Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 15

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My Wife Soon To Be Old Man Teacher

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at the age of 72. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 15 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 14 before starting the reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!


When I closed last chapter it was the afternoon Christmas Eve on December twenty-fourth, 1971. I was in my office with my secretary of the last three years June, who was my super hot fuck partner. We were sitting opposite in each of our respective chairs and I reached out to hold her hand. I had just proposed marriage to this most loving and beautiful woman. Then June had just told me all about her bi-love affair with her lifelong girl friend Sally.

June went on talking but changed the subject. She said, “Being as I am confessing to you all about my secrets in my sexual past; I better tell you something else about my old love affairs when I was young that you might find offensive.”

Oh my god, I thought, what this about now. Had she become pregnant with a child or maybe had an abortion back when almost still almost a child herself? Or worst yet, maybe June and Sally had murdered that old guy because she always spoke in the past tense when talking about him. What was it now?

June said, “Mike it is about time that I tell you about my old man affair that I had. This was the old man that took both Sally’s and my virginity back at the start of our senior year in high school. I had just turned 18-years old.”

As you have been so open with me about sex frolics with your Aunt, mother, sister and you doing your school girlfriends and all, then I guess it is way past time for you to hear about me having my very first sex with a man.”

June then went on, “Ya, we both were still virgins back then. Sally still had her hymen maidenhead and I almost did too. Maybe Mike your going to think that was a bad little girl committing to sex with a much older man back then. But, now looking back I wouldn’t have missed the super sex education that old man taught us two girls for anything.”

I thought, oh goody, I was finally going to hear about June’s sexual going on with her granddad or maybe some white haired old neighbor of hers.

June went on, “My very first male lover was an old man of sixty-seven years old. Yes, I most certainly knew that it was wrong for an old man to fool around with young girls, least of all to fuck and seduce them.”

“Nevertheless, I brought it on myself. He did not want to touch us girls because we were still so young but we both begged him to show us his cock. I and Sally were so horny and hot back then and wanted to learn all I could about men and especially how to fuck a guy.”

“He was an old guy but he had a very big cock like yours Mike. Not as long, maybe an inch shorter but it was just as thick as yours is Mike. Although his erect cock kind of came to a point because his pecker end, the glans helmet end, was smaller than his shaft was. But even so, when his pecker went in me it felt so good.”

He was a great teacher to us. He showed us how sex is such a great joy and so much fun between two people who really care about pleasuring each other.”

“Back when I was 18 I would masturbate at least every day. I often did it together with Sally. Back then I would have or attend slumber parties where a bunch of us girls would talk about sex, boys and such. These sessions always end up before we went to sleep by us all masturbating ourselves off or doing our finger thing with another girl.

We would get naked, lie on the floor and form a big daisy circle, with each one of us up between the next girl’s legs and finger her pussy. None of us back then had started to do the bi-girl sucking pussy stuff yet, only sticking our fingers in each others pussies until the other girl came.”

“A couple of my girlfriends at these slumber parties had already had sex with a boy. They told us how it was and how their boyfriend’s hard erect peter had felt in them. But most of my friends were like me and very inexperienced. I went out on dates and had boyfriends but we did only the touchy feely things. He touched my breast through my shirt and I felt his hard thingy down in his pants which were still zipped up. Until my senior year I had never even seen a boy’s pecker, erect or soft. But I had seen my dads of course.” marks head bobbers porno

June said, “I kind of felt guilty after I would have a climax from my masturbation myself. But, this old man showed us two that self-love masturbation was not wrong but, something that felt so good to do yourself. And doing it often was ok as long as you did it in private or maybe with a friend or fingering my pussy in front of an older guy like him.”

“He gave us our very first pussy lickings and cunnilingus by a man’s mouth. He was not by any means as superior as you Michael, at licking my pussy, but to a teenager soon to be woman it was ever so special and felt so good.”

