Paradise Bound Ch. 07

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Gang Band

15 days to paradise

This always happened when ever I was getting close to vacation time. Work always piled up. I decided it’s because I try to cram in an extra week’s worth of work before I go away.

It was Tuesday before I knew it. I didn’t go Monday to see Steph because I had just been in on Sunday. I parked in the lot moments before closing time for the salon. I really hoped who ever was working would see fit to let me have a quick tan. I opened the door and Tasha looked up from behind the counter.

“Mr. H. I’m so happy you came in tonight we really have to talk.”

Tasha stood up and walked around the counter. She walked past me wearing a tank top, no bra (nice tits Tasha) and a short skirt I can only describe as a cheerleader’s skirt. Tahsa flipped off the OPEN sign and locked the door.

“I had almost given up hope you would be in tonight.”

Tasha took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the shower talking all the way.

“Stephanie is so worried. Ms. Grey was in again last night. Oh and I haven’t told her yet about sucking your cock. And Ms. Grey was at it again. She had Stephanie strip, shower with her, apply moisturizer, stand in the tanning machine while Ms. Grey spanked her then ate her pussy…”

The images were giving me an erection more than concern. Tasha took my bag from me, then turned and started undoing my pants talking all the while.

“and then she made Steph lay on the floor while Ms. Grey sat on her face. Take your shirt off Mr. H. and Ms. Grey never did tan I guess because she was in on Sunday”

I was already naked from the waist down. As I undid my shirt and removed it Tasha lifted her tank top over her head exposing her tight body and pert tits to me, all the while talking.

“…and when she was done she took Stephanie to the bed with the mattress. Take my skirt and underwear off Mr. H so I can wash your back for you. And she made Stephanie make love to her kissing and caressing each other for an hour…”

I got down on one knee and removed Tasha’s skirt and underwear while she wrapped her long hair up in a bun all the while talking.

“and fingering each other and sucking each other’s tits and…”

Tasha had a pout little pussy with a slight glisten to it. She had shaved and trimmed her pubic hair into a tidy little landing strip. I think her talk was causing her as much excitement as it was causing me. I lifted one of her legs and put her foot on my knee. I started licking her cute tanned pussy while she kept on talking.

“…they were fingering each other then Ms. Grey made Stephanie lick her ass, I mean have you ever licked someone’s ass, but Steph said it was kinda dirty and exciting…”

I slid a finger into Tasha’s slick yoni. It was tight. My initial thought was that I would be working two fingers into her but the first was so tight I didn’t want it to be uncomfortable for her.

“and you know because it’s kinda forbidden, I mean …”

And suddenly Tasha stopped rambling and her speech slowed. Her pussy was warm and becoming really wet.

“…mmmm…. I mean, uhhh… Mr H… ahh mmmm… have you ever ummm licked… mmmm have you licked someone’s ass… ooohhh Mr. H….”

Tasha put a hand on the back of my head, I suspect the other hand on the wall and she tilted her pelvis forward spreading her legs as much as was possible.

“…that’s soooo good Mr. H. Oh. Wow.”

Tasha held my head against her mound slowly mashing my face in her sopping wet pussy. With a series of grunts and moans Tasha orgasmed in response to my efforts.

“mmm that was so nice Mr. H. wow. So nice.”

A few more twitches rippled through Tasha’s limbs. I stood up and kissed my newest lover. She held me and kissed me back.

“Thank you Mr. H that was… it was…”

“Yes Tasha… I know… it was so nice. “

Tasha kissed me and said “Well it was.”

“Let’s shower Tasha so I can tan and be on my way. We can talk about finding a solution for Stephanie.”

Tasha gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek then turned and started the shower.

“Here Mr. H. is the temperature okay?”

I tested the water with my hand and stepped into the shower. “It’s perfect Tasha”.

Tasha followed me into the shower and started washing my back immediately and her talking continued. It was amazing really this girl could multi-task like no one I’ve known before or since. She was washing my back ass and legs as thoroughly and sensually as they’ve ever been washed all the while talking a coherent blue streak picking up where she had left off.

“And then they traded places and Ms. Grey started licking Steph’s ass and Steph said it was as good as when you did it to her. Oh gee Mr. H. I guess you have licked ass before I forgot. And Ms. Grey slid her tongue into Steph’s ass and Steph couldn’t believe how delicious it was.”

Tasha was sliding her soapy hands through my legs washing and massaging my cock and balls.

