Riley’s Exploits Pt. 02

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So last time I told you all about my first experience with having sex with a man I wasn’t married to. This time, I thought I would go back to my very first time. My parents were away for the weekend and my brother who was two years older than me had decided to throw a party. I had been firmly told to stay in my room as he didn’t want his baby sister annoying any of his friends. I had no intention of obeying him when lots of his cute friends would be there.

I put on a white crop top with a floral print which showed off my belly nicely. I always made sure to keep myself in shape so I had a nice flat mid-riff. I finished it off with a white mini skirt which just barely covered my bum. Underneath it all, I was wearing a black bra and panties. I wore my hair up in pigtails as I was trying for cute.

The party was already in full swing when I made my way out of my room. I wandered downstairs and walked between the rooms. There were was about fifteen guys and girls scattered between the kitchen, lounge, and garden. Some of them were drinking in the kitchen or smoking out in the garden. The lounge seemed to be the most lively room where there were a few people dancing. I got a little hot as I watched one girl in a black mini dress grinding her crotch against a guy’s leg.

My brother thankfully was nowhere to be seen. I guessed he was probably in the garage getting stoned with some of his friends. I went to the kitchen to get a drink. I hadn’t developed a taste for alcohol yet so I went for some fruit juice. The lounge was where I wanted to be. Dance music was being played loudly over the stereo and the middle of the room had been cleared for a makeshift dance floor. Along with the couple, there were two other girls dancing together and a couple of guys sat on the sofa.

I took a big sip from my drink before putting it down somewhere safe. I wanted to dance. I stood by myself in the middle of the dancefloor. Slowly finding the beat and getting into the rhythm. I started to sway. Trying in a rather clumsy manner to be sexy and seductive. I noticed one of the two guys on the sofa looking at me. Mark I think was his name. He was tall, reasonably fit and had short light blonde hair.

I kept dancing aware he was watching me but trying to make it look like I hadn’t noticed. I turned away from him and began to grind my bum in time to the music. I felt my skirt ride up a little. I wasn’t entirely certain at this point if I felt ashamed at the idea of my panties being exposed briefly or if it turned me on. I brushed my skirt back down casino siteleri as I felt hands around my hips. I loved the feel of those big manly hands on me.

He turned me round and I saw Mark looking down at me. He took his hands away unsure what my reaction would be. I smiled and stepped closer to him and put his hands back on my hips. Wrapping my arms around his neck as we danced close. We swayed with each other staring into each other’s eyes until he dared to kiss me. He parted my lips my lips and our tongues joined together. Exploring each other’s mouths sensually. I could feel myself starting to get wet.

His hands moved down from my hips and onto my bum. I was loving the feel of his hands on me as we kissed. I moaned softly into his mouth. Despite wanting more I broke off our kiss and turned around on him pressing my bum onto his crotch. It turned me on to know he was starting to get hard. I began to grind my arse on his hardening cock. He nuzzled my neck with his lips and moved one hand up onto my breasts. Squeezing them gently through my top.

Lost in the moment I turned around on him again our lips meeting again. Remembering what I saw earlier I started to rub my pussy against one of his legs. I loved how wet I was getting. I wanted him to fuck me.

“Why don’t we go to my room?” I murmured into his ear trying to sound as seductive as an over-eager, horny, inexperienced teenager can.

I took him by the hand and led him up to my room. I made sure the door was firmly closed behind us. Mark pulled me close, kissing me again and I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. I felt his hands at the bottom of my top, pulling it up exposing my bra. I broke off our kiss and took it off for him. I planted my lips back on his as he unclasped my bra. Letting it fall to the floor as his hands started to cup my breasts. I moaned softly into his mouth as he pinched my nipples. I slipped my skirt off, leaving me just in my panties.

Mark’s tongue found my breasts. Tracing his tongue around them and taking each nipple into his mouth. I moaned softly as he sucked on them. Gentle at first and then sucking harder on them. I rubbed his cock through his jeans and was delighted to realise he seemed fully hard. I felt fingers rubbing against the material of my panties. I almost melted as he slipped them to one side and touched my labia. He ran one finger up and down my slit. Desperate to have her touched I was grinding my pussy against his fingers.

