Siobhan’s Awakening

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Rain had been sliding down the windows of Siobhan’s apartment all night. She’d been planning to go out and get some dinner, but it looked like tonight she’d order in. She didn’t much mind the rain, but her six-year-old golden retriever Michelle hated it. Surprisingly enough though, her dog was a wonderful guide everywhere else. Siobhan had been considered legally blind for the past eight years. Someone had driven them into a tree where a branch had scratched both corneas and left her vision all but clear, and there was quite the visible scar on her right cheek. She’d been dating Andrew for the past six months, and he hadn’t made love to her yet. Touching the facial scar with her fingertips, she was thinking of the fact that she had other scars she wasn’t too thrilled to show him, and wouldn’t at all if she could help it. A knock interrupted her thoughts.

“Who is it?” she called through the metal door.

“Your one and only and I’m soaked,” Andrew responded.

She let him in. He dropped a bag of food onto her countertop. It smelled like Chinese. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed. Andrew knew Siobhan wasn’t really an affectionate person, having also been raped as a child, but he just liked having her beside him; the physical side could wait. They ate the yummy, hot food and curled up to watch Red Eye.

The movie was fantastic but had a few scenes where she needed his shoulder for comfort and protection. The film ended, and he looked down at her. She’d slid into a light sleep, her hair tickling his neck. He eased her down onto the couch and stood.

He walked to his car, and got out three large grocery bags. The idiot packed everything like that, when all he needed was one. He entered the apartment and went into her bedroom. The white walls and blue curtains were around a queen size mattress on a beautiful four-poster bed. He opened the bag and drew out a few items, condoms being one of the first. He had no desire to have a child, though he made no assumptions that he would have her, but it was nice to think she might want him. After the room was set, he walked back to the living room and slid the door closed, still carrying the other bags. He stood looking at the beautiful woman. Her eyes were closed but she looked serene. He brushed his lips on her cheek. She stirred, then sat up quickly and looked at him.

“Oh shit, how long have I been out? I need to take the dog out.”

He had done it already. Shell, as she was nicknamed, lay in her crate quietly sleeping. He pulled her to her feet and gently slid his arms around her. She liked hugs… it casino siteleri just took her a few moments to relax into his arms, but she did. Her little body fit well in his arms, and he kissed her forehead.

“You’re the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said to her.

She blushed, which he thought was cute.

“I think I know what you want, but I don’t know if I can let you,” Siobhan mumbled. His arms tightened ever so slightly and his hand cupped her head gently.

“Siobhan, listen. I’m not Mike, I won’t force you to have sex with me, or do anything you don’t want to. If I just hold you, it’s enough. I set up a surprise, but just let me take it down, and I’ll go.” Tears dripped down her cheeks.

“I can’t stop wondering if I deserve this, Drew. Honey please, don’t stop, I don’t want you to leave.” She was shaking hard so he held her tighter.

“Shhh, baby, it’s ok I’m here. I’m here,” he whispered.

He felt so stupid, he should’ve asked before buying all he had. She stopped crying and leaned up to kiss him. He moaned into the kiss, her tongue coaxing any fear from both of them. He pulled back, breathless.

“Sweetie, let me go fix what I screwed up. I…” He paused, then putting all of what he wanted into another kiss, said he loved her.

“I love you too,” came her reply. She grinned now, snuggled into his well-built arms. She had made her decision.

“Drew?” Siobhan asked, “Please, make love to me, hold me all night, and just be my everything?” Her question brought fears to the front of her mind. She wasn’t good enough, her body wasn’t well toned, and she was too skinny. He silenced her with another scorching kiss.

Picking her up, she weighed nothing and he settled her in his arms, carrying her off to her fantasy. He slid open the bedroom door and put her down. Asking her to stay there, he lit four large tapers. Guiding her in by the hand, he offered her a description.

“We’re in the room and there’s rose petals around and on the bed. Candlelight’s playing off of your features, making me want you look at you forever. I have to be honest, if you were a different situation, I’d be rock hard in you, pumping away right now. But, don’t worry,” he said, seeing the worry on her face for a split second. Another kiss brought her weakened knees into the edge of the bed. He loved her kisses, as they tasted like heaven. Her nails ran down his back and she felt him shiver. Feeling a little bold, he ran a hand under her shirt to her bra-covered breast. She wasn’t really into the nipple stimulation, but loved his touch anyway. slot oyna She’d now wrapped her legs around him, still bruising his mouth with kisses. He pulled back and carried his journey south with his lips. It was then he stopped, slightly horrified. A large scar crossed her belly with little ones under it. Her hands covered them. He ripped them away as gently as he could and licked the skin there, putting love into the kisses. Her skin shivered.

