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Before getting a permanent job in a college as a lecturer I have to do a couple of part-time jobs. The incident that I am going to describe happened at those struggling years.

My first job was to teach English in an undergraduate college in a special course which intends to improve the communicative skill in the language. I had more than 20 students in the class. Half of them were girls.

The first day when I met my students, a girl who was a dazzling beauty instantly caught my eyes. She was a bit rustic but nonetheless extremely beautiful and sensuous to look at. What is more striking she wore a black sari which shows clearly her naval button. Her belly was flat. She was taller than me. She has thick lips and hadn’t applied any lip-stick, yet they are red. Her eyes glimmer. She was so fair that her black sari seemed more dark. Her name was Piyali.

I began my teaching. Piyali was an average student. Another thing I must say. She was always regularly late in the class. One day I got angry and asked the reason of her being late. She then very timidly said that she had to come from a long distance which takes almost 2 and half hour. Then I felt ashamed. I realized that she does not have the kind of facility I got while studying.

The more I see Piyali the more I got attracted towards her. She could laugh with her eyes. Whenever I used to see her I wished I could touch her, could plant a kiss on her red parting lips. But I also noticed that Piyali somehow tried to avoid me. I though could she read my thoughts?

Being a woman myself, I never attracted towards any other woman before. I am attractive. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall. Complexion is medium. I have dark long hair. Whatever dress I wore men never missed me. If I am not Helen of Troy, I must be beautiful by any standard. I have a constant boyfriend. Sometimes I and my boyfriend had wild lovemaking sessions. But attraction towards another woman…it never happened to me.

The more Piyali tried to avoid me, the more I get attracted. Even for somedays I felt more attracted to Piyali than to my boyfriend. I am aware of the lesbi things. On Friday and Saturday, almost regularly in our cable tv the bluefilms were shown. In some of those films women were shown doing all sorts wild things on other women. I definitely enjoyed those. I even had orgasm seeing those. But to do lesbi things myself was beyond my thought. The days were going like this. I even at home fingered myself imagining Piyali as my playmate.

The casino oyna summer vacation suddenly started. And it was a long vacation. Some of my students said to me that they wanted to come to my home if I could teach them more at home. I had no objection. But Piyali was not among those students. So I got disappointed. The other students began to come to my home.

As I could not see Piyali, the attraction dissipated to some extent. Suddenly one of my students gave me a piece of paper and said that was given by Piyali. My heart skipped one or two beats.

I read the paper. She was saying that if I could arrange an early session she could come, otherwise it would be impossible for her to come to my home as she had to return early because it would take much time.

I wrote back another message saying that I could arrange only for her an early session, but she would have to come alone. When I wrote the ‘alone’ I felt wetness between my legs. I waited for almost a week, worrying all the time whether she would come.

Finally she came one morning. She was wearing a jeans and a top. The jeans was tight at thighs. She never wore this type of dress at college. When I asked about the matter she blushed and answered that her home objected to this type of dress in college. I made no remark. Her sharp feature was more highlighted in this dress. Her buttock was a bit heavy. It appears she is 36 in hip and 34 in boobs. When I was giving her lessons I realized that I was staring for long time at her crotch. And my pussy was wet in anticipation. I always feared to propose anything sexual to him. Because I was very image conscious. Finally one day the opportunity knocks my door.

On that day no body was there in my home. My parents had went to attend a wedding party. Next day they would return. At morning it was raining heavily. I was afraid that Piyali could not come on that day for the rain.

So when the bell rang I jumped to open the door. It was Piyali all right. But she was completely drenched. On that day, she was also wearing a jeans and a tight fitting top. As it she was drenched her panty line and the pointed tit was completely visible. I told myself I have to do something either today or never.

I told her to go to bathroom and change. She hesitated. I told her she would otherwise catch cold. I also told that I should message some hot oil on her body. This was very good treatment. She again hesitated and did not answer. She entered the bathroom. I placed slot oyna a bowl of oil on the burner and made it lukewarm. Then I called her up to bathroom. She said the door is open. I entered the bathroom. It was the greatest surprise of my life.

