Senior Trip Ch. 01

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Authors note: This is an area I don’t usually dive into, but in this case i just couldn’t resist when the idea hit me. There will of course need to be a couple additional chapters, but it was getting far too long to keep going. Expect a second chapter soon. M.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


Like most kids graduating high school my daughters and her friends wanted a senior trip. They started planning a ski trip to Colorado as a group of about eight girls. I wasn’t against the idea until she tossed out that she intended me to fly them to Colorado for a long weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters to pieces, but sometimes they can be a bit selfish. This time it was expecting me to take time out of my planned Christmas break as a charter pilot to fly them to a ski resort. When I informed her that the two flights there and back would cost almost a thousand dollars in aviation fuel, they insisted that I just stay there for the three days. “It’ll only cost you food because we already are paying for the rooms!” they insisted. I’d argued, but my stepdaughter Jenny played the mom card knowing damn well that there was little I’d refuse Emily. As much as I tried to get out of it, my wife finally insisted I go, and I acquiesced. Things took a bit of a southern turn only days before we were to leave, the lady planning to go as chaperone backing out, along with her daughter. Because there had to be at least one responsible adult, I was drafted. As much as I argued with my wife over it, it looked like I was stuck.

The day came, I filed the appropriate flight plans, and we were off, winging it to a ski lodge like a bunch of jet setters. My daughter Olivia, my stepdaughter Jenny and their best friends Mandy and Donna weren’t a huge load for my ten seat Turboprop, and not quite the load that was originally planned. The group had grown three smaller over concerns there would be a lack of parental supervision. After the three hour flight and another hour to prep my plane for three days of cold storage, we called an Uber and headed to the lodge.

“Reservation for Williams?” I asked the young woman behind the counter.

“Yes sir. Williams, Arnold. One room double queen.”

“That can’t be right. It should have been two adjoining rooms. I made the reservation myself.”

“No, it says one room.”

“Check again,” I said as I dug out my phone. It took a few moments but I soon had the confirmation e-mail pulled up.”

“Don’t worry Dad!” Jenny said quickly. “It’ll Be Fine! We only need one room.”

“It’d be completely inappropriate for me to share the room, especially with your friends along,” I said quietly.

“Here it is sir,” the young lady interjected.

“That’s better,” I nodded.

“No sir. It says here in the notes that adjoining rooms were originally requested, but a Miss Long, called and cancelled the second room.”

“She did what?”

“It says right here. Jenny Long called and cancelled the second adjoining room.”

“Jesus Jenny!” I said turning to look at my stepdaughter.

“Well, with half the girls dropping out we couldn’t afford both rooms anymore.”

“Well. Un-cancel it,” I said to the young woman with a scowl, before looking back at my stepdaughter angrily.

“I’m sorry sir. We’re completely booked this weekend. There isn’t another room to give you.”

“Okay. This isn’t going to happen then. We’ll just fly back home tonight.”

“Oh Dad! Don’t be such a prude!” my daughter said testily. “It’s just a room. We’re all adults. Besides, it’s already dark. We wouldn’t get home till like two am. We might as well stay the night.”

“You’re just barely adults!” I shot back.

“Oh Daddy. Come on. Don’t spoil the whole trip!” Jenny begged.

“Really?” I asked, looking at the small group.

“Really!” my daughter Olivia answered firmly. “I told you he’d have a fit,” she said to Jenny.

“What about you Mandy? Donna?”

“We don’t mind if you don’t mind rooming with four girls. I mean you’ll never get in the bathroom!” Mandy answered with a giggle.

“Yeah. Come on Mister Williams. It’ll be alright. I mean we’re already here and all,” Donna chimed in.

“Fine. We’ll stay.” I agreed reluctantly after several long minutes of debating with myself. “As long as Mandy’s and Donna’s parents agree. I don’t want to be accused of anything when we get home!”

“Not a problem. I’ll call my mom right now!” Mandy said quickly. She stepped aside and made the phone call bringing the phone to me after a few minutes.

“Yes Mrs. Ames,” I said as she handed me the phone.

“Mister Williams. I just wanted to be sure I understood. Mandy said something about one room being canceled?”

“Apparently my daughter decided to save some money and canceled the second room.”

“Oh goodness. So you’ll be sharing the room with the girls?” she asked, sounding anything but upset.

“At least for tonight. We can fly home tomorrow morning if that’s alright.”

