Sex with In-Laws Ch. 01

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My wife was a divorcee when we started dating. The third offspring among two brothers and two sisters, she is of an exotic Asian origin, great legs, a fantastic smile, and repressed sexuality when I met her. Marriage to her former spouse had been a living nightmare. Jasmin had plenty of potential in to develop her personality, her career, and her sensuality, but the existence of a dominant husband who objected to the idea of a woman with an independent mind held her back. Till we met. And we got married five years thereafter. She was like a wild horse let loose. She told me all the fantasies she had, explained to me why she had boyfriends that she fucked while she was still married to her ex. That was the only way. In the community she lived in, the people formed a close-knit bond, and if her ex had discovered that she was having her fun outside, he would go to her mother, and this would be an indirect form of reprimand since it would cause embarrassment. So she had to be discreet almost every minute of her life.

When we got married, I was the first ‘foreigner’ to be welcomed into the family. Not too fond of me at first, my mother-in-law, Lyah, began accepting me as a son-in-law soon thereafter, and I became a regular visitor to her house. At her age, 55, she still had a figure that outshone her sisters, and many much younger women would be envious of her too. Lyah was the backbone of the family, running her own traditional bridal-makeover and wedding-organizing company. She wears the traditional Javanese long gown and a scarf that conceals her hair when she goes out, revealing little of her physique but leaving a lot to the imagination. But I knew more than most people, since as a frequent guest in her house, she wears lesser garments – a pair of loose fitting pants and a blouse. No hair-veil. And a full set of good healthy teeth.

No wonder her husband, my father-in-law Ran was rather possessive over her. He was about 60, but was still as strong as an ox, getting up at 5 each morning for work. The manual-labor job kept him as fit as his wife was. A good, quiet man, he enjoys conversations with me about politics and religion, often for the purpose of exchanging ideas and lending a liberal tone to the conservative concepts he said were man-made out of selfish attitudes and a sense of insecurity among many. While Lyah was fair-complexioned and more oriental-like, Ran was tanned, like a Mexican. Both husband and wife had experience-lines showing on their faces.

They found me intriguing, my liberal attitude towards life a contrast to theirs, especially Jasmin’s siblings, who were prudes, conservative and insecure in nature. Notwithstanding their hold on traditional views and a narrow outlook in life, they suffered from marital estrangement with their respective spouses every now and then. They could not discipline their kids, among whom I was a hit with; the kids, Jasmin’s nephews and nieces, found me a more credible source of authority, perhaps due to my culture and profession in the legal field. Naturally this irked my brothers and sisters-in-law, but they said little, since they required my assistance and counsel with regards to their marital disputes every now and then. They found my wife Jasmin a changed person, with a glow on her face as compared to her previous life with her ex. Jasmin became more successful in her career, a more happy person, and we were the only couple in the family now that was stable, apart from Lyah and Ran of course.

And I should have known why Jasmin’s parents had a successful marriage for 41 years now. Little did I know how progressive a mentality they had. And the hyperactive sex life they still shared.

The family had a weekend holiday home across the border from where we live, that we would go to on weekends to unwind and to get groceries for much cheaper. It was a semi-detached two storey house with a lot of privacy in a serene neighbourhood. Jasmin’s job called for her to work on weekends most of the time, so it would just be me, Lyah, and Ran that made the trip ménage-a-trois. And it was during such an occasion that it all started, a flash in the pan that turned into a regular affair.

The three of us were relaxing in the living room, with Lyah and Ran on the long couch and me facing them diagonally on a separate seat as we watched television and carried on an intermittent conversation. Ran had his shirt off and was wearing a bleached pair of jeans, and Lyah a sarong that showed off her time-moulded curves. He had a foot on her lap as she cut his nails for him, a regular gesture that I found to reflect the passion they still shared.

Then a sexily dressed character appeared in a scene of the movie we were watching, and Ran cat-whistled, mocking admiration for the woman, for which he received a pinch on his ribs that made him twitch in retreat as they both laughed.

“What if I admired a man? Would you be jealous?” Lyah teased Ran.

“Not in a million years! Go right ahead!” He said teasingly.

“Oh really! Well, then, don’t blame me if I do fall for a westerner, they do have huge cocks you know!” She rebutted, revealing the popular view among Asians that all Caucasians had big dicks.

“Well then, don’t look far. czech taxi porno We have Jimmy here, he has western roots! And I am sure a big thing too!” He said, causing me a sudden feeling of awkwardness.