June then said, “This old man taught us the fine art of sucking a man’s dick. It was the start of my obsession in pleasing my men that way. And, his climaxes where he came in my young mouth started my craving of a man’s baby making seed. Sally never liked him to discharge in her mouth and preferred to give him hand jobs and see him blow his cum out all over his stomach. But, I sure did so; I end up giving him many and became a very good cock sucker very early in my life.”

“This old man taught us how to fuck his hard dick like the little teenage sluts that we both were becoming. We started our worldly sex education with this old man when we both had just been seniors in high school. We continued to have sex with this guy off and on for two years or until the end of our freshmen year in collage when we both were going on into our twenties.”

I then interrupted her when I said, “Good god women don’t keep me in suspense any longer, tell me who this older super stud of yours was.” I knew now that it was not either of the girl’s fathers because they were not anywhere near sixty years old.

June finally after three years of teasing me about her old man lover finally told me, “He was Sally’s across the street neighbor. Her Grandfather, her mother’s dad, Grandpa Paul. And he lived just down the street from me for all my life up till that time.”

“Paul owned and operated several large apartment complexes. He had a large house with a swimming pool in the back backyard. He was really in good physical condition for almost being 70-years-old. He worked out at the YMCA several times a week. He swam every day at the Y’s pool or his own pool in the summer season.”

“Sally and I grew up from toddlers swimming in that pool,” June said. Gramps and his wife, when she was still alive, were just like grandparents to me. Her grandmother was a small women like Sally was growing up to be. She had no breast to speak of either, only big long nipples, just like Sally end up having when she became an adult.”

“I saw grandma naked once when we were changing into our swim suits. I was about 14 at the time and already filling out chest wise with big nipples. Grandma saw this and wanted to know if any of my boyfriends had sucked on them yet. Of course I said no, which was the truth.”

Sally’s grandmother then turned her naked chest to me and took hold of her nipples with both fingers and said, “Even though mine are quit small my Paul likes to suck on them. He also likes to mouth my pussy too. And that make me feels so good.”

June went on to me, “Grandma said to me, when you get old dear a better knowing nice boy or even a man is going to want to use his mouth on you so be sure to let him as you will find out that that is some of the very best sex to have. That was the first time that I had heard firsthand about having oral sex.”

Sally’s grandmother died from breast cancer the next year,” June said.

“I found out later that Gramps was a real stud and ladies man and had many girlfriends before and after his wife died. After his wife died Grandpa Paul had a live in who did his house keeping and also his private fuck. She was divorced and was a really nice pretty woman of about 40-years old and just loved to fuck that old man.”

“We found out later that they were swingers just like he and his wife had been when she was alive. He would have several couples over to his house for nude swimming and fuck parties. He entertained some fine looking naked women in that pool. I guess gramps was still a big stud even though he was getting older.”

“Well our sexual love affair with Grandpa Paul started one day at the close of summer just a couple of weeks before our senior year at high school stated,” June said. “We both had just turned 18 years old in July and the first of August. Sally and I went over to his house to swim on that hot Sunday at the end of August. We went in our newly acquired skimpy, next to nothing, bikini two-piece swimsuits.”

“We two had gone shopping the day before on Saturday for any the fall special sales that they had just stared. And on a dare to each other we tried on the skimpy two piece bikini at one store. We stood together looking and admiring ourselves in the full-length mirror in the fitting room booth.” massage porno

“The skimpy top material just barley covered my big areolas and nipples on the ends of my big almost grow up tits. Of course Sally did not have that much to cover up on her chest. I had all kinds of red genitalia hair sticking out from under the suit material all over my crotch area. So did Sally but hers was dark black in color. We two were not into shaving our pubic hair back then.”

Sally’s mother would have a fit and nix it if she knew that she had bought those skimpy swimsuits. My dad wouldn’t like it either. So we naughty girls bought them anyway. We took them home to stun and shock the world and show to all the two newly arrived sexy young women.”

