Secrets and Confessions

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Adam Kane was a very happy man. Now, for the purposes of our story, Adam was always a very happy man. He was a millionaire by the age of 25 and a multi-millionaire by the time he was 27. Adam worked hard to achieve his goals. He didn’t take “no” for an answer and he didn’t step on any toes to climb the ladder of success.

He had other things going for him as well, which served him well with the ladies. He was tall, dark and handsome. Once you added “rich” to the list, it was apparent that Adam could usually have any girl he liked – and he liked a lot of girls. While it might have been an outdated term, Adam would gladly have admitted to being a “Playboy” and he actually owned a little black book replete with women’s phone numbers.

He dated and slept with a bevy of stunning women, some younger, some older, all of them willing. Had he been keeping score, Adam would have been like an NBA superstar. There were very few things he had not done sexually and only because they held no interest to him. Adam had been with models, actresses, porn stars and Playboy Playmates. He wasn’t a user and more than a few times, he found himself hoping things would last longer than they did. He wanted a relationship.

Over a few beers, Adam found himself confessing to one of his closest friends a fact that would have stunned the paparazzi – he actually wasn’t that happy.

“I love having money and I love the fact I meet these vital, sexy women,” he told his friend. “I work hard and I play hard. But there are times – more than I’d care to admit lately – where I wish I had what my parents have, a rock-solid marriage,” he confessed. Adam’s parents had been married for 35 years and had 3 children. They had been together since high school and were as happy now as they had been then.

“That’s because you’re dating supermodels, sex kittens and letting dazzling good looks blind you to something most of us have known for years,” Burt said, slapping his childhood buddy on the back.

“Which is …?”

“That you are purposely ruining any and all chances you have for such a solid foundation,” Burt told his friend. “You date women that will never want to settle down, or at least, not for a while. Women you know you have no future with,” he said to Adam. “You need to start thinking outside of the box, meet women who are making marriage and family a priority.”

“He’s right, Adam,” Sherry Williams nee Kane said to her older brother. “When I first started dating Burt, he was just like you are now. He was playing the field and I made him see that a life with me would be just fine,” she smiled.

“How did you manage to do that?” Adam asked his sister. He recalled very well all of the times that he and Burt had been on the prowl together and scored with some truly spectacular women. His kid sister must have some magic up her sleeve to make Burt want to give all of that up.

“She’s dynamite in the sack,” Burt whispered to his best friend, although loudly enough that his pretty wife easily overheard him. Sherry jabbed him in the ribs.

“He’s right, though,” the elfin redhead smiled at her older brother. “I offered him lots of affection, I was dependable, I didn’t spend every dollar he made …” to which Burt screwed up his face and Sherry added “… then – in the bedroom, I acted like the slut of his dreams!”


“Yes, and that’s all the info you are getting out of me,” Sherry said, somewhat indignantly. “I am not going to talk about my sex life with my brother.”

“Yeah, but I have no problem talking about our sex life,” Burt chuckled. That earned him another jab from his wife. Despite her being tiny, Sherry was as tough as nails.

“Hey, I know!” Sherry suddenly chirped up with her mood changing quickly. “D’you think he and CJ would hit it off?” Burt looked at his wife, nodded and smiled in agreement.

“Who is CJ?”

“A new legal intern at my firm, her name is Claudia Jill,” Sherry informed her brother, who scrunched up his face at the questionable name. “I know, I know,” Sherry laughed. “Why do you think she goes by CJ? She’s Asian, petite, gorgeous and wild, while still working hard for us, she’s very driven, very focused,” she concluded.

“Is she hot?”

Sherry rolled her eyes but Burt managed to say “smoking” and make Adam laugh.

“Is that the only thing that matters to you at this point?” Sherry challenged her brother. “Honestly?”

“No, no, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t think I’d be interested in a woman I wasn’t physically attracted to,” Adam admitted. “I’m attractive and well off, why should I settle for anything less?”

Sherry rolled her eyes at her brother and then, she calmed down a bit. She couldn’t well criticize Adam for being that way because she herself had started dating her brother’s friend, Burt, because of his macho appeal and good looks. She had fallen in love with him because he was a kind person and a big goofball. He was also secure enough in himself not to try and control her – as she had told him, no man ever would.

