Shooting with Helena Ch. 05

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[Previously: Sisters Cassie and Helena have fallen in love. With each other. They have started down a road that began with their friend, Sasha, shooting pictures of them. But cousin Jack has arrived and is threatening to ruin them with blackmail. Helena and Cassie are determined that’s not going to happen]

There was the distant rustle of movement, then the door opened and Helena’s face stared out through a crack in the doorway. It was dark behind her; the curtains shuttered against the morning. She peered out, blinking with the eternally confused expression of someone not long roused from their sleep. And then she smiled. It was a such a simple, beautiful smile, it made me want the cry. It was not the smile of a girl who had just been annoyingly dragged from sleep by her big sister. It was the sleepy smile of someone who had just been rescued from solitude by her lover.

“Hey Cassie.” she said; her words a little fuzzy, ash-blonde hair tousled and unkempt. “Is it morning?”

I nodded, looking over my shoulder to check if Jack or mom was walking up the hall behind me. Neither were.

“Yeah.” I said, eventually looking back to my sister. Helena could see there was something wrong in my expression, but hadn’t woken up enough to work out what it was. “Yeah” I repeated. “Lena, I need to come in, is that okay?”

Helena’s face softened into a smile once again.

“Sure” she said, opening the door a little. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. All at once, it was dark in the room, and my eyes had to adjust. Helena, welcoming the dimness once more, sighed and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me. The dressing gown she’d thrown on split open, and I felt the soft warmth from her body crush against me. She buried her head into my shoulder as she held me and, for a few moments, I hugged her back; feeling her slim body against mine. I closed my eyes, feeling her hair against my cheek and drawing in the bed-made scent of her, trying to gather my thoughts. Helena let her arms drift either side of my neck, tugging the straps of my vest top over my shoulders and down the sides of my arms.

“Come to bed?” she said, all sleepy and erotic. I took a deep breath. It was a simple, but very tempting offer. I stepped back, pulling myself away from her. Helena frowned, looked across at me.

“We have to talk” I said, turning so that I wouldn’t have to meet her questioning, challenging gaze. “Helena, something’s- something’s happened. Something worse than Jack having your file.”

I walked over to her curtains and pulled them open. Daylight, not yet powerful, but sharp against the dimness, streamed through. Helena blinked in her confusion and irritation, pulling the dressing gown around her body once more, tying the belt with a loose knot. I stood my the window, eyes closed and still trying to find the right words to make sense of what I’d just seen. Rather than come to me, Helena sat down on her bed and, out of habit, checked her cell phone. When she next spoke, there was an edge of seriousness to her voice; as though the sharp, intelligent little sister had replaced the sleepy lover.

“So what’s happened, Cass?” she said. “Aunt Maddy’s seen it too? The file?” “No.” “Rachel came on to you last night?”

I smiled at this close-to-truth question and promised to tell my sister about it later. “No.”

“So what is it, Cass? Has mom been-“

“Mom’s been having sex with Jack.”

There was a moment of pause. I still hadn’t turned round from my position at the window. Then there was the soft sound of Helena giggling. I turned, feeling that anger rise again. Helena could see that I was angry and held up a hand to stop me saying anything more.

“Whoo. That must have been a real trippy dream sis.” she said, giggling. I felt my fingers ball into fists.

“Fuck you.” I spat. Helena looked at me; at first shocked, then irritated. I took another step. “Fuck you!” I said again. I wanted her to know how angry I was. I wasn’t kidding. This wasn’t a dream. It was real and it was horrible and I needed her help and her intelligence, not her derision. I felt my nails dig into the palms of my hands. My fists were shaking without me telling them too. I felt a pulse thump hard inside my forehead.

“Don’t do this, Lena.” I said, knitting my eyes tightly together. “Don’t treat me like I’m a fucking idiot or something.” I opened my eyes and stared at her. “I fucking saw it, Lena!” I hissed. “I fucking saw them together. Downstairs, in the lounge. She was kneeling on the floor, between his legs. Kneeling, taking his, taking his cock in her, in her, ugh-“

I collapsed to my knees on the floor, feeling halfway between being sick and crying. Almost at once, Helena rushed over toward me and took me in her arms. At first I tried to shrug her off, still angry with her. But then, when she wouldn’t let me go, I clung to her. I took deep, ragged breaths, trying to clear the nausea from the back of my throat. I made a sound somewhere between czech streets porno a sob and a shout, trying to clear my head and my feelings. I did not want to sit there on the floor an be pathetic.

