Shaima and Suleiman in Ottawa

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Big Dicks

Shaima Abdullahi, “Shay” to her friends, would be considered a living paradox by even the most understand of souls. Nearly six feet tall, deliciously curvy, with golden brown skin, long black hair and lively brown eyes, this Afro-Arabian gal is a unique beauty by anyone’s standards. Don’t let those good looks and that easy smile fool you. There’s a sharp, calculative and at times opportunistic mind behind that pretty face. Incidentally, it’s that mind which I fell for.

My name is Salomon Andre, although I go by Suleiman these days, and I’m a Haitian Muslim brother ( recent convert from a Catholic background ) living in the City of Barrhaven, Ontario. I met Shay almost three years ago, while walking around the East End Mall on the other side of Ottawa. I lived in Vanier at the time, and was fond of walking around the mall. Lots of stuff to see, pretty girls to look at, and delicious food to be had at the food court upstairs. What’s not to like?

Whenever I have a day off, or some free time, I hate to say inside unless I’m sleeping or something. I like to go out. The way I figure it, we miss out on a third of our lives because we spend it catching some Z’s. Damn shame if you ask me. I like to step out, head to random spots and see what kind of trouble I can get into. Might sound a little risky but that’s what being the adventurous type is all about.

One of my favorite spots at the mall was the Green Bargain Store, located the lower level. That’s where Shay worked. Every time I came in, I would notice the gorgeous gal with the easy smile and the bubbly personality. Always wondered what such a cutie with such obvious potential was doing in a shabby place like this. We’d spoken a few times, and I found her…puzzling.

“Got a business proposition I want to talk to you about, Suleiman,” Shay said to me one Friday night, as we ran into each other in one of the little store’s aisles. I looked Shay up and down, and stroked my bearded chin. Normally, I am weary of people approaching me with business proposals but Shay struck me as a smart and capable person, not a fool. So I decided to hear her out.

“I’m listening,” I replied, and Shay smiled, and then told me about this financial services company that she was starting to work for. Truth be told, the company’s name sounded disturbingly familiar. Like a certain pseudo-pyramid büyükesat escort scheme I read about back when I lived in New England. Start-up businesses are fairly common in Massachusetts where I grew up, and so are pyramid schemes. Shay’s idea sounded shady, but I didn’t tell her as much.

“Let’s keep in touch, take my number and we’ll set up a meeting,” Shay said, and she whipped out her cell phone, and we exchanged numbers on the spot. As we did so, a couple of young black women whom I had looked at a few moments ago glared at us. When I looked at them earlier, the twosome snorted derisively and looked me up and down before they kept going. Typical sisters, I guess. Upon seeing me talk to ( and exchange numbers with ) Shay, who was much hotter than them, they looked at me curiously. I paid them no heed, and walked away with a big smile on my face.

For our first ‘business meeting/slash whatever,” Shaima and I met at the World Exchange Plaza in downtown Ottawa, and we had ourselves some coffee and sandwiches. Shaima looked absolutely lovely in a stylish dark gray pantsuit, and white blouse, and I looked alright in a red silk shirt, dark blue silk pants and black Timberland boots. I’m Haitian through and true, and love rocking my people’s national colors. It’s just who I am.

“Take a chance on me, my friend, you won’t regret it,” Shaima said to me, and there was a twinkle in those eyes of hers. That’s when something rather unusual happened. Well, unusual for me anyways. For the first time in ages, I looked at a woman and felt desire flare within me. I have always found both sexes attractive, but lately, after bad experiences on both sides of the fence, I’d become something of a recluse.

I blame it on Evan Patterson, this Jamaican dude I used to deal with. Tall, handsome, dark-skinned and masculine, Evan took my breath away the first time I spotted him in the library at Algonquin College. On that fateful day, I was visiting some friends at that school. Evan and I clicked and exchanged numbers. The fact that he was dating a white chick named Shirley didn’t faze me one bit. I’m a bisexual brother myself, and I prefer to deal with bisexual guys instead of guys who are totally gay. Gay guys are not discrete and they get clingy.

