Seducing Mom Ch. 12

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Sue and I left in my car and decided to go over our questions along the way. She scratched some off, and we added a couple. We arrived at the mansion just before 3 due to traffic, where Lady J was waiting for us. We went to her office and we talked over Cokes as Lady J answered all the questions. Then Lady J pulled out two envelopes with our contracts as she told us. “Now it’s time to sign. Joe, I’ve added that you can’t join a Fraternity; and Sue I’ve added that you are discouraged from joining a Sorority. After much talk with the members, we feel their activities would conflict with our event too often. Other than that, the agreements are the same ones your read. Please take time to read through them again though, and feel free to ask any questions you have. Oh by the way, where are the envelopes?”

I immediately answered, “Out in the car Lady J, I’ll go get them.” I went back out to get the folders she sent and brought them back in to her.

Then she said, “Why don’t you two go to the living room or dining room? I have some phone calls to make and I want to make sure you have one more chance to go through these without distraction. I’ll leave you to find a place. Help yourself to more Coke, or whatever; and come see me here if you have any questions, OK?” We nodded in agreement and decided to go to the living room. We took our time reading through the contracts and addendums, and after about and hour and a half, we returned to the office to sign them. Once we told Lady J we were ready to sign, she told us. “Wait just a bit I have our Notary Public coming over.” The Notary showed up about 15 minutes later and we signed our contracts. Then Lady J said, “Sue, it’s time for you to give Joe a hug and kiss and leave us after he gets his clothes out of his car. Joe, you will stay with me and get this place ready for the other ladies moving in… No phone calls this week. Sue, please tell the other ladies. You may send letters though…We also have a function to prepare for this next Friday. I will also begin talking to you about your duties and responsibilities.”

Sue and I went to the car to get my stuff. Once we had it all in my room, we hugged and kissed for a few minutes and she drove my car home. That would be the last I would see or hear of her or the other ladies until the social that next Saturday night. “Come in here Joe.” Lady J said, as she showed me her calendar and explained it in detail. She planned functions a year out, one nightly social/business meeting and one weekend-long function every month, except for July and December when there were no weekend-long functions. Then she showed where everything was in the office before she went on. “As a houseboy, you won’t have many of the big responsibilities just yet. However, you will learn about them, because once you become the houseman, you will take things over. In this coven, the houseman basically runs things. I know you can’t do it all alone, but you’ve got some huge responsibilities: planning for meetings and events, maintaining the house, keeping up with the expenses, and of course the safety of the members.”

We then walked around the house again and she was explaining much more about things. As we walked the second and third floors, I noticed paper nametags stuck to many of the bedrooms. Sarah, Cindy, Jenny, and Sue took rooms on the third floor, while mom, Kathy, and Lady J had rooms with me on the second floor. Lady J explained, “As you read, I get to maintain my room here. Most of our intimate activities will take place in your room.” We then went into the master bedroom and she showed me how the platform worked. It could be broken down into a king-size bed, or be the huge platform. I had a large wall shrank and walk-in closet. The larger storage space (almost a room) was for the platform parts and it also had additional pads that Lady J explained were laid out on the floor when the platform wasn’t big enough. It also had all the stacking chairs, some sex toys, a St Andrew’s cross, and some other BDSM devices—which Lady J explained. Then she went on. “While this will be your room Joe, I’ll want to see it when you ‘decorate’. We need to keep it tasteful, so I don’t want posters of naked women or other gaudy stuff.”

We finished touring the house as she explained all its idiosyncrasies. Then we went back to the office. She told me, “By the way, that’s your desk over there.” She pointed and went on. “The ladies all tagged the things they want to keep in the rooms, and we have movers coming over tomorrow to take away everything that they didn’t tag and put it in storage. Most of the furniture is antique and since we have a member managing these guys, I know they’ll take care of it, but its property of the coven. Now, Mary will have all your stuff moved over with hers, except for your bed and dressers. I believe the moves will start next week, so I’ll need you to clean the rooms thoroughly so that they’re ready. You should be able to do that at night. This week, I’ve arranged for you to see Ben. He’s the owner of several fine submissive cuckolds porno restaurants in the area and a damned good Chef! His wife was a member with my mother, and the coven provided them with two kids, since he had a combat injury from WWII and couldn’t have kids when he came back. He has gladly decided to share some of his recipes and tips, as long as we don’t share them further. He’s going to start by showing you how to make the items I want for next Saturday. You will spend much of your free time with him, so I suggest you be nice, and be a ‘sponge’ around him and his staff. They have a lot to show you. Tomorrow, after the movers leave, you will go to his main restaurant. I’ve ordered something special for dinner tonight, and tomorrow night, I want a good dinner. Right now I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry.”

