Sister’s Love

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I want to thank Ortay for helping by editing this story.


Two weeks ago I got a phone call from my sister, asking me about moving in with me now that she is eighteen and fixing to be going to college, three miles from my little apartment.

“I only have a one bedroom apartment sis but I guess you can either sleep on my couch or in my bed and I’ll take the couch.”

“I’ll let you have your bedroom bro since I’ll be sitting most of the time, while I’m in classes and you have to work using those muscles of yours.”

“When do you plan to make this move sis?”

“In two weeks as of right now.”

“How does mom and dad feel about you moving out here with me?”

“You know them and how late they are about getting home each day from work.”

“Yes I do. Are you telling me you haven’t said a word to them yet?”

“Yes and no. I stayed up waiting for them one night and I told them I was going to move and all dad did was go up to bed and mom just said, ‘okay baby, whatever. I just need to get to bed right now from the long day at work’, then she walked away toward their bedroom.”

“That sounds about right. Did you post a note to them on the front door, for them to see on their way out to work?”

“Yes I did. Matter of fact I posted two notes. One with dad on it and one with mom on it and the notes are still there untouched.”

“Then how do you plan on getting here?”

“With what dad leaves on the table for me every day, and what mom leaves there for me each week, I’ve managed to save enough for a bus ticket, which I already have, so I’m glad you are going to let me stay with you.”

“You know I’m not going to turn you down, if and when you need a place to live sis. I’ve told you that before.”

“I know that. I’ll let you go for now. I’ll let you know the time the bus is supposed to arrive there, and I hope you can be there to pick me up when I arrive.”

“As long as it is the weekend I know I can, unless it is a rain out, then I can then too.”

“Thank you bro, very much.”

“No problem sis.”

Growing up my sister and I had mom around the house taking care of us, while dad worked all the time but he was usually home of an evening, back then. As we got older where my sister, Maggie, and I, were able to be alone more, dad started spending more time at work, and mom started working but was home in time to cook supper for the three of us every evening.

After two years of mom working, she all of a sudden started working the same hours that dad worked and they started going and coming to and from work together. That left Maggie and me to fend for ourselves every evening then.

Maggie is two years younger than I am but with the brains, I’m the one that had all kinds of trouble all during school. Maggie could do her homework with ease while I spent all evening doing my homework. Sis would come in and help me when she finished her homework, or I would have gone to school with just part of my homework done.

Over those years Maggie, and I, became very close and pretty much acted like a couple in love but, without going beyond a brother and sister relationship.

I got lucky at the bus station to get a parking spot right off, seeing how many people were standing around, either waiting to board, see someone off to where ever, or to meet someone that was coming in on a bus, as I am here for.

As usual thou, the bus Maggie was coming in on was running late, which seems to be a norm for buss ever since I can remember.

Ten minutes late, the bus pulls in and as soon as the bus was parked and the doors opened the driver got off, then passengers started getting off one after the other.

I saw Maggie step off the bus just before the last passenger stepped off. Maggie saw me as soon as her feet touched the ground and she came running over to me, as I stepped toward her a few steps, I was shocked by what I saw.

Maggie had on what looked like a white summer dress and short too, but it was see through, and every one could see she had nothing on underneath her dress. She was getting looks from mostly men and young boys, and even a lot of the women were looking at her too. Maggie’s nipples didn’t need to be sticking out like they are to be seen through the material.

Maggie jumped into my arms without slowing down with her running towards me, which I had a feeling she would do, so I stopped and braced myself so that we wouldn’t go falling down on the sidewalk, in front of I do not know how many people there.

“Oh George, I’ve missed you like you wouldn’t believe after you left home that last time you were there.” with her arms and legs wrapped around me and my arms wrapped around her waist.

“I’ve missed you too.” then I whispered in her ear, “Did you know the dress you have on is see through and every one can see, that your without under wear on of any kind?”

