Sister, Wife And Mother Of My Child

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Should I be happy or proud of myself? I have done the unthinkable and while I am not ashamed I still must wonder. I lie in bed, but not alone. She is next to me, sleeping soundly and very much pregnant. Her long black hair and pretty white pale skin gives the impression that she is an angel come down to earth to keep me from getting lonely. While my love for her is genuine, many would think us sinners. We after all are brother and sister. It is my child that grows within her. Our love for each other created a sweet life and while many people think us low, I would be dammed to see her with any other man. How did this happen? I will begin at the beginning to answer the reason why brother and sister are man and wife.

It was just before I was ready to graduate college. I had gained the strength to complete my graduate degree in teaching and was looking forward to getting married to my fiancé holly. She was also completing her degree in nursing and we had planned to get married within a month. We had known each other since high school and kept no secrets from each other. She was every thing I had wanted in a woman, or what I believed I wanted. She was a pretty blonde girl with a great hour glass figure. It was not hard to imagine getting this lovely girl pregnant and having many children. Sex was not just a physical act but a bond made entirely of love.

The day my parents came to see me graduate and help me move home, I was surprised when holly was not there. She was supposed to travel up with my parents but when I asked about her whereabouts, they just looked at me and told me some thing came up. My parents saw me accept my degree and the pride in their eyes made me forget holly, but only for a little while. When I got home and changed clothes and ran over to her house. I was expecting her glorious features but found her in a different shape. Holly had been less that true. She was indeed expecting and it was not my look of sadness. She was about seven months pregnant. I wanted to say how but my feeling took over. I walked out the front door of her house and slammed the door. On the way home, I began to wonder about why my parents did not tell me the truth. My eyes were full of tears and wondered about my personal life.

When I got home, my sister sherry was sitting on the porch. She was 20 and full of life. She ensest porno walked over to see me with her regular grace like a dear angel and through her arms around me. She laid a kissed on my cheek and told me that every one did not want me to worry. They knew nothing they said was going to calm me or settle my sadness at school and my studies were far more important. Sherry was a sweet darling. She always knew how to make me happy, even in the face of complete sorrow. I forgave my parents for not telling me and was glad I could look forward to a happy future as a teacher. During the summer my sister and I spent a great deal of time together. I never really looked at her until that summer. For the longest time I saw her as just another pretty girl with long black hair which she curled at the ends. That all changed when we began to take long walks every morning. Sherry had the prettiest shape.

She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her legs looked soft and sexy, and many times I dreamed of falling asleep on her chest. Her breasts were perky and nipples always stood out. I began to touch her softly and hold her while we walked. She never once pushed me away or objected. I was very much in heaven. There was just one important fact. What I was thinking was on the lines of incest.

My feeling all came out one afternoon while we were on one of our walks. Sherry wore her sports bra and shorts and I could not take my eyes off of her. We drove to a state park and went hiking. We had walked for over and hour when we stopped at a mountain spring that drained through a few cracks in the rock. I drank first letting the water fall into my mouth. Sherry then began to drink. As she bent down a little to taste the water, her breasts fell out of her bra. I don’t know what prompted to do so but while she drank I moved over and began to suckle her breasts. Her nipples quickly became very hard as my lips desperately wanted to taste her milk. Sherry did not pull away. She moved her soft hand and touched my face as to say it was all right. I suckled her for a long time, until she told me it was time to go home. She kissed me on my lips and reminded me that our parents would be leaving that after noon and the house would be ours for two whole days.

When we got home our parents were already packed and ready to leave. My parents fake agent porno had a passion for antiques and were looking forward to buying some new pieces for the house. My sister began to touch me in a very intimate way in front of our parents. They looked at each other but did not comment. When we saw them drive away, my sister ran up stairs to shower after our hike. I went into my bed room and prepared to do the same. I dropped my clothes onto the floor and walked into my bathroom. All I wanted was to smell her pretty scent. I set the water temperature and just as I was ready to step in, sherry touched my shoulder. I quickly turned around and found her completely nude. I did not think twice about throwing my arms around her and kissing her. My cock grew long and thick at the thought of being held by my sister. She took my hand and walked into the shower. We began to wash each other gently. Her breasts were now completely bare and I took great care at making her moan. My lips latched on to her like a child hungry for food. I moved further and further down her body until my lips were planted on her clitoris. Her woman hood was sweet and tender. I held my arms around her waist and licked her pussy over and over, making her scream in passion. She pulled me up and told me it was time to take her into my bed.

We quickly dried off with a towel.

Sherry then grabbed my hand and led me to my bed. She and I knew what we both wanted. It would be natural, loving and consensual. Sherry dropped to her knees near the foot of my bed and began to lick my cock. She was warm and loving the way she took my cock head in her mouth. My cock was indeed ready to burst, but she detected what was about to happen. Sherry stood up and got on the bed. She rested herself on her back and parted her legs. She then spoke by saying “peter honey take me; make love to me as if I was your wife”. I asked her if she had a condom and her rely was that she wanted me unprotected. She whispered in my ear, do to me what a loving husband does to his wife. I moved between her legs and positioned my cock at the entrance of her womanhood. With a sweet kiss to her lips, I began to penetrate her vagina. Each thrust brought me deeper insider of my sister. Sherry was warm and tight. I could not imagine the feeling of love and desire I had for my fake cop porno sister. Sherry had made me forget holly and made me remember what I really wanted, a wife and children. I would find the answers in my sister’s smile and in her womb.

She always knew what I wanted and her undying love for me would give to me the love that I needed. I held her tight and began to thrust deeper and deeper with the hope that my sperm would soon create a new beginning inside Sherry. From that instant I knew my sister was fertile and ready to accept my seed. Each time my cock plunged into my sister’s pussy, it was met with an ocean of wetness. That wetness would be the path for my sperm when swimming through her glory, seeking her egg. I felt my cock getting ready to deliver its contents. I kissed Sherry neck and told her I was close to shooting my sperm. She kissed my ear in reply and told me to give her my baby. Her spoken words set me off and there was not turning back. With one final thrust, my cock began to pump furiously into my sister’s unprotected womb. Sherry screamed out that she could feel my seed splash deep inside her, filling her with my desire to impregnate her. The passion that had been building up was now was shooting, spurting and splashing inside my sister’s womb with the intension of creating a baby. My sperm was so great that it was flowing out of sherry’s vagina even before I full climaxed. Sherry constantly told me she could feel my sperm inside her and held me tightly as she her self climaxed. At that moment, we knew our love making created a child. As I feel asleep she pulled the blankets over us, my cock still buried deep in her pussy. We sleep for hours until the unexpected happened. Our parents came home. My mother walk into my bedroom and found us asleep, naked and between my sisters legs. She woke us up and was shocked but not angry. She and my dad knew about the feelings that were building between us.

The big shock for them came two weeks later when sherry missed her period. She was pregnant with her brother’s child. Dad was not unhappy because he wanted to be a grandpa but was concerned about the health of the child. Sherry’s OB/GYN was told the truth but kept it to herself. Tests were done to check on the health of the child growing in sherry’s womb. Our child was healthy and we were happy. Unfortunately rumor had gotten out about the two of us. I did not care and was happy to share my bed and life with my sister. Now you knew my story. So now like every evening before I fall asleep I turn to my dear wife, kiss her cheek and then her swollen belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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