Sex In The City

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I am a 32 young single guy and this was going to be a promise I was happy to keep. My 18 year-old niece, Jana, phoned to remind me of one I had made to her over 6 years ago and it was one which she wasn’t about to allow me to renege on.

Years earlier I was talking with her about some great restaurants I had frequented in New York City and the wonderful theater shows I had seen there. She got excited and asked if she would ever be able to go.

Jana had been adopted as a very young girl and was living with her mother (my sister-in-law) up in central Pennsylvania. There was little likelihood of them ever making a trip to the City so I told her that for her 18th. Birthday I would not only take her to whatever shows she wanted to see but also a couple of New York’s best restaurants. I had completely forgotten about the promise until that phone call.

Her trip was scheduled for a month or so out and her visit was going to be over a weekend. The trip was originally scheduled for Thursday through Sunday but she had to cancel Thursday so it was going to be shortened a bit. She was going to take a Greyhound bus into the City leaving home on Friday morning and arriving in NYC around noon where I would meet her. This would get her into the City in plenty of time to check into the hotel and still allow us time to do some sightseeing and then just knock-about before grabbing a casual dinner.

The theater tickets and after theater supper reservations were for Saturday night. I would drive her back home on late Sunday afternoon.

Did I mention this 18-year-old has the body and face of a calendar beauty? Lovely tits; the size of a martini glass, small waist, tiny hips, about 110 pounds, long blonde hair, tan and 5’4″.

My fingers were crossed with the hope of things to come.

I made the reservation at the Marriott Hotel on Times Square. It is right in the center of things and at $235 a night, a little more reasonably priced than some of the others in town. Our reservation was for a large bedroom with 2 queen- sized beds. I was going to tell her I tried for separate rooms but the place was booked solid and there weren’t any more available. Who knows what might come of the weekend. Right? What’s the old Boy Scout motto — ‘A good scout is always prepared’?

Her bus trip went off perfectly and she was stepping off the Greyhound bus at 11:30 AM with an ear-to-ear smile, her blue eyes flashing, her hair was swinging from side to side and her face as bubbly as a glass of the finest champagne. She was set for what she obviously hoped was going to be a fantastic weekend.

A short cab ride over to the hotel and we were checked in by noon. She bought, without a fuss, the excuse about not having separate rooms.

We unpacked our luggage and were back downstairs by one. She had never visited the City before so it was easy showing her things she had only heard or read about. She had seen the sidewalk hot dog vendors on some TV travel show and wanted to act like a ‘real New Yorker’ and enjoy one of those with a can of Coke. No sweat…a cheap luncheon date!

She then wanted to see Wall Street and one of the stock exchanges so a cab ride to Lower Manhattan brought us to the NYSE for a quick tour. Another cab brought us to Chinatown to enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas wafting out of almost every shop. We walked down Canal Street to enjoy a spumoni in an Italian ice cream shop in the heart of Little Italy. By then it was close to four so I suggested a quick cab ride back to the hotel to get ready to go out for a casual bite.

Instead of going directly to our room we stopped off at the lobby café in the Marriott to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and chat about all of the things we were going to be doing over the next several days. The wine was opening her up even more and it was great to hear how excited she was about the trip. She was sitting on the edge of the chair and bubbling about all the excitement she was soon to enjoy. Her lovely breasts were bouncing up and down with each of her movements and my imagination was running wild. Oh, how I would love to have my face between those sweet tits right then.

When we got to the room I said I was going to take a nap, wake at 7:30, shower and be ready for a casual night on the town. While I was napping Jana was going to read through the travel magazine the hotel provides in each room.

Everything went fine right up until the time we were headed for a shower. We had our backs to each other and standing on opposite sides of the bedroom while we were stripping for our showers and as we turned. Uhhhh O. I had partially undressed and was in my skivvies and she had dropped her jeans and top and was in her bra and panties when we stopped in front of the bathroom door looking at each other. How were we going to work this out?

