Saturday Night Pt. 01

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It was a Saturday night and neither one of us had anything to do. Our children were all gone, staying at friend’s houses, and Isabella and I had an early start to the evening. Our life was not one filled with adventure and usually we spent the time trying to steal time for ourselves, so, when it suddenly presented itself, we had no idea what to do.

Suddenly, Isabella sat up, smiled her devilish smile and exclaimed she had an idea. She quickly climbed off the couch and grabbed my hand, leading me down the hall to the bedroom. She said she had an idea for the night, to play out one of our fantasies, but first, she needed to cum, for she was afraid if she didn’t she might get nervous and not be able to follow through. I wasn’t quite sure which fantasy she had in mind, but, she did say she needed to cum, and that meant that I got to help, a personal favorite activity!

We got to the bedroom and she slammed the bedroom door and grabbed me. She drove into me with her body, her lips meeting mine as her hands grabbed my ass and pulled our hips together. It didn’t take me but a second to sport a raging erection. She rubbed her mound against it as our hands pulled each other nearer and our tongues played a wonder dance together.

Within moments Isabella had a hold of my belt and was ripping at the button to my jeans. I was barely able to step out before she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. She stopped suddenly and broke the kiss. “I promise you that later, you are going bostancı escort to have the time of your life, so, for now, I can’t touch him, but later…” her voice broke off. She pulled her shirt over her head and as she was freeing her arms I pulled on her bra snap, causing it to come loose. My hands immediately replaced her fallen cups and her nipples came to life at my touch. I could feel the warm firmness of her flesh and before she could stop me, my mouth dipped down to take her left nipple inside. I felt the heat of her flesh and the hardness of her skin against my tongue.

As I pulled on her nipple, and rolled it in my mouth, lightly smashing it between my tongue and upper lip, her breath caught and she thrust her chest forward against me. Isabella’s hand grabbed my hair and pulled me even harder against her breast. My free hand found the button of her jeans and pulled, opening her pants. I continued to nibble, pressing her nipple deep into her breast with my tongue, I pulled down her pants with one stroke.

Her pants down, my hand rose back up her thigh, my fingers pressing into her flesh until they slipped between her legs. My hand fell upon the swollen lips beneath her panties. Wet, and warm, I heard her breath catch again as I lightly squeezed her lips. I released my hold and I spun her around, pushing Isabella back against the bed. She giggled as she fell and I moved in close.

I reached for her panties and Isabella raised her hips, consenting ümraniye escort bayan to what was about to happen. I pulled them down and threw them aside. I slowly moved between her legs, looking at her beautifully swollen pussy, its folds slightly opened. I began caressing her thighs and I began kissing them, moving upward and inward. I reached in and lightly stroked her lips as her mouth opened and closed. Her fingers reached up and found her nipples and I watched as she stroked and pulled them, turning me on. I allowed my hot breath to linger upon her pussy just before I went in and slowly ran my tongue, ever so lightly along her lips. I pulled, I licked, I moved up, I moved down and each time I changed my technique, Isabella’s voice, body and breathing reacted. She tried so hard to move her hips so my lips would fall on her clit, but I avoided it.

Eventually I moved my fingers in, and I pulled her lips outward as I pressed the flat of my tongue deep inside her, probing. She grabbed my head to pull her deeper and yelled at me to keep going. I knew she was getting close so I moved up to where my lips were pressed against her clitoral hood. I pulled her clit with the suction of my own lips and surrounded it. I then used my mouth to move up and down, sucking her clit in and out. My fingers moved lightly against her anus, pressing lightly in and out, in the opposite rhythm of my mouth on her swollen sex.

Isabella’s body became stiff and her arms pulled kartal escort away from her body. Her hands grabbed onto the sheets and she yelled “I’m coming, don’t stop!” She began a deep, hungry growl that turned into a huge scream as her body writhed and bucked beneath me. Her legs slapped closed, trapping my head as she cried out again and again.

I moved off her clit and let her calm down, but, before she was completely relaxed, I entered her pussy with two fingers, creating a “v” and stroking her g spot. She started to put her hands down there, like she was going to push me away, but I kept going, digging deep, moving my fingers against her spasming interior walls. Her hips began to match my movements and she was quietly begging for me to continue. I did exactly as she asked and kept going. I could feel the spasms getting deeper and deeper, and as they did, I moved my mouth to her clit again, where I lightly licked it as it peeked out. It wasn’t long and Isabella’s body completely relaxed, the opposite of what I expected. Her belly and her hips however began pulsing and lifting in a match to my fingers. Suddenly I felt a wetness against my face as Isabella began squirting in pulses, her woman cum running down my chin, my fingers and soaking the bed and floor below. She continued for what seemed to be several minutes and I caught as much as I could.

Finally she stopped and I moved back. She was so beautiful laying there. I was so proud of her for letting her body go. I looked at her face and I saw it. Love. I reached up to kiss her and she drove her tongue against mine in passion.

She took a look at my soaked arms and chest and for a moment she was embarrassed. But I reassured her of how amazing she truly was and we kissed again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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