It was dinnertime and I was hungry so I nodded in agreement. Lady J handed me the keys to her Mercedes and we headed out for dinner at his restaurant. I knew the place, as it was an upscale restaurant in the city. I was surprised to learn that the restaurant I took Sue to for the prom was one of his as well. I was even more surprised to learn that the coven would own a third of his ‘chain’ of six restaurants upon his death. As I drove, Lady J explained that before his wife died, they both promised and explained why to their kids. While the son was a Chef in one of the restaurants, the daughter was a lawyer and wanted nothing but cash.

We arrived and were greeted by Ben and his son John, or Johnny as he introduced us. After we greeted, he said that her order for Chateaubriand would be ready within an hour. Ben was a short thin man in his 60’s that had a noticeable limp (Lady J explained later this happened at the same time that he lost his testicles, and that it’s gotten worse over the years). John was in his 30s, taller, portly, and wearing his whites. Ben was in a suit, and briefly joined us at the table as he dismissed his son. “We’re going to be spending some time together over the next few weeks Joe. I understand you have experience as a line cook, and I’m going to ask you to forget all that. I don’t like that type of cooking.” He looked at Lady J and went on. “This one is young Joycee, and you understand I won’t make him a Chef; but I will show him a few things. We’ll start him off here tomorrow, but I will also want to train him in that kitchen of yours too.” Then he looked back at me and said, “Well young man, if you’re ready to learn, I’ll see you tomorrow when you’re done with the movers.”

Lady J replied, “I have the movers scheduled to arrive first thing in the morning, and was told there would be a crew of 4 or 6. How long do you think you’ll work with Joe tomorrow, because I want him to make me a good dinner tomorrow night and every other night this week?”

Well, I had planned on keeping him through dinner tomorrow night, but I’ll let him go early just for you.” Ben winked and answered before going on. “But I want Joe to see this place during a dinner service.” Ben and Lady J talked for a few more minutes, mostly just catching up on things and people. Then as John brought our Chateaubriand out, Ben excused himself and we ate.

After a few minutes, Lady J asked. “How do you like the Chateaubriand?”

I finished my bite and answered. “This is really good!” It was the first time I’d ever had Chateaubriand, and I loved it. I added, “I’m going to have to learn how to make this!”

Lady J laughed and said, “Chateaubriand, properly made, is one of the more difficult dishes to make. I never could get it right, but I like your ambition Joe!” We finished eating and left for home. Along the way, Lady J pointed out the shops where I would buy the meats and produce, mostly owned by members or their families and we had accounts with them that were paid monthly. Then we went by a wine and liquor store and Lady J said, “Oh I just thought of something! You won’t be able to pick up our beer, wine or liquor until your 19. Let’s pull around and see what we can do about that.” I turned around and we pulled into the liquor store. The owner was there and getting ready to close and greeted Lady J by name and after talking a bit, Lady J said. “We have a bit of a problem here. Joe is going to be taking things over for me, but he’s only 18. I know he won’t be able to pick up my orders until he’s 19, I’m wondering if there’s anything we can do.”

He replied, “He can’t even come in here until he’s 19. However, I think there’s something we can do about this. As long as you place the order and pay the bill, I can deliver and anyone can sign for receipt. How long before you turn 19 young man?”

“March 27.” I replied.

He looked back a Lady J and said. “In the meantime, let’s keep this on the ‘QT’ Joyce.” She agreed and picked out some wine and liquor as she pointed out a couple cases of beer for me to pick up. He rang it all up and Lady J paid as I carried everything out and loaded it. We drove him sex parties porno and I unloaded everything and took it to the bar.