Mark took his fingers from my pussy. I wanted more so I didn’t understand why slot oyna he had stopped. I was still very inexperienced at this point. I’d let a couple of guys finger me before and had rubbed a guy’s cock before so it didn’t occur to me that he might be about to do something else. Mark pushed me onto the bed. Pushing my legs together and up into the air so he could slip my panties off. It turned me on being naked for a guy for the first time and showing him my pussy.

He spread my legs wide and pressed his face into my crotch. I almost jumped as his tongue touched me. He slowly dragged his tongue down across my lips. Parting them and slipping his tongue inside me. My hips bucked a little as started to fuck me with his tongue. It felt good even I suspected Mark hadn’t gone down on many girls. He brought his thumb up to meet my clit. He circled his thumb around it as his tongue continued to explore me.

I really wanted to see his cock. I looked over at him trying to look as slutty as possible. “I want to suck your cock,” I told him.

He grinned at me and stood up. I got up off the bed and knelt down in front of him. Reaching up I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. I grabbed his boxers and yanked them down eager to see his cock for the first time. He was fully hard with it standing firmly erect in front of him. He was only about six inches and wasn’t too thick. I grabbed him and pulled him closer to me pressing my lips to the head of his penis.

I licked at the head, gentle probing licks. I wrapped my lips around him. Despite not being very big it felt like a struggle to take the head fully into my mouth. I sucked on him causing Mark to moan. His moans encouraging me to take him deeper. I tried to fully engulf him in my mouth but the feeling of taking him a little too deep made me gag. I coughed and he slipped from my mouth. I wasn’t discouraged, though. I grabbed him with one hand and started to rub his cock. I put my tongue back on the head and ran my tongue down his shaft. I swirled my tongue around him making Mark moan deeply. Wanting to try again I ran my tongue back up and put him back in my mouth.

I only took him halfway this time. I kept him in my mouth for a moment, sucking him and teasing him with my tongue. I gained the confidence to take him deeper again and didn’t gag this time. Keeping my lips tight around him and sucking softly I took his cock in and out of my mouth. Mark groaned and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. The first blast of his cum hit the back of my throat and almost made me gag. I was canlı casino siteleri determined to take as much of his cum in my mouth as I could. I let him slip down to just my lips as he shot more of his cum onto my tongue. I wrapped my hand around him jerking him so I could drain the rest of him into my mouth. He didn’t stop I started wondering if all guys came this much. His cum almost dripping out of my mouth as he finally slipped out of me.

While I had made a guy cum before I had never tasted it. I felt a little bitter but I wanted to swallow it. I swallowed hard and then opened my mouth wide to show Mark I’d taken it all down my throat. His erection was waning and I definitely wanted more. I started rubbing him and looked up at him.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked him.

He reached into one his pockets and pulled out a small silver wrapper. He eagerly tore it open and wrapped the condom around his cock. He pulled me up onto my feet and made me lay on the bed. Flat on my back with my legs spread wide with my bum just slightly over the edge of it Mark stripped his jeans off and stood in front of me.

I was unbelievably wet and turned on at the thought of being fucked for the first time. He pressed the head against my slit. I was very tight and Mark had to pull me closer to him so he could enter me. That first feeling of having him inside me was electric, my whole body tensed and I cried out in pain. He slid deeper into me, my body still not used to having a man inside me. He stopped letting me get used to it. I relaxed as the pain subsided and I got used to the feeling of being penetrated. Mark pushed deeper until he was fully inside me. He started to fuck me slowly and gently, I reached down and started to rub my clit. A huge smile crossed my face as it started to feel really good.

Mark pulled out of me. I scowled at him. “Keep fucking me,” I demanded.

He picked me up and put me on all fours. It never occurred to me that he wanted to fuck me from behind. He slipped back inside me, making me take all of him. It felt like his cock was going deeper into me in this position. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me faster. I felt my pussy starting to tingle as he buried himself inside me. He increased his pace realising I might cum. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as Mark brought me to orgasm. I whimpered as he kept on fucking me. As my orgasm subsided I felt his cock twitch inside me. I was happy knowing he was going to cum. He kept going until I felt his cock twitch again. He stayed inside me as he came inside the condom. Eventually slipping out.

I collapsed onto my bed, my pussy sore. I watched Mark gathering up his clothes as I drifted off into sleep, exhausted after being fucked for the first time.

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