Scent of a woman

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Us members of the graduating class, as well as members of the Virgins Club, were awed at my friend Bob’s revelation that he knew of a surefire way to smell a woman. He boasted that he could smell a pussy anytime he wanted and it was so easy that even his kid brother could do it. Only it was a secret handed down through the generations and his father had revealed it to him on his eighteenth birthday, so he couldn’t share it with any of us.

We all knew it to be bullshit, but I sensed from the sly smile on the edges of his mouth that maybe, just maybe, there was some truth to his claim. I was determined to get it out of him, so I begged him, bribed him, bought him burgers at his favorite joint, even helped him mow his father’s lawn but he wouldn’t tell me his secret. In the end it was a six pack I stole from my mother’s collection that made him crack.

I marveled at the simplicity and the beauty of his plan. It wasn’t really a family secret, it was something he had discovered on his own, and probably a lot of others had discovered something similar. Only I hadn’t and knowing how easy it was, I decided to finally smell pussy for myself. He told me that timing is everything and I must wait for the right moment, otherwise I may not get the full effect. Following his advice, I then waited for the right moment to arrive.

It arrived on a Thursday evening. Thursday is usually the day my sister goes to the gym and comes home around dinner time. I knew her routine somewhat and I was actually pissed at myself for not discovering this secret on my own. She normally comes through the garage, takes off her damp exercise clothes, including her underwear, and dumps them in the laundry basket. She then wraps herself in the towel she takes to the gym and proceeds to take a long, hot shower. My mother usually is in the kitchen washing dishes or cleaning up or something else, so she is also pretty occupied at that time. This leaves about a half-hour wide window of opportunity for me to, yes you guessed it, smell the scent of a woman.

As soon as my sister disappeared in the shower and I heard the water running, I made my way to the garage and to the laundry basket. To my delight, her panties were sitting right on top of the heap. My hands were shaking and I was trembling with excitement as I picked up the damp item, held it in both of my hands, and buried my nose approximately where her womanhood must have touched.

The smell was a bit foul. I was disgusted and turned on at the same time. I figured her sweat must have soaked in with her womanly liquids and probably overpowered what I heard was supposed to be musky smell—not that I knew what musky smell is like. Her body odor was a bit overpowering, but I should have expected that since she wore it while she exercised. I inhaled deeply trying to clearly distinguish between the two kinds of scent I was supposed to find in that material. I inhaled again and again, trying to hold the smelly air in my lungs as long as possible like a person smoking weed. Soon I was hyperventilating.

Then came the voice that I had feared so much. I heard my mother scream: “What the fuck are you doing?”

I froze in my tracks. For a second I thought she had noticed the missing six pack, then the realization came. I stood there with my sister’s panties pressed into my face as my mother swore me left and right. Then she came after me with the broom she was using to clean the mess in the kitchen. That’s when I decided to flee.

I was faster than her so I made it to my room and locked it from inside before she could charge after me. She banged on it loudly and told me to come outside so she could beat the hell out of me. I sat on my bed and waited for the storm to wither away.

I heard my sister come out of the bathroom and ask my mother what the commotion was about. I heard my mother’s muffled voice as she relayed the story to her. I heard my sister yelling at my mother for overreacting. I heard my mother yelling back at her for being too liberal. I heard my sister telling my mother that I was a teenager and all teenagers do things like this. So on and so on.

I was in a state of panic. My mother soon gave up and left and my sister went to her room. Soon thereafter I heard banging on my door and my sister yelled: “Open this door immediately K.D.”

“No,” I yelled back.

“Open this door, right now. She is gone. I want to talk to you.”

I was embarrassed beyond belief. I didn’t want to face my sister after getting caught red handed with my face in her panties. What must she be thinking?

“Come czech pool porno on K.D., open this door,” she said in a bit gentler voice.

I reluctantly went to the door and opened it. I stood in front of her with my eyes staring at her feet. I noticed that she had nice looking feet, which incidentally were attached to some nice looking legs. I realized that she was wrapped in her towel as water dripped down from her wet hair.

She thrust her hand at me and said: “Here!”

She was holding another one of her panties and was motioning for me to take them. I instinctively followed her command and took them.

“Enjoy!” She said then turned around and went to her room.

I stood there dumbfounded. My sister was not angry at me. Instead she was actually giving me a tacit approval for my actions. She was okay with it. Man, did I have a great sister!

I jumped with joy as I locked my door again and then jumped on to my bed with the panties firmly pressed against my nose.

To my disappointment, all I smelt were the washing powder and the softener from the machine. Her panties were clean, too clean to do anything for me.

I was disappointed, but enthralled at the same time. I did have a material in my hand that had the privilege of being next to a woman’s pussy, even though the woman in this case was my sister. But, it was pussy nevertheless, even though it was my sister’s pussy. I felt my cock stir as I ran my finger on the outside front of the garment. I imagined where her pussy lips must have been and caressed them with my fingers. I then ran my tongue on them as if I was licking one. I even held them against my hard cock trying to dry fuck the panties and ultimately imagined myself rubbing against my sister’s cunt with my cock firmly pressed into her, well, pussy.