“I am sure he does! Just look at how happy Jasmin looks all the time these days.” Lyah, to my astonishment at her sudden open-talk, compared to her usual conservative disposition in the presence of her other kids.

“But too bad he will find you too old, just too weak as compared to our daughter or any younger woman! Hahaha!” He continued to tease her.

“I doubt Jimmy is like that. If anything, I am sure he would date me anytime. He won’t be like you, he won’t find me too old. After all, look at my figure!”

“What do you say to that Jimmy?” Ran asked me.

I paused to think, not sure if it was appropriate to answer. Then I went with the flow. “First of all, I am sure you have a big thing too. Secondly, yes, Lyah, you’re a knockout. I would date you. But I rather watch you two make love, I am sure I can learn a thing or two from you experienced people!”

They laughed.

Then Lyah said, “He’s too shy to show off his cock in your presence Jimmy!”

“No I am not! Why would I? Jimmy has exactly what I have, ain’t that right Jimmy boy!”

“You got that right old boy!” I laughed.

“Why don’t we have a contest?” Lyah suggested.

“What contest?” Ran asked.

“Both of you, take your cocks out….let’s see who has a bigger one.”

“So what will the winner get?” Ran asked.

“What do you want?” Lyah asked.

“Let’s make it fair. Regardless who has the bigger one, you’d have to strip for us. Just strip and continue sitting with us and watching TV. Ok?”

Lyah was a business woman, and not one to turn down a challenge that was harmless and fun. “You’re on!” She said.

I watched as Ran lifted his hips, straightening his body and began unbuckling his belt, unzipping his jeans, and then pushing it down his thighs till he got his ankles out of them. He did not remove his brown underpants, but simply pushed it down to his hips, letting his flaccid cock and dangly balls swing out. Lyah observed her husband with a grin on her face.

“Come on Jimmy! Do your thing!” Ran urged me. I still had my shirt on, so I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt, threw it on the floor, then undid my trousers too, letting the garment fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it away. Then I sat down again and like Ran, I pushed the waist band of my underwear down to my hips. I held my piece, trying to conceal as much of it as possible, till Lyah leaned over with a kind smile and told me to remove my hand from my crotch. Ran’s penis was long, slim and dark, the circumcised foreskin revealing a well-worn pale-brown cap. He looked at my dick, and smiled approvingly. He was stroking his, and gestured for me to stroke mine. Our sizes would be judged at full erection. However, unlike him, who was used to his wife’s presence, I found it hard to get mine up in front of my dear mother-in-law. Noticing my problem, Ran told his wife, “Go on! Give him a hand! He’s after all your son-in-law!” when he said this, my mind went back to the time when some Asian cultures practiced incest. Theirs, Ran’s and Lyah’s, was one of them. I had read a book on Anthropology, and could not help recalling the basic tenet of DNA concepts, that ‘Good habits die hard’. But when these cultures practiced incest, it was not out of lust or perversion; rather, it was a lifestyle, a cultural necessity. My wife Jasmin had told me how her ex, while he was a dominant beast, had once suggested the two of them seducing one of her female cousins who was married. She said that she would have obliged had I been her husband, but not him, since in their relationship he allowed himself to cross boundaries, but prohibited her from doing so.

Lyah slid down the long couch from her husband’s side, knee-walked to me, positioning herself between my knees, and lifted my flaccid cock in her warm experienced palm. She looked up at men, her smile showing lots of teeth which I found sexy, that trademark toothy grin.

“How often do you fuck Jasmin?” She asked.

At once I felt a twitch in my penis as it grew a little.

“Twice or three times a week.”

“That’s all?”

“Why…you fuck more?”

“I would if I were her.”

I grew even more.

“She suck you like this?” She asked, pulling my shaft towards her mouth and taking my cock between her lips. Her tongue zeroing into my pee-hole in her mouth, then twirling in circles around the head. Ran was watching from his seat, and I could see the veins beneath the dark foreskin of his cock becoming more prominent as his cock hardened, it’s blood-gorged cap glossy as his hand moved up and down. I felt guilty.

“I hope it’s alright with you.” I said looking at him.

“Jimmy, I love my wife. She loves me. But the reason we have been together in this marriage this long is due to one simple fact: ‘Love and sex are too completely different things.” Ran said, smiling.

Lyah had more of my cock in her mouth now, her sucking growing in intensity.

“That’s what I told Jasmin!” I said to him, defloration porno glad we shared the same opinion about sex and marriage.

