Painted Vulva

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It was one of the biggest deals my firm had ever closed. We’d been working on this project for well over a year, putting in hundreds of hours on trying to get the largest consulting contract we’d ever had, one that would keep the ten consultants in my firm busy for almost three years.

Even with all the other clients to deal with and, of course, trying to run a consulting business, I’d been virtually been living in Santa Fe for the past year as we completed a pilot project leading up to the big one. While there are worse places one could spend one’s time than Santa Fe, my schedule had taken its toll on my 50 year-old body. I was ragged around the edges to say the least but, all in all, it was going to be worth it. Since my wife had died three years ago, I had poured everything into work, probably to keep from having to think about my personal situation. And I have to admit that while the professional part of my life was thriving, other parts were suffering somewhat. I’d pretty much abandoned my friends back home because of all the travel and I didn’t have that many close relatives to have much of a relationship with. So, I had my work.

One of the things that suffered this whole time was my sex life. Carol and I had been married for fifteen years and our sex seemed as new and adventurous to us at the end as it did in the beginning. Once she died, however, in an auto crash, my libido seemed to die at the same time. I pride myself in keeping in shape and a widowed man, fairly young and vigorous, seemed to draw women, so I had a few affairs along the way, mostly one time events, but in all of them, I seemed to be play-acting. I felt almost disembodied, like I was watching someone else have sex. Sure, most of the women were good, some even outstanding, and all of them were attractive. But, while this in the only place I can admit this, where I can shield my identity, sometimes I even had trouble performing. And often, when I did, as I said, it felt like going through the motions.

After clinching the consulting job, I decided to stay over in Santa Fe to enjoy some of the things that I didn’t take the time to enjoy over the last few months. It really is a lovely city, with terrific restaurants, interesting architecture, and a thriving art community.

After a night of celebrating our win, all of my colleagues flew back to our home office to get to work. We’d rented two condos for the people traveling into Santa Fe and we were going to keep them over the next few years so I had a place to stay and hang out while I enjoyed the city.

So, I slept late, or at least late for me – 8 AM, and then sauntered down to the little outdoor café to have breakfast. After consuming a decadent plate of huevos rancheros, I sat back to read the paper, have another cup of coffee and watch the people go by. For a guy that had been keyed up for the last few months, this mini-vacation was starting off well. I was almost in a reverie when the calm was broken when I heard a shout, “Bill Carpenter, you old rascal.”

I turned and saw an old friend of mine approaching. He was someone used to be a neighbor and our families had gotten fairly close, but over the last few years, since they’d moved, we had only kept in touch with the occasional phone call or letter.

I stood and extended my hand, “Art, what a pleasure to see you here. How are you? It’s been years since I’ve seen you.”

He smiled, “It was in 2000, the year we moved. That’s almost five years. I was so sorry to hear about Linda. We didn’t hear about it until a week or so after it happened and we were devastated. She was such a great lady.”

“Sit down for a bit, Art. Yeah, she was and I appreciate the note from you and Jean. She was a special lady and I miss her every day. So, how’s the construction business? Still building huge shopping malls?”

“Yeah, still grinding away. That’s the reason I’m out here. We’re going to bid on project on the edge of town. We have so much going on I’m not sure we even want it, to tell you the truth,” he said with a laugh.

“I know you Art. You’ll do it. So, how are the kids? God, it’s been ages. What are they doing now? As I remember Robert was into sports in a big way and Kim was into music. So is Robert the star quarterback and Kim a concert pianist by now?”

Again, Art laughed, “we do need to catch up. Robert is in the 11th grade and, in fact, he is the quarterback on his high school football team. And Kim is 18, and is going to be going to Duke this fall. As a matter of fact, she’s out here with me. She loves to travel and she has a couple of weeks off. I have an idea. Why don’t we get together for dinner tonight? She’d love to see you and it will be good for us all to catch up. Deal?”

We shook hands and agreed to meet in the lobby bar at 7 for a drink and to figure out where we would have dinner.

