Seven Days with Indian Aunt Ch. 01

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Hello readers, I am sunny, a 25 years old guy from India. This story is a work of fiction and does not mean to offend anyone in particular. Resemblance to any person is not incidental.

As a teenager I had a lot of fantasies…at nights I used to lay awake till late and would keep on thinking about different scenarios and different possibilities. This story is one of those possibilities. However it isn’t one of those stories that will go to sex immediately, patience will be required. It being my first attempt; I hope you guys will be kind to me.

All those from India will be able to understand what it is like to be living in a joint family in India. During my early years, we used to live in a joint family. I was the only son to my parents and the other members of my family were my uncle and aunt.

Everything was as normal as can be in our family. Being the only child in the house I was pampered a lot by everyone. But most by my uncle and aunt, who didn’t have a child of their own. I used to sleep with them in their room a lot during my younger days. I guess my parents didn’t mind that so that they could have some privacy of their own in my absence.

Here I will take some time to describe my aunt. She isn’t very tall about 5.4′ and a tad bit overweight. Her ideal attire then would either be an Indian sari or a salwar kameez. She was pretty buxom from an early age. During nights she used to wear a sleeping gown sort of thing that would be about knee length and underneath that she would wear a pajama which she would remove once it was sleeping time. I used to hug her and sleep and she wouldn’t mind anything during that time. For me she was my kaki (Indian name for paternal aunt)

Then when I was about 9, my grandfather died and since my grandmother was alone my uncle and aunt shifted to their home. I would visit them time and again but didn’t have any sleepovers over there. As I grew older all those memories were nearly erased from my mind.

By the time I was 18, I had some luck with girls, but that is another story. However I hadn’t had the opportunity to have sex with anyone. During this frustrating period my fantasizing period started.

The same year my parents had to go for a family marriage during late December. My preliminary exams were due in the first week on January. So they decided to go alone. They knew that my uncle and aunt wouldn’t be able to go too given the condition of my grandmother. So they told me to go and stay at their place and concentrate on my studies.

I was to stay there for a week. My aunt’s house was a typical two bedroom apartment. One room was occupied by my grandmother who was not keeping well. And the other room was my uncle and aunts room. It was arranged that I would be sleeping on the couch in the hall, so that even if I studied till late no one backroom casting porno would be disturbed.

I reached there in the morning with my clothes and stuff. My aunt was waiting for me. Now over the years she hadn’t changed much and I knew that. She always looked the same. Her attire was also similar to what used to be. I must confess that I was happy with her saris because that did give me a view of her magnificent cleavage at times.

My aunt asked me, “Sunny, will you be comfortable sleeping on the couch?”

I replied, “Of course kaki, that wont be a problem, and I study till late nights so this way I wont disturb anyone.”

“Ok, but I usually watch TV in the afternoon, so if that is a hindrance you can use my room in the afternoons”, she told me.

“Thanks kaki, what time does kaka (uncle) come home?”

“He should be here by 8 at night,” she replied.

“But doesn’t he have lunch at home kaki?”

“No, he carries his lunch with him,” then she laughed, “are you hungry, cause I still have to cook for you, tell me what will you have?”

“Anything you make kaki, and if you need any help just call me.”

“No you better go to my room and study, I will call you when lunch is ready, ok?”

So then I went to her room and started my studies. Their room was pretty simple with a double bed, cupboard and a dresser. It must have been about 11 in the morning then, and I started concentrating on my studies. Around 12:30 my aunt came to the room. She was exhausted from the cooking and told me that food is ready and if I would wait she will take a bath and then we can eat. I was engrossed in my studies and said that it was fine by me.

Now let me tell you guys that up till that moment I didn’t have any thoughts regarding my aunt. I was just a nice nephew studying.

My aunt then started gathering her clothes and stuff and then left to have a bath. The bathroom too was attached to the room. After about five minutes I lingered on to the room and saw that my aunt’s sari was on the bed but the blouse and other things were missing. I figured that she must have taken them with her. My mind began to race fast. I was mulling whether to leave the room so she can finish dressing up or should I just stay there. Then I thought that she probably didn’t want to disturb me and that’s why hadn’t asked me to leave, so I decided that I should leave, but as soon as I started gathering my books, the door to the bathroom opened and my aunt stepped out wearing only her blouse and petticoat (which is a waist-to-floor garment, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring).

I got confused, embarrassed and promptly gathered my books and rushed out of the room. I didn’t even dare to look at her face while going out. But I had enough view to treat my eyes. bangbros porno And my thoughts were racing to the cleavage visible from the blouse.

