Shawna My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 01

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Shawna and my daughter, Lisa, have been best friends for most their lives. They met in the second grade when we initially moved to the Bay Area. Since then, they’ve spent about every waking moment together.

But Shawna has come to mean more to us than just my daughter’s best friend. She’s really more of a part of the family now.

Ten years ago, when the girls were 8, my wife passed suddenly. While her passing shattered my universe into tiny fragments and tore my heart from my chest, it was also extremely hard on Lisa.

The first years without here were a living hell for Lisa and me, but I had to be strong for my daughter. As a result, I pushed my grief deep, burying far down inside of me where I hoped it would never see the light of day.

Shawna was a blessing to us.

She was by my daughter’s side constantly through those years, and I believe it was Shawna who helped my daughter through…more than me at times. I had to work so much during those days to support us, and as the girls grew…I wasn’t at home as much as I wish that I could have been.

The Bay Area is a very expensive place to live.

Initially, after my wife passed, I considered taking my daughter and moving back east to be close to my mother. But, after losing her mother, Lisa’s biggest fear was moving away from her friends, her school and everything that made her life normal.

So, we stayed. I took on another job so that we wouldn’t have to sell the house. I’m so glad I that I did, and seeing how much of a help Shawna has been to my daughter, in retrospect, I’d have taken on third job if needed to keep them together.

As the years passed, I worked, and watched the girls grow. It seems that Shawna spent more time at our place than she did at her own.

She eventually became more of a sister to my daughter than a best friend, and as natural consequence of that, I thought of her like a second daughter. Once, when my daughter was 10, she even asked me if Shawna could call me dad.

I laughed, and said of course she could.

From that point on, Shawna called me dad, saying that she was lucky because she had two dads.

I was the lucky one though, because even though I lost my wife, I gained a daughter. I became as close to Shawna as my own daughter.

About 5 years after my wife passed, I came home late one night. Shawna was staying over and the girls had already gone to bed.

In a rare moment of solitude, I grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen cabinet and poured myself a glass to unwind. Taking the bottle, I sat on the couch in the family room and drank.

With the girls upstairs, the house was quiet. Too quiet really.

Sipping from the whiskey I took stock of the place. I hadn’t really had time, or maybe hadn’t really wanted to change things since my wife passed.

The furniture was the same. She’d chosen all of it. Above the fireplace, I saw the oil painting she’d placed there years before. It was her favorite: A big orange sunset over the ocean. It was a peaceful scene. But then, that kind of summed up my wife. She’d been a peaceful person.

Suddenly, the feelings that I’d shoved away came bubbling to the surface like hot lava. I missed her. I longed for her. Truth was that I was angry at her too. I mean, intellectually of course, I understood that shit happens. People pass. We have no control over those things.

But in my heart, I couldn’t understand how she could have just left us like that. She left me to raise our daughter without her.

I struggled, trying hard to hold it in. I couldn’t cry, not now. It had been too long, and I still had to be strong for Lisa. But no matter how hard I pushed it back, those feelings pushed up harder, and finally, I lost the battle.

Still clutching my glass, I doubled over and sobbed…I cried for my wife, I cried for my daughter…I cried for the years that had been so precious in retrospect, but that I had amatör porno somehow managed to take for granted.

I don’t’ know how long I sat there sobbing…but suddenly, I sensed someone behind me.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I turned to see young Shawna, standing there in her pajamas.

“Hey, honey,” I said, trying to smile. “It’s late, what are you doing up?”

“I heard you crying dad,” she said, concerned. “I just wanted to tell you that it’s okay. It’s okay to cry. You don’t have to hide it. Mrs. B. loved you very much.”

I felt my bottom lip quiver in spite of myself and I forced it straight. I was deeply amazed at how such a young girl could be so mature.

“Thank you Shawna,” I said, genuinely grateful.

With that, Shawna hugged my neck and kissed my cheek.

“We love you dad,” she said.

Then, she turned and went back upstairs to bed.

They say that time flies when you’re havin’ fun…but let me tell you that the opposite is also true.

Time flies whether you’re havin’ fun or working your ass off. Girls grow. School years pass. Christmases give way to birthdays, which turn into summer vacations…and somehow, it all melds together into some kind of blur, until one day you wake up, and your girls are grown, and your hair is grey.

Lisa and Shawna graduated together, and started college the same fall. The following summer, they’d come home to visit.

As always, Shawna divided her time between her parents’ house and ours…seemingly spending more than the balance of it with Lisa. They’d both celebrated their 18th birthdays a month apart at college. I couldn’t be there for that of course…but we’d planned a night out when they were home.

