Paying the Dues Ch. 1-2

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Close Up

Chapter 1

It wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t so broke all the time. Trying to come to grips with the situation she found herself in, Tori continued to get ready for what was to come that afternoon. Having finished with her makeup, she proceeds to do her hair, wondering if her brother in law would even notice her hair tonight. She didn’t think he noticed the other day when she did that thing to him. Nervous wasn’t even a strong enough word to describe what she felt about her second meeting with her brother in law. Being trapped on all sides will make anyone do anything…

“Yeah of course we’ll loan you the money, you know we’ll help out family anyway we can.” Brad said.

“We could really use the money. We wouldn’t ask if there was another way to save our house.” John said, trying to hold his shaking hands still as he reached for his drink.

“Don’t worry about it guys, you’ve been good about paying back the money that went to paying off your truck.” Brad said with an easy grin on his face, all the while his mind racing faster and faster with the possibilities that would be his if he played his cards right.

“Tori, you know we’ll help you out, that’s what sisters do for each other, so don’t worry too much. I know you’ll get a job soon and so will John. It happens to many newlyweds, so don’t fret.” soothed Katy, Tori’s older sister.

“This means so much to us, we promise we’ll pay it all back. Won’t we John?”

“Yeah, we will…but I want to make sure we’re putting you guys in a hard place by asking for this loan?” asked John.

“You know we’re good financially Tori, John, so don’t worry about us.” Explained Brad, which was true, due to his smart investing in certain companies during the late ‘90’s.

“Listen, just tell us how much you need and we’ll write you a check, right here, right now.”

“I’ll go get the checkbook, be back in a minute.” Katy said, making her way to the bedroom.

Brad leaned forward, looking at both John and Tori “ How much do you really need guys? Be honest, because it can’t be that easy coming here every other month to ask for money.”
“I…we need enough to float the house payment for 4 months and enough to take care of the credit card bills for the same amount of time. We plan on having jobs within the next 3 months, but if you really want to help us, you could make sure we’re covered for the next 4 months. That should do it Brad, honestly.” Tori was at his side nodding vigorously the whole time.

“So how much are we taking about here? $5,000 or more?”

“I…I think it’s more like $8,000.” Tori jumped in before John could say that $5,000 sounded just right.

John took one quick at Tori before saying “ Yeah, $8,000 would take care of it.”

Brad smiled inside, knowing that the $5,000 he’d offered would have taken care of their situation. He’d raised the total to $8,000 on a whim to see if they’d take the bait. Adding that to the car loan they were already paying to Brad and Katy, and the $1,000 they’d asked for to start a doomed business, Brad figured it totaled up to about $20,000. And now it was time to set the hook.

Trying to hide the excitement and thrill he felt inside, Brad said, “Well, that’s quite a bit of a loan, I can see why you guys came to us. But we can’t do that all in one check. I’ll tell you what we can do. We’ll make deposits to your account every month or so, that way, we don’t empty our account, and you guys won’t be tempted to spend what you don’t have. The reason for this is also because we don’t that kind of money at the moment.” Which was a lie but, Brad figured, it was a safe one.

Katy came in with the checkbook just as Brad finished speaking. “ Did you guys figure out what you needed?” Asked Katy.

“Yeah, I think we’ve got it all hammered out, don’t you guys agree?” Brad said before Tori or John had a chance to say anything.

“Yeah, we’re all set.” John said, as he watched Brad start to write a check. From somewhere deep inside John, a bad feeling began to grow. Second thoughts began to surface, thinking of how much they’d end up owing Brad and Katy. John looked over at Tori, wondering if she felt the same. He’d also begun to feel bad about asking for much more then what was needed. John had begun to lose hope of finding a job that would allow him to make good money. Tori had rolled through a few jobs in the last few months, quitting for what seemed to be good reasons. Bad bosses, sexual proposals, come on’s from co-workers. John said he believed her when she came home from job after job. But now, he was beginning to have doubts that those jobs were that bad. There was no doubt Tori was attractive, but, to his mind, she couldn’t be that good looking. After all, she married him! Laughing inside at his little joke, he allowed his eyes to roam over his wife’s body. Sandy blond hair, blue eyes, tiny frame, perky B-cup breasts, a nice ass, and long shapely legs. It was still strange to think that he was married to her. It hadn’t even been a year yet, and he was still getting to know bakırköy escort her. As his mind began to float over to the sexual side of their marriage, a voice interrupted his thoughts….