Lyah suddenly released my cock from her mouth. “I know that.” She said.

“How do you know what I told Jasmin?” I asked her, looking down between my knees into her eyes.

“She told me you told her. I may be old, but unlike my other children, Jasmin’s brothers and sisters, I dare say I have a more modern outlook. Men were never created as a monogamous specie.”

From behind her a few feet away, Ran teased, “And what about women?”

Lyah did not bother to turn to look at him, she simply said, “Look at what I am doing now, you tell me!” She said and back my cock went into her warm wet mouth and she gave my shaft a playful bite as she resumed sucking with glee showing in her articulate face. I enjoyed how her other hand that was not holding my shaft was discreetly and expertly manipulating my testicles.

Then my cock popped out of her mouth and she said we were ready to compare our tools. Before she got up, she whispered to me with a wicked grin, “I can tell you that you have a damn good chance!” And she returned to the long couch, asking Ran if he needed help too, but he shook his head. “come over here Jimmy.” Lyah invited.

I stood up, walked over to where they were seated. Lyah guided me so that I had to place my legs astride my father-in-law’s thighs, bringing my knees to rest on the edge of the couch, thereby lowering my hips till my cock and his were almost in contact. I could not help but feel a sensation up my spine, an excitement at bringing my own manhood next to another man’s. Lyah moved closer against her husband, then began examining our cocks, touching, holding, manipulating every part. Being in the bridal-wear business she had easy access to a fabric-type measuring tape which she used to measure us both. Ran’s was around 7 ¾ inches in length, and mine almost 9, with more girth than his. I beat him by almost 1 ¼ inches. But for an Asian, he was above average. I was glad he wasn’t intimidated; instead, he seemed excited at the prospects of what was happening. Lyah laughed, saying I had won. But before I could move away, she stopped me, and took hold of both our cocks in her hands and began sucking mine, then his. Her body was twisted in an awkward position, leaning on her side facing away from Ran, so I knew she could not last long that way. When she alternated sucking us, I shuddered at the thought that my own cock was coated with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum from my father-in-law’s. Lyah’s sucking intensified, and she wanted our cocks together, so she pulled my flesh against his, playfully rubbing my cock-head against his. I knew what my mother-in-law wanted. So I withdrew momentarily, knelt on a large floor cushion to elevate me a bit, and lifted my father-in-law’s legs by their knees as if I was about to sodomize him. Then I rested my balls against his, my dick coming up along his; My mother-in-law smiled, knowing I as doing what she had in mind. Then I released his legs so that his knees fell to the sides of my hips. Grabbing both our cocks together and squeezing them hard against one another, she brought her mouth down and slowly tried engulfing both heads at the same time, her mouth drooling with saliva and her tongue lashing out all over our raw and blunt cock-tips and in between. Both Ran and me held her head, pushing her down to force our cocks into her mouth, and she had this focused determined look with ‘Ummph! Ummph!’ sounds emerging from her throat, as she tried to suck two cocks at one go. Ran was reaching out sideways and slapping Lyah’s ass encouragingly. I reached into her blouse and moved my hand into her bra to squeeze her tits.

“Can we do this upstairs in the bedroom? Ran said impatiently.

With a dissatisfied look on her face, Lyah withdrew herself from us, got up and waited for us to follow. We made our way up the stairs, turned right into the master bedroom, leaving the door wide ajar since there was nobody else around. She removed her sarong and blouse, leaving just her bra and pastel blue undies on, and plunged herself down on the bed. I stood at the edge and gestured for her to allow me to remove her panties. She straightened her legs out towards me and I reached down to her waist, dug my fingers into the waist band and pulled her panties off. I spread the fabric out over my fingers and brought it up to my nostrils, breathing in deeply with a happy sigh. Then I was surprised as Ran took my cock in his palm to look at my organ, saying it was indeed large and good. He then went on to feel my balls, his rough hand manipulating them with intrigue. saying they must contain gallons of semen which would flood a woman’s womb. I was apprehensive at first, but realized he was simply appreciating another man’s tool, so I dismissed any suspicion of his being bisexual. I continued to kiss and taste my mother-in-law’s panties, searching for discharge-stains, found some that were faint, and ran my tongue into them.

“Nice?” Lyah asked, leaning back on her elbows with her toothy grin and looking up at me, her legs parted to reveal what I wanted, wild patch of scarce pubic fake agents porno hair concealing well-seasoned cunt lips.

“You taste so good.” I replied.

“Let’s get on the bed so she can suck us both again.” Ran said.

