Parking with Debbie

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We were parked discreetly. Debbie had her shirt and bra off, leaning over my spread legs, and fondling my full balls and cock. I was hard, and throbbing, her warm breath just inches away from my swollen cockhead, distended and super sensitive. I was wet with her saliva, her stroking hand sensuously gliding up and down my swollen erection, expertly manipulating me and stimulating me with a knowing touch.

My right hand moved teasingly over her ass as she bent moved more closely, and I pulled up gently on her skirt, exposing her naked ass to the world. Earlier she had removed her panties and deliberately shifted in the seat to show me, as she caressed and fondled her swollen pussy, and stiff clit.

We often teased each other this way, and having found a discreet location some weeks earlier, we knew exactly where to go for some much needed privacy.

Having pulled over and killed the engine, we had rearranged ourselves on the bench seat, and started making out, tongues entwined, hands roaming freely.

Lusting after her tits, I opened her buttons, one by one, exposing the beautiful line of her generous cleavage, to my hungry, horny view.

Pulling away gently, she shrugged out of her blouse, and as she reached behind to unhook her bra, her titties accentuated as she arched her back.

Her bra fell away, and those lush full breasts, now exposed, beckoned to me. I bent my head hungrily, and reached over to caress her left breast, my mouth enclosing around her large eraser sized nipple. Her hand came around my head and pulled me closer. Circling around in warm, wet licking, I brought her erect nipple out of my warm mouth and blew on it gently, something she really loved. Swiftly moving to her right breast I repeated my lustful exercise on her other engorged nipple, as I could feel my cock swelling excitedly in my jeans.

Leaning against her, I gently pushed her back against the car door, and hiking up her skirt I spread her legs apart, with her complete cooperation. Caressing her thigh, my hand glided down to that wet, warm opening, and I slowly inserted to fingers into her juicy pussy.

Opening her legs further, she pulled me harder down on her nipple, as Deb breathed into my ear, “Yes! Please finger my cunt… Oh I love it, suck my titties! Play with me!”

She writhed provocatively against me, grinding her breast against my mouth.

I pulled away, momentarily, to gaze at the hot vision before me: A luscious, half naked 19 year old woman, sexy, soft, C cup tits exposed, nipples erect, sexy thighs spread open, swollen, wet clitoris, juicy pussy, open and inviting, mouth parted, breathing heavily, as my fingers continued to stroking in and out of her wetness.

Of course you can imagine how stiff my cock was in my pants.

I scooted back in the seat a bit, and said “You’re gonna love this!” as I leaned over and brought my lips down to that stiff engorged clit. Finger fucking her more intensely, I licked and nibbled fervently on her stiff bud, as she moaned out her pleasure. Over and over my tongue lapped and washed over her stiff clit, fingers moving in and out in a rhythm all their own, and then at the right moment, I curled them just right, feeling that hard, knobby protuberance inside her, her G-spot! That did it!

Groaning intensely, halkalı escort fingers circling in my hair, Debbie came hard, grinding back and forth against my mouth and rocking on my hand, her juices dripping. I quickly removed my fingers and drove my tongue as deep as I could into her warm cunt. Her taste was incredible!

“OH MY GOD!” she cried, as she slowly came down from her pleasure peak.

I held her close, and could fell her heart pounding against my chest.

Quickly removing my shirt, I held her again, so I could feel her chest pressed against mine. Her mouth fastened to mine, I could feel her hands groping around my lower back.

Sliding her fingers into the waist band of my jeans, she worked them around the sides.

I pulled back and undid my belt, unbuckled my pants and drew down my zipper. She worked my pants over my ass, and I could feel the coolness of the air on my cheeks. The front of my underwear slid off of my hard cock, and there it was, exposed, hard and throbbing. This brings us back to where this story began.

Debbie’s hand sensuously slid up and down my swollen erection, and expertly stimulating me.

“Your turn baby,” she said, and pushing me back so that I was now in turn leaning against the car door, pushed my legs further apart, and grabbing my balls gently, began to caress and fondle them, the whole time jerking me off gently.

“Do you like looking at my pussy? Do you like my tits? I know you love playing with my body, touching me everywhere. And I love it too,” she said, looking into my eyes, and occasionally glancing down at the effect her hand was having on my throbbing dick.

I was drinking in every word, feeling my balls starting to tighten as she stroked me.

“Mmmm.. I am going to suck your cock now. You want me to suck you, don’t you? Of course you do, and I want to, I want to feel your balls churn, and spill out your cream into my mouth! I want to swallow your load, and I know you want to unload into my willing mouth!”

With that she suddenly dipped her head down and slid my cock into her mouth, and lathering my cockhead with her tongue, circling it and swirling it, lapping up the oozing pre-cum that was steadily producing from the engorged tip.

My hard swollen cock, all slick with her saliva and my leaking pre-cum was in heaven. Her lips wrapped around me and she stroked her head up and down over my burning prick 10, 15, 20 strokes, driving me wild. Sucking up and down, sometimes lapping at the underside all the way to my balls and back, all the while caressing them, and stroking the base of my shaft.

Relentlessly working on my aching dick, Debbie groaned as I managed to work my hand back from around her ass to between her legs. Pointing my fingers together, I slid them into her wet cunt and immediately felt her almost pull them in with her muscles. Rocking back and forth on my hand she started to really work my throbbing erection.

It was my turn to moan and move in response to her incredible mouth. Over and over my cock felt her wet warm lips and tongue work their magic up and down my stiffness.

I could feel my balls tighten…knowing I would soon blast my load. She fucked herself rhythmically on my fingers harder, as her nişantaşı escort excitement grew with mine.

“Oh god, you suck dick so well, I want to CUM!” I moaned.