She was completely naked. She was staring at the picture of my boyfriend. It was a nude picture of him. I kept that in the bathroom shelf. I used it to masturbate. When I entered she kept the photo back on the shelf and said sorry. I told, “Don’t be sorry. He is my boyfriend. Do you like him?” She blushed. I began to apply oil to her back.

She stiffened. I told her to relax. After a while her muscles began to relax. I realized that she is more beautiful than the eye could see. I told her that you have a extremely sexy body. She said, “Mam, your body also is very good. It is very unfair, you are wearing clothes while I am not.” I looked at her eyes. Slowly I brought my lips to her. She didn’t remove her lips. I planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She was indifferent. But her hand was at the knot of my housegown. There goes my gown. I was wearing a silk panty.

The crotch was already wet. I wore no bra at that time. She hold the elastic band of my panty. While opening my panty she must have noticed my wetness. She licked her lips with her tongue. A thought flashed in my mind, she must have experience in this matter. There we stood completely naked. My 34c boobs staring at her 34b. I lightly embraced her. And with my one leg began to rub the cough of her legs. Slowly I was biting her earlobes. She was moaning. She said, “Mam what is going on”. I told, “Volcanoes are awakening”.

She began to move her body with little movement. I saw that she has hairs in her armpits. I smelled the smell of her armpits and began to touch her armpits with my tip of the tongue. She was ecstatic. One of my hand was roaming at her back. It went lower and lower, touching her small of her back. Then I pumped her ass chick. It was like firm yet very soft.

The skin was silken. She inserted her tongue in my mouth. I responded instantly. Our tongues were engaged in a duel battle. Her hands were also roaming at my back. One of my finger was occasionally going inside my crack of the ass. It was evident she was an expert. From where she got the knowledge I still didn’t know. It was not the right time to ask a question. Our bodies were pressed to each other very tightly. Heat was radiating from each of the bodies.

She didn’t have hair on her canlı casino siteleri body. I am the opposite. I had hair on my body. A small streak of hair is their in the middle of my stomach. She began to ruffle those hairs with her tongue. It was unbearable. I realized that I could not hold for long. I also thanked god because as I am a woman I could have multiple orgasm. She then went back to my body. Licking my spine with her tongue. I supported myself, holding a pipe on the wall. While licking my back she was fondling my boobs. I was screaming.

Then she went down and down. Her tongue was entering my ass crack. I shivered. Her tongue touched my asshole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I came for the first time. She then laid me down. I told her to do 69. I saw tremendous lust in her eyes. It was different Piyali. It was not the Piyali that tried to avoid me.

It is Piyali, the tigress, the sex queen. I was biting her cunt. She was rubbing my boobs with her knees and legs. It was tremendous. I ventured my tongue into her tight pussy. For the first time I was tasting a pussy. It was fathomless it seemed. I thought a snake had entered in my pussy. It was really her tongue. It went round and round. Giving pressure to my pussywalls. It was a different sensation than to have a dick in the pussy. It takes any shape and size. I imitated her movement.

Both of us were moaning heavily. Suddenly I realized Piyali’s pussy is contracting. Her body was becoming stiff. I realized she was going to have an orgasm. It was like a trigger. One…two…three…I came too. Both of us were exhausted by then. But Piyali was stronger than me. She was also younger than me.

So she first recovered. She then sat on my crotch. The rubbing of the rough hairs in my pussy again made me horny. I felt that the cunt of me was still swollen. She then smiled at me. Then she came forward while I laid back.

She began to lower herself on my face. I could see her swollen pussy and ass crack. I began to lick her ass crack. She hold one of my finger in her pussy. I inserted my index finger in her pussy. It was incredible. I was licking her ass crack at the same time. She lower her upper portion and somehow managed to touch my nipples with her mouth. I was exploring her pussy with my finger while her ass was invaded by my tongue. She hold my left tit in her mouth. Slowly nibbling at my tit, doing slow round circular movements with her tongue on my boobs. This time orgasm came more time to come. But we come in unison.

We were then completely exhausted. Three orgasm within almost 45 minutes. Then we laid on the floor of the bathroom. And then we bathed together. Then she left for home. It was not the end of our affair, only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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