Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 01

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“Man, won’t this class ever end,” thought Josh.

Josh was sitting in the back of his US History class waiting desperately for the bell to ring. He wasn’t exactly anxious for his boring weekend to start, but no matter how dull it was, it was better than sitting listening to another teacher ramble on about the past.

Josh had just started sophmore year in the Shelbyville Community College but had made very few friends over his first year. It was hard to admit at 21 that he had never even been on a date. It’s not that he was bad looking or anything; he just never found the courage to ask anyone out. He was 5’10”, thin but slightly muscular. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. Most people would describe him as average looking. His main problem was he was shy. He didn’t find it easy to meet new people. This is why he didn’t do anything on weekends like a lot of his classmates, and had trouble talking to girls.

Josh looked up to the front of the room. About 4 rows up and 1 row to the right he could see Tara. Tara was about 5′ 7″ with straight black hair and brown eyes. She was fairly average looking, she definitely wasn’t the most well developed girl in Josh’s class, but that was one of the reasons Josh liked her so much. He just wasn’t into the big breasted, dumb blond type of girl.

Josh and Tara talked to each other a little in passing, but had never had a real conversation. Still Josh had to admit, he had a crush on her. Unfortunately, he never had the nerve to go up to her and actually ask her out.

Finally, the bell rang. Josh packed up his books and headed up toward the door. As he passed Tara’s desk she looked up at him.

“Hey Josh,” she said.

“Hey, how are you?” he asked.

“I’m ok, I was wondering if you could give me a hand with some Math homework I have. I’m struggling in the class and was told by Mrs. Jackson that you are pretty good.”

Josh had had Mrs. Jackson for multiple Math courses and had done well. He actually enjoyed Math, it was one of the few classes he looked forward to.

“Sure, when do you want to meet?”

“How about tonight, around 8 PM at my house?”

“Are you sure you want to do homework on a Friday night?”

“I don’t have any other plans and it would be more interesting than sitting home alone.”

Josh agreed and got the address from her. They said goodbye to each other and both headed home.

At 8 o’clock Josh drove up the driveway to Tara’s house. It was a nice, fairly large house set way back from the road. It was surrounded on all sides by trees and he had almost driven by because it was hidden from the road. As he made his way to the front door, he thought about how nice it must be to live in such a secluded area.

He reached the door and rang the doorbell. The door was answered by a girl who, Josh guessed, was probably about 18 years old. Her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a towel. However, it was low enough that he couldn’t help but admire her bare shoulders and the little bit of cleavage that was showing.

“You must be Josh,” She said, “Tara told me you were coming. My name is Abby. Sorry about my appearance, I just got out of the pool. Tara is waiting on the back porch for you, it’s right casino siteleri through the kitchen.”

She pointed him in the right direction and then headed up the stairs. Josh couldn’t help but admire her towel covered ass as she scurried up the stairs. Finally she disappeared around a corner and the spell was broken. He headed back to the porch.

When he got there, Tara was at a porch table with her math book and notebook spread out on. The porch was fairly large and connected to a fair sized swimming pool.

“It is such a nice night I thought we might like to work outside,” She said.

He agreed and sat down at the table. “What are you working on?” he asked.

“Trig,” she said and stuck out her tongue.

“Let me see your assignment,” he said.

They settled in and began to work on the problems. After about an hour it started to get dark. Just as Josh was about to ask if Tara wanted to call it a night, Abby came out on the porch.

“Jen is here, I’m going to get going,” Abby said.

“Ok, have fun,” said Tara

“You too,” said Abby, “Try to behave yourselves.”

Abby gave a wink and left the porch. A minute later, Tara heard the front door close, and a car head down the driveway.

“Where is she off to?” asked Josh.

“She is off to her best friend’s house for the night,” Tara responded.

With that she went back to the problem she had been working on. After another couple of minutes, she looked up and said, “I think I finally understand this stuff, I don’t know how to thank you.”

“It’s no big deal,” Josh said.

“Do you have to get going, or would you like to go for a swim before you have to leave?” asked Tara.

“I would love to, but unfortunately I didn’t bring a suit,” he said.

“Do you wear boxers or briefs?” she asked.

He was taken aback for a minute. He couldn’t believe she was asking him that. “Come again?” he asked.

“Well if you wear boxers, they would work as well as a bathing suit.” She responded.

“Oh,” said Josh, “Well I wear boxers, but I’m afraid people would see me.”

“Well my parents are gone for the weekend, and the nearest neighbors are a half mile away through that forest,” she responded nodding to one side of the yard, “When I said I would be home alone, I meant it.”

“I’m still not sure I would be comfortable with this Tara,” said Josh.

“Well if it would make you feel any better, I will go swimming in my bra and panties.”

Without waiting for a reply, she stood up and stripped off her shirt and jeans. She turned to him and put her hands on her hips, almost as if she was showing off her mostly naked form. He noticed that her red bra looked like it could barely contain her breasts, and she was wearing a red thong that didn’t hide much either.

“Well I’m going swimming with or without you,” she challenged

Tara then took off and dove into the pool. Josh was in shock, he was sure he must be dreaming. There was no way that she had just stripped to her underwear in front of him. After a couple minutes of indecision, he decided that he might as well take advantage of the situation. If she wasn’t ashamed to strip down to her underwear, then why should he be? He slot oyna pulled off his shirt and started to pull off his pants when he realized that he had a huge hard on.