“Geez I like your cock Mr. H. Turn around now. And anadolu yakası escort Steph said Ms. Grey was massaging the inside of her pussy and she like squirted all over the mattress in a massive orgasm. Then earlier tonight, and it’s been so slow in here, Ms. Grey comes in. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to do. But I acted like I didn’t know her. Look at your big cock Mr. H do you mind if I suck it again. I would really like to suck it. It just looks so good.”

“Sure Tasha. As if any guy would ever mind an offer like that. If it’s what you really want to do, you go ahead.”

Tasha had finished washing my entire body. With her hands she directed me to turn around so the soap would be rinsed of my body. I rinsed my front side then Tasha pushed one shoulder and pulled the other spinning me around another 180 degrees, all the while continuing her story.

“And Steph said Ms. Grey let her relax a bit then made her lick her pussy again until she had one more orgasm. And so I showed Ms. Grey to a room and she asked if she could shower, so I let her shower because it wasn’t busy. And when Steph was getting dressed after Ms. Grey left…”

Tasha knelt down in front of me and began stroking and looking at my cock admiringly.

“I’m going to make love to you with my mouth my new little friend,” Tasha spoke directly to my erection. She kissed it a couple of times. “Are you ready for my hot little mouth my new hard delicious friend? I bet you will melt in my mouth just like an exploding M&M.”

With that Tasha took the head of my cock between her lips in a slow warm kiss. She frenched the tip slowly and firmly. She milked my shaft encouraging a droplet of precum to the tip. With the tip of her tongue she extracted the clear excretion and let it trail in an arc between the end of my dick and her tongue. Then she slurped up the thin stream engulfing the head of my cock in her mouth once again.

“MMM salty. I love salty treats. How did you know that my new friend?”

Then began my most memorable blow job ever. When she didn’t have my cock buried in her mouth and at times down her throat, Tasha stroked and pumped my shaft with her little hands. At times she had a butt cheek in each hand guiding my hips slowly forward and back allowing my erection to slide in and out of her mouth to varying depths. Her tongue danced around the head. She held my shaft against my stomach and gave each testicle its fair share of time being licked and sucked and kissed. After what seemed like an hour Tasha focused all her attention on my shaft. Long slow deep sucks mixed with firm strokes from her hands raised the pressure in my balls. I could feel the head of my lingam swell. Tasha sucked and stroked faster in anticipation of her pending reward. A load of hot cum blasted into Tasha’s mouth, buckling my knees. She never lost her grip on my cock while I convulsed and groaned through an all-draining cumfest of an orgasm. Tasha did her best to swallow every last drop taking a moment to release her grip on my cock to catch a few dribbles of cum trying to escape down her chin. Her mouth returned to my cock cleaning up the last remaining drops.

“Mmmm, that was so tasty Mr. H. You must tell me what’s in your diet so I can get my future boyfriends eating the same foods. Cum should always taste that good.”

“Sure Tasha. I’ll believe you about the flavor and I will envy your future boyfriends. That was one hell of a blow job you just gave me. My god, my knees are so weak I’m not sure I will be able to walk to the tanning bed.”

“I’m glad you liked it Mr. H. I really tried hard to make it good for you. You’re so nice. Stephanie was right.”

“You were successful Tasha. It was good for me.”

“Stephanie said you’re a really good lover Mr. H and she was right. Can we make love again sometime? I mean, I’ve never made love to someone who’s good at it. I mean young guys can fuck oops, do you mind that I use that word. I’m sorry Mr. H.”

We had finished drying each other off by this time and started walking to a tanning room.

“No that’s fine Tasha.” And then her fast chatter started again.

“So young guys fuck fast but not very well. I really hope making love can be better than what I’ve experienced with my boyfriends. I really liked how you ficked me in the office the other night. And Stephanie said you’re great and that when she got dressed after making love with Ms. Grey and letting her out that she found $200 in her pocket and she felt weird but she was also excited. And now she’s like really confused. You get on the bed Mr. H and I will go to the front and log your time so the machine will start.”

I climbed into the tanning bed. My head was spinning from Tasha’s chatter but my body was relaxed from the huge orgasm I had just had. The green light came on. I pushed it, slipped on my goggles and my tan began. I laid there thinking about what the hell was going on. I came here to get a tan. Now every time ataşehir escort I showed up I was getting sucked or fucked or both except of course on weekends when it was busy. That’s it! My mind screamed at me, I’ve got the answer for Stephanie. The bell sounded and the machine started its shutdown process.

