Schooling with Sabrina

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Sabrina worked in the office of admissions at the local junior college. She had worked there since she was twenty-two, through two failed marriages, two children and countless administration changes. At forty-nine, she was the senior person in the office in age and years of service. The other women in the office respected her and liked her because she knew every job and treated everyone fairly. The two men in the office admired her for her intelligence and lusted after her for her good looks.

The men often joked that Sabrina wore tight fitting clothes to keep the fat from springing out. That her boobs would sag to her knees should she take off her bra and that her hips would expand two-fold if she were to take off her girdle. They didn’t know that Sabrina never wore a girdle. That she had worked hard and continued to work hard at her looks and her figure. And if she were to take off her clothes in front of them, they’d swallow their tongues and pass out from excitement.

In the fall of 2007, as classes started, I moved in with my Aunt. I was starting over at twenty-three, out of work and nearly out of options, I started back to school at the insistence of my Aunt. She helped me get a school loan and even found work for me at the school. My Aunt Sabrina promised that she would make sure I would not fail.

I took up residence in her attic — a spacious, cozy room that resembled a loft apartment more than an attic. I had a queen size bed, a desk, a couch, a lazy-boy chair, a small refrigerator and her old stereo system and all of her vinyl albums. I helped out around her house, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, painting a guest room on the second floor and occasionally cooking a meal or two during the week when she worked late.

Our relationship was great. I admired Sabrina for the way she carried herself and the way she managed her life. She always seemed to be in complete control. She let me come and go as I pleased and insisted that we sit down, at least once a week to discuss how things were going. In no time at all, Sabrina, the Aunt I hardly knew, became my best friend.

More than a best friend, I loved and yearned for my Aunt in the most carnal way possible. I watched her bending over to get things out of the refrigerator, I saw her tits swing inside her robe on Saturday mornings. I watched her sunbathe in the back yard in her bikini and on more than one occasion, I listened at her door while she masturbated herself to an orgasm.

Sabrina stands about 5′ 8″ in heels and has long, dark hair that is usually tied up in a bun or back in a pony tail. She has perfect tits, probably about a 38 C and her hips have a little meat on them, but not excessively so. She always dresses in skirts and slacks, very professional and everything she wears compliments her form. I have seen the way men and boys at the school look at her. There is a moment of amazement when men first see her that turns quickly to full on lust in seconds. If she paid the men and boys any attention, I never saw it.

I started dating Melanie in October. Melanie was a pretty sophomore, majoring in art; all of twenty, she still lived at home and was planning to attend a school in the east after she finished at the community college. Melanie was sweet, sometimes feisty and always adventures. On our second date, she announced that she needed to taste my cum to determine if we were really compatible. Lucky for me, the tasting was successful and we progressed quickly from there.

I stayed with Sabrina during the holidays, my mother was having an identity crisis that involved dating several men of varying ages and I just didn’t feel comfortable with that situation. Sabrina saw her son and her daughter for Christmas while I spent time with Melanie’s family and getting my cock sucked in Melanie’s parents bedroom closet.

I had no plans for New Years, Melanie had to work until ten and then she was going to come over to the house to spend the New Years with me in the attic. Sabrina had a school faculty/administration party to attend and probably wouldn’t be home until late. I made myself dinner, watched some television and then went upstairs to my room to wait for Melanie. I fell asleep about eight and woke up a little before eleven. I heard voices downstairs so I made my way to the top of the stairs to see if it was Melanie.

From the bottom of the stairs I had a perfect view of the hallway leading down to Sabrina’s bedroom. The old house was big and had large hallways that I could have rode my motorcycle down. The next set of stairs went down about seven steps to a landing then made a right turn down ten or so more steps to the living room. I didn’t see anyone in the hallway so I stepped out and moved to czech super models porno/ the railing where I could see the landing.

Still, no one, but I could hear the voices and I was sure it was Melanie and Sabrina. I moved slowly down toward the landing when I heard Melanie say, “Are you serious?” in a rather shocked tone.

I stopped in my tracks and then I heard Sabrina say, “You’re an artist. You mean to tell me you’ve never experimented?”