I felt ashamed of my last act and put them away on my night table. Around ten or so, as I was busy reading a book, she popped her head in and asked: “So, did you get what you were looking for.”

“Huh,” I said like a dummy. Then I realized what she was talking about and replied: “Oh, that. Nah.”

“Why not?” She seemed disappointed.

“They are too clean.”

She thought about my statement for a second, then it dawned on her. “Oh!” She exclaimed. “I see!” She came to my night table and took her panties. As she left my room, she said: “Let me see if I can rectify that.”

She came back after about forty minutes or so. She was wearing a silk chemise and looked quite good in it. She was perspiring around her forehead. As I watched her, she reached under her night garment with both hands, grabbed her panties from each side and shook her ass in a nice, provocative way as she pulled them down over her knees and down to her ankles. After removing them, she came to me and handed them to me. She said: “There, now you’ll get what you want.”

As I watched her leave, I took the panties in my hand. They were wet, I mean they were really, really wet. My heart jumped as I realized why they were wet. My sister had gone through a lot of trouble to get me the panties that were soaking wet with only her womanly juices and no perspiration.

I buried my face into them. There was that undeniable scent of my sister. It was musky; it must have been, because I felt myself becoming instantly aroused. There was an intoxicating effect that smell had on me. I felt my body fill with sweetness as her hormones or pheromones or whatever she must have secreted, made their way to my brain and stimulated parts of it that had never been stimulated before. To say that I got horny would be an understatement. I was so hard that my skin around my dick was coming apart at the seams.

I smelt her smell. I inhaled her aroma. I even tasted her juices. There was enough liquid present in the material that I squeezed a few drop out onto my tongue. It was the weirdest taste I have ever tasted and it made me moan like an animal. I then shoved it into my mouth and sucked on it to get every last bit of her juices. My sister’s pussy secreted this wonder drug that took my brain to an incredible high. I quickly took my pants off and rubbed the material on my head. The thought of my cock rubbing where once her pussy had been made me extremely aroused. My balls ached with the pressure my system put on them and my cock screamed for release. I frantically rubbed her panties around the head area as I jerked myself to an incredible orgasm. I had never climaxed the way I climaxed that night.

I fell asleep with her panties still wrapped around czech sharking porno my dick.

She didn’t come back to me until Saturday night when Mom had gone out with her sister and we were both alone in the house. She asked me again: “So, did you get what you were looking for?”

“Yes, I did. Thank you.” I replied. “And more!”

“More, huh.” She seemed excited for me. Then she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “What do you mean more?”

“Well, I not only discovered the wonderful scent but also the magical taste.”

“Ooh!” She exclaimed. “Were you able to taste as well?”

“Yes, I was. Your panties were so wet that I was able to taste you as well as smell you.”

She looked at me with a strange look. “I can’t believe it. I had this sudden rush when you said that you could taste me.”

“I could taste you and it was extremely arousing.”

“There it is again.” She looked in a panic as she tried to listen to her own body. “That rush. Like a jolt on my spine. You were aroused with my taste.”

“I was aroused with your panties. I was extremely aroused with your scent. I exploded with your taste.”

She jumped up and rushed towards me, grabbed my hand and pulled me after her as she ran towards her room. “Come, let’s see how you do with the real thing.”

Once in her room, she released my hand. Quickly took her top and her jeans off and then jumped on her bed. She grabbed her panties on each side, lifted her ass up and pulled them down. After removing them completely, she settled her head into her pillow and opened her legs for me.

“Come, smell and taste the real thing.”

I was standing there trembling. Things had moved so quickly that my head was spinning. My vision was a bit blurry as I could only see the silhouette of my sister. I was fully aware of the implication in her pose, but was I ready for her, I didn’t know. I couldn’t know. I had never been with a woman before. I had never seen one naked or looked between her legs, and there was one willing and eager for me to do to her as I had fantasized in my mind.

“Come, quick. I can’t wait for you to taste me.”

I climbed onto her bed from the feet side. I was crawling on all fours as I made it to between her thighs. I was overwhelmed with emotions at being so close to a real pussy. It looked beautiful. The wheat grain enlarged a thousand fold, with her silky black pubes surrounding it from almost all sides. I didn’t know what to do.

She placed her hands between her legs and grabbed the back of her thighs with them. Then she pulled her thighs up and spread them wide so I could get my head in between. I was still fully clothed as I lowered my face onto her love nest. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do first, so I did what I thought would be the first thing. I lowered my nose onto her cunt and buried the tip between her pussy lips.

“Ahhhhh!” She screamed and I panicked. I hadn’t heard that cry of a wounded animal before. Before I could pull my face away, she grabbed the back of my head and forced it down onto her pussy. “It’s okay. I am okay. That sound is a good sound.”

The tip of my nose was wet and glistening. I could sense it as I looked down onto her cunt. She pulled her lips with each hand and exposed that pink area around her hole. “Lick there, if you really want to taste me.”