“At 18, my breasts were almost to their full adult size, that I have now but my nipples were already as big on top of my big puffy areolas. I was so proud of my big breast and how they were filling out the very little cloth top covering of my new swimsuit,” June said.

“On the other had,” June said, “Sally had no breast at all to speck of and was very flat chested but she had already developed her extra big nipples. They showed off their presents under the skimpy material as big sharp points in her bikini top.”

“The bottoms had just a little covering batch in the front and a string of material the got lost in between our ass cheeks in the back. And as I said we both had a lot of public hair showing.”

June went on, “So we did the barber thing the next morning. We shaved and trimmed our crotches just before we went off to grandpa’s pool to swim. I was over at Sally’s house as her folks and little brother had went somewhere for the day. We got naked and up on her bed. Sally had the most hair to shave and trim as she had really thick black pussy hair. She had a great quantity of crotch hair. Her hair grew from almost her waist, down over her pussy and way up into her ass cheeks.”

“I use to tease her about how hairy she had become in last several years. I said to her, you are lucky to have such long nipples because someone might mistake you for a boy because you are so flat chested and have hairy legs. And, no one can tell through your big forest of pussy hair if you have a penis or a vagina down there.”

Then June went on and told me, “I had moderate amount of red orangey color hair in my groin. Not too much down under my crotch and none up my ass crack.

“We trimmed each other, She did me first then her. I had to go way up past Sally’s rosebud because she was so hairy. I only left a tuft of curly black hair above Sally’s labia lips and a little along side of her slit. When I was done with her, I looked over my scissor and razor work.”

“All my hand and finger work down there had her all hot and horny. Her pussy lips were enlarging and opening and I could see into her pink depth of her love canal. She was starting to emit her runny juices. I was not that aroused but still if had felt cool to have Sally’s finger down on my pussy shaving me.”

“But all that my fingering Sally’s privets was getting her really arouse. I do not know what made me do it but, it just seamed like the most natural thing to do. I put my head down between Sally’s legs stared to kiss and lick all over her now beautiful clean hairless pussy. I suck her clitoris up in my mouth and she just shrieked out with pleasure.”

“Then I swung my legs over her head and pushed my pussy down into her face and her willing tongue. So, we had our first girl, girl, pussy eating, 69 session together.

When we both had a very good climax we laid together and talked about we had just done. We both agreed that we were going to keep making love to each other because it had made us feel so good and very special.”

“That morning we thought of ourselves as two sexy chicks. We really thought that we were growing up, masturbating and now giving oral sex climaxes to each other. Then I said to Sally, “Now girl we just have to find us a couple of boys to have real sex with.”

“I said to Sally, you know girl neither one of us has ever seen an erect penis yet. Then I corrected myself and said except for the time a couple of months ago when I saw my dad masturbating in his bedroom because his door was open.

“Sally said, yea June and you telling me about his big cock made both of us so hot that we had to do ourselves right then. You said your dad had a really long thick pecker too.”

“I told Sally, I wonder if there are any boys our age that have a large penis too or do they have to be grown up men to get that big. Oh, hell I said I just want to see and handle my first hard and erect penis, large or small. I do so want to touch one.”

“I said to Sally, do you suppose that we can get a guy to masturbate in front of us and show us some of that semen that they have? Remember I said that my dad climaxed with a loud grunt but came in a hand towel and I never could see his semen come out his thingy end.”

“I meet-suck and fuck porno wonder if when they have that white stuff coming out of there pee holes, that we have seen them do in magazines, if their climax make them feel as good as we girls do when we have orgasms.”

“So that hot late August afternoon, in our new bikini bathing suits and with towels over our shoulders we went to grandpa’s pool. We did not expect anybody to be home there. We thought that gramps was out of town. We went around to the back of the house and through his privacy fence gate and into the pool area. There he was! Oh lordly, was Grandpa Paul ever so much there!”

