Party Crasher Ch. 01

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Sitting in my car down the block from your house, I watch your guests arrive. The house ablaze with light, music and other sounds of laughter and voices reaching me each time the door opens to them.

I try to calm myself but it is hopeless. The night so long dreamed and hoped for has finally arrived. My arrival a surprise for you. Heart pounding, unsure of your reaction and my ability to dampen and conceal my desire for you.

The party in full swing, I hesitate minutes longer. The outside coldness seeping into the car but unable to touch me. I’m shaking but not from the temperature.

Steeling myself. My inner voice repeating a mantra, “Just say hello. Act normal. Smile at everyone. No one will know. Maybe a touch will pass between us. Casual, as you greet all your friends. Don’t stay long. Perhaps a whispered endearment. Then go.” Easy, I can do this…

I open the car door. The handle suddenly foreign and I struggle a bit with it. Did I slam the door? The sound seemly sudden and loud. Sounds from the house muted, my footsteps crushing the gravel in the street then knocking on the pavement.

Closer now, the brightness from the windows lights upon me. Another door and there’s no turning back now. Another guest has arrived and is following me up the walk. My pulse thundering in my ears, finger wavering but finally finding the bell. I glance back and give a quick pained smile to the man now behind me.

The door is thrown open and I’m met with a smile by another man. He looks at me, realizes we’ve never met before but welcomes me in along with Pete or Peter or Paul… Whatever his name is behind me. I’m inside somehow and he’s talking my coat. I clasp the bottle tightly and keep it. I want to give it to you, no one else, so you know it came from me.

The men talking, I feel their eyes on me. He, and I know now he is Ralph, thought that I came with P-somebody. Before they can question me, I hear your voice and turn to face you.

“Hi Pete and who is…?”

Our eyes meet and I see the sudden avalanche of emotions in your eyes. A look of shock on your face, replaced at once with the most wonderful smile I have ever seen.

“Jenny? Jenny is it really you? I wasn’t expecting you!”

I find my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth. I can’t take my eyes off of yours. I want to take in all of you but your eyes hold mine and I’m frozen, mesmerized.

You take my hand, fingers tight and I squeeze. Unbelieving. Relieved, delirious that you are welcoming me and so delighted to see me. You’re talking to the men but I don’t hear the words, lost in looking at you.

I see your eyes casino siteleri dart down and your spell over me is broken for a moment. I lift up the bottle and present it to you. Your favorite winery, cabernet, 2003.

In a dream, you lean in close and kiss my cheek, thanking me. Your perfume sets my mind to spinning. My mantra long forgotten.

I fight my tongue free. Voice thick and husky, “Judy you’re so beautiful. Happy birt….”

I don’t finish the word. You pull me with you. My hand sweaty as you take me through the crowd. People turn as we pass, looks and inquiries ignored as we move through them. The faces a blur to me, one or two a catch for a second. Long enough for them to register. So many guests and yet we ignore them all. Or rather, you ignore them. I’m simply oblivious in your wake.

We reach stairs and up lead me up. At the top, you stop and we turn to look back. Some have taken little notice of us and our destination, others look and know. Its then that I take note of how my nervousness has changed. Transformed by your parading me among them.

Seeing now that the shortest route to the stairs was a quick right from the entrance. You took me from room to room, displaying me.

I am so proud standing at your side, hands locked. Hot courses of electricity dancing within my body, from head to toe but concentrated in my sex. Sex which is liquid and hot, my panties failing to contain it.

“They now see that my bitch is here. See how jealous they are of me! Of my gift, that you are and that I will take now.”

With a jerk, you pull you again. In a rush, we are in your bedroom and I am in your arms. I kiss you with a hunger that can never be sated. Met with an equal fervor. You press me up against the closed door, crushing me in your desire. Your lips so much more luscious, your mouth sweeter than I imagined. Our passion, immediate, overpowering.

I hook a leg around yours. Our bare legs touching, fueling my desire even more.

Sucking on your tongue, I feel you lift me and carry me across to your bed. You lay them down then stand back to look at me. Now given a chance, I gaze and take you in. Seeing your fingers working, removing your clothes.

“Well? Get undressed! I will whip you later for surprising me like this…but first I need to fuck you. Even thought they will all know…because they will all know…my need to fuck you can’t be withheld.”

My shoes hit the floor before you finish and my top is over my head a moment later. I had risked no undies and now I’m glad I did. I tear at the clasp and zipper on my skirt, working it off my hips half undone. Reaching back, slot oyna I pull down the comforter and covers knowing they would be ruined otherwise. Now on the soft coolness of your sheets, I await you.