I extended my tongue out and stuck it right in that hole.


But this time I knew it was a good sound, so I pressed my tongue as deep as I could.

“That’s it baby. That’s what you should do and a lot more often.”

I did taste her. It was a bit creamy taste. I bit pungent but pleasant. I felt a bit more at ease once her words of encouragement poured through my ears. I started to rub my tongue around her hole and in between her lips. She pointed her finger at a knob towards the top of her cunt and said: “Press on this with your tongue. Suck on it. Lick it. Do whatever comes to mind.”

I proceeded to do exactly as she wanted. I sucked, licked, pressed and squeezed that thing.

“That’s it baby. That’s it. Just do that for another hour or so.”

I liked her taste. There wasn’t much smell there but enough to tell me that I was in a rather humid area. Soon I started to enjoy myself. Once I mastered what I was supposed to do, I did it over and over. She was encouraging me all the way and giving me those signs of pleasure and grabbing my head and pressing my face hard on her pussy, sometimes so hard that it was difficult for me to breathe, czech streets porno and making me move it from side to side as my lips kissed, caressed, and sucked basically every part of her genitalia and my tongue darted in and out of her hole and licked around the inside of her pussy to not only my but her heart’s content.

I was really into it. I was tasting her juices and couldn’t get enough of them. I was exploring her with all the interest I could muster when I felt her clamp her legs around my neck as she held me tight in her grip. My mouth was pressed hard on her clit as my tongue rubbed it around. I peeked up without moving my head. She had grabbed the headboard and she started to thrust upward into my face. She was yelling loud as she held my head down and shoved her pussy into my mouth over and over. I tried to keep doing what I was doing to the best of my ability. Her thrusts became stronger and stronger until she held her butt above the mattress with my mouth almost inside of her pussy. She thrust up and held, thrust again and held, and thrust really hard for one last time as she yelled: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I held on for dear life and waited for her to have mercy on me and let me breathe, which she did after a gigantic stretch of her body before collapsing back onto the bed. She ran her fingers through my hair and caressed my head as she kept repeating: “Oh, that was good baby. That was very good. That was incredible.”

Once she released my head from the clamp of her legs, I continued with my exploration. My cock was so hard that I felt extremely uncomfortable. She was relaxed. Her legs felt like they had no power left in them. I pushed them up with my hands hoping she would keep them up, but they fell back down. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs and pushed her legs against her breasts. Her pelvic area thrust upwards and became more exposed. I noticed the ridge between her pussy and her anus and found it to be quite intriguing. I ran the tip of my tongue on that ridge. She moaned. I did it again and she moaned again as if she was coming back to life. Soon I was sucking and licking on that ridge. She danced to the rhythm of my tongue as my mouth slipped down bringing my tongue in contact with her anus. She moaned loudly. Taking that as my cue, I then proceeded to devour her asshole until she was thrusting and bucking against my face again. But this time I was holding her legs so she couldn’t clamp them around my neck. I actually forced her to hold that pose while I explored, licked and tasted every nook and cranny of her private parts, including the ones not usually used for sex. She came again and as hard as before.

By this time I was feeling a bit tired so I stopped my onslaught. She looked so lifeless as she laid there all stretched on the bed. Her eyes were closed as she gave a low moan every now and then to show how satisfied she was. I realized then that she probably couldn’t tell what I was doing and this was my opportunity to experience the ultimate thrill. I so wanted to be out of the Virgins Club and I finally had my chance to lose my virginity into my sister.

I quietly removed my clothes and once completely naked, I pushed her legs up and opened her wide again. She smiled with pleasure. Her eyes were still firmly shut as she welcomed me again to perform that tongue dance on her pussy. This time, however, it wasn’t my tongue that I pressed onto her hole. It was my hard, throbbing cock. I held her legs on my shoulders as I grabbed her wrists to keep her movements restricted and pushed myself into her.

This time the “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” came in stereo, from both of our mouths.

I was in heaven. That’s what my sister was, heaven. She held rivers of pleasure for me and they all flowed over my shaft. I couldn’t believe how good a woman’s pussy felt around my dick. No hand job could compare to this. I was floating through the air. I was enveloped in extreme pleasure. Her pussy was the ultimate resting place for my weary cock, but resting was the last thing on its mind. He wanted to drill, and drill I did. I fucked my sister like there was no tomorrow. I pumped endlessly into her until my system decided that it was time to ejaculate.

Yes, I came. Yes, I came with a bang. I think I hurt myself as the sperm just rocketed from my balls into her vagina. I could tell from the look on her face that she felt the force and that she liked it. I thrust into her with all my might to get her back for her thrusts and then held myself stretched against her pubic bone like she had held hers against my face. I finally learnt why she had made all those sounds and why she had collapsed after her orgasm and had felt so lifeless. I, too, made those sounds and I, too, fell on top of her, lifeless. I stayed awake long enough to feel myself soften and come out of her with a soft whisper of a plop. It was an incredible feeling.

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