Sibling Revival-ry Ch. 04

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Natalie and Rick… and their Mother. Need I say more?

Since no one’s getting any younger, all characters are over eighteen.

Please let me know what you think about the story, and cast your votes. As always your words of feedback are appreciated. A writer’s life can be so lonely. Giggle.


I stood in the hallway, listening to… whatever was happening on the other side of the closed door. My imagination was running wild, but it was pretty clear there was some hot, lesbian activity going on in there, and that the action was between my Mother and my sister.

I listened carefully for another few minutes, trying to decide my next move. Dialogue had ceased, replaced by a stream of blissful moans and groans. I reached for the doorknob, turning very gently, but it stopped. They had locked it, as I did each time Mom and I went in there.

Pounding on the door would probably just get me in more trouble. I had to think this through, so I retreated down the hall, and down the stairs, again bypassing the squeaky one. Once I was safely in the basement, I slumped on the couch, and turned on the TV. Many questions raced about wildly in my head.

How long had my Mother been feasting on my sister’s luscious pussy? I had to assume that this was Natalie’s ‘special punishment’ as well. Was Natalie doing Mom, too? Probably. I’d like to see that.

I was still watching TV when Natalie found me in the basement, over an hour later. I feigned ignorance, claiming not to know anyone was home, and that I’d only been home for a few minutes. It appeared that she believed me, but she probably wanted to. The last thing she needed was to get caught. Again.


I walked into Natalie’s room, finding her reading, as always. I briefly pictured her pretty face, wet with Mom’s juices, peering out from between her thighs. I closed the door, which, under the terms of our incarceration, was verboten, except for sleeping.

“Are you crazy?” she asked, immediately rolling out of bed and walking over, planning to open it again. “I’d like to be ungrounded before I reach retirement age!”

I stopped her before she could open it, and pinned her to the wall, cupping her big breast with one hand, and leaning down to kiss her. I had really missed her… those kissable lips, and of course, her sumptuous body. I hoped she had missed me, too. She resisted slightly, but only until my lips found their target, at which point she became a passionately enthusiastic participant, plunging her tongue into my mouth repeatedly. Apparently, my absence had been felt as well.

“Mom will have a fit,” she whispered when she came up for air. She pushed me away, and opened the door, peeking out to find no one. “Seriously, she’ll have a cow if she catches us again.

“No she won’t. I think a solution has presented itself,” I replied.

“Oh really?” she said sarcastically. “Been working on a time machine while I wasn’t looking? That’s the only way out I can see.”

“No,” I laughed, “no time machine… but, I know where you were at 3:15 this afternoon.”

She suddenly seemed nervous. I started to move toward the door, pausing just before I left to whisper a final comment to her.

“Yes! Suck my clit… Oh god, I’m gonna cum, Mom!” I repeated, trying to sound like her.

I never made it to the hallway. Natalie grabbed me, pulling me back in, and closing the door quietly.

“Okay, I’m listening,” she whispered. “What’s your plan.”

“Before I tell you…How long have you been, um, ‘with’ Mom?” I asked, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Natalie looked more than slightly embarrassed, and averted her eyes before answering. “Two weeks,” she replied.

“Really?” I asked. One week less than my special punishment had been running. I guess I’d been the pilot program. “Are you having fun?” I know it’s cruel playing with her this way, but I couldn’t help myself.

She blushed, and I let her twist in the wind for a while, but she didn’t seem willing to answer, so I prodded a bit more.

“You are! Why, Natalie… you little, closet lesbian, you!” I laughed. “Is Mom really that good?” I asked, knowing full well that she was.

“Okay, that’s enough,” she whispered, “are you going to tell me what you have in mind, or not? Mom could show up any second, and you’re fucking with me!”

“No, that’s what got us in trouble in the first place,” I replied, smiling at her poor choice of words. “It might be worth a life in prison for one more night with you, though.”

She smiled back, and looked at me lovingly.

“Thank you,” she breathed. “Now, get out of here. We’ll talk more later.”

Natalie opened the door quietly, and shooed me out.


I did a lot of thinking that night. I had five days until I had to meet Mom again, and needed to work through all the permutations of this situation. I had the advantage that I knew about Mom’s dual hypocrisy, punishing liseli porno each of us for incest by performing more incest with her, but she didn’t know that I knew about her time with Natalie.