There was silence and I was still fighting the pull of sleep. I cautiously crouched down and looked under the railing into the living room where Sabrina was holding Melanie’s face with one hand in a gentle, loving way. Sabrina in her three inch heels toward over Melanie in her tennis shoes. Sabrina’s hair was done up, making her appear even taller. The dress she wore was bright red with a thin, white pattern that looked like a belt around her waist. Her face was made up, her eyes, lined with dark mascara and her lips a bright, vibrant red.

That’s when I noticed the smear of lipstick on Melanie’s mouth. Melanie was looking up at Sabrina with her pretty green eyes, her blonde hair falling onto her shoulders and down her back. She reached up and touched Sabrina’s cheek with her hand. “You really shocked me.”

Sabrina laughed lightly, “You were standing under the mistletoe.”

“I’ve never — almost never — kissed a woman before.”

Sabrina’s eyes grew wide with glee. She leaned in and kissed Melanie on the mouth, softly. Melanie responded by parting her lips and welcoming Sabrina’s tongue into her mouth. When they broke the kiss, Sabrina said, “Almost never?”

Melanie looked dazed for a moment, then as she recovered, she said, “A party in high school. I got pretty drunk and made out with this lesbian girl.”

“Nothing more?” Sabrina prodded.

Melanie laughed and blushed, “Not really, just some serious necking.”

“Never sucked on a woman’s nipple? Tongued a clit?”

Melanie blushed more and pulled back. “I — I, my God, Sabrina, you’re the last person I’d expect to have this conversation with.”

Now Sabrina laughed and turned toward the bar on the far side of the living room. “Do I come across as a prude?” Sabrina poured a couple shots of gin into a glass and then poured vodka into another glass. She motioned to the couch. “Do you think I’ve never sucked a cock or had someone cum on my chest?”

Nervous laughter slipped from Melanie’s throat. One of her favorite things to do was have me pull out and cum on her chest and neck. No doubt, Sabrina was aware of our activities. “Sabrina.” Was all Melanie could say.

“I’m a single woman in a fairly small town, Melanie. I learned a long time ago, that any sexual exploits I have, soon become public knowledge.” She handed the glass of gin to Melanie. “I should say, any sexual exploits with a man.”

“You mean that you sleep with women because — “

“Women are much more discreet.” Sabrina said with a coy smile.

Melanie sipped the gin. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

Sabrina sat down on the couch next to the bar and patted the seat next to her. “You’re a beautiful young woman, Melanie. I see you come over here, hear you up in Nate’s room. I’ve seen your paintings, your sketches, I get a sense from you that you have a wild side that is waiting to be… unleashed.”

Melanie gestured with her head toward the second floor. “Nate’s waiting for me.”

“He’s asleep.” Sabrina patted the couch again. “Come here and let me entertain you until he’s awake.”

Melanie sipped more gin then, slowly moved toward the couch. “I’m not a lesbian.”

Sabrina laughed, “Neither am I. Doesn’t mean, I don’t like eating pussy.”

Melanie nearly dropped her glass as she gasped. “Sabrina, I just never have heard you talk this way.”

Sabrina took Melanie’s free hand and kissed it. “All this time — ever since you made out with that girl in high school, you had to wonder.”

Melanie sighed and sat down next to Sabrina. “I’ve got a friend. She went to State. She said she was at a party in her dorm and a girl hit on her. The girl went down on her in the bathroom — said she had an orgasm like never before.”

Sabrina set her glass down, leaned in and kissed Melanie on the neck. “Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”

Melanie pulled back and took a drink of her gin. “You’re not expecting me to — to go down on you, are you?”

Sabrina leaned in again and kissed Melanie on the lips. Melanie responded warmly. I could barely hear Sabrina say, “Let’s just see what happens.” With that Melanie opened her mouth up to Sabrina’s kiss. They ground their mouths together for several czech tax porno minutes while Sabrina gently touched Melanie’s hair and shoulders.

I sat two steps up from the landing with a hard on nearly ripping through my jeans. I was stunned. All the while that I had been with my Aunt, I had never seen her do an overtly sexual thing. I had never heard her talk about a man or a woman. I had just imagined that she had no interest in sex. She had always seemed so calm, so content that the idea of a relationship for her seemed unnatural.