“Yes I know. People do not have to look if they don’t like it.” she whispered back in my ear, then she kissed cumlouder porno me on the cheek, then on my mouth just a bit longer than a sister and brother are supposed to. “Now everyone will think we are married or just lovers, one of the two.”

I done started getting a stirring in my pants just by seeing Maggie in her short summer dress and with the way we were kissing with her wrapped around me like she was, my dick finished getting hard and I know, she had to feel it by the way she was holding on to me.

“Do you have any luggage to get, so that we can get out of here? Besides the carryon bag you have here?”

“Yes, I have two suitcases and a tote bag to go claim.”

“Let’s go get it before someone else does.” which then Maggie put her feet back on the ground.

Maggie turned around and took my hand as we started toward the last few people there claiming their luggage.

Once Maggie’s luggage was packed into my car, I opened the door for her to get in the car, on the passenger side. As Maggie got in, she gave me a fast flash up her dress tail, but not supper fast, and with all she has done since stepping off the bus, has me wondering what she is trying to do.

Walking around the car to get in behind the wheel, I wondered if ‘she was trying to seduce me or what? Surely not, we are siblings as in brother and sister, and if she is, that is incest.’

Now don’t get me wrong because I have had some good jerk off sessions at night thinking about having sex with her, ever since we were in our teens, and seeing her in next to nothing on, or even as much as nothing on at all, like she has me a few times back then.

When I opened the car door on the driver’s side to get in, Maggie had turned to face me more than she should have been, and her dress was hiked up some, and with one leg bent to lay on the seat I had the best view of her bald pussy, and I could even see the juices about to drip off of her lips onto the seat, since her dress tail wasn’t under her butt.

“I take it that you’re just as open about your body and being nude now, as you were back home when we were still teenagers? I know your still a teenager, but of legal age now.” as I started the car up, and then backed out of the parking spot.

“Yes I am. I think maybe just a bit more so, than when you were home. I missed you being there, and wanting to see you and you see me, I started walking around the house more with nothing on, since I was home alone till after bed time, just thinking about you and me alone.”

“I know how you feel in a way I guess. I usually get home, take a shower and then just walk around the house with nothing on, even while warming something up for supper. The only time I may put something back on after my shower, is if I decide to go out for supper.”

“I hope you’ll still be willing to be nude around me while you’re home every evening, or any other time you’re home?” while giving her wet pussy a little rub with her fingers.

“Well… I guess we’ll see. I’ll have to make sure there isn’t a problem first, like there may be right now.”

“I don’t mind you having a hard on in front of me George. I’m glad that I can get you turned on so easy still.”

“Yea well… It’s not something a brother should be feeling or thinking about, toward one’s sister.”

“What if, I told you that I feel and think about you that way too?” with a sly grin on her face.

As I stopped at another red light, again, I looked at Maggie, “And you have no problem with it?”

“No I don’t. I can even tell you that I had those same thoughts, back when I would walk through the house, when it was just you and me at home then, too.”

I started to look at Maggie again, but the light turned green, so I took off again, “Things might be different between us now, had I known that back then.”

“I know you got hard-ons when I would be nude going through the house like that, but you never made a move towards me or even asked to do something with me, like I was hoping you would do. When you and I first started exploring each other’s body’s and then watch each other masturbate, I wanted to tell you to touch me and make me cum, or to just fuck me, but I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to, or would stop doing those things, that we did with each other.”

“Wow! I had thoughts of asking you about us doing things like, you wished that we did but like you, I was afraid of spoiling the fun we seemed to be having, which I was having fun still yet, even thou I did want to do more.”

“Wow, is right. I guess we should have been more open with each other back then.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

I could see Maggie just looking at me out the corner of my eye, as I kept driving, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No I haven’t because I had a good supper before leaving home, and made sure I had plenty to eat in my carryon bag, as well as my change of clothes.”

“I was going to say that your dress didn’t look like it had been on since yesterday evening.”

“I czech amateurs porno put it on in the bus’s bathroom right after it left the last bus station, before my drop off point. I wanted to look all fresh for you.”