“Here you go guys, now remember what we agreed to.” Brad said, holding the check out to John.

“Yeah, we will. And thanks again guys.” Said John, feeling a wave of gratitude wash over him.

“Don’t mention it. And really don’t mention it, if you catch my drift.” Brad said, looking them in the eye, one at a time. “I don’t want anyone to hear about this or it ends this very minute. Understand?”

“Yeah, don’t worry, we won’t say a word.”

“Good, now, how about we fire up the barbeque and have some steaks to seal the deal?” Brad said with a grin.

John couldn’t help but smile himself. Ever since he started going out with Tori, him and Brad had gone out and spent a weekend a month doing whatever they felt like. We’re like brothers John thought to himself as they all got up to go outside. Getting ready to put the check in his wallet, John took a look at the amount. It was only for a thousand, but it would cover all their immediate expenses. Tori glanced over at the total on the check, and John could tell she was a little disappointed. One thing John did know was that Tori was a bit of a moneygrubber. He allowed himself a little smile. Brad sure knew what he was doing!

The barbeque was great, and all were satisfied with dinner. Brad tried to stay calm during dinner, but with the images flashing thru his mind and the feeling of power he felt, he still ended up a little giddy, happy as a clam. The dishes were done and the goodbyes were said as Tori and John left for home. Brad came up behind his wife, giving her a great big hug. He loved the way she smelled. She turned around with a smile on her face and said “ Well! What’s made you so happy?”

“I just like knowing I that I’ve just given somebody some hope and something to hold on to.”

“Oh yeah, I know something I’d like to hold on to.” Katy said with a sexy little smile.

“Be my guest, I have much to give!” Brad said, holding his arms over his head.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, Mr. Good-deeds!”

As they walked to the bedroom, Brad watched the motion of his wife’s ass. I think I’ll have a little of everything tonight, thought Brad. From her auburn hair, past her C-cup tits, down below her wonderful ass, all the way down to her toes, Katy was a sexy, sexy woman. It was true she’d put on a little weight, but Brad didn’t care.
He she still turned him on!

Katy was already pulling her shirt off when they reached the bedroom. The skirt she’d been wearing slid to the floor and was followed by her bra and panties.

“Let me help you with those clothes.” She whispered

She quickly pulled his shirt over his head, and just as quickly bent down to unzip his fly. Brad put a stop to this, know that if he didn’t stop it, she’d end up skipping the foreplay and want to get right down to the fucking. He knew here weaknesses. Lifting her up by her arms, he began to kiss her. He could feel her melt with the first kiss. Knowing how helpless she was when kissed like this, Brad moved her over to the bed. Sitting her down, he began to unzip his pants. Katy’s eyes were locked on his crotch. Brad slipped his pants down and was left standing in his boxer-briefs.

“Do you want me to take them off?” he asked.

“You know I do!” she panted.

“Then say it, and make me believe you want it.”

“Fine, take those things off so I can see you cock before you slide it into me.”

“Your wish is granted.” Brad said with a grin.

He began pulling them down, all the time watching her eyes. She just loves the cock he thought with a laugh. Standing there nude, he continued to watch her eyes. She’d drag them up from his cock to meet his eyes and then let them drop back to his cock. Brad slid onto the bed beside her, pinching and caressing her nipples. Leaning forward he began to kiss her again, know what it will do to her.

After almost 10 minutes of this, she pushed him back and said “I want you in me now.”

Looking into her dilated eyes, he knew it was true. He wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted just yet. Getting up on his knees, he placed he leaking cock near her lips. He didn’t even have to ask, she instantly sucked his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Her lips, puffy from the kissing, slid down past his head. She began to suck and lick at his cock, with small sounds of pleasure escaping from her throat. Feeling the rush of power a man feels when getting his cock sucked, Brad reached down and took both her wrists in one hand, holding them above her head as she continued to suck his cock while laying on her side. This was getting to him so he decided enough was enough. Laying her back on her back, Brad moved between her legs, placing the head of his now slick and shiny cock at her weeping entrance.

“Do it, give me that fat piece of cock.” She panted.

Brad began to push, feeling beşiktaş escort her small pussy meet and try to accept this large visitor. Brad knew he had a large dick, and every time it was almost the same thing.