Even though there was no conscious reason I did it, that evening, before going out, I spent extra time in grooming and dressing. After my shower, I stood before the pendik escort mirror before getting dressed. “Not bad for an old man,” I mused as I looked at my naked body. I am 6 feet tall and weigh the same thing I did in college, 175. Even though the skin was a tad looser than it was when I was younger, I was still in good shape, with broad shoulders and a flat stomach, and I have to admit, buttocks that were still firm for my age. I noted a few gray hairs among those that covered my torso and groin but for the most part, they were dark brown. I noted my cock in the mirror and reached down to hold it.

“I haven’t given you enough exercise in the last few years, have I old boy?” I said with a smile. “Maybe we can change that at some point.”

I stroked it a couple of times and was pleased to feel the tension building and I noted how the skin pulled back over the head. I turned vainly to see my cock standing out a bit from my body and I knew that with a little more manipulation, I could have it rising and becoming rigid. So, that’s what I did. I leaned over and let some saliva dribble from my lips dropping to the head. I moved it around and felt the length of my cock becoming engorged with blood and my balls tightening. I reached down to feel the sac holding them and I rolled them around in my hand. With the other hand I moved the lubricant over the head and down the shaft. I turned to look it the mirror and I was pleased to note that my cock was now fully erect and it curved, almost like a banana, but from base to tip, I estimated it to be in the 7″ range.

“Guess I’d better get moving, boy,” I said smilingly. “I might be able to give you some more attention later but now I’m running late.”

The truth of the matter is that I had always enjoyed being sexually excited and I didn’t want to lose that feeling too quickly. Even though the last few years had not been the greatest sexually, I still loved to be conscious of my cock. By conscious I mean feeling it move in my trousers as I walked for example, or when I’m sitting, looking down to see it outlined against my leg. I don’t necessarily mean that I walked around with a hard dick, but I did like it when I thought about sex and was aware of my cock – when I could feel the head swelling for example and the sac tightening as my balls swelled. I liked it when I saw an attractive woman and felt my cock twitch, wanting to escape my trousers and come into contact with flesh. I hadn’t had that feeling enough in the last few years. That’s something I would have to work on.

I went down to the lobby and spotted Art nursing a drink. “Did Kim decide she has something better to do than have dinner with two old guys? Smart girl.”

Art laughs, “no, as usual she’s just running late. She remembers you very well and is looking forward to seeing you.”

I ordered a drink and Art and chatted for a bit before he signaled across the lobby. I turned and saw Kim or someone I assumed was Kim coming towards the table. This couldn’t be the same girl I knew a few years ago. This young lady was stunningly beautiful. She was dressed simply but very attractively and she needed no makeup. She was probably 5’7″, slim, with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a flawless complexion. Needless to say from that description before she even got to the table, this was a very striking girl.

She reached out her hand, “Mr. Carpenter, it is so nice to see you.”

I leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Kim, it’s great to see you too. Your father didn’t tell me that you would be the prettiest girl in Santa Fe.”

She blushed, “that is so nice of you to say, Mr. Carpenter. I don’t believe you’ve changed a bit since the last time I saw you. That must have been when I was 13 or 14. I still remember you hanging out with my dad and helping me with my homework. Do you remember the treehouse you helped me build? My dad is a big time contractor and you had to be the one that taught me how to drive a nail. I bet that treehouse is still standing.”

“Sure I remember Kim, and by the way, call me Bill. And I also remember babysitting for you when you were a kid. You were the biggest tomboy I’d ever seen. I can remember you coming over dressed in your jeans, wanting to go hiking, or play football, or build something. But most of all, I remember that when you got through with all that, you’d come in a play the most beautiful music on the piano. Do you still play Kim?”

She smiled, revealing beautiful white teeth, “yeah, didn’t Dad tell you? I got a music scholarship to Duke. I start in the fall and I’m so excited.”

“I can’t wait to catch up on what all of you have been doing the last few years. Let’s go to dinner and talk.”

The concierge referred us to one of the terrific restaurants in the area that serves southwestern cuisine. During dinner, we had a great time talking about being neighbors and close friends over the years. They were a great family and I regretted not keeping in touch as much as I should have.

As çekmeköy escort we’d ordered coffee and dessert I asked Kim what she’d planned to do over the next few days in Santa Fe.