“Grandpa was stretched out, totally naked, at poolside, lying down on his back on a chase lawn chair. His wet trunks, a towel and a bottle of sun tan lotion were lying beside his chair. His cock was fully erect and up and so very big and hard. I had never seen except for my dad’s. Grandpa Paul’s was a lot longer and much bigger around than my dad’s little six-incher. Gramps pecker was standing straight up out of his loins all in his great glory nakedness.”

“He looked like an old man Greek god to me. He had full head of snow-white hair. There was curly white to grayish hair on his big-barreled chest. He had grayish to black tight curly crotch hair and hairy legs. Standing up in the middle of this groin hair was the loveliest big and proud penis imaginable. I must have been eight-inches long and so very thick, with a big purple circumcised, mushroom head on it. For my first man’s penis up close to me it was truly most spectacular.”

“His hand was rapped around his stand up penis and he was moving it up and down. His hand motion went all the way from his shaft base clear up and over his big end in his penis. He had his eyes shut and was moaning out softly and chanting. “It feels so good, oh, god it feels good,” he said to no one in particular. “Oh god, I wish some woman cunt was riding my cock right now. And I was on top of her shoving my cock in her wet runny cunt and sucking on her big tits”

June went on, “Seeing him there naked and hearing him talk dirty made me get embarrassed. I started to turn around and leave but, Sally stopped me and whispered lets watch him. She pulled me by my arm right up beside him. He still had his eyes shut and didn’t know we were there. Looking at him jacking his large hard cock was so unbelievable hot and horny.”

“Sally couldn’t stand it and put her hand down between her legs and under the small covering patch of her bikini. She dug her fingers deep in her virgin pussy slit.”

“Watching him and now seeing Sally’s fingers deep in her pussy was just too much for me also so removed my bikini’s bottom and started to rub my own pussy for all I was worth too.”

“You know me Mike. I am so loud when I climax. Well it was not any different when I was only eighteen. I started to climax and was very vocal about it.”

“Grandpa Paul opened his eyes and was startled at the two young women there by his side fingering there pussy. He was in complete and utter surprise. He quickly covered up his erect cock and his crotch with his towel and said, ‘Oh my god what are you girls doing here?’ Because he had not cum yet his towel was standing up like a circus tent.”

“He said, you girls should not have seen me doing that to myself and I should certainly not be seeing you two do that to yourselves with your fingers.”

“Sally was just going into her climax and could not speak so I did, “Oh Grandpa Paul we saw you naked here with your big erect penis. You were so sexy doing that to yourself. Please don’t cover up, please keep doing that thing.”

“Then Sally stared to talk to her granddad. “June and I both masturbate a lot and we know that is what you were doing. I think that you men call it jacking off don’t you. We want so much to see you shoot out your semen. We have never seen a man jack off and shoot semen before.”

“Do your orgasms feel as good as our do when we finger ourselves to a climax, grandpa? See how wet my vagina is gramps and she stuck her two wet dripping fingers in her mouth and licked them off. See how runny my pussy got grandpa? Seeing you here all naked with such a big stiffly is so great Sally said.”

“Grandpa Paul said to his grand daughter, no, no little girl you should not do that in front me. I should not be undress in front of you two let alone masturbating. It’s not right, I think it is called incest or something to be doing this.”

“I noted that his cock had not gone all the soft under his towel for he still had a pretty good tent there. So to get him back in the mood I took off my bikini top and exposed my young but large breasts to him in all my nakedness. Then I to started to finger my pussy again and held my tits up to his old whiskered face.”

Then June said, “I told him, oh gramps wouldn’t you like to suck these for real instead of make-believe ones that we heard you were talking about when you eyes closed just a minute ago.”

“Oh dear, dear sweet little June you are developing to quite the shapely young woman,” gramps said to me. “You are getting such big luscious breast. But I can’t do it. It is so wrong and I could get into a lot of trouble with you parents or the even the law I think.”

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