“I like the way you taste,” Evan said to me once, as he sucked çankaya escort my dick in the men’s washroom inside the Rideau Shopping Center. Now, I’m not normally the type to engage in such seedy activity but Evan and I were drunk and horny after watching the Toronto Raptors battle the Cleveland Cavaliers with some of our friends at the Honest Lawyer Bar. Like everyone else in Canada, I was sad that Toronto fell to the Cavs but I was glad our guys went so far this year. We the north, and all that. Anyhow, Evan was feeling frisky and I wasn’t one to say no to him.

“Do tell,” I said, and Evan grinned, and stroked his dick, before rolling a condom on it. The brother proceeded to bend me over and stick his dick up my ass. Lucky for me I had some Aloe cream hand lotion on me, and we used it as lubricant. Face down and ass up, Evan fucked me real good. I loved the feel of his thick Jamaican dick up my ass. We were really getting into it when some fool said he’d call mall security, which led to Evan and I hurrying out of there. We caught the bus and high-tailed it out of there like bats out of hell.

Anyhow, Evan and I had our fun on a regular basis until he got his girlfriend Shirley pregnant and decided to end our relationship. Just like that. Last time I checked up on Evan, the dude was living in Gatineau with Shirley and their new daughter. I am not even mad, or so I tell myself. I wish them the very best. It wasn’t easy but I forced myself to move on. I deleted Evan’s number, removed him from my Facebook and moved on to other things. The way I see it, since the fellas have been giving me grief lately, perhaps it’s time to go back to women. Hello Shaima!

“Oh I definitely know a good thing when I see it,” I replied to a smiling Shaima while sipping the remnants of my coffee. Seriously, I wanted to reach across the table, grab Shaima and have my way with her. I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her. I wanted to fondle her big tits through that crisp white blouse of hers. I wanted to yank down her stylish gray pants, twist her panties to the side and catch a whiff of her pussy. Instead, I smiled at her and nodded calmly.

After this meeting, I decided to keep in touch with the lovely, mysterious and witty Shaima, for both business and pleasure. Let’s face it, my life has become boring of late. ankara escort All I do is take summer classes at the University of Ottawa, and work security. On occasion I go to Silver City in the east end to catch a movie. I rarely hang out with my buddies and even then, only for a few hours. I needed a new injection of energy into my life, and that’s exactly what Shaima provided for me.

It’s hard to find a woman you can connect with on every level. Shaima is so many things at once. A truly remarkable woman. She encourages me in my Islamic faith, and also tells me to stay sharp at work and at school. Canada doesn’t know how to deal with educated black men who are ambitious. That’s why they discriminate against us at every turn. I’m not letting that get me down, though. And I’m glad to have Shaima by my side as I face these challenges. Indeed, I can’t get enough of this woman…

“Give me that fine booty of yours,” I said to Shaima as we did the bump and grind in her bedroom, a couple of weeks after that fateful dinner. Grinning, Shaima got on all fours, and spread her big, golden brown ass wide open. I kissed her big butt, and then proceeded to lick her hairy, moist pussy while fingering her asshole. Shaima moaned in pleasure and urged me to continue.

“Lick my asshole,” Shaima whispered, and I grinned, smacked her big butt and then wormed my tongue into her asshole. I love the smell and taste of a clean female ass. Face down and ass up, Shaima fed me that ass and I happily ate it. Hell, I even had her sit on my face, like a queen on her throne, so I could eat that ass good and proper. When it comes to ass, I am something of a connoisseur, seriously.

“Ride me, you freaky woman,” I said as Shaima straddled me, and I reached her for breasts and gently caressed them. Impaling her cunt on my hard dick, Shaima rode me hard. I bucked my hips and thrust into her. Shaima glared at me as I fucked her, and I swear, her eyes were like a furnace. The intensity and passion I saw in there absolutely amazed me. What a woman! I fucked her with all the passion I could muster, and then some.

“That was fun, you are more passionate than I thought you’d be, Suleiman,” Shaima said, a couple of hours later, as we lay side by side, sweaty and happy. I looked at the gorgeous, fearless young Afro-Arabian cutie who lay next to me and smiled with contentment. I felt happy for the first time in ages, and at peace, and it wasn’t just because of the sex either. I really like Shaima, in and out of the bedroom. I didn’t reply and kissed her on the lips, and she smiled and snuggled against me. Yup, this one just might be a keeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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