“Jana, how about you jumping into the shower while I am shaving at the sink? The shower curtain will be drawn so you will have all the privacy you need and when you are through showering I will be through shaving I’ll wrap a towel around czech harem porno myself and hand one into the shower for you to do the same and we can then swap positions.”

My mind was going a little crazy just thinking about the exquisite nude body that was going to be just on the other side of that shower curtain and under that towel.

Sounds good. Right? Not so fast. She went into the bathroom and tossed her dirty underwear into the laundry bag in the clothes closet behind the bathroom door and took that sensual body of hers into the shower.

I heard the shower running so I went in to shave. Shaving only takes a relatively short time and we were chatting over the noise of the shower while we were each doing our thing. I used a hand towel to wipe off my face, then realized the hotel staff had only provided us with a couple of hand towels. I told Jana of the problem and said I would have housekeeping rush up some more towels.

While I was raising hell with housekeeping I heard the shower stop, then some rustling around in the bathroom.

When I looked up Jana was standing in the center of the room drying her self with the one very small hand towel. God, I didn’t realize just how drop-dead gorgeous this girl was!

There was a knock on the door and I was handed a pile of assorted towels.

I reluctantly tossed Jana one of the large bath towels hoping she wouldn’t be able to catch it and force her to bend over to pick it up and expose her lovely pussy lips to me. She barely moved other than to catch the towel before continuing to dry herself but she had made no attempt to cover her beautiful naked body.

I mumbled something about it being my turn in the shower and joked that if she wanted to wash my back… I certainly wouldn’t turn her down.

She gave me a devilish laugh and teasingly said “maybe another time.”

I could see she had lovely protruding tits and was almost completely shaved in her crotch. The area surrounding her tits and her stomach around her pussy was completely tanned. She must have a thong bathing suit, which would drive me up the wall to see her on the beach wearing one of those things.

She looked at me and started to cry. What the hell was wrong? “Jana, C’mere please.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed I held each of her hands and asked what was bothering her.

She said, “Uncle Bill, I am such a phony.”

I stopped her right there—“Drop the ‘Uncle’ and just call me Bill. What the hell are you talking about, ‘phony’?

“I act like I am a ‘know all about sex” woman and I don’t know diddle squat about it. I am a virgin.”

“Honey, don’t give it another thought. We can act like you do and no one will ever know the difference.”

“But I will,” she sobbed.

“What are you suggesting Jana?”

“Will you teach me Bill?”

I knew this was the booze talking and it would be a disaster if I took advantage of her while she was in this state.

“Jana, lie down beside me and we will both take a nap and then talk about this later. OK?”

She was sleeping as soon as she hit the pillow. The trip and wine had taken their toll.

No problem, I was spooning to her and gently holding her breast in my hand. It was firm and I was getting excited beyond anything I could imagine. I reached down and gently touched her mound and the meaty lips of her pussy. It was almost completely shaved and just touching it was giving me shivers up and down the backs of my legs wondering just how far this would go.

Right about then she rolled over and faced me but was still asleep, or so I thought. As we were lying there I started to feel something rubbing against my cock through my skivvies. It was her hand.

She opened her eyes and purred seductively. “Are you going to teach me all about it now?”

Her hard nipples were pushing against my chest and she was pressing her quivering mound firmly against me.

She was lying flat on her back and I leaned over to gently kiss her and then nervously took a nipple between my lips and let my tongue flick it back and forth as gently as I could.

It didn’t take much of that before a moan was coming from deep within her. The sounds of her moaning were exciting me almost as much as touching her.

I let my hand wander down to just touch her mound. My fingers were lightly moving around that whole area and I could feel her body heat rising through my hand. I could hear her take a huge breath and felt the shivers going through her whole body in spasms.

I didn’t know if her shivering was because my hand was getting her excited or it was in anticipation of her getting aroused or she was just frightened about what lay ahead. Either way, I was now on a mission and it appeared she was ready to go on it with me. I could feel her whole body quivering and her thighs gripping my hand with the expectation of what was going to happen.

