Party Kate

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Kate couldn’t believe she was doing the prep work for her own party. Right know she was making sure everything was in it’s place on the buffet table. Her friends and family were due to arrive in about two hours and she had just been able to get changed. The bathroom in the banquet hall had a changing room in it and she’d just gotten into her new outfit. She was wearing a blue button down shirt that made of lace and was transparent for the most part, under that she was wear a bra of the same shade of blue. The skirt she was wearing was shorter than normal, the black pleated material felt to just above mid thigh, and covered well her ass and the panties that matched the bra. Her bare legs were held taut by the six inch heels she was wearing.

She wasn’t sure she should be dressed like she was at a party that everyone she knew was going to be at, well not everyone her husband was out of town again, but she knew why she was dressed like this. Her neighbor was going to be at the party tonight. And she knew that him and her were going to end up together somewhere after the party and these close were going to keep him going all night she knew.

She was still getting the table set and trying to get things organized around the cake that had just been delivered. It was a white cake with chocolate frosting and said happy birthday Kate on top in blue icing. When the door opened it someone said “Is there where the party is” Kate didn’t recognize the voice and turned wondering who was showing up so early, worried that she’d put the wrong time on the invitations, but glad for the help if it the person was willing.

Kate turned saw to her shock her neighbor walking across the room to her. She blushed deeply wondering if he knew what that she’d just been thinking about him fucking her tonight. He walked right to her and put his hands on her hips spinning her around. When she was facing away he pulled her tight to him pressing his crotch tight against her ass. His hands moved from her hips up to her chest cupping her large tits squeezing them hard as he put his mouth to her neck and bit down.

Kate’s knees felt like jelly and she closed her eyes slumping against him she moaned letting him hold her up against him. She wasn’t ready for him tonight, she wanted to have a build up all night and then fuck so hard later that she couldn’t move, but she had no power to resist him. And with the added fact that he was starting out a little rough with her smashed any resistance she might have had.

His mouth was sucking and biting all over her neck moving around form one side to the other marking her with red marks that would soon turn. His one hand working roughly one her breast squeezing hard one the large globe and moving his fingers to her nipple as he felt it harden and squeezing it tightly. The other hand worked it’s way down form her breasts over her stomach and down her thigh. Reaching the hemline of her skirt. He slid it underneath the skirt and started to work it back up this time one her bare thigh. To tease her some more he began to pinch her thigh on the way up making her yip between moans. Kate knew that she should make her neighbor stop, tell him to not mark her, but she couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth to do it, nor did she want to.

Her legs were quaking as he pinched up one and down the other then back up. She parted her legs to allow him access to the thin lace that covered her freshly shaved pussy. As his hand made contact with the material just above her clit she gasped and then drew a deep breath as he slid down and pressed his fingers hard against her slit and then pinched it. At the same time he opened his istanbul escort mouth wide and bit down hard right where her neck and shoulder met. The pleasure combined with the pain sent uncountable waves through her and she screamed into the empty room hoping no one outside would hear her. As she was screaming she began to grind her ass hard against the hardness in his groin loving the feeling of a man so hard for her. Releasing his pinch on her clit the neighbor slid his fingers between her legs rubbing hard the already damp cloth over her pussy. As he began the rubbing he moved her lips to his ear and began to speak.

“Do you like that Kate, you like a little pain and roughness in your sex?”

“Yesssss I do.”

“You do what?”

“I like it rough.” Kate purred as he used his thumb and forefinger to squeeze one of her pussy lips through her panties

“What do you like rough?”

“I like anything you do to me.” Kate said moaning and smiling as he undid one button and slid his hand into her shirt to cup her heavy lace covered breast.

He squeezed and mauled at her tit before retracting his hand and yanking on the front of the shirt sending buttons flying. Kate jumped as he wrecked her shirt and pulled it back baring the the blue lace bra. Kate’s heavy tits were barely supported in the bra since it had no under wire, she loved how it felt when she moved. The cups were made entirely of lace and allowed her breasts to bounce freely as she moved rubbing and scratching lightly at her nipples the whole time keeping them constantly aroused.