I did shrug Helena off me, but gently, so that she knew I wanted to get up. I wiped my palms across my face and took a very deep breath.

“He’s ruining us, Helena.” I said, staring deep into my sister’s eyes. “He’s ruining all of us and he’s only just arrived here. We have to stop him, sis. We have to.”

Helena turned away from me, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear and chewing on her lip. She sat down again on the bed and crossed her left leg over her right knee.

“What did you see?” she was at once serious, questioning. I stayed standing, pacing the floor in front of her.

“I woke up early. Had a quick shower and slipped out of the room while Rachel was still asleep. Then I walked downstairs and was about to go into the lounge when I saw mom. She was sitting on the sofa, and was talking to someone out of view, behind the door frame.”

“How did you know this?”

“Because she was talking, then stopped, mid-sentence, like someone had interrupted her – then carried on, making hand gestures, you know?” Helena nodded. “And then I heard someone else. It was too muffle to make out any words, but it was definitely a guy’s voice. Mom seemed to be arguing with him. She was shaking her head and swearing and-“

“She was swearing?”

“Yup. And she kept saying he was being foolish or something, and that he had to give her the recording.”

Helena sat forward, dropping her hands to her knees.

“You sure she said that? She wanted him to give her the recording?”

“Yeah. Pretty sure. Lena, Jack must have told her about the recording he took from your computer. He must have threatened her somehow with it.”

Helena sat back a little, lost in thought. I had no idea on what plane her mind was working, but I knew it would be higher than mine, and was glad of it too.

“I’m not sure” she said, trailing off. She snapped back to the here-and-now. “Okay, so what happened next?”

“I stayed out of sight, just behind the door frame. I listened to find out what was going to happen next.


“And I heard some movement. Then a zipper being pulled. I waited a few moments more, then I heard some… …wet noises. That’s when I looked round the door frame.”

“And saw…?”

“And saw mom. Our mom, Helena, kneeling on the floor like a- like a- like a slut or something, kneeling on the floor between his legs. She had him in her mouth. She was, she was doing him with her mouth.”

I paused again, this time to take another breath as I felt the nausea rise again. “And then I slid back against the wall and listened for a few moments more. I heard him talking to her, calling her ‘baby’ and stuff. And then he- he- he … …finished inside her mouth. He came in her mouth Lena,. And made her swallow it. That’s when I ran back up here.”

Helena sat forward again. “This happened just a few minutes ago?” I nodded.

Helena sat for a few long moments, lost in thought. I went back to the window and opened it a little more, letting the early morning air breeze in. Eventually, Helena cleared her throat.

“This doesn’t change anything.” she said, flatly.

“What? How can you say that. If mom is having sex with Jack, she might already know everything. Everything about us, Helena! We have to go. We have to run away from here!” There was a desperation in my voice I didn’t like. But it suddenly seemed like the only course of action. Helena and I should run away together; pretend we’re just regular girlfriends, and go live somewhere else. Disappear from the face of earth. At least this corner of it. That seemed like the only thing we could do.

Helena was shaking her head. “No” she said. “This doesn’t change anything. We don’t know why mom did what she did. Maybe Jack’s blackmailing her too. Maybe she’s just as stuck as we are. Either way, we can’t find that out until we have taken Jack out of the picture. Jack’s the key. We get rid of Jack, then we can sort out whatever problem there is with mom.”

“Oh sure. Great. We just get rid of Jack. How do we do that, doofus?” I said, hating myself for still being angry and taking it out on my sister.

But Helena didn’t snap back. She smiled, reached over for her cell phone and flipped it open. She thumbed a few keys and held it out to me. I took the phone from her and held it to my ear. There was a hiss of static then I heard a tinny version of Sasha start to speak.

“Hey Hels” said the short photographer who was the only person in the world to know our secret, “I made that phone call. Seems we can pull that favour you asked. He’s good to go, and happy to help. If you can be round at the studio this afternoon, I can set it up then. As long as you and your sister are up for it. I want some still and rolling camera activity czech taxi porno today. Give me a call.”

The message ended with a click, and I handed the phone back to her. “What favour? Who’s good to go? What cameras? I don’t understand!”

Helen stood up and kissed the tip of my nose. “I’ve been a very naughty girl” she said, with a coy tone. I looked at her quizzically. She whirled around, pure catwalk sexy, then fixed me with a mix’s gaze. “I spent half the night thinking about it. Thinking how we can get back at Jack. I made a phone call to Sasha and, hey presto! We. Have. A. Plan.”