I wet a few fingers in my mouth before returning them to her crotch then used them to spread her lips and let my index and middle czech mega swingers porno finger straddle her clit. I moved them up and down ever so gently to let them actually ride it a little. The hood covering the clit was now held back so my fingers could do their magic and her clit was now protruding almost an inch so my index finger could softly caress it. Her moans were not only audible but could actually be felt in the vibrations all through her lovely body.

Her tender little ass was squirming in unison with my fingers and her sweet juices had really started to flow. Her clit was getting very slippery and she wasn’t far from an orgasm. Her head was shaking from side to side with the long, blonde hair flailing on the pillow and her tongue wetting her lips more with every moan

“Oh, Bill…this is too much. My whole body is alive with what you are doing.” she moaned. “God, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Our hands were all over each other with mine centering on her warm wet pussy. It was dripping with the juices flowing with what she knew was ahead. She went straight for the head of my cock. She started to trace the veins in my rock hard shaft with her fingers and then ran a finger in the juice and then around my knob.

“SHIT, stop for a bit or I won’t last at all!” I yelled.

I pulled her sweet, tight, virgin body on top of me with the lips of her warm, waiting pussy now positioned over the head of my cock.

“Jana, let yourself slide down on my cock until you are all the way down. Then you can start an up and down motion with the walls of your pussy holding tightly to the shaft of my cock.”

She started to lower herself onto my cock when she hit a hard spot.

“Jana, that is your hymen you are hitting. It is what is known as your cherry and if you go any further you can no longer consider yourself a virgin. It’s not too late, you can lift up now and your virginity is intact.”

“Intact my ass. I wanted to get fucked and I am going to do it NOW.”

With that she put all her weight on driving herself deep onto my cock and she went right to the bottom. My cock had opened up her sweet, cherry lips and was now in her a full eight, throbbing inches. Her moans were louder than before and she was tossing her head from side to side and biting her lower lip very sensually.

She was soon riding my shaft as if it was a horse. I knew she would love that position and told her she would get a stronger feeling if she would rub her clit against my bush at the bottom of her downward thrusts.

Her eyes were now closed and her mouth was slightly open while tossing her hair back out of her face and moaning as if she was ready to explode. She looked down at me and asked.

“Bill, am I doing everything right?”

I assured her she was and it wasn’t going to take much more of it before I was going to unload.

As soon as we started again I could feel her take my suggestion about rubbing her clit against me. Rubbing, hell, she was grinding it into me.

Sure enough, before I knew it she was rolling back and forth and giving sort of a low howl when she was almost ready to let her love juices flow. She started to pump wildly up and down and was grinding her teeth and throwing her head back and forth as she finally let go!

WOW, what a climax!

She fell forward against my chest with her heart beating a mile-a-minute.

“Bill” she said breathlessly. “In street talk, that was ‘unfucking believable’.”

She sat up where she was for a little while before falling face forward. We just kissed and held each other for what seemed like forever. I stripped off my condom and rolled back to face her. We both nodded off but awoke a short time later. We hadn’t had any dinner and decided we would just order up from room service rather than get dressed again.

The room service dinner was so-so but sure better than getting dressed and leaving the warmth of the bed and her sex. We rolled around exploring every part of each others body before mutually agreeing it was time for nighty nite. I kissed her again and she rolled off to get in some serious sleep.

The next morning we awoke, or should I say she awoke and started to run her fingers up and down the length of my shaft. It didn’t take long before she also had it in her mouth and I was in for the blowjob of a lifetime. I was determined not to cum too fast for I wanted to savor her tender mouth as long as I could.

She put each hand at the base of my cock so it was then standing straight out rather than it’s normal belly hugging position when it is hard. Her tongue then started to gently work its way around the ridge of the head of my cock occasionally dipping down to ride the shaft. It was then that she concentrated solely on the shaft by licking it up and down its entire length and around its total circumference. By now I was starting my own squirming motion. She then raised her mouth over the head of it and slowly, ever so slowly, lowered her mouth about half way down. It czech pool porno wasn’t long before she had a gentle up and down motion going. At one point she stopped with the top portion of her tongue positioned along the lower side of my shaft and she started to HUM. God, I could feel the vibrations up to my teeth. She then pulled back off and wrapped her lovely lips around my balls.