His other hand was working between her legs making a sloppy mess of her pussy and her panties. The lace of the panties stopped before her wet slit but was still over her clit and she was quickly becoming frantic for release as the rough material was lightly scratching her there as well.

Her hips were humping back to his hand as he slid the wet crotch aside and started to slide his fingers between he wet lips.

“Is all that pussy juice for me girl?” He said pushing two fingers into her hole, and nearly lifting her off the ground with them.

Kate squirmed against him as she shook with a mini orgasm and tried to answer him without stuttering.

“A a a a a alllll of it. It’s all for you. You make me so fucking wet.” Kate was using her hands to reach behind her pulling his head tight against hers where he was whispering to her.

“Louder slut. I want to hear you scream that so loud that people outside can hear it.”

Normally quite shy about sex Kate didn’t hesitate and scream at the top of her lungs. “Oh god it’s all for you. All that pussy juice is because of you. You make me so fucking wet that I can barely think about you without having to change my panties.”

“You get that wet just thinking about sex with me.” he said pinching and twisting her nipples as he spoke. “or is it the rough stuff that makes you so hot.” This time he pinched her nipple hard and ground his two fingers deep into her pussy using his knuckles to grind against her pussy lips.

For a moment Kate was unable to answer and he asked again squeezing her nipple harder than before making her yelp as the pinch sent a shock directly to her cunt. “Oh fuck.” Kate was still yelling now even though he hadn’t prompted her to do so. “All of it makes me wet. The thought of you fucking me. The thought of you rough fucking me makes me so fucking horny.”

Letting go of her crotch for a moment the neighbor reached up to grab the bottom of her bra pulling it up letting her tits fall free to bounce on her chest and the avcılar escort jiggled to a stop. Then sliding his hands down her sides he pulled up her skirt and grabbed the waist band of her blue lace panties, and pushed them down to mid thigh. Letting them stay where they caught there.

Now with his hands on her bare breasts the neighbor was again back at her ear whispering to her.

“How much do you like me fucking you? Do you like feeling me pounding inside you? Do you like spreading your legs for a man whose name you don’t even know?”

Kate wasn’t sure what to answer first. She wanted to answer them all to let him now that she loved him fucking her more than anything, that his cock gave her dreams like nothing else, and the fact that she barely knew him just made it better. That he was a near complete stranger was so dirty that that alone made her feel like a complete whore, and she loved it.

Normally she found that type of thing degrading, but him treating her like made it worthwhile. With her breasts and pussy bare he nudged her forward and put his hand between her should blades and pushed her forward. Kate bent at the waist putting her hands on the table on either side of her birthday cake. Her long blond hair fell over her head and the tips were brushing the surface of the frosting. She knew that her hair was going to have frosting in it but she never guessed what her neighbor would do next. When he flipped up her skirt he rubbed the palm of his hand over her wet pussy gathering some of her juices on it, then he flipped his hand quickly and brought it down on her ass.

“Happy birthday.” He said delivering another smack this time on the other cheek. Kate was either screaming or moaning from the shock of the hand hitting her ass.

“Thank you, it is now.” She panted as his hand landed a third time. She was arching her back raising her ass up in the air to give him a better target. The next ones came with a short pause between each one and alternating between cheeks landing fifteen on each one. Her ass was stinging and had already turned a bright red under the birthday assault.

During the spanking Kate’s legs had spread wide stretching her panties between her knees adding to the dirty look of a woman bent over, half naked over a birthday cake. She was about to turn around when she heard his zipper, and then she realized what was going to happen and look down saying a mental goodbye to her birthday cake.