“Wait, go easy, it’s been a couple of days since you were in there last.” She gasped.

Slowing the constant push to an in and out rocking motion, he could feel her open a little more with each forward push. Noises were coming from her that made it hard for him to control himself. He was now halfway in and getting more in at every thrust. It wasn’t that his dick was so long, it was just that it was so thick. They called him “The Cannon” in high school when the other kids got a look at him in the showers. It helped in the popular groups, but he was still handicapped with his looks. So while knowing he had a bigger dick then most, he also knew that the dick doesn’t make the man. At 9” long and a whopping 8” thick, he was almost as wide around as he was long. And Katy could sure feel the stretching of the pure 4” wide cock was putting on her pussy. But the feelings that came with that stretching pain were wonderful!

Now almost all the way in, a creamy froth was starting to develop at the base of Brad’s cock. He could feel Katy start to climb towards her first orgasm of the night. Brad began pumping for all he was worth, trying to get her there as hard as he could. With a squeeze on his cock and a wail from her mouth, Katy shot off like a rocket. Shaking and trembling, she slowly came back down to normal. Brad grinned, that kissing sure pays off! Grabbing her ankles, he lifts them and holds them out in front of him. He always gets a tighter feel to her in this position. To Katy, it feels like he’s penetrating her anew all over again. Slamming and push as much of his cock into her, he feels a smoother entrance into her steaming pussy. Knowing she’s almost there again, he starts ramming as hard as he can, she answers with a grunt and a gasp on each thrust. Then he can feel it, she comes again, this time there is silence until she can draw a shuddering breath. Then a wail escapes her, and to her embarrassment, a small fart accompanies her orgasm.

“I’m sorry!” she cried.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it!” Brad says with a laugh.

“Okay, stop for a second. Let me get a hold of myself.” Katy says with a rolling of her eyes.

“Turn on you side and we’ll spoon” he told her.

“You’ve got to take it easy big boy, you break this toy and you’ll be having to shake your thing on your own.”

“Yeah, yeah, turn over and let me feel that nice ass against my dick.”

“Yes sir!”

Brad pushed up against her ass, looking at his cock as he moved closer. It was coved in her cum and slowly moving in time to his beating heart. Snuggling up against her, he’s still hard dick was placed between her cheeks in what she likes to call “hot-dogging”. He likes to call it “Prepping the well”, due to the fact that it usually leads to him fucking her ass.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked him.

“Your nice ass. And since I feel close to coming, how about a little ass for me tonight?”

“I don’t know if I can take that tonight.”

“I’ll take it easy tonight, I promise.” He said.

“I guess…go get the lube.” She tells him.

Feeling triumphant, Brad reaches over into his nightstand for the bottle of lube he keeps there. With a deep breath, he begins to slather his cock with lube. He dick is leaking pre-cum that mixes with the lube as he strokes his dick. With some lube on his fingers, he begins to work his fingers into her ass. Katy, curled up in a fetal position, can feel his fingers start to work their way into her ass. The discomfort is there, like it always is, but it’s always easier to take Brad’s cock in her ass after she’s had a few orgasms. Sliding fingers begin to give pleasure as Katy starts to squeeze her nipples. Brad sees this and knows she’s ready.

Placing his cock against what feels like her anus, he slowly begins to push. Slipping once and ending up in her cunt, he has her pull her ass cheek up so he can see her rosebud and aim his cock at the right place. Push, pull, push, and pull. He can feel it slowly start to accept the fireman’s helmet shaped head of his cock. I can feel my pussy leaking from the anticipation of the way his cock in my ass feels thought Katy. Brad can feel the final barrier between him, and that hot, tight passage. He knows it’s the most painful, and sometimes she just can’t take it. He pulls out a little and then slides forward from the long push. Holding his dick in his hand to keep it aimed at the hole he wants, he begins to feel the opening of he ass.

“Ow, wait, stop there for a second.” She gasps as the head starts to make it’s way in.

Pausing until he can feel the death grip of her ass on his cock loosen he begins to squeeze her rock hard nipples. Her nipples are always rock hard when I fuck her ass he thinks, wondering if what he has in store for her sister will make her nipples beylikdüzü escort hard.

“Okay, go slow.” She pants.