She sucked and played with my balls for what seemed like an eternity before I got the idea to give her a little 69. I told her to swing around and get her hot, little cunt up near my mouth so I could do to her what she was doing to me. Damn, she was around in a flash and my face was buried deep between her tight pussy lips.

Sucking me off must have aroused her for she was as wet as I felt the night before just before she came. We stayed like that for a long time and I kept resisting the urge to have an orgasm. I swallowed every drop she had and just squished my face all around her pussy as I was discovering this really drives her over the top.

There were a couple of times she sort of yelped with pain and I realized I hadn’t shaved that morning and my stubble was obviously hurting her but that didn’t make her have me stop what I was doing. I wet my middle finger with her love juices and gently played with her ass before inserting it in up to my middle knuckle. God, that turned her into a mass of wriggling, pulsing flesh as she was pumping my face as hard as she did earlier. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let go with a huge load. I was shooting stream after stream of my white, hot cum juices into her sweet, virgin mouth. She could only handle the first few before the rest was running all over both of us. She is certainly better than any alarm clock! I asked her later where she had leaned the bit of humming when giving a blowjob and she responded that she had read it somewhere. They ought to give that book to every 18-year-old gal!

“OK, honey, it’s time to rise and face the new day. We have a lot more things to see and do before I give you lesson # 3.” I laughed.

I poked her ribs and she jumped up and out of the bed. God, I watched that sweet, little ass of hers as she made her way to the bathroom with my cock getting hard again with excitement. I wasn’t sure if she was twitching her ass for my benefit but whatever the reason; it was a sight to behold.

After our joint shower and getting dressed we went down and had breakfast in the lobby restaurant. We were ready.

I had postponed our trip to the Statue of Liberty the day before so that was going to be first on the agenda. A cab ride down to the Battery and we were soon on the boat out to the Island. Jana got a humongous kick out of wandering around the place and then going up as far as we could. She wanted to climb the steps to the crown of Lady Liberty but I quickly talked her out of that shit.

I was going to treat her to lunch and one of the best scenic views in the City so we had the cab drop us at 666 5th Avenue. The world famous Top of the Sixes restaurant. (World famous, but hardly the best restaurant.) Lunch was fine but it was time for another treat for her.

One of the guys I worked with had some contacts at ABC-TV and arranged for us to go over there in the afternoon and meet some of the on-air personalities.

Jana almost died when we were introduced to Peter Jennings and then George Stephanopolis. They were both very gracious but I am sure they are so tired of greeting people they don’t know and will never see again that we were just a blur in their minds as soon as they turned away. Although Jana made them both smile from ear to ear when she said that she had watched ABC on election night and they were both terrific. Nevertheless, it was sort of a kick for both of us.

I had a supper reservation made after the show and the show started at eight so we needed to get our butts back to the hotel if I was going to give her lesson
and still have time to get ready for the show and supper. A quick cab ride and we were in the room by four and left a trail of our clothes from the door of the room to the bed. We were simply standing there with her breasts pressed firmly against me and one of her hands behind my neck as we kissed with wild abandon. It was the first time our tongues had really explored the others mouth and it turned us both on.

I gently lowered her to the bed and continued our kiss without any let up. I had one hand behind her neck with the other gently massaging her mound. As I let a few fingers wander in to her clit she started her low moaning again and I was getting harder by the second. I then felt her hand gently holding my cock ever so lightly but rubbing my slit with a finger to get as much of the precum on it as she could. She then broke off our record-breaking kiss and started to suck her pre-cum-wet finger. WOW.

I slipped down her body kissing every erotic spot until my tongue was working her clit as gently as it could. By then, Jana had her two hands grabbing my head and pulling me into her pussy. I finally broke free to rise up to kiss her and position my cock head directly over her waiting meaty pussy lips. With a little pressure her lips opened to receive me and I kept up the pressure until my cock was completely buried. She gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs came up to my back and pulled me in.

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