“Other than sleep, you mean? I do intend to catch up on that. But, I also want to see some of the area; I’ve never really spent any time out here. And I want to do some shopping of course. And maybe go to some of the museums and galleries they have in the area also. So, how about you? What are you going to be doing the next few days?”

“Other than shopping, pretty much the same thing. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Southwest, but most of it has been on business so this time, I want to get in some sightseeing. Otherwise, I want to try some good restaurants, maybe have a massage or two, lie by the pool and read, and also go to some galleries and museums. They have some great ones in the area.”

“That sounds great. Maybe I’ll see you at the pool. I intend to get a little sun and also catch up on reading things I want to read for a change instead of things I have to read for class.”

We made our way back to the hotel and wished each other a good night, and promised to get together the following night for a drink. After a great night’s sleep and a workout in the morning, I went down to the pool with a book. I spread out on a lounge and pulled off my shirt to get some sun and had just settled in reading when I heard a soft voice.

“Hi, Mr. Car…er, Bill. Do you mind if I sit next to you? What are you reading?”

I looked up. Wow! Kim had on a tiny bikini that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Her body was magnificent. The bra barely covered big and very taut looking breasts. She must have been at least a C cup. The fabric of the bra began just above her very pert, erect-looking nipples. Another centimeter briefer and I could have at least seen her aureole. And the rest was just as nice. The little bikini bottom was the size of a ladies handkerchief and just did cover her crotch. Her legs were long and smooth and lovely, like the rest of her.

“Hi, Kim, how are you today? I’d love for you to sit next to me. I’m reading a biography of Alfred Kinsey.” I think I was blushing.

She leaned over to adjust a towel in the chair and she had her bottom to me. The bikini bottom was almost, but

“Kinsey? Is that the guy that did all the sex research? The one that said it was okay for girls to masturbate?” She giggled as she was saying this, knowing that it was making me uncomfortable.

I squirmed and smiled, “I guess he did. At least he said that most girls, and even more boys, were doing it so I guess that makes it okay. I’m surprised you’ve even heard about him. Most of his work was published a long time ago.”

“You may be surprised what girls talk about when they get together. Everything thinks that boys think about sex and talk about it all the time but girls are probably just as bad, or maybe even worse. We used to look up his stuff on the web and send emails to each other about some of the most outrageous kinds of sex he talked about. Teenage girls can get totally fixated on sex. Didn’t Kinsey say that females are at least as interested in sex as males?”

I decided to steer the conversation to something else. “Last night was terrific. It was wonderful, catching up on what you and your family has been doing over the last few years. You have a great family you know.”

“Yeah I know. And it was great having dinner with you too. I loved Mrs. Carpenter. That must be so hard for you.”

I looked at her. “It’s a little better now. But I have to admit I thought for a long time I’d never be able to get over it. So, let’s talk about something else. What are you going to do today?”

“Well, I’d like to see some of the area but my Dad’s working and I’m still too young to rent a car. So, I guess I’ll just do some shopping or something. How about you?”

I replied, “I don’t know, maybe walk around town some. I want to see the area at some point too.”

She looked at me with a smile, “I have an idea. Let’s go out together. We can either have lunch or maybe go somewhere. Dad will be working all day and I don’t know anyone else here.”

While I wondered initially at the propriety of a 50 year old man going out with a 19 year old girl, I figured that we were both adults and after all, we’ll just going to be out in public. So, I told her I’d get a car and we could drive around for the afternoon, to see what New Mexico had to offer.

We rode around the rest of the afternoon, stopping when the mood struck us. This was really a pretty part of the country and Kim was a delightful companion. She had a great sense of humor and is curious about so many things. She kept returning to the subject of Alfred Kinsey and she probed me on his findings about sex, and about mine. I kept trying to change the subject but she was pretty persistent. I have to admit that I was attracted to her. She’s worn shorts and maltepe escort a halter-top. Her legs were very shapely and smooth. The halter-top emphasized her beautiful breasts and when she leaned over I noted the fullness of her rounded curves. Her nipples were just faintly noticeable and I could imagine how they would feel beneath my fingers – or between my lips. Whenever we walked around, she kept leaning into me so I could fee her tits pressing against my arm. I’m sure she noticed that half the time, I had an erection or at least a partial one.