That’s all he needed to hear. A little more pushing and the head is in. Yes it’s tight. Yes it’s hard to not shove, but Brad knows it’ll end here if he doesn’t do this right. Feeling like he’s going to cum, he begins the parting of her eternal night.

Stopping for a second, and pulling out brings a moan from Katy. He can feel her ass close up behind the tip of his cock. Waiting a second and then pushing in past her little muscle, he gets more cock in and a wail of pain and pleasure from Katy. Feeling the tightening of his balls, he begins to rock what he has of his dick in and out of her ass. This makes her curl up tighter and moan even more. She always cums when I fuck her ass and tonight won’t be any different he thinks. Having almost his entire dick in her ass he now begins to really fuck her ass. Feeling his approaching orgasm, Brad begins to groan and grunt. Katy, upon hearing this, starts her final orgasm for the night. Brad, lost in what he’s feeling from his dick and her ass, starts to shoot a thick, hot load into her clenching and thrashing ass. Spurt after spurt fly out of his dick into the tight confines of her ass.

Katy, in the middle of her cum, feels his cock start to spew its load into her ass.
It’s enough to drag her orgasm out to an unbelievable length. Finally, with one last pulse of his thick dick, Brad slowly let his softening cock slide from her ass followed by a thin trail of the cock slime he left in her ass. She lays there a few seconds more before she staggers off to the bathroom to finally give in to the feeling of needing to shit. Brad came in with his cock dripping cum to wash their mixed juices off his dick.

“Who needs an enema with a dick and balls like that!” Katy says with a slow smile.

Chapter 2

John and Tori enjoyed their full bank account the first month. Bills got paid and the roof stayed over their head. John found a job but it didn’t pay enough to make a dent into what they owed. Tori continued to look for work but at a much slower pace then John. She knew that the money would keep coming in from her brother in law Brad. Why shouldn’t she look for a job she wanted to do? They could afford it now. So Tori took her time while Ideas and fantasies floated thru Brads mind. When the end of the month came, Brad, true to his word, deposited more money into their account. Once again, bills got paid and they kept the house. But Brad wasn’t giving them much more than enough to make it month to month.

John was grateful that Brad and Katy were so kind to give them what they needed. But Tori wanted more each month to be able to get a few things she thought she needed. Towards the end of the second month, Brad thought it was time to spring his trap. It wasn’t that he was an evil man, he just saw the chance to bring a little more pleasure into his life.

Brad planned to stop by during the day when John wasn’t home. Nervous and scared that it would all backfire on him, Brad knocked on John and Tori’s front door.

“Just a minute!” Tori called out.

“It’s me, Brad.”

“Oh, come on in, the door’s open.”

Entering the house, he could see the reason they were always broke. John had a fixation with home and car audio and Tori loved to get things for the house as, she called it.

“Where are you?” Brad asked.

“Main room.” She called out.

Brad saw why she was yelling to talk to him. She had the TV on and the surround sound on as well.

“What brings you by?” She asked

“I needed to ask you guys a few things about the loan thing, but if John’s not here I’ll come back tonight and….

“No, wait, let’s talk about it. You know that John agrees with what I say.” She blurted out.

“Okay, well…. can you turn the volume down so we could talk?” He said.
“Yeah, hold on.”

“Thanks, now I can hear myself think.” Brad said with a smile. He noticed her hair was still wet from her morning shower.
The thought of her washing here 19 yr. old body was almost enough to make him start stuttering.

“Okay, um, I have some bad news. Most likely we won’t be able to keep the payments going to your account.”

“What! Why, what happened?”

“Well, you know how the markets been, and we’ve been living on the interest of my earnings, that’s why I don’t work.” This was all a lie, but she would never know or find out. Katy was hush-hush about their financial status.

“But…but…we aren’t making enough to keep the house and the cars!” she wailed.

“There might be a way to continue, but it would take a big sacrifice on our part and an even bigger one on your part.”

“What can we do? Anything! You name it and we’ll do it!”

“I’m not kidding on this one, I need complete and total cooperation on your part. Without it, it’s stops right now and you and John will have to work something else out with the banks you owe.”

By this time Tori was in tears at the thought of losing everything they had.
“Please Brad, What do we need to do?” She cried.

“Listen closely, this is where it begins. You must never, and I mean never talk to Katy about this. If she knew we were this close to being broke she might lose it. Promise me you or John won’t ever say a word.”

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