I then waited for her to get ready and kept the TV on, but my mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of my kaki and her cleavage. Every time the image popped in my mind my dick would go to new heights of erection. In those ten minutes I freezed the image in my minds taking into details everything I saw.

It had been a frontal view; she was wearing a white blouse and white petticoat. Her bra underneath was also white and the petticoat was tied by the drawstring way below her navel. The fair and smooth skin between the blouse and the petticoat were an amazing treat to my eyes. But the most amazing view had been of the cleavage that I had seen. For the first time I realized that she had amazing boobs. Biggest to my memory then, as I must have zoomed on them in my mind a zillion times.

Later when I was having these thoughts she walked into the hall wearing the sari. It was a pink colored cotton sari. I was a bit disappointed because I had to cut short my thoughts but at the same time was also pleased to see her again. My mind had been boggled by the experience.

“Sunny shall we eat?” she asked me.

I got up from the couch and started helping her with the stuff. Lunch went without any event. Though I eyed her all the time with only one question — When will I see her cleavage again? We didn’t talk much as the TV was on and she was watching some stupid soap. But I didn’t mind it, because it gave me the freedom to glance at her all the time.

After lunch, once everything had been cleared, she told me that if I wanted to study I should use the bedroom again as she was going to watch TV for a while. I wanted some time alone, and was actually planning to shag myself. But I knew that it wouldn’t be possible and so went inside and once again started thinking of her.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, she came inside and I was on the far end of the bed and was reading, actually was just daydreaming. She saw me and thought that I was feeling sleepy, so she said, “Sunny, you look tired why don’t you rest for a while. I am also going to sleep.”

“Ya kaki, I had slept late yesterday, so kind of sleepy right now. I guess I’ll rest on the couch for a while, will you wake me up at 5 in the evening” I replied.

“Sleep here sunny the couch will be a bit uncomfortable, do u want a blanket?”

“No kaki” I replied a bit disappointed that I will have to shag later, and yet looking forward to sleep beside her. I might get another view of her cleavage.

“Take a blanket sunny, it gets cold, or you can use this one, just like when you were a kid, remember” she told me again and she herself took a huge one and buried everything beurette tour porno but her head inside.

That I thought was a good way to be close to her, as I tried to recall my nights with her.

“That would be a nice idea kaki; I haven’t slept with you since I was 10 years old if I can remember, I remember I used to sleep with you and kaka almost half the time.”

“Yes, you were such a small baby then, and you used to hug me and hold me close every time, come inside, we’ll talk for a while and then sleep.”

I was thrilled at the idea of sleeping close to her, even holding his boobs, but was also afraid, because I knew she was just being nice to me. Nevertheless I crawled beside her. She was facing the ceiling and I was lying sideways facing her. She was wearing the same sari but I didn’t have the courage to lay my hands on her. At that time she herself took my hand and placed it on her stomach.

Aah!!! The smoothness of her skin, as I pressed my palm against her sari was mind boggling. I was speechless just thinking of the feel and she too was engrossed in family gossip. My mind was racing, and I wanted to touch her huge boobs. So I slowly while talking to her slid my hands close to her blouse when I touched the lower end of her blouse I stopped and let my hand be there.

My dick was raging hard, but somehow I let it suffer, as I couldn’t risk for her to know that I had a hard on. I thought that once she is asleep I might be able to caress her boobs or might even be able to open a button of her blouse.

After half an hour of family gossip she started feeling sleepy and closed her eyes, I also pretended to be asleep but kept my hand near her blouse and kept feeling his skin. The warmth of her skin was getting too much to bear for me. Yet the desire to get more out of it was much higher.

After about half an hour I was sure that she was dozing, and so I opened my eyes. She seemed sound asleep, so I took the courage and slowly slid my hand on her mound, hoping that she wouldn’t wake up. I could feel her boobs go up and down with my palm on it with her breathing. I wished this would go on forever.

Then I slowly pressed her boobs very lightly, and her breathing changed, I got a bit scared but didn’t remove my hands from there because I somehow knew she wouldn’t wake up. Then I lifted the blanket up and let myself have a magnificent view of her ample cleavage. She was still facing the ceiling and I was also in the same position.

After that I again pressed her boobs a bit more, this time however it was my bad luck as she turned sideways in her sleep and I was disappointed. I then made sure she was asleep and shagged myself in her bed with her back towards me. I could see the outline of her bra, and wanted to touch it so badly. When I came I couldn’t stop a moan.

Later I lay there with her and started daydreaming. I thought that I have six more days. And made up my mind to go ahead and do something more everyday from now on. This was going to be my week. Just thinking of it made me hard again, and I knew I was on the seventh sky.

To be continued…

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