You are on the bed, kneeling before me. I know what you want and I sit up and kiss your belly. Arms around your waist, taking you in every sense. Touch and taste being the foremost, but also listening to you tell me that I better be a good slut and please you. Seeing with unbelieving eyes that you have me in your bed. Smelling your pussy, knowing that soon I will be enjoying it.

My tongue traces through your curly short hairs. Wetting them with my saliva so that they start t clump together. Your hiss bodes no teasing and my ability to delay any more is gone.

My mouth finds your clit, poking out from under your hood. Taking hold, sucking it. Hands holding your ass so I can suck it properly. But you don’t wait. Hands gripping my head, your hips move. Fucking my mouth with it. Motions hard, almost violent.

“Come on bitch! You can do better than that!!!”

If not for your hands holding me, I would have been knocked flat on my back from the force of your thrusts. Your clit moving between my lips. I use my lips to assist you, tight but not too tight. You can move it in between them and I feel it increasing your lust. My tongue lashes at the tip each time you drive forward. All the while sucking sucking sucking…

You wrap a handful of hair in your fist and yank my head back. Your knees spread and straddle me. Then you force my face into your pussy. Grinding hard on me as I try to get my tongue into you. I can taste you but its more from your wetting my entire face than from my tongue being able to pleasure you. Once again hands at the back of my head holding me as you rub up and down, back and forth.

There’s a pause in your actions that allows me to work my tongue in you. Savoring the taste of your pussy, my life complete now that my mouth is full of your sweetness. Lost in this wonderful moment, I almost miss hearing you speak. Your words distorted and partially obscured by my own wet sucking and moans.

“…thanks…I’ll…yes, later…now go…”

Your fingers weaving through my hair, smoothing, gentle. You pull back from me and slide down beside me. We share a kiss but I wonder at your change, knowing that your orgasms, if any, were small and not complete.

You shift towards the nightstand and return with two glasses of wine in your hands. I see the bottle that remains there. The winery, cabernet, 2003…my bottle…now opened and poured.

“How…?” But your finger on my lips cuts me off. canlı casino siteleri

We toast and sip. Your eyes telling me that you’re far from done with me. You take the glass from my hand and place them back on the nightstand. Another long, deep kiss follows. Then another, and another. I think to myself how I could kiss you forever and that this alone fills my soul to the brim. The kisses building, my hands moving over you, yours over me.

A long finger goes inside me. Gasping into your mouth as I feel you finger my pussy. My hips moving with it. The touch magic. The pressure of the base of your fingers on my clit and I try to rub on you. Whimpering in desire and lust.

“My baby bitch needs fucked doesn’t she?”

“Yesssssssssssss, whatever you desire…”

“Oh, you will be fucked alright. I will fuck you until you pass out in my arms.”

I whimper again, holding you tight. Groaning as I feel your hand and finger leave me.

You roll on me, our legs entwined. Taking a leg, you lift it up and use it to settle yourself on me. Our pussies kissing, wetness combining, mingling. Moaning as I feel the length and hardness of your clit.

You hold my leg between your breasts and use it for leverage to fuck me. Grinding down on me. Your erect clit a dagger cutting loose my lust and yours. I push my hips up. Giving my pussy to you to fuck. And you’re inside me. My wetness allowing you easy and ready access. Your clit moves along my pussy lips, then thrusts in. Beautifully fucking me. I cry out as I cum.

“Mmmmmm. That’s what I like to hear! My fuck toy makes such lovely sounds. Tell me you love to be fucked.”

Gasping, my voice quivering. “Oh please fuck me Judy!!! I love how you fuck me! And I do love to fuck! I’m a fucking whore. YOUR fucking whore!!! YOUR BITCH!!!:

Now your movements quicken even more. I grasp your hips and leg. Using my pussy, giving it to you to fuck. Wanting, needing you to fuck me more and more.

One arm remains wrapped around my leg, holding it tight to your chest. The other reaches out and rips at my hair. I am rewarded with your screams as you cum. Flooding me.

“You ARE my bitch! And I will bitch fuck you!! And beat you!!! And piss on you!!! Then bitch fuck you again!!!”

“You will fuck all that I direct you to!!!”

The bed protesting under us as we fuck harder and faster.

I cry out again, the wet heat of your love along with the rapid continued pounding of your pussy with mine having again brought me to orgasm. Cumming hard… Only the tug of your hand at my hair keeps me from falling back on the bed.

At some point you release me. I find myself weak and sprawled out. Eyes opening to see you rise up. Bending over to kiss me softly.

“Stay here. I’ll be back after my guests leave. Then I will really fuck you and not hold back…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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