One evening, I’d just come home from work. After taking off my tie and jacket in the foyer, I rounded the end of the hall, heading to the kitchen for a drink, when I saw Shawna lounging on the couch in the family room, dressed in a long sleep shirt and knee high socks.

It was her usual lounging outfit.

“Hey honey,” I said, making my way to the fridge.

“Hi dad,” Shawna said back, smiling. Shawna and my daughter both had become such incredibly beautiful young women. They always did well and school, and now, they were excelling at college, and I was so proud of both of them.

“Where’s Lisa?” I said from the kitchen, plopping a few ice cubes into a glass.

“Oh, she went out for awhile,” Shawna said. But I could by her tone that there was something more to it than that.

I knew that Lisa had begun seeing a local boy. I hadn’t met him yet.

“Is she meeting that guy?” I asked, casually, trying not to press.

“Well, yeah, they’re meeting for coffee,” Shawna admitted. “She said she’d be home in a couple of hours.”

“Oh okay.” I didn’t want to sound too parenty. The girls were 18 after all.

“So how did she get there?” I couldn’t help myself.

“She took my car.”

I remembered that Shawna’s parents had bought her car for her high school graduation. I had planned on getting Lisa her own car this summer, but hadn’t told her yet.

At least she didn’t have to rely on some boy to get her home.

Rounding the corner with my drink, I stopped suddenly. Lying next to Shawna, on the couch, were a thin pair of pink panties.

Were they there before? I couldn’t remember.

Not sure what to say, I decided it was best to ignore it.

Stepping into the family room, I sat down on the loveseat opposite Shawna.

“So how’s school,” I said, opening a conversation.

“Well, it’s okay, I hate math though,” she said smiling at me, revealing her perfect, white teeth.

“You guys got any big plans for the summer?” I asked, meaning my daughter and her.

“We’re gonna go to the beach tomorrow and just kind of hang out and see what happens.”

“That’s cool,” I said, hoping that the word “cool” wasn’t uncool. Shawna giggled anal porno at that as I sipped from my drink.

I couldn’t help notice how mature she’d become. Her long, blonde hair reached down her back, and her body had filled out…she was quite a shapely young woman.

Without warning, Shawna spread her tanned legs a bit wider. Shocked, I glanced up at her. She smiled.

She was probably just getting comfortable, but it had caught me off-guard and I was embarrassed to be caught looking at her.

I noticed the pair of panties next to her again, and felt myself blush.

“So when are we going out to celebrate our birthdays?” Shawna asked, not missing a beat.

I was glad for the interruption.

“Well, since you guys are going to the beach tomorrow,” I said, “how about Saturday evening? That would give me time to get some things done and get ready.”

“Saturday would be awesome dad,” she said, smiling again.

From my peripheral vision, I saw her legs move. Instinctively I dropped my gaze to follow it…and instantly regretted it.

Shawna’s sleep shirt had ridden up a bit, exposing a generous portion of her outer thighs to the just under the swell of her rear. It was apparent that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I now understood the panties on the couch next to her, and wondered why she’d removed them.

But I didn’t want to go there.

Quickly, I looked away.

“Can we go to a movie?” she said, apparently unaware of her shirt.

“Sure, why not?” I said. “You guys pick one out, and we’ll go to dinner too…anywhere you want.”

As I took a pull from my glass, Shawna stood up. Her sleep shirt barely covered her, hanging just below the area between her legs.

“Imma get something to drink,” she said, passing in front of me. As she left the family room for the kitchen, I couldn’t help noticing that from the back, the hem of her shirt fell just above the underside of her rear, revealing the bottoms of her bare butt cheeks.

My cock stirred, and I looked away, ashamed of myself.

It had been a long time, too long perhaps, since I’d seen female flesh up close and my body was responding. I knew it was involuntary; still, I shouldn’t have been looking at my daughter’s friend, my second daughter, that way.

“Shawna,” I said after her, wanting to say something about her panties on the couch and the way she was dressed.

“Yeah dad?’ she said, turning to face me. As she did, I caught a glimpse of something I shouldn’t have, and my resolve crumbled. I felt like a bum looking at her like that.

She was smiling, apparently unaware that she was showing so much.

“Uhm,” I said, trying to think of something to replace what I was going to say. I noticed my hands trembling slightly and grasped my glass in both of them tightly.

“I think I’m gonna go take a shower,” I said. That sounded kind of dumb but it was the best I could do on short notice.

“Okay,” she giggled and turned for the kitchen.