After I finished putting everything up, Lady J came in and asked for a glass of the red wine we just picked up. She showed me how to use the aerator and we each had a glass as she said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do this week and tomorrow will be early, but we’ve got to talk a bit…” There were those fateful words again! Despite my apprehension of hearing those words, the talk wasn’t really that bad. She discussed her expectations of me as we drank the bottle of wine. She reminded me that while I could wear work clothes while cooking with Ben, and casual around the house, that she otherwise wanted me dressed nicely in public. She also wanted me to start taking my herbs again, but to save the pills for events. Then she told me that things would change as I started college and shared her concern over my time. We agreed to talk about it more and went to our own bedrooms for the night.

Lady J woke me up at 5:30 the next morning. We talked more over a quick breakfast and went back upstairs to shower and dress. She had to go to work and would be picking up her kids that afternoon on the way home. Then she explained her home situation in more detail. She was in the final stages of her divorce, she figured that they would share custody of their children, which she didn’t like; and that he would get alimony, which she despised. She shared how she normally divides her time between her kids and the coven. With that, she left.

The crew of six movers showed up at 7:45. They quickly laid mats out, then we went around the house and went over the items being moved. They quickly wrapped them all and then took them out. They were finished and gone by 10. I called the restaurant and told Ben I was on my way. I drove there in Lady J’s other car and met Ben in the kitchen. “Good morning Joe.” He said as we met and went on. “I thought we’d start by going over Joycee’s menu for Saturday night. That’s what we’ll focus upon this week.” We sat down in his office, he pulled out a piece of paper, and said. “Let’s see…She wants a barbecue with grilled chicken breasts, salmon steaks, filet mignon, and grilled shrimp for the entrées. Then for side dishes she wants grilled vegetables, potato salad, mixed lettuce salad, and coleslaw. And for dessert, she wants fresh-churned ice cream and strawberry pie.” After pausing to think, he added. “I think we’ll start with the salmon, shrimp, and coleslaw. They don’t require a lot of preparation or time. We will go over the chicken breasts before you leave, so you’ll be able to start them marinating tonight.”

With the help of his staff, he showed me how to make everything as we planned. Then he watched me do it. I cooked the salmon and shrimp and we took the meals to his office and ate at a small table. After enjoying a few bites, he said. “Joycee is a true lady and I’ve known her for her entire life. Take care of her and the coven Joe.”

I replied, “I will.” We finished eating and he gave me a shopping list and all the recipes. Then he showed me how to prepare the chicken breasts and the marinade. We agreed that he would come over the next day around 9 and go through the other items on the menu. I left around 2 and headed for the produce shop, picked up the items on the list, and had them charge it to the account. Then I went into the butcher shop. The young lady working the counter was simply drop-dead gorgeous (think Pamela Anderson’s body and blonde hair, with Denise Richardson’s face).

She noticed my stare as she came out from behind the counter and said. “Hello what can I do for you today?” She was wearing a button up top that was buttoned low enough to expose her huge cleavage and the top of her white lace bra. She was wearing ‘Daisy Dukes’ and heels. I shared my list with her and told her to charge it to the account. As she walked around getting the things on my list, she asked. “So, are you new around here?”

I answered, “Yes, just moved to the mansion yesterday.”

Then she surprised me by saying and asking. “You’re kind of cute. You got a girlfriend?”

I answered, “Thanks and my compliments too. You’re drop-dead gorgeous…And yes, I have a girlfriend.”

She finished getting everything on my list as she told me more about her. She rang it up and put it on the account. Then she asked, “Would you like my phone number?” When I nodded yes, she wrote it down and went on. “I’m Sherry by the way and I hope you’ll call or at least come by and visit me sometime. Maybe we can go out.”

“Yes sure and I’m Joe.” I replied as I got the stuff. I had a raging and visible erection as I picked up my things to leave.

She said, “Here let me get the door for you.” She raced around me and got the door. As I walked by her, she leaned up and kissed my cheek as she lightly ran her hand over my crotch. Then she said, “I think we could have some fun together Joe. Give me a call later.” spankbang porno

As I drove home, I was wondering why a lady that gorgeous would be so interested in me, at first sight. This had never happened to me before and the thought of having sex with her got me excited. I got home, put up the food, and went up to my room to jack off. It was almost 4 when I got cleaned up and went down to start the coleslaw. Then I prepared the food and put it up. Lady J called around 5 and said she was on her way, alone. Apparently her kids didn’t want to stay with her. I got the salmon marinating and skewered the shrimp.