Kate felt him approach and then felt him put the head of his cock against her wet lips rubbing it around and smearing her juices around. Her pussy lips were already swollen and red with excitement as he smeared them with her pussy juices. Her head dropped lower as she gasped feeling his cock head slip just between her lips and run the length of her slit. More hair was in her cake now and the frosting was begins to get smeared as she shook her head from side to side picking up the frosting in her blonde locks.

Kate braced herself knowing what was coming next, and was not disappointed when he slid his cock inside her. Not allowing her time to adjust he slammed forward burying himself inside her till his hips were against her ass. Kate thought she would be able to hold herself up, but was unable to when his cock head hit her cervix. Her elbows collapsed and she fell tits first into the cake that was below her smashing it beneath her. As her neighbor began to move in and out of her steaming pussy Kate began to rock her hips back to meet him, sliding her breasts through the destroyed cake and frosting.

Kate was moaning loudly already. She could feel şirinevler escort her pussy lips clamping around his shaft as he pushed and pulled his cock from her hole. Leaving just the head inside her on each out stroke her neighbor would then slam hard back into her slamming her hard into the table and knocking over things on top of it. Kate reached across grabbing the far side of the table bracing herself as her neighbor pounded at her from behind. The toppling glasses and vases clinked as they fell and rolled to the side of the ruined table top. The cake beneath her was ruined and smashed beneath her as she slid through it with each and every stork of her neighbor’s cock into her pussy. Her moans had turned to screams as she was fucked hard in her birthday cake.

“Oh goddddddd fuck me.” was all she could say and that wasn’t without stuttering almost every word. She loved the way his cock stretched her cunt open feeling her lips cling to his cock as he pulled out to the very tip before slamming back in and bottoming out against her cervix and his balls slapping her clit. His hands on her hips holding her still for his assault on her pussy digging their fingers deep into her hips as he began to grind against her every time he slammed against her wet pussy. The sloshing sounds from their mating was almost as loud as her screams for him to pound her harder.

The scream that was the loudest yet though came when he grabbed a handful of her long blond locks and pulled her head back.

“You like that big dick inside you girl?” The neighbor asked as he pounded her harder and pulled her hair back lifting her breasts out of the cake. For a moment leaving just the nipples to brush through the remains of it.

Cake and frosting were crumbling and falling off her breasts as the swung hard back and forth.

“Oh god yes I love your cock inside me. It feels so good in me. Fuck me harder please.”

The neighbor only happy to oblige let go of her hair letting her drop back onto the ruins of the cake and grasped her hips harder and renewed his pounding of her sloppy pussy.

After a few minutes of plowing into her making splashing her juices out of her with each stroke into her, the neighbor pulled out and stood her up spinning her and lifting her onto the table setting her ass first on the cake. With one hand he pulled her panties the rest of the way off her leg leaving them to dangle from her ankle.

Stepping between her spread legs he let Kate guide his dick to her open pussy. She tilted her head back moaning as she put him inside her first just putting the tip inside and then pulling him till her hand would no longer fit between him and pussy. The neighbor continued the slow insertion as she pulled her hand away then pulled out to resume the fucking that she craved.

Her hands were wrapped around him as she bucked her hips in time with him making each thrust that much harder. At first her legs were flailing wild in the air then she wrapped them around his waist to give herself more leverage as she pulled him against herself trying to get his cock deeper into her than it already was.

Her words were quite erratic as she tried to beg him to fuck her pussy and make her cum. Her mouth was barely forming the words and the sounds were all out of place.

The cake below Kate was making the table slippery as she he thrust into her smearing what was left of the cake together with her juices. Kate had already came twice from his cock penetrating her and was on her way to a third. She was clawing at his back like a wild animal by now, but he was protected by his t shirt only allowing to rip at that as she tried to sink her nails into her back as he thrust hard into her one final time slamming cock head hard against her cervix making her cum as he did. Kate’s pussy was spasming hard squeezing him as he sprayed her insides with his cum.

When they separated he suggested that they cleaned up as the new cake would be there any minute and so would the guests.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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