“I thought one of the other moms was going to chaperone.”

“Apparently xvideos porno that changed and I got stuck with it.”

“I don’t envy you that task. Trying to ride herd on four teenage girls,” she said with a chuckle. “You’ve already spent the gas to get there. I’m sure Mandy won’t be a bother. She’s had to share rooms with her brothers before, so she should be able to handle it. The question is will you be able to handle it?”

“Handle it? I don’t want anyone to think…”

“Oh. That’s not at all what I mean. I’m not worried about you. If you weren’t worried, you wouldn’t have called. No, I think it’ll be fine. I’ll make sure Mandy understands that she’ll be on her best behavior.”

“You’re absolutely sure this is okay with you and your husband?”

“Well, it is with me and that’s all that matters,” she said with a soft chuckle. “You have fun and try not to get hurt on the slopes. Now if you can hand the phone back to Mandy I’ll put the fear of god into her to behave for you.”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered, handing the phone back to Mandy.

“Well?” my daughter asked.

“She said okay, as long as Mandy promises not to cause any trouble!”

“I’ll be a perfect angel!” Mandy answered with a grin as she hung up.

“My mom said it was fine too,” Donna said as she hung up her cell phone. “On one condition. She wants to go out to dinner with a guy that thinks he can handle four teenage girls at once.”

I rolled my eyes at the comment and turned to the counter and the young lady behind it. “I guess we’re staying.”

We finished checking in, got our key cards and rolled our luggage to the elevator. I could tell this was going to be challenging as soon as we walked into our sixth floor room. To say it was small would be an understatement. There were two queen size beds with about four feet around each bed, a small dresser with a flat screen tv on top and a low shelf running along the wall on either side of it with room to put suitcases on and under it, a small closet, a small alcove with a sink and a mirror and a phonebooth, I mean bathroom. It had a tub with a shower and a toilet, and almost enough room to stand in front of them. It looked to me like I’d barely have enough room to close the door past myself when I went in. I wasn’t sure that the closet wasn’t bigger than the bathroom. The only redeeming quality of the room was the huge floor to ceiling window on the far wall that looked out over the slopes. Darkening curtains hung on either side of the almost five foot wide window, allowing us to look out at the lit ski slopes and the myriad of people making their way down them.

“Wow! This is fantastic!” Donna said, walking to the window and practically planting her face against the cold glass to look out.

“Yeah. It’s a nice view,” I answered. “Why don’t we see about getting some food. I’m starved,” I said as I stuffed my suitcase under the counter, leaving the countertop for the girl’s four suitcases.

“Good idea. We just need to change and touch up our makeup!” Olivia said with a grin. “Shouldn’t take too long.”

“Good lord,” I groaned. “I’ll go wait downstairs,” I said, starting for the door.

“Nonsense!” Jenny said, grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me back toward the bed nearest the window. She pulled me in the gap between the two beds and pushed me back to sit down on it. “You just sit there and relax. Watch tv or something,” she said handing me the remote.

“Honey. It’s not appropriate for me to be in here if you girls are changing!” I protested.

“Men. Daddy, we wear bikinis that show off more than our underwear does.”

“Not around me you don’t!” I said with a look of concern.

“Of course not! Mom said you’d have a fit if you saw what we really wear under the beach wraps. That doesn’t change that our bikinis still show more than our underwear. If we can wear that in public, you think we’re going to make you leave the room to change into a dress?”

“Honey. It’s entirely inappropriate. I’m a man in a room full of girls,” I protested.

“Mr. Williams, I know you’re worried, but honestly, it’s not like we haven’t been around a little. We’ve all been seen naked by boys and had sex, so if you think that you sitting in here is going to somehow cause us to be bashful or say you did something, you can forget it,” Donna said with a frown. “Jenny said you were going to be difficult about this,” she said as she reached for the waist of the loose sweatshirt she was wearing, and quickly pulled it up and off over her head, exposing her surprisingly large breasts held in place with a lacy bra that showed little bits of her areola and clearly hard nipples. Before I could move she reached for her waist again and pushed the skin tight yoga pants down, her tiny bikini panties sliding part way down and exposing nearly all of her mound and the triangle of dark curls on it. She pushed the pants all the way down, her tits threatening to slip from the bra as she wiggled around pulling her shoes off and then her pants off. She straightened yerli porno up, her pussy showing briefly before she pulled her panties back up in place. “There. See? Nothing to see, right? I’m not spending all weekend tiptoeing around. We’re sharing the room so there’s no point in worrying about it.”