Sherry sighed. “He’s right Adam, CJ is a stunner. I think she’d like you olgun porno – hey, I have an idea to run past you. Our firm has a Valentine’s function every year. It’s really spectacular, good food, good drink, a live band and it’s black tie. You look great in a suit, why don’t you let me check in with her and see if she’d be open to having you as her escort? It’d save both of you from being by yourselves that night. What do you say?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” Adam answered. Like his attractive younger sister, Adam liked having an opportunity to put on his fancy clothes and enjoy a night out. What was the point in having money if you couldn’t flaunt it a little and have some fun?

A few days after dinner with his sister and brother-in-law, Adam received a phone call from CJ, his “date”. Her voice was a combination of honey mixed with whiskey and velvet. Adam liked what he heard as she talked. “I’m sure Sherry put you on the spot,” CJ said to him. “You don’t have to go through with this if …”

Adam put a stop to CJ’s thoughts. “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do,” Adam said to the younger woman. “She showed me a picture of you and I was all in.” That was a total fabrication, but it seemed to do the trick. After a few minutes of conversation, Adam was completely intrigued by CJ. If she was as personable as she seemed and as sexy as she sounded, she would prove to be a winning combination. Even if she was only just “cute”, Adam found her personality delightful and he knew that they would have a fun evening. Besides, he hadn’t had a chance to hang with Burt as much since his buddy had married Sherry. As far as Adam was concerned this was a win-win. He continued to chat with CJ for another 30 minutes and he found her engaging, fun and flirty. CJ was bright and well-informed and she also kept teasing him in her sexy voice. Adam continued to hope that she was as gorgeous as she sounded.

She certainly was. When the limo picked her up for their date, the petite Asian beauty dazzled in a black and white combination dress that hugged a sexy, delicious body. She had a beautiful face, exotic and alluring, a gorgeous set of legs that were perched on very high heels and jet-black hair that trailed down to her back. As she got in the back of the car with Adam, she wasn’t even self-conscious about displaying her body. She flashed Adam a very warm smile and he could tell that she wanted him to look at her. She was playing the sex card early on in their date, seemingly completely confident in her sexual allure.

CJ was also not self-conscious about checking out Adam. “Wow, I owe your sister a bouquet of flowers or an expensive bottle,” CJ gushed as she gave him a peck on the cheek. “She done good!”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing,” Adam smiled as she sat beside him – close behind him. “Do you want a drink?”

She shook her head and flashed a beautiful row of pearly-white teeth. “No thank you, not right now. I think I’ll need to keep my wits about me around you.”

“You can count on it,” Adam flirted back. She took his face in her hands and kissed him as she snuggled closer and crossed her silk-spun legs. Adam gave her another once-over. She was confident, proud and totally sexual. They were going to have a good time together. Even if it so happened it would just be this one night, they were going to remember it.

The limousine pulled up in front of the condo complex that Sherry and Burt lived in. Adam smiled as Burt emerged first. Even though his tux looked nice, Burt always managed to look as if he was about to burst out of it. It was Sherry, Adam’s sister, that stunned. She was in a fancy dress that hugged the petite redhead very nicely. “Sis, you look sensational,” Adam complimented his sister, to the surprise of CJ and his sister.

“Just remember stud, you are my date,” CJ patted his cheek. “He is right though Sherry, you look amazing.”

“She had better,” Burt mock-grumbled as he got in the car with the other three. “That gorgeous dress cost almost what I earn in a few weeks.” Most of the time, it didn’t bother Burt that his lawyer wife earned far more than he did as a football coach for the local university. Every so often, Adam knew his best pal wished he could have provided more for his wife. Burt had fallen hard for his best friend’s sister and always wished he could have done better for her, despite Sherry’s assurances that she was happy with every facet of their life together.

The Valentine’s gala was everything that Sherry had promised it would be and Burt felt immediately at home. Of course, he knew most of Sherry’s colleagues and they had handled several contracts for him and the talents he represented. A few of the more attractive female attorneys had been “Friends With Benefits”. During one conversation, he admitted as such to CJ, who seemed to take it all in good stride. He found her self-assurance very reassuring and sexy. It quelled his own anxieties. Another thing that he found sexy about sexy CJ was that she seemed to seize life by the horns. She had a wonderful appetite, was complimentary to the servers, liked her playboy porno drinks, asked intelligent questions, all the while maintaining contact with Adam and flirting shamelessly. Every man and some of the women that encountered her seemed perfectly at ease with her. She charmed the room and Adam sensed that this beautiful young woman was going to be a tremendous success in a very short time. Despite her networking, not for one single moment did CJ ignore her date. When Adam spoke, she responded and often, with a little double-entendre that kept Adam’s desire for CJ at its peak.