“Your cock tastes so good! Keep working your hand inside me honey! I wanna cum with you!” she moaned around my dripping cock.

Me: “MMMMMmmmm! Oh baby, suck me off, cum on my fingers, make me squirt!”

Debbie: “I’m gonna squirt too! I’ve gotta rub my clitty! I need to CUM!”

Reaching down with one had she began to rub her engorged nub, gasping audibly, renewing her ministrations to my cock with intent.

I was so close. Any moment I was going to spurt…

Then there was that blinding white light at the back of my vision, a last throb of intense pleasure, and I felt the most unbelievable orgasm of my then-young life begin. Spurt after spurt of hot cum ejaculated out of my jerking penis into her hot wet mouth, and somewhere in my pleasure addled brain I was aware that her cunt was pulsating around my hands as she brought herself off as well, gushing wet pussy juice all over the seats!

Over and over it seemed, my cock throbbed and spasmed as I felt cum shooting, then oozing, and finally just dripping from my wet head, as Debbie finished lapping up the last of my ejaculation.

I pulled her up over me, letting her nearly naked body rest on mine, running my hands lovingly up and down her sweet young body. I was already feeling the stirrings of another erection.

Slowly, our breathing became more intense, as we could fell the stirrings of arousal beginning to motivate us. I reached around, and started to fondle Debbie’s sweet ass cheeks. I felt her stir over me; she looked into my eyes and brought her mouth down over mine. I could taste the faint residue of my own cum on her lips… She began to grind her body against mine, and her magical pussy grazed against my cock, which was already starting to harden again. God she was so fucking hot!

“OOO, somebody is really horny tonight,” she breathed. I said, “I’m not the only one,” as I pushed back against her a bit, feeling the warmth of her lower lips against my lengthening penis.

She rose up a bit and looking me in the eye said, “I want to fuck. I want to fuck myself on you stiff cock, deep inside me and feel you pump more cum out of you stiff pole deep in my horny cunt!”

She KNEW exactly how much I loved her dirty talk. I had the desired effect as my prick stiffened to a full hard-on. She pushed back against it, and I slid right into her before I was even aware!

My hot to trot horny Debbie’s sweet cunt was wrapped around my engorged cock, like so many other times. But it never got old. She was so sensuous, so sexual, and so beautiful. Her beautiful eyes, sweet smile, luscious breasts, silky skin and wonderful perfect ass, her sweet soft thighs as they wrapped around me, would drive me mad.

The view of her bent-over, beckoning me to slide my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy from behind; while reaching under to fondle and grope those awesome tits, those tits, tits that I could get lost in for hours, imagining her when alone and stroking off, while looking at magazines and searching for women built like her. She knew I masturbated, and often bought me magazines şişli escort and dog-eared the pages of women she knew I would lust after. We had once spent a glorious afternoon looking at porn mags together, while she stroked me and herself, getting turned on by my reaction to some pics, encouraging me to cum on them. She told me that she masturbated often thinking of me shooting on their pictures. She had a latent lesbian streak I think, because she likes looking at them as well as I said.

My Debbie was now riding with a purpose up and down my boiling cock and balls. Her skilled pussy gripping and releasing me as she road slowly, working herself up to cum hard, and rain more juice on my cock and balls. Coaxing pleasure and lust out of me, I tried to rock my hips back up at her. She rose up off my cock suddenly, flipping over on her back on the seat, beckoning me. I rose up and got on my knees between her legs, pushing my wet cock back into her gaping, willing cunt. Her silky thighs came up and wrapped themselves of their own accord around my waist, as she ground her hips up against mine, meeting every thrust willingly, making us one with our lust.

My god it felt wonderful, pushing in and out of that tight, wet cunt, as her hand found its way down between us, until she found her magic clit. This made her moan loudly, which fired me up more and more. Faster and faster I road in and out of her hot vagina, the silky warm insides coaxing and urging my erect cock to swell even more. I felt her hand now reaching down and encircling the base of my shaft, and then felt my own had reach down beside hers to feel the width and girth of my hard-on. Looking down at my hard cock buried in her pussy was so fucking hot. I arched my back as I fucked into her harder, fucking her cunt, feeling her fuck back, our hips in perfect rhythm. We were so in sync.

Rocking harder, seeing her tits bouncing made me want to have her hard nipples in my mouth again, and bending as best as I could I sucked first one nipple, then the other into my hungry mouth. She reached up and fed me her tits, as we slowed a bit, but never really stopping out fucking. Fucking like this as we loved to do was so intense, so sexual, and so magical.

“Oh Debbie, I want you so much. I want to cum inside you so bad…I need you all the time. Fuck me babe, cum with me, feel it happen, feel it build…work your ass honey…fuck with me…hard, oh god so hot so fucking hot,(or words to that effect)”, came out of my mouth as I moved my ass back and forth harder against her willing pussy.

Over and over we rocked, shaking the car, moaning in pleasure, feeling the cum in us reaching the boiling point.

And then it happened again…that moment we all lust for: orgasm.

Our lust made us lose it!

I felt her contractions on my dick as she came, squealing in my ear, her hips grinding in circles as I pistoned in and out of her, feeling my own seed about to shoot, I pulled back slowly, and then slowly back in, once, twice, 3-4 times and them began my final run, ramping up my speed until I thought my legs and back would give out. My cock, surrounded by her frothy wetness leaking out around my wet prick, stiffened even more, for a moment, and I felt the spew begin. My pumping hips helped me work out a hot sticky, spurting load of cum, deep in her loins, deeply into her waiting pussy, as I groaned out in ecstasy, spurt aft spurt of cum gushing out.

MY GOD it was amazing. We gently disengaged, murmuring terms of endearment, catching our breath.

Eventually, we pulled ourselves together, dressed and went for some breakfast, and home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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