I ran through the apparent facts.

Okay, so Mom had freaked out when she caught us fucking. I guess that’s normal, when a mother sees her son’s cock stuffed in her daughter’s pussy. Mom had always been the disciplinarian, so the fact that she hadn’t involved Dad wasn’t strange, but it indicated that she was the dominant personality of the two, a conclusion confirmed by Mom’s admission to me that she was the aggressor in bed with him. She had the power, and had our futures in the palm of her hand.

Then, out of nowhere, and in secret of course, she approaches me, proposing our current situation. She gives up control to one of the people she had total control over, surrendering herself for my use as a sexual plaything, and obviously enjoying it immensely.

By joining us in our illicit activities, she showed how kinky she was, but by keeping us apart, she still flexed her muscle. It seemed like she liked to do the opposite of what was expected. By dominating Dad, instead of letting him lead, no sexist comment intended, she differed from the norm. Fucking her own son, and eating her daughter’s pussy… certainly defying social convention, and by giving up control to me, she abdicated her role, at least temporarily, as parent.

Maybe that was the whole point. Submitting to me, half her age, one person who was expected to obey her commands, and forbidden fruit under the tenants of society… was the ultimate flip side.

Of course, I didn’t want to do anything that would end up hurting Mom. I would never go public with any of the information I had, regardless of the situation. I loved my Mother, and that had nothing to do my getting to make love with my Mother. All I wanted was my freedom back.


“So, Rick… what are you planning to do with this information?” Natalie whispered as she came in and sat on my desk chair. She had done a scan of the hallway before she came in, and made sure Mom was downstairs and occupied. “Blackmail?”

“Well, yeah, in a way. At the very least,” I replied quietly, “I think our punishment is over. No more grounding. But I think we can do much better than merely regaining our freedom.”

Natalie sighed. “Too bad. I was kind of enjoying my time with Mom. No one can lick a girl’s pussy like another woman, not even you, baby brother. I’ll miss her.”

I debated whether or not to tell her that I also was enjoying my time in Mom’s bedroom, for largely the same reasons. No, I’ll keep that to myself for now. Besides, just because we would be free didn’t mean we had to stop sampling Mom’s charms. Perhaps we could do it together.

“Nats… How would you like to have Mom as your sexual slave? You could tell her what to do, and when to do it.”

“Well,” she giggled, “you may find this hard to believe, but that’s sort of what I’m doing with her now. When we’re together in there… ”

Natalie stood up and moved silently to the door, holding her hand up to quiet me. She peeked out and listened carefully. Satisfied, she returned, this time sitting beside me on the bed. She continued her thoughts.

“When Mom and I are in the bedroom, I’m in control,” she whispered. “Kinky, huh?”

Actually, it’s pretty normal, now, I thought. So Mom is running the same scam on both of us. Perfect. We definitely have her now.

I was just about to say something when she bolted out the door, checking on Mom again. Her head peeked around the corner.

“Later,” she whispered, and disappeared.


Later indeed. That weekend, we managed to formulate a plan. I’d fill you in, but that would spoil the surprise. All I can tell you is that Natalie would make sure the door was unlocked on Wednesday, and I would catch them, in flagrante delicto, sapphic style.

Of course, all of that would take place after I spent my usual Tuesday afternoon session in my Mother’s bedroom. I hadn’t yet sampled her ass. Maybe this week would be the first time.


“Hi Larissa,” I said happily as I entered her bedroom, just before 1pm Tuesday afternoon. “What would you like to do today?”

Mom was sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, knees close together, hands folded neatly in her lap. She was dressed in her usual conservative fashion ; brown, knee length skirt and crisp white blouse, buttoned up fully, save for the top button.

“I only wish to please you, my darling. I exist for your pleasure,” she said softly.

That’s right, Mom, and since this might be our last time together, we’re going to make the most of it. I’d snagged one of Dad’s little blue friends from their medicine cabinet earlier, and I was planning to fuck her until she couldn’t stand up, using every bit of the four hours we had for fun.

“Very good. Did you do as I meet suck and fuck porno asked Larissa? Have you dressed in your naughtiest underwear? Are you a slut under your suburban housewife clothes? “

“Yes, darling. Would you like to see?” she asked, still sitting in place.

“Absolutely. Please strip for me,” I said sitting on the corner of the bed.