Adam also kept careful watch on his kid sister. Her legal prowess was such that she was on the fast track for partnership. He was also mesmerized by her and that puzzled him. This wasn’t the cute kid sister that had been driven to success. This lovely young redhead was working the room with aplomb and style. It was intriguing to see Sherry in such a new light.

CJ sidled up beside her date and Adam could feel hot taut her body was underneath her sexy cocktail dress. “What are you watching?” She quizzed him.

“My sister,” Adam confessed. “I’m so surprised at just how well she knows how to work a room.”

“Oh yeah, she sure does,” CJ agreed. “But it’s Burt who can claim at least part of the responsibility for that. He’s always telling her she’s amazing and to be confident in herself. She often has people hanging all over her, listening to what she has to say. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, but she’s got an amazing mind, too.”

“I guess I’m just used to thinking of her as my kid sister,” Adam commented. “I never noticed how special she really is.”

“Oh yeah, in a lot of ways,” CJ added in an offbeat kind of voice. Adam wondered just what CJ had meant by that. Sherry was a partner and CJ was just an intern, how did CJ know his sister so well? As he already planned to see a lot more of the vivacious young CJ, he made a mental note to ask her about that in the future. For now, he whisked her to the dance floor. CJ was surprised to see that Adam could really dance and not just go through the motions like some of the men she had dated in the past.

“You know what they say about men who are good on the dance floor?” CJ teased as she got as close to Adam as she dared in a public place. His “interest” was still quite evident.

“Are you suggesting that I need to prove whether it’s true or not, young lady?” Adam played along, letting his date get her jollies.

“If you think you can handle me, big guy, you can prove it as often as you’d like,” CJ continued with her game. She liked that Adam wasn’t threatened by her forthcoming nature and she also took note that he was keeping a brotherly eye on his sister – or so she thought. Part of CJ wondered if he suspected the full truth.

CJ found herself captivated by her date and not just by his looks or his wealth or even, his success. He was utterly charming, yes, very good looking, but he was interested in her. Most of the conversation centered around her, her job, her aspirations and even, her family. He seemed to be genuinely interested in her as a person and not just as a conquest. He was so utterly charming that she wanted to be even more forthcoming, although she didn’t really dare to do that. All the secrets were not hers to share – not yet.

Adam continued dancing with his date, not wanting their time on the dance floor to come to an end. Holding this vivacious beauty in his arms was an amazing feeling. Adam was happy that he knew how to dance, so many guys his age didn’t. Adam was no fool. Once he started earning good money, he set aside one night a week for dance lessons. He knew that men who could dance well could hold a woman’s attentions longer and that certainly seemed to hold true for CJ. He was fascinated by her as she seemed to be totally open and without guile. However, he found himself looking back over his shoulder at Sherry. Seeing his pretty kid sister through new eyes was proving to be quite the revelation. When they were growing up, Sherry had been a bit of a pest and like most older brothers, he had tried to ignore her. That was not possible now. Watching her dance with Burt and interact with her well-heeled co-workers gave Adam a new appreciation for Sherry. It was also hard to reconcile the attractive, almost sexy, Sherry with the kid sister he had pushed into the mud when she was 8.

“May I cut in?” Burt tapped both CJ and Adam on the shoulder. “I haven’t seen CJ in a while and I think your sister wants to speak with you.” Adam agreed and wondered how Burt knew CJ. His sister wasn’t a snob and yet, she likely wouldn’t have made too much time for an underling. She was far too busy. He met Sherry in the middle of the dance floor and she smiled at him. She had a lovely smile, like their mom and sister. She moved into his arms and Adam was surprised. She was surprisingly graceful.

“You’re not the only one who could afford dance lessons,” Sherry anticipated his thoughts. “So, what do you think of my friend?