“Oh, I can’t believe this, you’re fucking amazing.” He laughed a little, her skin still shivering where his lips were. He’d gone down to her wet pussy now, licking just the shaved lips. Her body arched up and she moaned.

“Oh God, yes, I love you, more,” she blurted. He licked more and constantly held one of her hands, to assure her he’d stop if she squeezed. She certainly didn’t want that now. He licked her clit just so that she’d know he wasn’t done yet. He really wanted to put a finger into her, but remembered that’s what Mike had done so he resisted. He felt her body squirming and her breathing increasing very quickly.

Siobhan had never been made love to like this, but oh god did she love it. She put all of the worries about if she smelled gross or anything out of her head. Something was coming, she couldn’t describe it yet. His teeth now on the swollen nub of her womanhood sent a scream of pure shock and pleasure from deep in her gut. Her nails dug into his hand and for that, he sucked just a bit harder, and she came. Her juice slicked his face like a waterfall, and she was still trembling after he came up to lie by her side. He wrapped his arms around her, her heart pounding like his was. She felt his erection on her stomach and grinned.

“Damn, I didn’t know I got you so hard, want me to fix that?” Without answering she shoved him onto his back. A kiss of apology was the only warning he got. She licked his chest, moaning when his skin tasted like sweat and smelling like him. The only hotter thing would’ve been if she’d remembered the massage oil she had.

Now she was at his stomach, still driving him crazy. He was about to whisper please, when she swallowed him. Literally, he couldn’t manage to breathe, he was so intoxicated by her mouth. Running her tongue around him, she cupped his balls with her right hand. She got brave, and after pumping his dick with one hand, took his nuts gently into her mouth and rimmed them like they were pieces of fruit, needing to be coated before they were allowed to give their juice. He had his eyes closed, but desperately wanted to watch her making love to him like he had done to her. Her canlı casino siteleri hand, now slick with spit, coated him and she ran her tongue under his head and licked the drop of precum and sucked the head hard. He almost thought it hurt, if she didn’t then do something else that surprised him. She licked his hole, and dipped her tongue in ever so cautiously. He gasped, and she immediately stopped.

“Don’t.” That growl of a word convinced her he was fine. She went back to work and a minute later, cum drenched her face and hair, and she swallowed what she could. He pulled her up, kissing her to death.

“Mmm, so fucking hot, goddamnit I need you now.” He slid on a condom, asking if it was ok. After double-checking that it was, he gently eased into her. Her walls, so slick with their other activity, almost made his dick shoot again. He needed to thrust for a bit to get almost to the edge again. He thrust into her slowly, watching the nervousness ease out of her face. He kept telling her she was beautiful, that he loved her, and she wrapped her legs around him. She shifted so he not only got the full backward forward thrust, but side-to-side as well. No girl had done that, and he felt so surprised that this girl was scared, but wanted this like he did. He finally leaned down, and whispered one phrase that almost had her cumming again.

“You look soooo good.” That sentence made her unbelievably more wet at the thought. He had now thrust harder, faster, feeling her get close.

“Drew, don’t stop, oh please, that’s so hot, what do I look like?” He responded immediately.

“Like a girl who’s just about to cum for a man who can’t and won’t get enough of her,” he breathed trying to finish so he could reenergize and get more out of her. His last load got him a bit weak. She reached up and ran her hands down his sweaty, muscled chest and called his name as an orgasm, so powerful that she saw stars, ripped her to the core. He came soon afterward. She lay beside him, catching her breath after they’d made love.

“Drew, I’ve got a question for you.” He looked at her, her eyes seeming to be worried. He ran his hand down her face and pulled her into his chest and cradled her there. His heartbeat sounded like the reassurance she needed so she went on.

“I know it’s not traditional, I know you’d have to be nuts to do this and drive me everywhere, but will you be my eyes, forever? If you need time…” His body trapped her with another hot kiss, his arousal almost coming back, but asking for more time. He whispered one word.

“Yes.” If she could be making love to him like that every night it was worth it. But more importantly than that, if he needed to show her how beautiful she was by describing her to him, or reading things to her, he’d love to be her eyes. He was just glad he was given the chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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