Passionate Desire

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The wench jerked his head back by his hair, her yellow hued eyes glinting in the near darkness as she smashed her lips against his and said: “Goodbye, darling” and was gone.

He yelled “Come back Cathy…Rebecca …Suzie…”

In Luke’s dreams the sexy women never had the same name.

His penis jerked and his wife Anne beside him called, “Are you all right darling?”

And then yelled “Yuk – there’s cum everywhere. You’re having another one of those supercharged wet dreams. I’m off to the spare room.”

Luke Arnold had been married for ten years to Anne who he still calls ‘Dream Boat’ in nostalgic moments or when angling for sex or handing over her birthday present. They have two children – Maggie six and Tommy eight.

Clearly Luke is the epitome of a modern well-heeled suburban man with a model nuclear family, good job, fat income, great house, single figure golf handicap, 54ft sloop and great health.

He wanted for nothing; that is if you believe him.

Deep down, Luke Arnold has long felt he’d never been fully aroused sexually. Perhaps that’s not a big miss in a man’s life, but Luke has thought about it so often it now troubled him.

During college days he had so much sex that at times his eyeballs felt about to pop and since marriage he’d had an affair or two or three. When he met Anne their early days of sex left them both with bite marks and bruises everywhere and sexually exhausted.


However what?

Perhaps there was another step in sexual experience, maybe more he’d not taken which only a handful of people ever attained.

Luke was not thinking increasing frequency or duration or banging away in extraordinary places or knotting limbs in unbelievable complex positions. He was thinking of ejaculating heavily into an adorable woman who would be cresting the wave with him perfectly, their minds in tune, discharging juices simultaneously to reach the climax of a mutually satisfying ultimate fuck of astonishing fulfilment.

Was a man asking too much to seek such a peak in sexual enjoyment?

He’d wished he could have ventured there with Anne, but sexually she’d slowed down before her time, becoming quite perfunctorily about it but smiling and going through her routines happily enough because she knew her participation was deeply appreciated.

But that’s was it had become for her – routines.

A year ago he’d voiced that opinion and she’d been shocked and crying ran off to the guest bedroom which she locked.

Next morning over coffee she listened, red-eyed and mouth agape, when he suggested she ought to either go to sex counselling or take on a lover to re-fire her enthusiasm.

“You bastard, to talk like that you must have affairs. To me sex is not everything in life – in fact I could almost get along without kadıköy escort it.”

She gritted, “Have you had affairs?”

Ah there it was, out in the opinion and hanging for possible discussion.

Luke studied the ceiling, keeping his mouth closed, and ten minutes later she was gone.

He assumed she’d cleared out to her parent’s home.

Unworried about her absence, he arranged for his work hours to be altered to allow him to look after the children until it was time to take them to school and to collect them in the afternoon and then to take them through to bedtime. He’d then cook some crappy food for himself which he ate watching TV – something he usually was never permitted to do.

Anne returned home on the third afternoon of being away – she’d phoned the children each evening and morning as a good absent parent should, and bought home a bottle of Luke’s favourite whiskey and as soon as the children were watching TV with after-school snacks she bundled Luke off to bed and they had really great sex.

Afterwards she burst into tears while telling him she’d never cry in frustration again. Luke patted her on the back and kissed her wet eyes telling her he understood without really knowing what she was on about.

“Should we go again?” she asked, spreading her legs.

He gaped as this was so rare but Luke was not one to let rare opportunities go to waste.

Luke was chief executive of a chain of bookstores and every morning went across Fletcher Avenue for coffee at 11:00 at which time the mid-morning rush had died.

On this particular morning he had called in some of his senior managers for a strategic planning meeting at 11:00 and went for coffee half an hour early. He managed to find a two-seater and was eating a piece of cherry pie when a woman in an unfashionable short skirt and plunging neckline asked would he mind if she sat with him, that it was the last vacant seat.

He wondered if she might be a sex industry worker.

They talked about the weather, traffic congestion and the current crop of good films.

He stood to go and smiling told her to have a great day, not having a clue that she was the woman of his ultimate fantasy.

“Until tomorrow then,” she said and he walked off wondering what that meant.

Next morning at 10.35 he realized what she’d meant, and said to his PA that he was off on a coffee break.

“You’re twenty-five minutes early,” she said, but was told he was five minutes late, which made Patsy wonder what that was all about. His watch must be fast.

The café was full but then Luke saw her, at ‘their’ table.

She broke into a smile and gave him a little wave.

He noted she had beautiful teeth and üsküdar escort he’d registered she was curly brunette – perhaps her best feature – and everything else, which was not much from that short study, was pretty much average. No her mouth was overly large. She looked as if she’d have great legs and a fairly tight rounded ass, but how he could tell that he had no idea and wasn’t about to argue with himself over that.