“Girls!” I started.

“No! Just accept it and we’ll have a good time. If you’re gonna go hiding in the bathroom or run out of the room every time one of us changes, you’ll spend your whole time out of the room. No. It was our decision to only have one room. We’ll accept the consequences like adults,” Donna said emphatically.

I opened my mouth to protest again and was interrupted by Olivia. “Come on Dad. It really isn’t a big deal.”

“I’m sorry. Naked with boys and having sex IS a big deal!”

“We’ll talk about that some other time. Right now we want to change so we can go eat.”

“Fine. I give. I’ll just sit here with my eyes closed,” I said with a frown. “Your mother is probably spinning in her grave right now.”

“Oh Daddy! You were always such a prude!” she said with a frown. “Come on girls, or we’ll never get to eat.”

Mandy turned away from me and started undressing, as did Olivia. As Mandy stripped off her clothes I was surprised to see her completely bare ass as she forced her skin tight jeans down her legs. Only three minuscule strings across her hips and down between her ass cheeks attested to the existence of any form of underwear at all. Her ass pushed out at me and little bits of pussy peeked around the sides of the tiny thong as she lifted each foot in turn, to pull off her pants.

Olivia was also pushing off her jeans, her butt thankfully covered with a pair of slightly more modest bikini panties. She pulled off the floppy t-shirt off and tossed it into her suitcase at almost the same time as Mandy, leaving only Jenny dressed.

“Come on Jen!” Mandy said as she walked past her toward the mirror, Jenny pulling off her shoes.

“Damn!” I mumbled as I watched her walk by. The little bra holding her modest breasts up from underneath, but the top of each breast, most of her areola and her hard protruding nipples completely exposed.

“Yeah. Sure,” Jenny answered, grabbing the bottom of the heavy cable knit sweater. She skimmed it up and over her head, facing away from me leaving her entire back bare. She tossed the sweater on the counter and pushed the knee length yoga pants down off her ass, bending over to push them down her legs.

“Fuck Jenny! Where the hell is your underwear?” I said in shock and surprise as her completely bare pussy pushed out at me from between her legs.

“I didn’t like panty lines showing,” she answered as she lifted one leg at a time, her actions exposing almost her entire pussy to me. She stood up and turned to face me, her shaved pussy and her breasts proudly on display.

Her pussy looked smooth and firm in the gap between her legs, her round full outer lips incredibly inviting. Her tits were firm looking and easily a full handful each, dark puckered areola covering a portion of each creamy mound, a hard protruding nipple jutting out toward me.

“Damn Jenny!” I said lifting my hand belatedly to block her sexy body from my view. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants, forcing the material up and away as my dick hardened against my will. “Put some fucking clothes on!”

“Really? You don’t like the view?”

“You’re my stepdaughter, for God’s sake.”


“Just put something on!” I said with a frown. I felt her hand grasp mine and pull it down to uncover my eyes.

“Come on Daddy, it’s just skin. Nothing I haven’t done around the house.”

“Not when I’m home you haven’t.”

“That’s because mom just told me to try and keep something on around you.”

“Damn good thing,” I muttered as I looked up and down her body. “How is it that I’m just finding out about this now? We’ve been living in the same house now for over two years and you’re telling me that you run around naked all the time?”

“Because mom said you’d react this way!” Olivia said with a frown.

“And I shouldn’t?”

“Daddy! It’s not like it’s anything awful. She just likes to be naked!” Olivia argues. “Even I do it sometimes. Not when Robby or Greg are around though.”

“Your boyfriends? You run around the house naked in front of your boyfriends?” I asked staring at Jenny.

“Sure. Why not?” she answered back, turning and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Well for one thing, you know what boys think when they see a naked girl.”

“Of course. I don’t mind. I like having sex with Greg.”

“And your mother is okay with this?”

“Sure. She doesn’t even get dressed around Greg anymore.”

“Wait. She’s naked in front of your boyfriends?” I asked in shock, looking at my daughters.

“Just Greg.” Olivia answered. “Robby is too nervous yet to be naked in front of her. He’ll only take his clothes off when she’s not around.”

“Good lord,” I groaned.