“I would think you would want to look fresh for a boyfriend, not for your brother.”

“I have no boyfriend and I’m not looking for one either.”

“Do I dare ask why?”

“I want to spend my free time with you if I can, and if you don’t mind me being around you as much as I can.”

“Okay. As long as you don’t smother me, I don’t mind.”

“I don’t want to smother you, I want to love you and spend time with you, and if I smother you, I won’t have you to be around and to love.” with a chuckle in her voice.

With a little chuckle myself, “You know what I meant.”

We made more small talk as I drove on toward a small restaurant I knew about and when we were just a block away from it, “How do you feel towards me now, that we are older?”

“What do you mean? Is it like, do I still think about us doing something like that, as in having sex with you, or just using my hands to masturbate you?”

“That is just what I am asking about. Do you still think about us having the sex and, helping each other masturbate?”

As I turned into the parking lot, “Sometimes I do but I also think about other women I may have seen or met but don’t have the courage to ask them out or anything like that.”

“So you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“No. The girlfriend I did have, decided to call it quits between us, a couple of months ago.” I had pulled into a parking spot and shut the car off as we finished talking.

“It’s her loss and another woman’s jewel.”

“At least it’s not now.” as I opened the car door and got out.

Just as I shut the car door, I thought I heard Maggie say ‘my jewel’ but I just figured that I must be hearing things, or wishing more than I wanted to admit to right now, as I walked around to the passenger side of the car.

I opened the passenger side car door for Maggie; like I used to do all the time when she and I went any were together. After I opened the car door, Maggie bent over to pick up her purse from the floorboard of the car, which gave me a slight view of her ass and then, as she turned around to get out and put her feet out first, with legs open, I got a full on view of her wet bald pussy.

Maggie took my arm as we walked toward the door and once we were through the door, I pointed out a table in the corner, which happens to be the only table vacant at the time. Maggie went ahead of me like I gestured for her to do, and as she walked to the table, I could see her butt crack through the material of the short dress and as she stepped around to a chair next to the wall, I saw her nipples could be seen as well, and they didn’t need to be poking out like they were either to be seen.

With me not wanting to have my back to the room, I stepped around and sat down in the chair next to Maggie, just as the waitress came to our table with menus.

All through our dinner, Maggie kept a leg next to my leg and every now and then, she would put a hand down on my thigh as we made small talk and her nipples, kept trying to put a hole in the dress,, and my dick, was trying to make a hole to get out of for some release too.

Once we were done with dinner and paid for the food and gave the waitress a tip, I escorted Maggie back to the car and again, she gave me another show as she got into the car. As I got in on the driver’s side and drove home, Maggie sat the same way as she did on the way over from the bus station.

We made small talk all the way to the apartment complex that I lived in. Once I pulled in and parked in my assigned parking spot, I again got out and walked around the car to the passenger side and opened the door for Maggie to get out and again, she gave me the same views as she did at the restaurant, when she got out of the car there.

Once we made it to the apartment with me carrying the two heaviest suitcases, I started toward my bedroom, “We’ll put your things there in my bedroom, where I’ll let you sleep, till we can find another place with two bedrooms.”

“I planned on sleeping on the couch. I don’t want you to give up your bed for me, since you’re the one that has to work out, building whatever it is you help build around here. I don’t want you getting hurt from lack of sleep, or wake up with a sore back from sleeping on a couch, that I know doesn’t support your back very well like a bed does.”

“Now I cleaned the bedroom and put clean sheets on it just for you, which I would have changed the sheets any way. Now as I’m sure you saw the bathroom is in the next room there and the kitchen dining room there, as you can see from here.”

“Before we go any further here I want you to take the bedroom and bed. I insist that you take it.”

“Okay, okay, I will take it. I must warn you thou. I will be getting up at five every czech casting porno morning to get ready to go to work which means, I’ll be turning on a couple of lights to see when I fix my breakfast and then sit down to eat it, before going off to work each morning.”

