Sexual Release

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Spent for now, both collapse onto the bed, their bodies glisten with sweat. They’ve been fucking on and off for hours taking breaks after they each cum. The bedroom reeks of sex and cigarette smoke, the bed covered in sweat and cum. They have only one thing in make up for the lost time.

Cum is oozing out of her well fucked pussy, sliding down in between the crack of her ass. dripping onto the bed. Her pussy is screaming for mercy, but is begging for more at the same time. He’s above average and thick. He knows just what to do to make her pussy cream over and over again. They just can’t get enough…of sex, of each other, they want it all.

He’s up off the bed now, tying her hands to the headboard, but leaving her feet untied. She loves wrapping her legs around him, pulling him into her. He’s down by her feet, she tries to move away but he holds fast. Grumbling, she gives in.

He’s slowly moving up her now, touching, tasting, exploring. Always new places to explore, to touch, to tease, to love. She’s wiggling and pulling against the restraints. She realizes this is a useless task so she lays still, once again giving in. He’s sending electricity throughout her body again and again with each touch of his fingers, lips, and tongue.

Her head is back, eyes are closed, and she’s moaning when she feels his hot breath on her pussy before feeling his tongue on her clit. Pulling her legs up, planting her feet firmly or as firmly as she can on the bed his tongue attacks her clit and his illegal bahis fingers attack her pussy. Soon, all of his fingers are inside her, his hand, too. Fisting her again and again.

She growls, grunts, moans, groans, and gasps for air as he fucks her. She wants him inside of her again, but he isn’t going to let it be that easy. He continues fisting her, she’s arching her back, fucking in return. She cums harder than ever and ends up passing out.

He takes notice of this, he’s been watching her from below. He gets up, crawling up her, he slides his cock hard and fast in her. She’s sound asleep, she doesn’t notice it. He fucks her hard and fast. Harder, faster, harder, faster.

After filling her again, he pulls out and unties her before laying down beside her. He lays there watching her sleep, moving her black hair away from her face with such care not to wake her up. She looks like an Angel, but she is his Princess. His Pagan Princess. And he loves her.

He’s still watching her when she rouses from her sleep. She smiles at him when she notices him. Love is there in his eyes and happiness too.

She sees it, feels it, and wonders if it could get any better than this?

Every muscle in her body is screaming for mercy, her body aches and what she needs is a warm shower. She gets up, very, very slowly and walks to the bathroom, turning on the water. She steps inside, pulling the ‘plug’ , she stands still, letting the water run down her body.

“Ahh, that feels good!”, she says illegal bahis siteleri as she tips her head back, getting her hair wet, washes it then rinses.

Grabbing her body wash, she washes every inch of her skin and steps into the water to rinse off before standing still again. She’s so weak, so well fucked. He’s still laying in bed, waiting for her even though he can join her, if he wishes. He stays there.

Water turned off, she’s standing there dripping wet. Not bothering to dry off she walks back to the bedroom. Standing there, naked. His eyes are feasting on her and for some reason she doesn’t seem to care.

“What are you looking at with such hunger?”

“Simple. You.”

“Aww. Now, why would you do that?”


“Cause why?”

“Cause, I can.”

“Fair enough.”

She walks slowly to the bed, swaying her hips slightly. She spins around as if dancing to a beat that only she can hear. A bounce to her step and a smile on her face. Happiness, pure fucking happiness.

She jumps on the bed and straddles him. She nuzzles his neck with her nose before biting him. Her pussy is pressing right against his hardening cock, she teasingly wiggles against him. She moves back and kisses him, hard before moving down his body, to his cock that is now completely hard.

She licks him from head to base and back again before shoving him inside her wet, warm mouth. Her teeth lightly grazing his skin, but not so hard it causes a lot of pain. She sucks him hard, canlı bahis siteleri fast. Harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, and faster. She uses her right hand to massage his balls while her left hand has ahold of his shaft, gently squeezing and loosening. Like kegels.

She lifts her head up, letting his cock pop out of her mouth, she takes a breath before plunging down again, shoving his cock deep inside her throat, causing her gag reflex to react. She’s had enough, pulls him out again and straddles him. Rocking slightly back and forth as she spreads her legs so he’ll go real deep.

Now, she can lift up and slide him inside her. God, she’s wet, so fucking wet and all it took was seeing him watch her. Inch by inch he fills her.

Now, this is completion! Besides, the fact that they are together now. Again. Always.

This time is different. She doesn’t fuck him, she makes love WITH him! Slow, passionately. Sure, there’s nipping and scratching, but she doesn’t mind it. She loves being bitten and scratched. Sitting up, she gives him full access to her breasts and clit. His hands are on her ass however.

That’s fine too. She loves the feeling of his hands on her skin, loves the feeling of him inside her. Completing her. Loving her.

The lovemaking doesn’t last for long, it soon turns into full fledged fucking. Each building their orgasms. Moving toward them they finally reach it and cum at the same time. Him filling her and she’s pulling his seed in with each contraction of hers.

Filled once again, tired once more. She collapes to the bed, she kisses him again before curling close to him and falls asleep on his chest. Happy. He eventually falls asleep, too. With her, his companion, in his arms. Finally!

~The End~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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