I helped him position himself such that we lied down with our heads at opposite ends of the bed’s length, or legs intertwined so that our butts and balls came up against one another while our cocks ran parallel upwards. I was aroused by his balls pressing against mine, and was grateful that he too did not mind coming into physical contact that way to achieve our aim – to fuck Lyah simultaneously. The end justifies the means, and we were letting ourselves enhance the pleasure of the other while my mother-in-law went to work. This time, in a more comfortable position, Lyah crouched over us and began sucking us both with a finesse I had seldom experienced in a younger woman. She did so with such expertise that only a woman of such seniority and regular experience as her would know how to suck with such passion and sincere appreciation for each sexual act or position, and the significance of each part. Each touch, no matter how slight, each brush of the hand or forehand, or each time wherever she rested her palm, was done with precision to arouse, via silent encouragement, acceptance, and surrender of her soul. I call it the marriage of the souls. Only with such a woman could you achieve the merging of three souls into one. No holds barred. It was beautiful, a priceless gift innate in us all only to be realized and materialized. All limitations, boundaries, and taboo in life are self-imposed superficial rules to satisfy some hidden agenda. These people here with me were free, and they made me feel free.

Her head bobbed down on our cocks. I could feel each time Ran’s organ twitched, or each time he squirmed, and I knew he could feel mine too. She sucked us both at the same time, then one at a time. When Ran felt me twitch while his wife worked on the underside of my shaft, he knew it felt good to me, and he made encouraging comments to her to intensify what she was doing.

“That’s it”, he said, “give him more of that!”

“Mmm…mmm….mmm….mmm…”! sounds she emitted each time she plunged her mouth down on one or both cocks.

I would jerk my hip upwards to stab my cock deeper to the back of the throat, and she’d meet each thrust fervently.

“Jimmy?” My father-in-law called, as we let Lyah continue her sucking. To her sucking a cock was just as satisfying as being licked. She would later tell me that in her culture, it was a rewarding and blessed thing to suck a husband’s cock; in fact, there was an unwritten allegiance women in her culture had towards members of the same culture in submitting themselves sexually and giving preference to, even when a woman was married to an ‘outsider’. But this was a tradition no longer practised, but I now enjoyed it’s privileges since I was family.

“Yes?” I answered to my father-in-law’s calling.

“Does my daughter Jasmin suck as good?”

“Why don’t you find out?” I asked, Lyah turning her head to look at me and smile, my cock stretching the corner of her lips.

“You don’t mind?” Ran asked.

“Course not. I owe you one too, and I love this.”

“Nobody know this, but in our younger days, just before marriage, a friend of mine and I took your mother-in-law to a secluded spot on the beach one day and we fucked her brains out!” Ran revealed. I could feel this spurred my mother-in-law on even more.

“You’re kidding!”

“Not at all! He was my good friend, and I was dating her. I realized after seeing how good she was that I had to take her as my wife!” Ran laughed.

It was time to move on. Lyah got up, positioned herself astride us, and lowered herself till her gaping cunt hovered above our moist dicks. We steadied our shafts with our hands, ensuring we were tightly pressed against one another, and slowly took our time in getting us both into my mother-in-law simultaneously. Little by little we entered her, first him, then me, then him again. As we moved in, she got wet, and the lubricated passageway made it easier to skew her. I was disappointed not to face her back, cause I wanted to poke a finger into her ass for a taste.

Then she began bouncing up and down, carefully at first so neither of us would be squeezed out. We stretched her cunt to the limit, and it could rip her; but the experienced woman that she was, showed no fear nor retreat. Any pain would be welcomed. The sight of her cunt was itself such a turn on, it was one of the most beautiful sights in the world. I massaged her twat, my thumb lifting and pressing her clit. I sensed Ran working his finger into her rectum. It got really crowded in there. Her thighs were wide apart to the maximum. She began bouncing harder. We started to fuck her simultaneously, gaining momentum, and a rhythm. Her juices flowed down between our balls. It was all squashy now. I tugged at her fur. She took her bra off, revealing sagged but lovable breasts. I wanted to kiss them, so she stopped bouncing and lowered her nipples to my face. I sucked one, then the other, as I felt Ran’s finger vigorously stabbing into her anus as she bent in that position. Then I kissed her, and I knew she had never kissed that way or enjoyed a kiss like that before. She sucked on my tongue. My hands worked her tits as we kissed. She breathe into my mouth, her laughter as we kissed showing how she was grateful for this, and it aroused me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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