I rolled out of the bed. I was alone. The salon seemed extra quiet except for the fans whirring madly until the tanning bed cooled down. I realized my clothes were still in the shower and was about to leave when Tasha walked in still naked.

“Tasha. I figured it out. I have the answer for Stephanie’s problem.”

Tasha didn’t say anything or respond in any way. She just grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to the bed with the mattress. Tasha dropped my hand, crawled up on the bed and tapped the mattress inviting me to join her.

I was so tempted looking at her tight body and knowing how tight her little pussy had felt.

“Umm Tasha. I really want to join you up there but I can’t. It’s already 10 past 11. If I get up there we will be another hour. My wife will wonder what the heck I’m doing at the tanning spa for 2 hours.”

“Please Mr. H?” Tasha pleaded.

“Tasha I will sit on the edge so we can finish our discussion. Maybe we can do this another night.”

“Okay”, Tasha said disappointed “I just wanted to feel your cock in my pussy so badly and to have someone so experienced make love to me so I knew what it was like. So Ms. Grey walked back out to the counter tonight after her shower. She was wrapped in a towel. She makes some lame excuse about just getting a manicure and doesn’t want lotion to take the shine off her new nails and asks if she gives me a tip if I would put her lotion on. So I say we’re not supposed to do that. And she’s says no one will know and just this once and I’ll give you $80.”

I’m thinking holy shit this woman is in here buying sex from these young vulnerable women and damn, she just throws money around like she’s rolling in it.

“So I say okay but just this once, and she thanks me and says how much she appreciates it so I leave the desk and as we’re walking down the hall she takes her towel off and I think wow nice body and I’m thinking god Stephanie licked her ass just yesterday so in the room I start rubbing on her moisturizer and I barely do her ass and she tells me more on her ass and be sure to do up her crack as well and my pussy is getting more wet so when I’m doing her legs..”

Tasha has been rambling again and all the while she’s running her fingers up and down my legs and chest and my cock and damn if I don’t have another erection.

“…will you hold me just a little Mr. H.

So I roll onto the bed and hold this little hottie against me and she rambles on.

“she turns around and her pussy is right in front of my face and it’s a pretty nice looking pussy but I don’t touch it and I finish her legs and when I stand up her nipples are erect and mine are trying to break through my tank top and while I’m rubbing moisturizer on her shoulders and neck she tells me I have nice breasts and very erect nipples and starts asking me if they’re sensitive and I sort of respond and she reaches”

Tasha is holding my cock and I start kissing her neck and caressing her back and tits and she rolls onto her back holding my cock. I take one of her eraser nipples in my mouth.

“…out and touches them ever so lightly and says ‘they’re so nice Tasha can I suck on one’ and before I can answer she has my top aside and has a nipple in her mouth. I pulled back and said please don’t and she stopped and I thought that wasn’t so hard. So I finish her neck and face and start her chest and I think yeah, I want to suck your nipples as well but I don’t and I swear my panties are soaked so I finish and she says you forgot my pussy Tasha. You have to do my pussy. I’m not getting in any tanning bed without my pussy being treated, and I’m paying you $80 so I don’t ruin my $60 manicure. So I take a deep breath rub some moisturizer on my hands and slip them between her legs and start rubbing her pussy. Well Ms. Grey closes her eyes and says ‘that feels so good Tasha’ and I can tell she’s really..”

My hands are doing what comes natural my mouth is pleasing Tasha’s tits and my hand begins massaging her pussy.

“…liking what I’m doing. So I start looking at Ms. Grey’s pussy and I’m alternating my hands and ummm… oh yes… mmmm.. I’m uhhh … yes I’m touching her clit mmm just like that Mr. H.”

My mouth left Tasha’s tit and met her lips. I rolled on top of her, my cock pressed against her wet pussy. We kissed some more, .light butterfly kisses mixed with deep tongue wrestling kisses. Tasha placed her hands on my butt. My cocked sat against the gate to her tight pussy. We pressed against each other. My stiff pole squeezed into Tasha’s tight pussy. Tasha grunted when her yoni gave way accepting my full girth. I went slowly working deeper and deeper until I felt her slick ümraniye escort honey coating my testicles. We rocked in unison with long slow strokes.

“Stephanie was so right. Your cock feels so perfect Mr. H. And it didn’t hurt at all.”

I pulled my cock out.

“Mr. H?” Tasha asked

“That’s enough for now Tasha. Finish your story. We will finish making love another time.”

“Just put it back inside me please. I will tell you the rest but please it just feels so good.”