Lady J arrived minutes later and said, “I had a lousy day. How was yours?” I told her about the movers and Ben. I showed her what we were having for dinner. Then I told her about Sherry. Lady J then told me in a firm voice. “You know the rules Joe! As a non-member she’s strictly off limits! Do you understand?”

“Yes Lady J” I replied as I got the dinner ready. I went out and fired up the grill. Once it was heated I put the salmon on then the shrimp when it was time. I brought it all inside and put the dinner on a couple of plates as Lady J came in and sat down at the kitchen table. I got a chilled bottle of the white wine that Ben recommended. Lady J complimented me on the dinner and after I cleaned the dishes, she called me into the living room. Once I sat down, she said. “Your ladies will not be coming this Saturday. We all decided it would be best for you to meet and mingle with the other members. Also, you will be celibate all this week. I want you primed and ready for Saturday night.” We talked a bit more and watched some TV. Then I decided to start cleaning the rooms that had things moved out. I decided to go to bed around 11.

I woke up the next morning and got ready for Ben. Lady J was already gone when I got up. He arrived a bit before 9 and we got started. It was almost 1 before he finished showing me everything. Then he sat down at the table and wrote up another list of things to get for Saturday’s dinner. As he got up to leave, he told me. “You’ll need to get these things on Thursday afternoon. This should be more than enough for the 30-40 that Joycee is expecting Saturday night. Most of these women are light eaters anyway. I’ll see you here Friday morning around 8. We’ll need that time to prepare. See you then.” We shook hands as I thanked him, and he left.

I decided to eat the foods we cooked earlier. Then I went upstairs and continued to clean. It was about 4 when I heard the doorbell. Figuring it was a deliveryman, I was surprised to see Sherry outside. As I let her in she said, “You didn’t call so I thought I’d drop by on my way home…So this is where you live, nice!” She was in Daisy Dukes again and T-shirt with a low-cut front. As I shut the door, she threw herself on me and said, “I want you really bad Joe, and I KNOW you want me. Let’s go up to your bedroom and have some fun!”

I did want Sherry and it showed again, almost immediately. Not having any sex for the past few days and being on those herbs was driving me crazy! She got up on her toes and embraced me for a kiss. Something caught me at the last moment though, and I said. “No Sherry! I can’t do this! You’re gorgeous, but I can’t be with you!” I gently pushed her away as I backed away myself.

“What the hell is this?” She yelled and added. “You’re a great looking guy, and I’m not that bad looking either. In fact, I have my pick of the men! I want you! This is fucked up! What is this about? Your girlfriend, or are you gay or something?”

“Or something.” I replied and went on. “Look Sherry I can’t explain it, but I’m bound by an agreement and you are off limits, no matter how badly I want you.”

She replied, “What kind of bullshit is that? We can just sneak upstairs and have fun. Who’s ever going to know? C’mon, let’s go!”

As she reached out for my hand smiling, I withdrew it and told her. “No Sherry. I think you ought to leave now.” Despite my desire for her, my resolution was hardening. Visibly upset, she stormed out of the house and drove away. I decided to go back to cleaning since I was almost finished. I got done with the last room around 5:30 and was wondering where Lady J was. I knew the right thing to do was to tell her what happened, take her punishment, and move on. I went downstairs, got a beer, and turned the TV on. Lady J called around 6 and said she wouldn’t be coming home that night. I then said, “Lady J, I have something to tell you and it’s not all good…Sherry came by the house a couple of hours ago, and put the moves on me. I’ll admit that I was tempted, but I sent her away. All we did was embrace and kiss for a moment before I pushed her away and told her to leave.”

I waited for her response, and after a long pause she replied. “I know Joe, and you just passed another test, congratulations! Sherry is a member and, given her beauty and gifts shall we say, I’ve used her to test other men before. I pulled her picture from the active members before I sent the pictures. If you go to it now, you’ll note she’s back in there. You are the first houseboy that was able to say no to her in a while and I am proud of you!” She paused and added, “As a reward, I guess I will call her back and ask her to go to spend the night with you, so go ahead and cook her the chicken.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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