“How about you wake me up when you get up and I’ll fix you breakfast every morning for you and all you have to do, is dress and have your morning coffee, or whatever you drink to wake up on?”

“You don’t have to do that for me. Besides, you will need your rest and sleep for when you start classes next month.”

“That is next month. I have a whole week before I need to go make sure everything is in order for me to start next month. Plus it is just a small token of thanks for letting me stay here, with the brother that I love so much.”

“The reason you love me so much is because I’m your only brother that you have.”

“That may be true, but that means the reason you love me so much is because, I’m the only sister you have. Am I right?”

“Good point.” then I started toward the kitchen, “I know you’re under age to drink but since we are not going anywhere till maybe supper time. Do you want a beer with me?”

“What? How in the world did you get any beer? You’re not of age either.”

“You don’t want to know how I get it. We just don’t go around advertising how I get the beer and that I’m under age to everyone. Now do you want a beer or not?”

“Yes I’ll have one with you.”

When I returned with two cans of beers in my hand, Maggie was sitting on the couch in the living room looking around the room and when she saw me, “This couch seems to sit higher than any other couch I’ve sat on before.”

“It folds out into a bed is why it sits higher.” as I handed Maggie her beer.

“What made you start drinking beer and keeping it in your fridge?”

“Well I started talking with different people that is older than me and someone I got to know pretty good, that is ten years older than me, which is quite a few people I must say. Anyway, they happen to have been in the armed forces and they got to thinking about the laws, which sucks when it comes to drinking while serving one’s country.” stopping long enough to take a drink.

“How is that?”

“Think about it.”

I could see the wheels turning in her head for a moment, “Are you talking about the drinking age, verses the age one has to be to serve one’s country?”

“You got it. If a woman or man is old enough to go and die for their country at the age of eighteen, then they should be old enough to be allowed to drink. To me, that makes more since then, you can die at eighteen but you cannot drink at eighteen. I’m also told that a beer a day is good for you, like wine is good for the digestive system when you eat a meal.”

“I’ve heard that too, about them being good for a person that is. What you said about the laws on drinking and dying for one’s country does make more since to me now, with the way you put it.”

While Maggie and I sat and drank our beers, we made small talk and did more catching up, from where we left off at on the way home.

We decided to clean up some and change into different clothes for going to supper and when Maggie stepped out of the bedroom in her dress, I was floored. She had put on a short red evening dress that hugged every curve of her body, just a tad more than the dress did, that she stepped off the bus in. I believe the red dress is a bit shorter than the summer dress was on her too. When she turned around for me to see every side of the dress on her, I saw that the back was cut pretty low, which looked like had it been cut just one quarter inch lower, one would see the top part of her ass crack. Seeing no bra strap across her back and looking down at her round butt, I didn’t see a panty line of any kind, not even a waist band line. The neck in front of the dress dropped down low in a U shape, showing a lot of cleavage on what looked to be C cup tits and I could just make out a hint of a nipple starting to poke out, about an inch from the hem of the U on each tit.

“Is something wrong with this?”

Closing my mouth and getting my eyes back in place, “No sis, there isn’t one darn thing wrong with you, or that dress. If you were not my sister, I would be honored to be your boyfriend or husband, either one, you look so hot and sexy.”

“Thank you for that. I would love to be your girlfriend or wife. Does anyone around here know that your sister was coming to stay with you or live with you?”

“No I never said anything about it to anyone, because I was too busy trying to make sure this place was clean for you and trying to make sure, I had everything here for you that you may need and trying, to remember what all you liked in the way of food and drinks. That is when I wasn’t working and being so involved with work when I’m there, I didn’t really think about it, which we really don’t have a lot of time to slow down and talk a lot, trying to make sure everything is in place for the concrete that comes to us every day. ”

“In that case, we can be ‘either or’ tonight, if you want to. What do you say?”

“What happens if we ‘happen’ to get into an awkward position, playing one of those parts?”

“I say we deal with it then.”

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