I know what Cis meant. Was that English? I guess I couldn’t say that out loud or I’d be branded languageist.

Right, so I needed to keep my head down until I could move out of this place. They want drama, they can go have drama by themselves that doesn’t involve me. I didn’t choose to live here.

Dinner was better than I expected cafeteria food to be. Then after dinner, I went to the library just to hang out since I wanted to put off going to that dorm for as long as possible.

“There’s my man.” said my friend Dominic. “Get to see any titties yet?”

“Uh … No.”

“You did. Aw man. You did.”

“I said no.”

“You hesitated.”

“Ok, I did see … my sister in panties.”

“Man! That don’t count. Not like she’s going to get you off. What about those other bunnies?”

“They’re treating me like the plague.”

“They’ll do that at first but eventually, they’ll want the D.”

“You know, not all the girls on the hall are fine. Some of them are fucking ugly as shit.”

“But some of them are fine and you get your pick.”

Eventually, I couldn’t stay out any longer and I had to go home. I wondered if there was a back door I could use. I better not say that out loud or someone would accuse me of sexual harassment. But seriously, is there a door that will let me bypass the lobby? No. FUCK.

When I did go back, someone was going door to door in the hall handing out print outs.

I quote

“Trigger warning. There is a racist, misogynistic, straight, white, cis Male living on the hall. Avoid at all cost. If you feel threatened or harassed by this individual please contact ____ . If we all stand together we can let the university know that we will not tolerate hate speech or rape culture on OUR campus. We will not tolerate the institutionalized rape of OUR hall by a male presence. If you see the above mentioned intruder physically harm another student, it is your responsibility to step up and call for help.”

When I entered my room I found that several notes had been slipped under the door. I won’t relay exactly what each said but they fell into two broad and at times overlapping groups. Some said things like “Males aren’t welcome here” and the others said things like “I will kill you by cutting off your balls and letting you bleed out.”

Who the hell raises kids to write notes like that? I blame the parents. My parents aren’t perfect but at least I know not to go bothering people like that.

Yes, this had been one of the worst days of my life. I guess if I really thought about it, that probably meant my life was pretty good. I had a friend in high school who’s father had murdered his mother so his aunt and uncle had to raise him and that was just the tip of the iceberg for him. So yeah, I didn’t like what the women on the hall were saying about me but as long as it was just words, then it could stay words. They wanted to tell me that they didn’t want me to think that just because I had access to their hall that I had any kind of access to them. Fine. I got it. I’ll keep my distance. Knowing them they’ll probably turn that into me oppressing them somehow but as long as they leave me alone they can think what they want.

When my sister got back to the dorm she seemed oblivious to the attack messages aimed at me. She said hi while she was still talking on the phone to a friend of hers. I was already getting ready for sleep. Tomorrow would be better. Tomorrow would be a normal day. This was just an off day. Tomorrow my real college life would begin.

I got my bath stuff together. I braved the hall so I could get out of there, go across the street and take a shower on another hall. That was really going to get old fast if I had to do that everyday. Then I was once again standing outside the doors of my dorm feeling like I didn’t want to go back in there. Maybe I could just go back home and attend community college.

I ignored all the negativity as I made my way back to my room. I’d be safe once I was in my room. Why did it have to be the last room farthest from the door? I got to my door and could not get on the other side of it fast enough. I put my stuff away and grabbed a book. I sat on my bed and tried to get a head start on my school work.

I had the book open to the first page but I didn’t read. I looked czech estrogenolit porno up at my sister. I felt silly for thinking about her the way I had in the morning. But she was fit and healthy. A lot of guys would be attracted to her. Of course, I couldn’t be attracted to her. That would be ridiculous. I could never be allowed to feel that way even if by some crazy cosmic force I did.

She was a very good person. She was strong when she needed to be but caring when that was called for. She was the one I went to commiserate with when my first girlfriend had broken my heart. Somehow, deep down, I knew that, while on the surface we had our differences, she was the friend I was going to keep for life. When all of my other best friends were gone, my sister would always be there.

She was 18 months older than me so we were pretty close. As kids we went through various stages of being friends and being enemies but in the end she was my sister. She looked out for me and I looked out for her. When she graduated I was very proud of her and I remembered she was so happy at the party we gave her.

Then she went off to college and I didn’t see her for a long time. The few times she did come home I was so wrapped up in senior year that I more often than not missed the chance to spend time with her. When we were having my party for graduation I had noticed that she’d physically changed a lot. She was already very pretty but she had really blossomed more than anyone thought she would. It wasn’t like she looked totally different but it was definitely different.

I was thinking of all this and my sister meanwhile started to get ready for bed. I looked down at my book and told myself not to look up. I was going to give her privacy. I told myself to just keep my eyes locked on my book.

There was a feeling there. What was that? No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop myself from glancing up from the pages to my sister as she stripped. She was taking off her shirt. She wasn’t trying to hide or be discreet. She was just doing it. I couldn’t look away. I tried to look down but I couldn’t look away.

My breathing stopped for a moment. I think my heart might have as well. She just got topless right there in front of me. She had such great breasts. I tried to look at something else but I couldn’t tear my eyes from her. I felt my dick growing. My jaw was hanging open.

She was going to sleep in just panties. And she wasn’t sleeping with a blanket, just a sheet. She told me goodnight as she got into bed and the show was over. I turned the light on my side of the room off. My body was having a reaction. No. I don’t feel this way. No. I can’t. This was all still part of this stupid, horrible day. I was imagining it. It wasn’t real. NO.