I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid to move for fear I would disrupt this event. Yet, there was no doubt in my mind that at some point, I was going to cum in my pants and I didn’t know if I could be quiet about it if they continued on. While I had thought about the idea of Melanie and I engaging in a threesome with another girl, I never thought I would ever actually see it — let alone her having sex with my Aunt.

Sabrina’s hand found it’s way to Melanie’s breast. Even as far away as I was, I could hear, Melanie moan. Her own hands stayed on Sabrina’s shoulders, almost gripping them. I could tell Melanie was enjoying the experience, but it was as if she was fighting it.

Sabrina kissed down Melanie’s neck and pushed open the collar of the blouse. Melanie stiffened as Sabrina’s hand worked up her blouse and cupped her small, firm breast. She worked a couple of buttons open and continued kissing down Melanie’s chest. When Melanie’s blouse was open, Sabrina pulled down the cup of her bra and took her breast in her mouth. While her mouth sucked on the breast, her hand slid down, Melanie’s thin waist to her jeans and rubbed firmly over her crotch. When Sabrina undid the button on the jeans, Melanie sat upright as if jolting out of a bad dream.

“Oh, God!” Melanie moaned as she panted with excitement. “I can’t do this.”

Sabrina pulled back and caressed her face with her hand. “Oh, but your body says you can. I can feel the moisture right through your jeans — your panties must be soaked.”

Melanie crunched forward embarassed. “I – I – I just feel so — so weird.”

Sabrina picked up the glass of gin and handed it to Melanie. “Take a drink. Relax. There’s nothing wrong with this.”

Melanie gulped the rest of her drink down, then blurted out, “I like cock. I really do.”

Sabrina was undaunted. She pulled a couple of pins from her hair and let her hair fall down around her shoulders. “I’ve got a big dildo up in my room, looks like the real thing. Should I get that for you? You could suck on it while I suck on your clit.”

Melanie’s mouth gaped. “I – I’ve never used a dildo. You use a dildo?”

Sabrina reached behind and caught the zipper of her red dress. She pulled it. “I like cock too. Sometimes I fuck myself with it as hard as I can. Then I suck my own pussy juices off of it. It’s the best of both worlds.”

I nearly tumbled down the steps. I could imagine Sabrina, naked fucking herself with a big dildo, while her breasts bounced. My shorts were already wet.

Melanie’s chin dropped even more. After a moment she said softly, “I use the plastic handle from one of my old pom-poms. I just… rub my clit with it, but a couple of times…”

“You fuck yourself with it.” Sabrina twisted a little and the dress started to fall. She pushed it down to the floor and stood before Melanie in a red, push up bra and red thong, thigh high dark stockings and her red, three inch heels. “And you’ve even tasted your own pussy, haven’t you.”

Melanie nodded. “I just get so horny sometimes.”

Sabrina’s hands glided over her own skin, slowly, sensually, from her hips to her breasts. Sabrina cooed with delight. “Why don’t we just masturbate together?”

Melanie looked up at Sabrina then down to her empty glass. “Can I have a little more gin?”

Sabrina bent and kissed Melanie on the mouth again then took her glass from her. “I knew you were a gin girl.”

“Why me?” Melanie asked softly.

Sabrina poured the clear liquid then handed the glass back to Melanie. Melanie took a good sized drink. Sabrina ran her hand over her torso down to her red thong. “I listen to you and Nate fuck all the time.”

“You do?” Melanie nearly spit out her drink.

Sabrina dipped her fingers inside the thong and touched herself, sending a wave over her body that started at her toes and ended at the tip of her hair. She threw her head back with a gutteral moan. “Oh, I like to hear you moan.”

“I always worried you’d hear us.”

“Don’t worry — it gives me something to listen to while I’m working.” Sabrina pulled out a glistening finger from her thong and held it forth to defloration porno Melanie. “Taste.”

Melanie took another sip of the gin then set her glass down. She stared at the finger before her as if it were accusing her of something bad. She looked up at Sabrina then slowly leaned forward and took Sabrina’s finger in her mouth. Her lips closed down around the finger as if it were a cock and she took it all the way in. Ever so slowly, she pulled back, dragging her lips over the finger and Sabrina’s long, red fingernail. When she was done, she smiled up at Sabrina.