Setting my glass down, I went upstairs to my bedroom and stripped off for the shower. Grabbing my towel I headed into the bathroom in my bedroom and started the water.

My mind returned to the picture of Shawna, sitting on the couch in her sleep shirt and knee socks, with her panties on the couch next to her.

I couldn’t shake the picture.

Why had she taken off her panties and left them there where she must have known I would see them?

My cock thickened between my legs as I stepped under the warm water.

I had to stop thinking about her like that.

Was she teasing me on purpose?

Soon, despite my best efforts to the contrary, I had a full erection. It throbbed, and pulled at me, demanding attention.

I wrapped my hand around it.

No, I thought, snatching my hand from it. I would not masturbate thinking about Shawna. That was just wrong. No matter what happened or anal breakers porno whatever the circumstance, she was like a daughter to me. She was probably innocent of anything anyway.

I felt ashamed again.

But my cock pounded all the harder.

I grabbed it.

Closing my eyes, I leaned against the shower wall and stroked.

I hadn’t masturbated in some time…and I hadn’t actually had sex with a woman since my wife died.

I didn’t date, although both Lisa and Shawna urged me to. Somehow, it just didn’t seem right. Every so often, I used magazines for sexual release. I had done that when my wife was alive though. She knew about it and was okay with it. I didn’t feel guilty there.

With my eyes closed, I pictured a woman out of a magazine that I’d seen recently as I stroked my cock.

But the picture of Shawna, standing in front of me with her sleeps shirt barely covering her bare butt cheeks kept pushing its way in.

The harder I pushed it away, the more it pushed back, until finally, I allowed it.

Stroking myself faster, I imagined sweet, young Shawna standing in front of me, watching me masturbate.

In my fantasy, she smiled at me. “Hi dad,” she said.

Reaching for the hem of her sleep shirt, she pulled it slowly up and over her head, tossing it on the couch next to her panties.

Her pert breasts tumbled free, and I saw her neatly trimmed pussy.


“Pussy,” I said quietly, aloud, under the water.

“Shawna’s pussy,” I said again, stroking hard.

Oh god. I was masturbating to Shawna…picturing her naked but for her knee socks, in front of me. Every nerve in my body felt so ashamed and guilty. But my cock throbbed so hard…aching in my fist as I beat it, unable to stop the fantasy from unfolding.

Helpless, and spurned on by the feelings of crazy excitement racing through me, I allowed it.

In my mind’s eye, Shawna smiled wickedly at me.

“Wanna fuck me dad?” she said, running her tongue slyly over her pouty lips. Slowly, she snaked a hand over her naked breasts, down her belly to the area between her thighs.

She was so young, so ripe, so hot, and so naked.

“Oh god, Shawna,” I said, moaning aloud in the shower stall as my hand flew over my cock. I’d said her name out loud and the dirtiness of it struck me hard. It was so wrong, but so incredibly naughty.

“Fuck me dad,” the naughty, naked, fantasy Shawna said. Moving closer to me in my mind, she stood, wearing only her socks, looking down at me stroking my cock.

Then, she bent over in front of me, and placed her hands on the arm of the couch, jutting her naked rear end up at me.

Taking hold of her firm, young ass cheeks, I kneaded them…spreading them with my thumbs. Fantasy Shawna moaned.

Moving in, I slowly rubbed her dripping snatch with the head of my cock, making her moan louder, before I slipped it into the tight, wet, hot folds of her young pussy.

“Oh god, dad, fuck me, fuck my cunt,” Shawna hissed, moaning in my fantasy.

Pounding my cock for all I was worth under the water, I imagined fucking her…thrusting my erection deep into her. I fucked her hard and fast.

“I’m gonna cum dad…dad…I’m…cumming….” My fantasy Shawna squealed, moaning, and pushing herself back…fucking into me.

Suddenly, I came, stroking my cock and pulling on it…great, thick gobs of white cum jettisoned from my body, coating the shower door in front of me.

The fantasy me was cumming as well, pounding Shawna’s little pussy as I shot my load into her…I felt her warm, wet, cum, all over my cock.

“Oh god…Shawna,” I said louder than I wanted to in the shower, emptying my load.

When I was done, the fantasy dissolved, and I leaned back against the wall again. Guilt filled me instantly. I felt ashamed, and dirty.

What the hell was wrong with me? I wondered. How could I fantasize about Shawna that way? I’d known her most of her life. I’d watched her grow up. She was a daughter to me.

Grabbing the soap, I quickly tried to push it out of my mind. Scrubbing myself roughly, I tried to cleanse myself of my filth, swearing that I’d never do that again.

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