Mom stood, reaching behind her head to free her long wavy hair from its restraining ponytail. As she did, I saw the district points of two, very erect nipples poking at the white cotton of her blouse. She shook her hair loose, and subtly dispatched another few buttons on her top, which displayed the deep crease of cleavage between her delicious breasts as she stepped over in front, and turned to face me.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked quietly, leaning forward. Her big tits hung in the open neckline of her top. “Am I sexy enough for you?” She slid closer, until her breasts were inches from my face, with her fragrant curls dangling like a blonde curtain around my head. I rubbed my face into the smooth, firm curves of her boobs, moaning as I delighted in the feel of their resilient fullness.

“Mmmm, yes, Larissa. I think you’re very pretty, and soooooooooo sexy. What have you got on under there?” I asked.

“I’ll show you,” she whispered, “unless you want to do it yourself?”

Actually, that sounded like a great idea. While I had ripped her clothes off on our first ‘date’, I’d let her get naked at my command since. There was something to be said for feeling her body through her clothes, and revealing every inch myself.

My hands moved up to hold her breasts, so big, round and heavy, definitely a handful each. Her stiff nipples pressed into my palms, like not-so-little pebbles. Mom’s hands rested on my shoulders, and she groaned while I fondled and nuzzled her chest. There was something in the way, under just the lower portion of each globe, and my curiosity led me to undo another button, then another, and another, until her blouse was wide open. Shiny, smooth, white satin covered her midsection, except up the front, where it was laced together with satiny ties. The bustier had very brief, quarter cups, which her melons spilled out of enticingly. I whistled.

“Very nice, Larissa. Very nice indeed. Part of a set?” I asked, and ran one hand down over her ass, feeling the bumps of her garters, then the smooth silky texture of her nylon clad legs. “It is!”

I grabbed her ass with both hands, kneading the firm flesh, and she moaned again. I put my hands on her hips, and turned her around, reaching up under her skirt with one hand while the other one unbuttoned and unzipped it. The hand under her skirt felt the blazing heat of her oozing pussy, peeking out through her crotchless panties. Her skirt fell freely down her thighs, and she stepped clear of it.

Okay, I hope you’ve been paying attention so far, but if not, let me just reiterate ; my Mother is fucking gorgeous. About 5’6″, athletic, but with pleasantly feminine curves, and my personal favourite, big, full 36F tits. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slutty sexual appetite that was as surprising as her underwear. She stepped back, draped the open blouse off her shoulders, and gave me a view of the whole package. It was quite a view.

She had six inch stilettos on her sexy feet, and I hadn’t noticed them until her skirt had fallen around them. The nylons, white, to match the bustier, made her legs look longer, and leaner. Crotchless panties, hardly worth the effort, let her thick pouty pussy lips dangle open between her thighs. Her clit stood, huge and pink, begging for attention. The satin of the bustier cinched her waist tightly, enhancing the hourglass shape of her figure, and making her tits look even bigger. She was sex incarnate, and obviously feeling the effects. She shifted from one foot to the other, fidgeting with lust, rubbing her thighs together.

“Horny, Larissa?” I teased. She wasn’t the only one. I was rock hard.

“Yes dear,” she hissed. “So very horny. Please, let me please you.”

“In a minute, Mom,” I answered, standing and walking over to her bedside cabinet. I opened the bottom drawer, and lifted aside some scarves, coming out with two sets of handcuffs. They were cushioned with pink foam and feathers. I’d found them the day Natalie and I had explored this room, and each other, when my parents were away.

“Yours?” I asked as I turned back. She looked down, and nodded, embarrassed. I walked around behind her, removed her blouse, and patted her ass playfully. “Hands, please,” I said, and she obeyed, putting both wrists in range while I snapped the restraints in place. I tossed the second set on the bed. “On your knees,” I instructed, helping her down. I unzipped my pants, dropped them, and kicked them off, then did the same with my underwear, which was incapable of dealing with the bulge of hard meat within. Only then did mobil porno I step back in front of her.

I watched her eyes, locked hungrily on my erection. She saw the pre-cum oozing from the head, and licked her lips unconsciously. As I continued around in front of her, her eyes never left my dick .

“Would you like to suck my cock, Mom?” I asked, moving around behind her again.

“Oh fuck yes!” she groaned. “I mean, if that’s what you want me to do.”

