Playing with Katie

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Starting my internship at Decker & Madison Law, I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone, wouldn’t be making any money, and had only just turned 18. My dad is an attorney- a successful one at that, and got me an internship at the prominent law firm in Southern California.

“Emily Grey?” The important-looking man stepped into the lobby and sort of called my name.

“Emory, actually,” I corrected him, standing from the black leather couch and following him into a hallway.

“Right.” He didn’t seem to care. “Welcome to Decker & Madison, you’ll answer to me, I’m Jeremy Walls.” He showed me to the office I’d be sharing with another intern who was out for the day.

“… answering phones, running errands, doing paperwork…,” I tried to pay attention to the list of duties I’d be doing for Jeremy, but there were so many of them. I looked down at my black pencil skirt, white button up, and 4 inch black stilettos awkwardly. Compared to the other women I’d seen already, I was dressed like a slut.

“Any questions for me?” Jeremy asked. I shook my head no and he set down a binder of documents on my desk. “Basically all you have to do with this is sign my name on the bottom of each document, make copies of those documents, keep track of which cases you signed on a separate paper, and bring it to my office across the hall when you’re done. I nodded my head and was suddenly alone in a cramped room. I sighed and got started on the paperwork.

“Where am I supposed to make copies of these?” I wondered aloud. Picking up the binder, I walked to Jeremy’s office, only to find it empty. I checked the next office over- empty. As I peeked into another office down the hall, I saw a drop dead gorgeous brunette filling out some papers. I knew my mouth had dropped open, but I couldn’t control any part of my body just yet. Suddenly, she looked up and I realized I had dropped the binder. I was mesmerized by her hazel eyes and how much they stood out against her tan skin.

“I-I-” I stammered as I bent down to get the binder, “I need to make cop-copies of these? Do you, um-” she cut me off.

“Copy machine is behind reception, dear.” She leaned back in her casino oyna chair, “do you work here?”

I felt like my stomach had fallen out of my ass. “I’m an intern… For Jeremy. Walls.” I didn’t know what to say as she studied me.

“Poor girl,” she let out a light-hearted laugh, “his last four quit after a month. Good luck, though.” I didn’t know if she was being sarcastic or not. I nodded and said thanks before I ducked back into the hall. My cheeks felt hot and I had no idea why. Yes, I just made a complete fool of myself in front of a beautiful attorney, but why do I feel like this? Kind of… Scared? This was new.

The next day, I sipped my diet coke in the break room as the attorney from yesterday walked in. I quickly turned around so she wouldn’t see how red my cheeks had suddenly become. I heard her open the refrigerator and close it, then left. Why was I acting so ridiculous? Yes, I was attracted to her- big time- but why? I had barely said 2 sentences to her. I finished my diet coke and ham sandwich and quickly returned to my desk.

“You must be Emory,” a 20-something man walked into the shared office.

“I am,” I smiled and extended my arm to shake his hand.

“I’m Sam, Katherine’s intern,” he said while giving my hand a firm shake.

“Katherine?” I asked as I sat back down.

“Cooper,” he sat at the desk across from mine. “Her office is down the hall. Brown hair, tall, nice tits?”

“Oh,” I felt my face redden once again, “right.”

For the remainder of the day, I couldn’t get my mind off Katherine. Every time I thought of her perfect body, my nipples would slowly get hard and I’d feel the need to touch myself. It was almost impossible to get anything done.

I left the office at 5pm sharp, hurrying to my brand new BMW (that daddy bought me as a birthday present) to make it to dinner on time with the folks.

“Nice car, intern,” Katherine winked as she got in her Chevy Tahoe. Does she have kids? Why does she need such a big SUV?

Just tiny things like that make me look forward to going to the office everyday. For the next week or two, Katherine made a point to compliment me almost slot oyna every day on something. Whether it be my hair, my skirt, or even my laugh, Katherine was definitely noticing me. I asked Sam if she was this nice to everyone, but he shrugged it off and said he doesn’t pay attention to those kinds of things.

I decided to test the waters one day and ask Katherine out. Not exactly on a date, but out for drinks as coworkers.

“You’re 18, girlie,” Katherine laughed that night in the parking lot. It was December and already getting dark at 6:00pm.

“I know a place,” I smiled my sexiest grin. I drove to a bar my cousin owned, where the bartender didn’t care if I was 21 or not. Katherine’s black SUV followed me the whole way there.

“My ex would get so mad when I’d go out after work,” Katherine laughed to herself. “One of the many reasons I ended it- too controlling of me.”

“I can tell you’re pretty independent, Katherine,” I laughed, remembering how bossy and bitchy she is to Sam.

“Oh god, call me Katie,” she laughed again. Her 4 beers were definitely getting to her. I couldn’t help but stare at her toned, flawless legs that were inches from mine. I had trouble breathing while she leaned over and I could see her perfect breasts for a split second.

“Right, Em?” Katie nicknamed me.

“Yeah,” I giggled, pretending I was listening. “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Anything,” Katie suddenly looked serious.

“Why did you break up with your ex?” I asked. “Aside from him being too controlling.”

“Honestly?” Katie stared at her beer. “Ummm… We both actually cheated. With other women.” I felt my heart half sink, half flutter. She liked girls?! Amazing news to me. But then again, she just admitted to being a cheater.

“He and I hadn’t slept together 2 months before we split,” she continued. “He noticed I wasn’t all that into him. We mainly stayed together for so long because we didn’t know what else to do.”

We spent another half hour or so talking about nothing, making each other laugh, and both of us making glances below the neck. I excused myself to use the restroom, where I fixed my hair canlı casino siteleri and makeup. Thankfully, my cheeks don’t redden anymore when I’m around Katie. I felt comfortable around her and never wanted to stop talking.

I heard the door open and turned to see Katie a foot behind me. She locked the door while I turned my body to face her. Her hazel eyes glimmering in the dim lighting.

“Emory” Katie whispered in a raspy, sexy voice. Before I knew it, she had taken my long, slender body and pushed me up onto the bathroom counter. My legs were wrapped around her hips and her soft, incredible lips were against mine. Our tongues intertwined and I could feel her hands going all over my back and legs. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! I had dreamed of this for weeks, imagining it while I got myself off.

Katie pulled my shirt up over my head, and I instinctively unbuttoned her white shirt. Her C cup breasts were tan and perfect in her lacy black bra. I couldn’t help but squeeze them while she kissed me so passionately. I couldn’t help but wonder if she really wanted to do this, or if it was just the booze. With how forceful she was, I assumed she really did want this.

Slowly, her hand unbuttoned my black pants, pulling them off of me, her lips never leaving mine. My hands wandered her wavy dark brown hair and then her breasts again. Before I knew it, Katie was fingering me fast and hard, barely giving me time to get wet. There was pounding at the door, but Katie didn’t seem to notice. Her fingers played with my clit, played around inside of me, and went back to my clit. With how sexy Katie is, it wasn’t a surprise that I came within a minute. She licked her index and middle fingers, only to kiss me again, making me taste myself off of her tongue. I swore I was in heaven.

“How was that, Em?” Katie asked and laughed, helping me put my shirt back on. The orgasm was so good, I still didn’t have the energy to speak.

I kissed her again as we got to the door to leave the tiny bathroom. I could feel how hot my cheeks were as Katie took my hand and led me past the line of women waiting to use the restroom. She turned back to me and winked, and it felt like my insides had melted.

“Ready to go back to my place?” Katie asked, I nodded excitedly and my long hair bounced around. I couldn’t believe what was to happen at Katie’s house that night…

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