“Huh?” as soon as I said it, it sounded grade-A dumb. A proper blonde bimbo. Instead of answering my question, Helena pointed her finger at me. “Can you skip class today?” “Sure.” “Okay. This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to sit down and have a chat with Jack-” “No way. No way!” my hands played a chopping motion, killing all future conversation on the subject. But Helena hadn’t finished. “-we talk to Jack. And we’re gonna be real scared of him. We’re gonna be full of ‘oh please Jack, oh PLEASE don’t ruin us. We’ll do anything, PLEASE…'” “What?” “And then we’ll give him what he wants. We’re gonna take him to see Sasha. And we’re gonna get dressed up real sexy. And we’re gonna fuck each other like bunnies, and let Jack watch the whole thing.” “WHAT?” “-And then” said Helena, holding up a hand to hold my attention “While he’s watching us, laughing his ass off, drinking a VERY special can of beer, we are going to make sure he never threatens us again.”

I stood for a moment, trying to piece together Helena’s train of thought. “Did you say ‘Special’ can of beer?” I asked. “VERY special.” Helena said, with a wink.

I wanted to protest. I wanted to present an argument or some other kind of plan. But I didn’t have one. Not an argument nor a back-up. I felt the very comforting feeling of giving myself over to Helena once again. Not sexually this time, but certainly in terms of her intelligence and plans. I stood for a moment, speechless, then shrugged my shoulders.

“Okay” I said.

There was the sound of doors opening and closing outside Helena’s room.

“We’d better go” I said. Helena nodded. “I’m gonna take a shower.” she said. “Wanna join me?” There was a wink to accompany the last offer. I smiled but shook my head. “No thanks” I said. I’d better go downstairs and pretend everything’s okay. I’ll tell Jack that we want to talk to him.”

Helena stepped up to me and, undoing the knot of her dressing gown, let it fall loose as she reached out and held me. “We’ll get through this sis” she said, pressing her naked body up against me. I felt her arms around my back as she teased the exposed skin between my vest top and my jeans with her fingers. “Yeah, I know” I said, not believing a word of what I said, but somehow believing in my beautiful little sister. “Love you” “Love you too.”

We kissed. Then I left.


“Morning sweetheart!” Mom gave me a bright smile and, if I hadn’t known any better, I would have accepted it as just that. But it was a little forced, a little too cheerful. She came over and kissed my cheek and I tried not to shy away; knowing as I did where that mouth had been not an hour earlier. Jack was sitting, skulking more like it, at the far end of the room, engrossed in his games console. He acknowledged my entrance with a scowl, gave the a quick once-over, then returned to his game. I didn’t say hello.

“Hi mom.” “How’d you sleep, honey? Rachel said you were a bit restless.”

I felt a flush of colour rise to my cheeks and tried to batten in down.

“Oh” I said, waving my hand airily. “you know what it’s like when you’re in a new bed, or sleeping differently. It’s been a long time since I had to share a bed.” I realised that for the shocking lie it was, but only after I’d said it. “Is Rachel up then, mom?”

“Yes honey. She said you got up some time earlier. Where have you been?”

“Oh I went to see Lena. I had some college work to catch up on and knew she could help.”

Mom frowned. “You woke your sister up that early to talk about college work?” I could see the doubt there, right in between her crossed eyebrows. What was Cassie doing waking her sister so early? More bizarrely, why was she so interested in her college work? But then Mom’s brow softened and she smiled again.

“You didn’t come downstairs, sweetie?” she asked. There was a definite edge to her voice. I looked away, feigning boredom. “Nah. I thought about getting some breakfast but wanted to get this stuff finished.”

“Hey. You should’ve come down.” shouted Jack, from across the room. “Me and aunt Phoebe were down here already chilling out. Your mom was already getting a little breakfast herself.”

I saw mom shoot Jack a brief but murderous glance, then turn back to me.

“There goes my diet!” she said to me, by way of explanation. Jack snorted, then returned to digitalplayground porno his game.