Now, I don’t masturbate that much. Not everyday. More like once or twice a month. Sure, at times it’s more but not often. That night, I really, really felt like I wanted to masturbate. But I couldn’t masturbate with a girl in the room or to thoughts of my sister. That would be … not good. But I really felt like I needed to do something. Once I took care of it then these feelings would go away. That was all. They weren’t real feelings. I was just horny from the fact that I was living on the girls hall.

As for that night, I didn’t masturbate. In hindsight, perhaps that was a mistake since leaving that sexual tension unchecked caused me to dream of my naked sister all night long.

The next morning I had a very early lesson so I had to rush out before my sister was even awake. I got dressed and got my bag and the whole time my sister was just laying there with her boobs exposed. And so I started the day with a fucking hard on. The women on the hall would love to see that. But like I said, I often woke up with a hard on. It wasn’t because of my sister. It couldn’t be. Right?

On my way out, I went to the door that went to the stairwell. Now, the buildings were put together a bit funny but if I went up to the second floor of this building, it connected to the third floor of the building that was behind it but a little lower on the hill. Then I could go down to the bottom of that stairwell and there was a back door I could use to get out. There was no way to open it from the outside but I was fairly certain I could rig it up somehow.

All of my Friday classes were pretty much like my Thursday classes. Teacher comes in, we get a couple of sheets of paper stapled together and then we’re dismissed. How much were my parents paying for this place?

All my classes were in the morning so I had the afternoon free. I got my books and got some lunch. For me, the weekend had already officially started. If only I could go home for the weekend. I did not look forward to having to go into the front door of that dorm.

I walked around the several buildings that were all linked together and tried to see if there was an entrance I could exploit. I didn’t see one. I’d have to pass through czech first video porno the lobby of at least one of the buildings. There was no way I was going through the front door of my own hall. I went to the other lobby and walked in. I had prepared what I would say in case anyone tried to stop me from going down the hall but I never had to use it. I just walked in like I was supposed to be there. I waved at the RA who was on duty and just walked right through the lobby to the inner doors. I opened them and went in. As I walked down the hall I just kept my eyes front and my ears open in case someone started coming after me.

I can’t say exactly how long it took for me to get all the way to the door to the stairs in the back of the hall but it seemed a lot longer than it probably was. But there was no incident. I got to the stairs and then navigated the various segments that linked the buildings and I found myself on my hall. Cool. My room was the last one at the end of the hall so it might actually be possible for me to get in and out without anyone even seeing me.

Great! Another note.

“Die Cis Scum!!!”

Was CIS short for something? Was it initials? How did you pronounce it? What the hell did it mean? Was this aimed at me or my sister? Ok, I knew it was aimed at me but really, what the hell were they trying to say? Obviously it was some sort of put down but if you’re trying to insult someone with words they don’t know then the put down won’t work. Even I knew that.

I put my bag down and wondered if I could borrow my sister’s car. There was no real chance of that but I’d just ask. While I was thinking of her, I decided that I needed to have a talk with her about the room situation. So far she’d been pretty nice about having to share a room with me. When we were little we sort of hated each other but we’d grown out of that.

Anyway, I’d have to talk to her about her getting naked where I could see. I’ll just ask her to stop it. If we have to be roommates then she should be a bit more considerate. Was it really too much to ask?

Yes. It probably was. Technically this was her room and she was sharing it with me. She was my older sister so what right did I have to tell her what to do. Plus there was all the feminist stuff about how a man should never be allowed to tell a woman anything.

Besides, what words would I ever be able to use? How would that conversation even go down? Half way before I even got started I’d likely chicken out.

No. I was not going to talk to her about it. This was her private room after all. So the problem really was with me. She couldn’t control how I felt about what she was doing. Only I could do that. I’d just have to try extra hard to avert my eyes and think of something that wasn’t sexual.


At that moment I got a flash in my mind of sex with my sister. Yeah, now I was definitely not going to talk with her about it. I wasn’t going to talk with anyone about it, EVER. In fact, I should probably find a nice rock and bash my head in until I forgot.

Just then I got an idea. My sister was out. She was probably in class and after classes she’d likely do something. I doubted she’d make a bee line right home. That meant I had a few hours at least. I could take care of a little something. Why not?

I went to my closet and pulled out the cheap tablet I had. This thing sucked for most of what I wanted to do but it was really good for watching videos stored on the card. I had other movies besides porn but yes I did have a few porn films in there.

I was trying to masturbate for something like an hour but I still just could not get it to pop. If I was frustrated before, now I was 100 times more so. It was good porn. It wasn’t like it was bad porn. But it just wasn’t doing it for me.

I looked at the clock. I didn’t know when my sister would be getting home but whenever she was to arrive, I now had an hour less than I had before.

Then I got a crazy idea. I was grasping at straws by this point and I didn’t expect it to work. I imagined kissing my sister. Ok, it was sort of working. I imagined touching those amazing breasts. Yeah, this was working. I imagined grabbing her perfect ass. I was almost there. I imagined reaching for her panties and pulling them out of the way so I could see … I could see her …


That was good. Just what I needed. I felt great for a few moments and then I felt really bad. I felt like I was sick. Not physically sick. I felt dirty, like some crazy pervert. I felt ashamed. No one must ever know that I masturbated to my sister. No one.

In fact, I couldn’t have masturbated to her. No. See, that couldn’t be what it was. Impossible.

I got cleaned up at the little sink we had in our room. While I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror; I felt like I wanted to punch it. I looked at my face and I felt like I hated that guy. How dare he jack off to my sister. Fuck him. But he was me. I looked and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I was off. I looked at the skin on my face and felt that it looked wrong. People were going to be able to tell just by seeing me that I was somehow not right. Then I happened to look over at the rail for the face towel and saw a pair of my sister’s panties hanging there.

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