“Are you coming in or what?” She yelled from the other end of the pool.

He decided that she was far enough away that if he pulled off his pants quickly and jumped in, she would never notice his erection. He just hoped that the water would be cool enough to cause it to shrink before she noticed. He moved over to the side of the pool, pulled off his pants, threw them on the porch, and jumped in.

As he surfaced, he saw that she was swimming towards him. He quickly looked down and was relieved to see that his hard-on had shrunk.

“Took you long enough,” she teased.

“Sorry, I’m still a bit shocked,” he replied.

“I guess I’m the one that owes you an apology, I didn’t really give you any warning. But, it’s not so bad is it? What’s wrong with two people innocently swimming? Underwear isn’t that much different than bathing suits.”

“You’re right.”

“Your just overly prude,” she said with a giggle. With that she started to splash Josh.

Quickly he started to retaliate with his own splashing. After about 30 seconds she ducked underwater and grabbed his foot. He floated down as she floated up. Unfortunately for him, she got a bit too close and as they passed each other, she brushed up against him.

When Josh surfaced, he noticed that Tara was looking down at his boxers. He looked down and saw that the hard-on had returned. He quickly tried to cover up his embarrassing erection with his hands.

“I’m sorry,” he blushed, “I . . I. .”

Instead of letting him finish, she swam up to him and pulled his hands away from his cock, holding them behind his back.

“I was starting to wonder when you would show some interest,” she said in a soft, seductive voice.

She started to rub her underwear clad pussy over his cock. Although shocked, he was really enjoying her movements. He then realized that a familiar pressure was building.

“Uhm . . . T . . . T. . .Tara?” He stuttered between gasps.

“Oh about to cum are we? Well we can’t allow that yet,” She answered.

Tara then pushed away from Josh and let him go. She then

dove underwater and the next thing he knew, he felt his boxers falling down. He lunged to stop her, but she was too fast for him. She surfaced with her boxers in hand and said, “Just relax, because you aren’t getting these back for a while.” She then threw his boxers up on the porch and then dove back underwater.

Josh didn’t know what was going on, it almost seemed like Tara had all this planned from the start. However, suddenly he felt a mouth close around his cock and he no longer cared. Tara was sucking on his dick! All he could do was watch and moan softly as her tongue caressed his cock from tip to base. Again he felt a pressure building. This time he didn’t know how to warn her though. He tried to hold back but her movements increased and he couldn’t help himself. He felt his cock release down her throat. After his last spasm, she released his cock and came to the surface.

“I knew that you had to be close, but didn’t expect you to last that canlı casino siteleri long. I almost couldn’t finish.” Tara said once she had caught her breath.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold . . .” he started.

“Honey, I wanted you to cum in my mouth. I like it, and I really like the taste of yours,” interrupted Tara, “Of course, now you owe me. Get over here.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side of the pool. She climbed out and Josh followed her back to the chairs and their clothes.

He reached down to pick up his jeans. “You don’t get to put those back on.” She came over and grabbed his jeans before he could.

“And just to make sure . . .” She picked up Josh’s shirt and wet boxers and went inside the house. She came back a few minutes later without them.

“I have hidden them and you will not get them back until I say so. Now get over here,” Tara demanded.

He walked over to she was standing. He had no idea what she had in mind, but he had a feeling he wasn’t going to be leaving any time soon, unless he left naked.

“Now take off my bra,” she said. He fumbled with the clasp on her bra for a couple minutes. Finally he was able to get it undone and the bra fell off of her breasts.

“Now start by kissing my nipples,” she directed.

Josh started to kiss her nipples. He had had some exposure to porn through the internet, so he just started to do what he had seen. He started by gently kissing her nipples until they were erect, then started to lick them. He slowly circled them with his tongue until she started to gently moan.

“Ok *gasp* I think it is time to move on,” Tara stuttered.

She directed him to kiss down her chest and stomach until he reached the top of her thong. She then told him to grab it with his teeth and pull it down her legs. Before she could direct him anymore though, he started to kiss his way back up her thigh to her cleanly shaved pussy. Just before reaching her pussy though, he switched to her other thigh and started to kiss back down it.

Tara was in pure ecstasy. She had never had someone be this gentle and put this much care into making sure she was enjoying herself. By the time he got back to her pussy, she was already extremely close to cumming. Then all of the sudden, He found her clit. Electricity ran through her body as his tongue traveled from her clit to her pussy lips and back again. He did this a few times, and suddenly she was exploding. Her legs became rubbery and she almost collapsed onto the porch.

She started to come down from her orgasm but he didn’t stop. He kept circling her clit with his tongue. Suddenly she felt another shock of electricity and was cumming again! This time, as she was coming down, she pushed him away.

“What’s wrong?” Josh asked.

“Absolutely nothing, I just didn’t expect that,” Tara responded, “I think it is time for us to rest for a little while.” Tara grabbed his hand and led him over to a lounge chair. She lied down and pulled Josh down on top of her. He felt his cock quickly harden and it pushed its way into her thigh. He laid with his head on her breast, and her hard nipple pushing into his cheek. Both just basked in the feelings for a little bit.

“I’m guessing you aren’t planning on letting me go anytime soon,” Josh finally spoke up.

“Honey, you have a long weekend ahead of you, we are just getting started,” said Tara as she reached down and began to gently play with his balls.

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