Sisterly Love Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Alex walked out of the bathroom, her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair still wet from the shower. She was 18 years old, about 5″4′, a cute girl with a dazzling smile and blue-green eyes. She was the perfect build; not fat, but not skinny either. Her pert B cups swayed a bit as she walked over with a large white towel wrapped around her petite frame. Her sister, Tatiana, was a year older, an inch taller, and had a slightly more freckled face; she, too, had lovely B cup breasts. Her smile was even more dazzling, and she also had dirty blonde hair, but longer, reaching midway down the small of her back, and drier at the moment.

Tati, the shortened version of her name which only friends and family called her, was sitting on the bed watching TV in a tight white tank top and stylish jeans. Alex walked over and sat down next to Tati, fluffing her hair while checking it out in the mirror. It was about 2 in the afternoon, and they had just woken up about 20 minutes before. It was the summer, and their parents were visiting relatives in France, leaving them alone for the week. Naturally, they had thrown a party the night before. They were both in college, Alex having skipped a year and being a sophomore now along with Tati. They had invited a few girlfriends from their Catholic high school, whom they hadn’t seen in a long while. Together, they and their three friends had finished off an entire case of Coronas, plus some Smirnoff Ice and two handles of Bacardi.

Their old high school friends had left to catch their plane home, and Alex had decided to take a shower. Tati felt much too lazy to do that, and Alex decided to walk into her sister’s room to chill after getting out of their adjoined bathroom. Tati turned off the TV and turned to Alex and giggle, “You were so smashed last night. You and Olivia both.”

“I wasn’t as bad as Olivia,” Alex replied. “She was completely out of it.”

“Oh yeah? And you weren’t? Is that why you were humping her while dancing?” Tati laughed.

“I don’t remember that haha,” Alex said as she flicked her still damp hair back.

“Yeah if only Marvin and Chris were there to see it last night. Remember last year when we pretended to be lesbians in summer school, and they were so turned on?”

“Yeah hahaha,” Alex giggled. “I remember they even wrote a funny poem about it, about fucking each other in the girls’ bathrooms or some ridiculous fantasy like that.”

“Then we squeezed each others’ thighs and messed around like that heh.”

“Yeah…good times. Like last night. That was so fun. We need to do that again sometime.”

“We will. Just wait until the school year starts, hardcore porno Alex.”

“Ohhhhhh yeah. I can’t wait for the parties. As long as you don’t start making out with the first hot guy you see, you slut,” Alex joked.

“Whaaaat? I’m not a slut. I just like making out once I get drunk. That doesn’t count.”

“Psh whatever. I might not remember much from last night, but I do remember that you were all over Jenn. She fell over onto you on the couch, and you grabbed that ass and smacked it while you nuzzled her boobs.”

Tatiana made a cute little scowl and said, “What-ever. You did miss Jenn and Claire making out for a good 10 minutes though. It was hottttt. They really got into it, and I took pictures so we can make fun of them haha. There’s one where Jenn has Claire pinned to the carpet and is sucking her tongue.”

“Wow. That’s crazy. Maybe they’re bi haha. Who knows?”

“Well what’s wrong with that? That’d be hot haha.”

“Are you serious?”

“I was just joking, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean, I’ve kissed Olivia before on accident when we were taking sexy pictures of ourselves on my camera, but it wasn’t a big deal.”

“Really? You never told me that, Tati. I almost kissed Claire once when we were drunk, but she passed out. I actually kind of regretted we didn’t, since I wanted to try it.”

“Well, it’s really not that different from kissing a guy.”

“What? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be that different,” Alex said.

Tati leaned forward and said, “It’s not. Here, I’ll give you a kiss, sis.”

“Ok. Let’s see it.” Alex leaned forward too and their lips touched. Tati then nuzzled Alex’s bottom lip, and then she slipped her tongue in. They made out for a few minutes before breaking apart from their wet kiss.

“Wow, that was hot,” Alex sighed.

Tati looked at her and laughed, “Yeah, it got me a little turned on.”

“Really? Me, too.”

“It’s kind of weird, though. Should we be doing this? We are both girls, and we’re sisters too. It’s not like we can say we were drunk and just decided to make out.”

“Yeah…but that felt really nice. I never knew you were such a good kisser.”

“Oh yeah, it’s among one of the many skills on my list,” Tati giggled.

“Well, I’m good, too. You just went too fast when we kissed just now. Here, I’ll show you,” Alex said.

Before Tati could say another word, Alex leaned forward, and they started making out again. They rubbed their tongues together, swirling in and out of each others’ mouths. Tati moaned a little, and as they came up for air, a little hd porno strand of saliva dripped down between them.

“Wow. You got me so wet, Alex,” Tati breathed out. “I’ve never thought about doing it with another girl, but I am so hot right now I’ll do anything to get off.”