“I’ll just get some OJ” I said, walking past mom into the kitchen. When I walked in, I saw Rachel look up at me from her station by the sink. She was dressed more liberally today, wearing jeans and sneakers with a long sleeve top that wasn’t completely baggy. Her hair was down too; dark brown locks hanging low over her shoulders making her look much younger (and prettier). I was immediately thrown back to the events of last night; of finding myself being woken with my arms wrapped round her; almost squeezing her slightly-bigger breasts, rubbing my pussy against her pyjama ass cheeks. Fortunately, I was already flushed, so this little reality check wasn’t that noticeable. Rachel had been daydreaming or something, and looked startled. When she saw it was me she immediately began to flush.

“Morning” I said, in a small voice.

“Morning Cassiope” she replied, in an even smaller one. I decided to be casual and bullish about what had happened in the night. It had been incredibly embarrassing for me, but it must had been terrifying for her; suddenly being groped by your naked female cousin.

“Hey” I said, trying to sound as off-hand as I could. “About last night. Listen, I’m real sorry Rache. I-“

“Do you, ah, do you have a boyfriend?” said Rachel, cutting me off. I stopped, mouth open, trying to work out what she was talking about. “I, er. I, why do you ask?” Rachel looked down at her toes, then peeked up at me with a sly expression. “You’ve done it, haven’t you?” she said. “You’ve done… ….IT, right?” I searched for some words, but none of the ones I found seemed to want to come out of my mouth. “Ah yeah. I have” I said at last.

Rachel punched the air lightly. “I knew it!” she said. “I knew you had!”

She stepped up to me; as conspiratorial as anything I’d ever seen on the old spy movies. “I knew from the way you cuddled up to me last night.” she said, he voice a whisper. “I knew you must have done it. What was he like? Did he stay in your room? Was he very big? Did it hurt?”

“I, um. I, ah, those are quite personal questions Rache” I said, backing away a little. Immediately, Rachel deflated, as though I’d slapped her in the face or told her off.

“Sorry” she mumbled, reddening again as she shifted away from me back to the sink. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to- I didn’t- sorry.”

I stepped over to her and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Look,” I said, giving her shoulder a friendly squeeze. “It’s okay. I mean, yeah it’s a little personal, but it’s all right. So you’ve- you’ve not done … …it before?” I asked, enjoying this minor conspiracy. Rachel shook her head, smiling nervously. “No. But there’s this guy at school, he-“

Rachel stopped suddenly, and her smile dropped. She looked over my shoulder, toward the doorway, then back at me. “Don’t trust Jack.” she whispered. Then there was an awful, pregnant pause.

“Hey there. Getting friendly with everyone?”

I turned my head and saw Jack lolling against the door frame. He pointed to my hand, resting on Rachel’s shoulder. “You want to watch out,” he said, grin increasing. “Rachel’s got a guy at school with the hots for her. You might have some competition.”

Rachel made a face at him. “Go die, weasel.”

I was surprised to hear the venom in Rachel’s voice. She looked away from him, gave me a lop-sided smile. “Thanks.” she said. “It’s nice to talk to another girl. Nice to talk to someone with intelligence.” She directed that last sentence at her brother. “I’ll see you later.” she said to me. “I’ve got to go out with mom.” “Okay. Have a good day” I said, watching her leave. Jack watched her leave too. He checked there was no one around and turned back to me. “Didn’t try and fuck my little sister too did you, lesbo freak?” he said. I ignored him and opened the refrigerator to pour myself some OJ. “Go jack off.” I said, waving a hand behind me. “Hey, maybe I will” he said. “I’ve got this great blog diary. Some hot babe telling me how she wants to fuck her sister. It’s a real find.”

I willed myself not to throw the glass I was holding at him. Instead I said;

“What do you want?”

I could hear the victory in his sigh; could imagine the smug grin on his face. “Well now.” he said, with the air of a victorious battlefield general trying to work out how much he has to gain. “Let’s just start with a realisation that such a little recording might really fuck up someone’s life, Huh? A couple of people’s lives, for that. Must be worth quite a bit then, huh?”

“What do you want?” I repeated tiredly. I still hadn’t turned around.

“Oooh, I think we can negotiate that.” he said, stepping up behind me. I felt his hand press up against my ass cheek. “Not such a bad ass now, huh?” he said, squeezing with his fingers. I whirled on him. “I will not have sex with you!” I hissed, venomously. “I will never – never, ever – have sex with you!”

Jack held up his hands, placatingly. He frowned, as if admitting defeat on a tricky point of business negotiation. He was about to say more when I took the initiative.

“Come with me to Helena’s room.” I said. “We need to talk.”

He brightened, sickly grin widening. “That’s more like it!” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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