“Oh Daddy. You really youjizz porno are a prude,” Jenny said with a sigh. She got up and walked back to the counter and pulled a dress from her suitcase. She pulled it on over her head, the very short skirt coming down only to the middle of her thighs. She pulled out some high heels and bent to step into them, her ass and pussy sticking out at me from under the short hem as it pulled part way up her ass.

“Tell me you wear underwear with that dress.”

She looked past her own body toward me. “Not if I don’t have to!” she said before straightening up. “I suppose you’re going to make me?”

“I should, but then what the hell. I apparently don’t even know my own wife or daughters!”

“Oh Daddy!” Olivia said as she walked around the bed. She climbed into the bed and across to me, sitting in her underwear and bra, her legs curled under her. “You’re just gone too much. I know mom misses you when you’re out of town, but life doesn’t get put on hold because you’re gone. We’ve grown up. I’m not your little girl any more. I’m a grown adult woman. Things change. I changed. But you still wanna treat me like a ten year old. Emily has been a great mom. We really get along well. But she understands that we’re growing up and need some space to explore life. You can’t shelter us forever. “

“I can try. That’s what dads do,” I answered quietly.

“But they also know when to step back and just watch. I know mom dying was hard. It was for both of us. But you couldn’t be there every second to protect her, why do you think you can with me?”

“Fine. I’ll try and give you some space. Both of you,” I agreed.

“Thank you Daddy!” she answered before leaning toward me and giving me a soft kiss on the cheek. She placed her hand in my lap to push herself up and paused a moment, looking down at her hand as it pressed against my trapped hard-on. She looked up at me and grinned. She leaned towards me, giving my dick a squeeze through my pants and whispered, “You better make this a bit less noticeable or the girls will get the idea you’re getting turned on with them running around in their underwear.”


“Shhhh. We both know you are,” she whispered before squeezing my dick as she pushed herself up to her knees to climb over me, momentarily sitting astride me, her weight pressing down on my hard-on. She winked as she climbed off of me and walked to the mirror to jockey with the other three girls to use it.

As unobtrusively as I could, I stuck my hand down my pants and straightened my dick so it wasn’t bulging things out so much, though I doubted it was all that much less noticeable. Thankfully the girls finished touching up their makeup and getting dressed in a reasonably short time and we made our way down to the restaurant for dinner. We ended up sitting in a booth with Jenny next to me and Olivia and their friends across from me. If I thought my hard-on was going away during dinner, I was sadly mistaken.

Once our food was ordered I felt a hand stroke across my lap and squeeze my dick. Trying not to change the look on my face and alert the other girls to what Jenny had just done, I moved one hand under the table to push her hand from my dick, only to have her drag it to her own lap and push it under the little skirt and between her legs. “Jenny!” I hissed as I tried to pull my hand from where she was pressing my fingers against her wet pussy.

“What?” she asked innocently, finally releasing my hand and moving both of hers to her face to try and hide the impish grin that crept to her lips.

“You know what,” I said quietly as Olivia looked over, also trying to hide a grin. I closed my eyes and gave up, deciding it was easier to let her get tired of being a tease and stop on her own than having a hand fight under the table all through dinner. I was reasonably confident that her antics had to do with our before dinner conversation and my daughters conclusion that I was somewhat prudish. Well maybe I was, but this wasn’t the place for that argument.

“You know what we need to do?” Mandy asked after returning from the powder room. “We need to go to the jacuzzi. One of the girls in the bathroom said they have two big ones, one that’s family friendly by the pool and one they don’t let kids in.”

“Ohhh. Yeah. A hot tub would feel nice!” Donna agreed. “But you’re gonna have to figure out how to get your dad to come. I’m not at all sure he’s the hot tub kind of guy and I doubt he’ll let us go alone, not with all these hot guys around.”

“No. I won’t let you go alone,” I agreed. “Especially with all these guys around! I’m supposed to be watching over you, aren’t I?”

“You are,” Jenny agreed.

“Unfortunately I didn’t bring a suit,” I said, expecting that to put an end to the idea.

“Mom knew you wouldn’t. She gave me one to pack for you,” Olivia said with a grin. “Hot tubbing is back on!”

“Oh lord,” I groaned softly to myself. We finished dinner and somehow I ended up paying the tab. Once we were back to the room, Olivia got out the suit Emily had her pack for me. I had expected the baggy shorts type suit that I usually wore when we went to the lake, not the much smaller what I call mini-shorts style suit that she got me for our honeymoon cruise. “I can’t wear this in front of the girls!” I said sharply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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