“Same here, sis. I want it so bad right now.”

Tati scooted over to Alex and pulled her into another deep, long kiss. As they kissed, she slid away Alex’s towel, exposing her completely. While they had seen each other in next to nothing before, it was never under these circumstances, and Tati noticed in much more detailed how tan and smooth Alex’s skin was, her cute belly piercing, and her nice, shaved crotch. She grabbed Alex’s left breast in her hand and squeezed it softly, then moved her fingers to pinch the little pink nipple. Alex moaned into Tati’s mouth as they continued to make out.

Tati then pushed Alex onto her back and crawled up on all fours so that she was positioned over her, and started kissing Alex’s neck, giving her butterfly kisses and moving down. She sucked on her collarbone, then moved down to her breasts, sucking on first the right, then the left, and biting Alex’s left nipple softly before moving on to her belly button. She kissed it a few times, and then moved down on the bed until her face was level with Alex’s tight pussy. It was very wet, and a bit was sliding down over the slit and pooling on the bedspread. She ignored this and kissed lightly around Alex’s thighs. By this time, Alex was gasping and moaning with each touch of Tati’s beautiful mouth and soft lips.

Finally, Tati reached Alex’s sweet little pussy. At first, she gave it a few licks hesitantly, but liking the sweet, musky taste, she licked Alex’s slit the entire length up and down, licking off all the juices collected there. Then she buried her mouth and the tip of her cute nose into Alex’s dripping pussy, licking it quickly, and sliding her tongue down deep into Alex’s snatch at a furious pace. Alex was moaning, and even screaming a little whenever Tati’s tongue or cold nose touched her sensitive clit. Alex wrapped her legs around the back of Tati’s necked and tried to get her to lick even more frantically. She continued to tongue fuck her sister until she finally clamped down her lips hard onto Alex’s little nub while still licking with her tongue. Alex moaned/screamed loudly as her pussy gushed her sweet juice into Tati’s mouth and lower face. Her entire body shook, and then slowly her legs loosened and released Tati from the death grip.

“Oh my God, Tati.” Alex gasped in between breaths as she struggled to suck in air in large latina fuck tour porno bursts.

“Thanks. I did my best, considering it was my first time eating out another girl,” Tati said as she smiled sweetly, her face still covered with Alex’s pussy juice.

Alex sat up and said, “Now it’s your turn.” She started by licking her own juices off Tati’s face, then kissed her full on the mouth and made out with her, tasting her own fluids in Tati’s mouth. They both moaned again, and then broke the kiss. Alex lifted Tati’s arms up into the air, and then slid off her tank top. Then, she unhooked Tati’s lacy pink bra and now pushed her onto her back. Alex started unbuttoning Tati’s jeans, and then pulled them off, revealing Tati’s little black transparent thong with a tiny pink bow tie on the back, whose lacy black material was soaked from her dripping wet snatch. “You little slut!” Alex said. “Well, since you’re wearing such slutty underwear, I’m going to have to give you what you deserve,” slapping Tati playfully on her leg.

“Oh yeah. Bring it on bitch.” Tati giggled.

“Oh I will,” and with that, Alex slid off Tati’s thong. She then lay down on top of Tati, with their beautiful breasts pressing together, rubbing their nipples against each others’. Alex covered Tati’s mouth with her own, and they each moaned as they made out and slid their hands over each others’ bodies. Alex then got off of her and slid back on the bed and dove straight at Tati’s pussy without further ado. She started licking it all over while playing around with Tati’s breasts with her hands. She pinched both of Tati’s nipples hard while sucking on her clit, and this elicited a load moan from Tati.

Then Alex pulled apart Tati’s pussy lips with both hands and dove as deep as she could with her tongue, which only made Tati moan even louder. This led to her shoving first a finger, and then two, into Tati’s extremely wet pussy. As Alex finger fucked her, Tati squeezed her own breasts together. Then as Alex increased the pace of her fingers and licked Tati’s clit while fucking her furiously with her fingers, Tati put both hands on the back of Alex’s head and pushed her harder into her pussy, put her fingers in her damp blonde hair, and screamed with pleasure as she exploded into Alex’s mouth.

“Oh that was amazing,” Tati gasped, as Alex moved up on the bed until she was laying next to her sister. They both just lay there breathing for a while, both exhausted from their powerful orgasms.

Then Tati leaned over and did the same for Alex as she did for her and licked off her own juices from Alex’s glowing face. They kissed again for a few seconds, and Tati giggled and said, “If Marvin and Chris could see us now haha. I definitely don’t mind being bi,” and Alex laughed and agreed as she said, “mhmm.” And they both fell asleep, lying next to each other with the bed sheets damp with both their juices.

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