In the middle of the afternoon, after we’d been walking around some local shops, we got back in the rental car – I’d rented a convertible for the day – and I noticed that her fair skin was getting slightly pink.

“Kim, you’d better be careful or you’ll get sunburned. Do you have on sunscreen?”

She replied, “no, do you think I need some. Darn! My skin is so white. Wait I think I may have some with me.” She looked in her purse and pulled out a tube.

As we drove, she applied it to her face, neck, frontal torso and legs. She then asked me, “would you mind putting some on my back, Bill? It’s hard for me to reach it in the car.”

So I pulled over beside the road which was pretty secluded. She turned so her back was to me, and I squirted some sunscreen on my palm and rubbed my hand together to warm it up. I began at her shoulders and rubbed it on her neck as I lifted her hair. There is something erotic to me about a woman’s neck, particularly when it is exposed after raising her hair. I massaged it in and moved to her shoulders. She arched her back and moaned, “Bill, that feels good. You have nice strong hands. It feels like you’re giving me a massage.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, continuing to apply the lotion. It was good that her back was turned because otherwise she probably could see that I was somewhat flushed because of the sexual tension that I felt at least, not to say that she could probably also see the tent in my crotch from an erection. Her skin was smooth and tight. I applied the sunscreen over the straps on her top and down her back. When I looked down, I could see the waistband of her panties slightly above the top of her shorts. I knew she had on a thong. I rubbed down to the top of her panties. I figured I’d better stop when she said, in a somewhat husky voice, “Rub some under the strap of my top please. I want to make sure I don’t get burned anywhere. Hang on a sec.”

She reached around and untied the bow in the back and the straps fell away. She pressed the front to her breasts so it wouldn’t fall away. Dutifully, I applied more sunscreen to the area that had been exposed. I hoped she couldn’t tell that my breathing had accelerated but in actuality, I thought I could hear her also. She was almost moaning. She then lifted one arm.

“Put some on my sides please, Bill. I want to make sure everything is covered.”

My fingers moved to her side and I gently rubbed the lotion into her skin. Her skin was so soft and smooth it was like rubbing my hands over fine silk. Now she was moaning softly, almost purring. As I moved nearer her breast, she flinched and quickly I moved away. But, she reached around and held my hand.

She said, in a husky voice, “no, don’t stop.”

And then she let the top fall away. She had her back turned so I couldn’t see her breasts but she reached around and took my hand and moved it to them. I weakly tried to resist but as soon as I felt the soft yielding flesh, I couldn’t. I gave up all pretense of applying lotion as my hand cupped her breast. I kneaded it. Then I reached around with the other to cup her other breast in my hand. God, they felt so good, big and smooth, firm and soft at the same time. Her nipples were so hard that they felt as if they scraped the palms of my hand. She leaned back now into me now, with her head pressed against my face. I could look over her shoulder and see the big globes of flesh in my fingers. She was audibly moaning now.

“Ah, Bill, God, that feels so good. Do you like my tits Bill?” She put her hands over mine and pressed them into her softness. And then she pulled one hand down moving over her stomach towards her groin.

I pulled away. “Kim, we can’t do this. I’m old enough to be your father, almost your grandfather. This isn’t right.”

She turned to face me and for the first time, I saw her naked breasts. They well very well-shaped and full. Her aureoles were dark reddish-brown and her nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. I wanted to lift them and put them to my lips and suck her like a baby.

“Bill, I’m a grown woman. I’m old enough to know what I want.” She leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away.

“Kim, I think we should go now.”

We drove back to the hotel in silence. I was mortified that I’d taken advantage of a young girl, one that I saw as a child running around in the backyard. Since Linda and I could never have kids, I had always looked at several children in the neighborhood almost as my kids so it Kim almost seemed like my daughter. At the same time, she was a very sexy girl and she seemed really mature for her age. What I wanted to do was take her back to the hotel, pull off her clothes and fuck the hell out of her. But, I couldn’t help feeling that I was taking advantage of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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