There was a line of people waiting but Audrey called him over, gave him his cherry pie and said she’d bring his coffee to him within five minutes.

“Hello again.”

“Hello again yourself. We must keep meeting like this.”

His heart fluttered and he said, “Why?”

Her grey eyes under false eyelashes and highlighted with strong makeup locked with his green ones and she said, “Interesting men are few and far between. I’m picking you are married, probably happily, but you have a few notches on your belt.”

He blinked, and blinked again. This was highly unusual.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit personal?”

She sipped her coffee. “My leg is about to slide in against yours. If you pull your leg again I’ll be away.”

Her calf pressed against his.

“That’s lovely, keep it there um Abby?”

“A nice name, but no, Iris.”

“That is lovely.”

“Thank you.”

Audrey arrived with his coffee and he gave her five bucks; she flashed him a smile and then looked coolly at Iris who ignored her.

“I’ll be grabbing a sandwich and beer at the Riverside Bar at 1:00. You may join me.”

He looked at her ring finger and saw the gold band. Well, so what, he was married.

“Yes and why not.”

She said calmly, “Will you eventually plough me?”

“The thought is in my mind.”

In response to that reply she made a sound like a purr.

Her calf pressure against him increased.

“I like you and expect you’ll give me the fuck of my life. Goodbye.”

The pressure on his leg went as she stood; the café was emptying quite fast. He could see that although she was only a 34 something, her breasts were very pointy. She began walking away.

“Wait – I haven’t told you my name.”

“Tell me over lunch,” said over her shoulder, a position that made her wide mouth look extraordinarily attractive.

Luke watched her very nice ass disappear; she didn’t look back.

The unusual nature of this link-up did not worry him; many women these days were not worried about being the instigator – if they see something they want, they go after it. Provided she wasn’t out to kill him, blackmail him, use him to facilitate her own divorce or transmit Aids, he’d think it was a very desirable encounter.

He worked very inefficiently until lunchtime – Iris was filling his mind. He began tuzla escort picturing her with and without clothing and that wide mouth playing havoc with his cock and balls. He began desiring her.

Luke was at the small restaurant ten minutes earlier just in case that would give him ten extra minutes with her, but she was late. The guys outnumbered the gals by three to one as it was a bit of a dive but good atmosphere and they did great steaks.

He began his second drink thinking she wasn’t coming.

The male-dominated bar conversation died and he knew it would be her, probably wearing only a G-string as this was an establishment where outlandish behaviour was tolerated.

But no – she was fully dressed and gave him a sunrise smile and walked towards him – she’d changed her clothes from a black office jacket and skirt in the morning to a pair of baggy white shorts and a floral top short enough to leave her belly button exposed.

Luke waved to establish his claim before the bar-flies pounced. Her stomach was washing board flat and her breasts jutted forward as if attempted to masquerade as two sizes larger.

Way out! His cock stirred.

“Down boy, you’ll have to wait,” he whispered with a fat smile.

“God what a smile – a smile like that shouldn’t be let out in public,” she scolded softly, further exciting his cock.

He’d dropped off his bar stool at her approach; she leaned in and kissed him, managing to sly drop a hand to feel his bulge. There was that purring sound again.

“Hi Iris I’m so glad to see you again.”

“And your name is?”

“Luke,” he said with surprise until he remembered he’d not told her his name on their earlier two meetings. What a strange way to begin a relationship; it appeared from her comment that morning that she did have a relationship in mind.

And that was it, more or less. A pleasant conversation, a couple of foot rubs and smiles – but no talk of sex or desire with long looks and stretching and sighs from either of them. It was a lunch um between friends.

She insisted on paying and they stood outside before parting.

They kissed.

Provocatively she allowed him to feel the lip of her tongue against his lips.

He felt a surge of blood and that was his body telling him he was all but in when in reality it was preparing him for a possible magnificent union.

“Down boy,” she giggled, looking down at the bulge that was now elongated.

“Oh god, I can’t wait to feel that sliding into me.”

They enjoyed a full-mouth kiss until she pushed him away firmly and smiled, “Off you go; we’ll be committing indecent behaviour in a public place if we go on at this rate.”

Luke smiled indulgently before he turned and stepped between two parked cars right into the path of a delivery lorry driven by a weary guy with one hand off the steering wheel and stuffing a sandwich into his mouth.

The driver finally hit the brakes but it was too late. The impact had knocked Luke down and the front right wheel of the vehicle flattened his chest, killing him instantly.

Iris screamed hysterically.

Alas the promise of great sex wasn’t to be.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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