I rolled off of Tasha denying her request. Tasha followed me rolling on top of me.

“Please Mr H. Please.”

Tahsa reached between her legs positioning my cock so she could sit down with it buried deep inside her. A man cannot resist a hot tight pussy. I made no effort to stop her.

“So you were touching Ms. Grey’s clit.”


Tasha was talking much more slowly now. Adjusting her position to either make herself comfortable or out of enjoyment of having her pussy stuffed with a hard cock.

“So I rubbed her clit and Ms. Grey eventually came. I stopped and told her I would set up her machine so she could tan and I went to the front desk.”

Tasha laid down with her head on my chest and my cock still deeply entrenched inside her.

“…About 15 minutes later Ms. Grey comes out and hands me a roll of 20’s. She says ‘thank you Tasha for saving my nails. You have really terrific hands. Maybe you should study massage and make it a career.’ I wouldn’t look up at her because I knew I would not be able to deny her if she asked me for anything. I was so horny and vulnerable. I said ‘Thank you Ms. Grey. I will consider that.’ She left asking me to say hello to Stephanie for her. What are we going to do Mr. H?”

Tasha remained cuddling me but her hips started moving ever so slightly.

“Well my suggestion was that you don’t let Stephanie work alone but now that Ms. Grey has exercised some of her control on you I’m not sure how good that will work. Tasha, if you don’t stop moving I will remove my cock.”

“Sorry Mr. H. It just feels so good. Why don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Actually I do want to fuck you Tasha, but I’m trying to help with this problem and I’m trying to exercise some control.”

“But I swear I can cum. Your cock just feels so good.”

Tasha sat up, her head just under the raised lights of the tanning bed.

“Can I masturbate then Mr. H\?. Is that okay? I am just so horny.”

Without me answering Tasha began rubbing her clit. I was moments away from depositing a fresh load of cum in Tasha’s twat. I had to get my mind on something else.

I thought about my solution to this problem and the complication Tasha and Ms. Grey had just presented to me. Tasha was approaching another orgasm. I could tell because her pussy was gripping my cock like vice. Tasha started convulsing. Her pussy released its pressure then started massaging my cock with each wave of pleasure that washed over Tasha’s body. Tasha collapsed onto my chest twitching as her orgasm faded away. I put my arms around her and felt her sigh.

“Tasha, I have to get going soon.”

“Yes Mr H. Me too. Thank you Mr. H. That was amazing.”

“Look Tasha. The simplest solution is for Stephanie to not be alone when Ms. Grey is here. If you’re here then you can’t let on to Ms. Grey that you’re friends Ms. Grey doesn’t know you’re friends. You told Ms. Grey you don’t normally put moisturizer on people, so I don’t think she’s expecting more from you. Just don’t let her know that you’re both providing an “Elite Service” for some customers. Otherwise she will have both you answering to her demands.”

“Okay Mr. H. that may work. Are you sure you don’t want to finish fucking me. I wouldn’t mind and I’m sure I would love it. Stephanie says you have to be really excited and really horny to be able to have anal sex. If you want to do that I think I’m ready. Let’s try. Can I just try your cock in my ass once?”

“Tasha, let’s just call it a night.”

“Please? I think that sounds so delicious right now. And Stephanie said your cock felt incredibly good in her ass. Let’s try. Please. I want to try.”

I started to argue but Tasha just sat up, slid my cock out of her pussy and pushed it into her ass.

“Oh God that is incredible.” Tasha cried. “Oh god. That feels so amazing.”

My thoughts exactly. Her ass was tighter than her pussy if that was possible. I pumped a little a few times then stopped myself.

“Please Tasha. Don’t do this.”

“Oh but Mr H. This is so amazing. I will stop now if you promise me we can do this another time.”

“okay Tasha. Yes. We will do this another time.”

“Oh, just a couple of more pumps.”

She lifted herself up and down a few times before I grabbed Tasha’s hips and held her in the air. Her tight ass was too much to resist. I pumped in a solid rhythm at first. Tasha bit down on her lip when my pace quickened and the depth of my thrusts increased.

“Oh that is the best Mr. H. The best.”

I grunted and filled Tasha’s ass with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I released my grip allowing Tasha to lower herself down on my pelvis burying my hyper sensitive cock fully in her freshly creamed ass.

“Oh. Thank you Stephanie. Thank you.” Tasha purred. “I never would have tried this if you hadn’t told me how great it feels. Thank you Steph.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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