“Not so bad.”

Melanie sighed, “Will you?”

Sabrina got down on one knee in front of Melanie, reaching out she cupped Melanie’s face with her hand. “Will I?” She replied as though she knew exactly what Melanie was asking for. “Take off your jeans and I’ll show you.”

Melanie took another drink then shifted forward and kissed Sabrina hard on the mouth. Her hands moved up into Sabrina’s hair and pulled her to her in a deep, passionate kiss the likes we had seldom shared ourselves. They broke the kiss and Melanie stood, unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them, kicking off her shoes as she stepped out of the jeans.

With Sabrina still on one knee, her face was even with Melanie’s abdomen. Melanie stroked Sabrina’s hair as Sabrina began to softly kiss her stomach. “Sit back.” Sabrina finally said. Melanie did as she was told and sat back on the couch with her eyes closed and her shirt open. Sabrina put a pillow on the floor and knelt on it, then began kissing Melanie’s inner thighs.

She ran her long, red fingernails over Melanie’s well-trimmed bush. “Tell me about that girl you kissed.”

Melanie drew a deep breath as Sabrina’s face moved deeper into her crotch. After a moment, Melanie started to talk. “She was older. A red head. She had this beautiful face and… ” Melanie drew a deep breath as Sabrina began to work her tongue over her swollen lips.

“She — she always liked me. We were always friends. I always thought she was so — uhhhhh — ” She grabbed a fistful of Sabrina’s hair. I saw Sabrina’s left hand come up and slip under her chin. Melanie gasped.

Sabrina looked up at her with two fingers inside of Melanie’s pussy. “She was what?”

“Creative.” Melanie moaned. “She could draw so well, effortless.”

Sabrina worked her fingers deeper inside. “She was an art student too?”

“Yes. A year older than me. She taught me about working…. ohhhh…. ohhhh… working with clay.” Melanie’s breath was coming faster now as if she was in the last leg of a long race.

Sabrina licked and looked up again. “And the kiss?” Sabrina said before lowering her mouth once again to Melanie’s wet bush.

“We were drunk. She showed up late and told us she was going off to some school out east.” Melanie sat up and reached a hand down into Sabrina’s bra. “You have such great tits.”

Sabrina’s fingers started pumping into Melanie’s twat as her head bobbed up and down ever so slightly. “The kiss.” Sabrina said quickly, quietly.

“I hugged her.” Melanie gasped for air as she fell back against the couch and started pinching her own nipples through the fabric of her bra. “She hugged me back and then we just kind of looked at each other — and — and — ohhhhh — That feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Sabrina looked up again. “Did you kiss her? Or did she kiss you?”

“We stepped outside.” Melanie said quickly. “Like we knew we were going to do this.” Her knees pulled up as she squeezed her breasts with her hands. “I kissed her. I kissed her. She just stared at me — holding my hands — I kissed her.”

Sabrina slid a third finger in and Melanie began to buck. She screamed louder than I had ever made her scream. Sabrina continued working until Melanie finally pushed her away. Melanie came off the couch onto her knees and kissed Sabrina like her life depended on it. She licked her lips and sucked on them, trying to steal the taste of her own pussy from my Aunt’s mouth.

Sabrina pulled away and held Melanie at arms length. “You liked that?”

“God, yes. Yes. That’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Sabrina stood and turned then sat down on the couch. She hooked her thumbs into her thong and pulled it down. “Then you’ll return the favor?”

Melanie moved toward her like a tiger on the prowl. She kissed Sabrina’s stomach then pulled down the cup of her bra and sucked oner Sabrina’s pert nipple. Then she rose up and kissed Sabrina on the mouth again. She pulled back and stared at her for a moment.

“Where’s your dildo?”

Sabrina put a hand on Melanie’s shoulder and pushed her down. “There’s time, my dear. There’s plenty of time for that.”

Melanie kissed down Sabrina’s torso until she came upon the small patch of hair over Sabrina’s clit. She kissed and then began to lick and I watched as my Aunt began to knead her own breasts, the red fingernails working over the half-dollar size nipples. And I could hear Melanie lapping away as I came into my shorts.

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