I stepped closer, rubbing my hard tool against the side of her neck. She was shivering with need.

“It’s okay to ask for what you want, Larissa. I’ll ask you again…do you want to suck my cock?” I repeated, enjoying the feel of her silky hair against my sensitive skin. “Do you want me to fuck your pretty mouth, and cum down your throat?”

“Yes!” she gasped, her voice a smokey rasp. “Please… Let me suck your big, hard cock! Please fuck my mouth, and use me! Cum in my mouth!”

“Later,” I said. I was still behind her, and pushed her forward, bending her over the edge of the bed. Her beautiful, sexy rump jutted out. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she was powerless to stop me, as I knelt behind her and pressed my cock head into her juicy snatch. A long moan escaped her as I slid into her, all the way, in one long, slow thrust. I had a choice of handles ; her hands, or her hair. I chose her hair, grabbing a handful and tugging, pulling her head back as I started to fuck her. She grunted with each stroke. I had no interest in being gentle, right now, pounding her hard from behind.

“Oh my god, fuck me!” she moaned, barely audible over the slapping of our bodies smashing together. My cock felt harder than it had ever been, and I expected that it would stay that way, with the pharmaceutical assistance, so I wasn’t going to hold back. I did have a plan, though.

“Does my cock feel good in your cunt, Mom?” I whispered, bending closer to her ear. “Are you going to cum?”

“Oh yes! So good! So fucking good!” she groaned, absorbing my furious thrusts. “Gonna cum! Gonna cum!”

Not now you’re not, I thought, pulling out of her pussy abruptly. I stood, and pulled her back up onto her knees, taking a place in front of her. She whimpered at the sudden departure of my thick probe from her aching hole, pouting like a disappointed child. My cock was slick with her succulent juices, and left a trail of it smeared across her cheeks as I rubbed my rod on her face. Her mouth opened and engulfed my hard dick eagerly, with a moan of delight.

I put one hand on top of her head, and thrust into her mouth with a relatively gentle rhythm. Since her hands were still behind her back, she was at my mercy, and wasn’t even able to touch herself. As such, I wasn’t sure if the moans she was emitting were those denoting pleasure, or those of utter frustration. I fucked her face for a few minutes until I felt a tingle in my balls. Time to move on.

I stepped back, pulling my dick out of her mouth with a slurping ‘pop’. Mom groaned, and tried to follow, nearly falling over in the process. Saliva dripped from her chin onto her prominent breasts, which was perfect for the next part of my plan. I walked around behind her, and helped her up to her feet, turning her to sit on the bed.

Now I knelt in front of her, and began to slowly unlace the front of her bustier, completely baring her massive boobs. Once fully exposed, I leaned in and nibbled on her tits lovingly, and this time, there was no doubt she was enjoying it. But, it wasn’t enough to get her off, and her breathing took on a sense of desperation.

I uncuffed one hand, and helped her flat on her back before I cuffed her again, this time with her arms above her head, attached to the headboard. She struggled weakly, but resigned herself to her fate, even smiling slightly when I straddled her body and rested my hard cock on her breasts.

My Mother had a chest that was perfect for a nice relaxing tit-fuck. Those big F-cup beauties were so soft, yet firm and resilient, and they made a perfect receptacle for my hard dick. We hadn’t done this yet either, but that was about to change. With her arms stretched up over her head, her boobs were pulled up higher on her chest, looking very, very fuckable.

“Are you going to fuck Mommy’s big tits?” she asked, shaking them at me. “I can’t wait to see and feel your big, hard cock between my tits.”

She wasn’t the only one eager to experience the meeting of my hard flesh and her soft globes, as I’d been looking forward to it for quite some time. I just usually ran out of gas, or time, before we got around to it, but today, that wouldn’t be an issue.

I placed one hand on each of her firm melons, and pressed them together around my hard cock. Her cleavage held my erection in a heavenly embrace, from base to tip, surrounding it with soft warmth. I rocked my hips forward, and the tip of my dick peeked out of the top of the crease, attracting Mom’s attention. Her eyes were glued to the spot where it would appear and recede in time with my movements. A lascivious smile broke out on her face, and she moaned happily.

“Does my baby boy like fucking Mommy’s tits?” she asked, in a voice that left no doubt about her feelings on the matter.

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