“I concede that you were right, she’s wonderful,” Adam said as he danced with pornhub porno his sister. He kept glancing over to see CJ and Burt, who seemed to be deep in conversation. What was going on, what didn’t he know? He refocused his attentions on his dance with Sherry. To his surprise, it was almost as much fun as dancing with CJ had been. “Aside from chance meetings at work, how do you know her? Burt indicated he’d met her previously and I should hardly think the two of you would travel in the same social circles.”

“She didn’t tell you?” Adam shook his head. “Good for her, she can keep a secret,” Sherry chuckled lightly. “Are you interested in a second date with her?” Adam nodded this time. “Good. Why don’t the four of us go out this weekend? Then, I promise that CJ – and I – will answer all of your questions.” Adam didn’t understand why they needed another foursome, but so far, his sister was batting 1000. Burt and CJ went back to their table and Sherry and Adam joined them for a few drinks and some canapes. Adam made sure to give CJ his undivided attention and rather than let Sherry suggest it, he brought up the idea of dinner and drinks Saturday night. CJ seemed more than excited by the idea. Once again, Adam wondered if there was some little piece of information to which he was not privy. Despite that, when the evening ended, he wished it had gone longer. In bed that night, he knew he was looking forward to seeing CJ again. It was the first time in a long while he could recall not feeling nonchalant about a second date.

Friday night came and Burt suggested a well-known seafood restaurant he and Adam had frequented in their “single” days. It was met with a bit of suspicion by Sherry, who knew the kind of places her brother and husband had gone to in those years. It took a bit of assurance on Burt’s part to convince his wife that it was not one of “those” places and he got a few scowls when some of the servers remembered the two handsome men and flirted shamelessly. Still, the conduct of Adam and Burt was beyond reproach and they didn’t divert any of their attention from the two lovely companions. Sherry’s dress was short and a bit slinky, matched with high heels. CJ looked incredible in a tight white dress and matching heels that accentuated all of her exotic beauty. Adam proposed a toast to the “two hottest women in town” and that seemed to assuage any hard feelings on the part of their girlfriends. Once the women relaxed and enjoyed the undivided attention of the men, the evening went on swimmingly.

The foursome each ordered something different and a few extra plates. Then they mixed and matched their food and drinks. Adam had decided to treat everyone and even thought to bring along extra money for cab fare. Tonight was all about celebration because the more time he spent with CJ, the more he was sure that his sister had done him a solid. Sherry might well have found him a girl with the potential to be “the one”. She wasn’t slavish to his every word, but she paid attention and her comments and adlibs were both well thought out and devilishly funny. She was also a terrible flirt and confident in herself. She knew that she was good looking and she loved being a girl. She didn’t have to give up her feminine side to be a success and commented her friend Sherry had taught her that.

“So, I have to ask all of you,” Adam finally said. “How did the three of you become friends. You are friends, aren’t you? You don’t seem to be total strangers and I wouldn’t imagine you all meeting at a bar or hanging out at the office,” he asked his sister and Burt, who both looked at CJ. She shrugged and Sherry looked at her husband one more time for approval. With a quiet, tacit approval, the other three had decided to let Adam in on their joint secret.

“It happened a little over a year ago,” Sherry spoke first. “At last year’s Valentine’s gala.”

CJ nodded in agreement. “You can tell him everything,” she looked back at Adam. “I think it all should be out in the open.”

“CJ had only been working for the company for a few months then and I had yet to meet her,” Burt spoke now. “All I knew of her was that she was this really skilled intern and that my wife had taken notice of her. She talked about CJ non-stop for months, so when we got our invites to the gala, I made a point of seeking her out.”

“I wondered who this gorgeous man was who was so obviously hitting on me,” CJ said with a smile. “When his wife joined us later and engaged us in conversation, I was a bit sad. Burt was the first man I had made a connection with since moving here and after my divorce.”

“You were married before?”

“Yes. My husband was very handsome – and verbally abusive and mentally cruel. The lawyer who helped handle my divorce was a godsend. She also told me that I seemed to be very smart, answered all of the questions properly and they couldn’t trip me up during questioning,” CJ explained. “She asked me if I had ever thought of becoming a lawyer. I told her that I hadn’t and besides, I couldn’t possibly afford it. She told me to think about it and if I decided it was something I thought I might want to do, she’d find a way to help me out. That was three years ago. Obviously, I took her up on the offer. I work for the firm a few days a week, help out with the pro bono work and attend school at night,” CJ explained. “It’s been tough, but I’m determined to make it work.”

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