Overtime at the Office

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Author’s note: By popular demand, I have chosen to write a sequel to my first story, A Limo Ride to Remember, continuing the relationship between Brittany and Jordan. Thank you so much to all of the readers that liked my very first erotic short story enough to comment and message me, asking me to do this. It is very inspiring.


Overtime at the Office

As another day comes to an end, the sounds of the office die down with the setting of the November sun. What normally is the whirring ambience of printers, fax machines, and telephones becomes the usual hallway chatter of “See you tomorrow” and “Have a good evening,” somewhat drowned out by the frantic clacking of my fingers on my keyboard.


Clickety clackity.


Tippity tappity.

“Hey! Jordan!”

I sighed, stopped typing, and turned towards my office door. Standing there, leaning confidently against the door jamb, was Josh, my boss, who seemed to wear a different suit every day. Today’s color was navy blue, which clashed greatly with the swamp green walls (or whatever the hell color they were changed to this year). He rubbed his goatee with his hand, then brought it up to run his fingers through his long hair, bringing them back around to make a finger gun. “See you tomorrow,” he said, clicking his tongue behind his teeth. Every day. He’s been doing that every day since I got promoted a month ago. I was already sick of it by the end of the first week.

“You too, Josh,” I said, silently wishing he would get that stupid spotted tie or his long sexy hair caught in the elevator on the way down. Fucking Jason Momoa wannabe. While certainly not a bad looking guy, I hated looking at him, probably because I wish I looked like him.

I leaned back in my chair, cracked my neck as I turned it from side to side, and gazed out my office window, looking down at the little ants race into their tiny toy cars and zoom off in a hopeless attempt to beat rush hour traffic by two whole minutes. It was the same every day, in every parking lot I could see from my 16th story office window. It’s always a small joy to watch how dangerously fast these people leave their day jobs. Three more emails and then I’ll leave.


The sound was all too familiar. I instantly recognized it as the violent sound of a stack of paperwork impacting my desk at high velocity. I glanced from my computer screen for a quick moment to see what bullshit just became my responsibility at the end of the day. I sighed as my eyes looked upon a stack of papers six inches high. Just what I needed to see ten minutes before I leave.

I glanced over again for a longer look and saw a familiar pair of skinny legs in the corner of my eye. There’s only one person in this office who wears a teal pantsuit. I didn’t even look at her face; I simply went back to my computer screen.

“Hello Brittany,” I said, continuing my typing, “I thought you left already.”

“I thought I did too,” Brittany replied, “But that fucking Josh decided he wanted me to file all of this bullshit. Fucking cunt.” She sure has become a lot less conservative with her language in the last year.

“And you figured the best thing to do would be to dump it all on my desk?” I growled.

“No, you ass, I dumped half of it on your desk,” Brittany snapped. “The other half is on my desk. I want you to help me with it.”

“Dammit Brittany, I just wanted to finish up these e-mails and go home. Can’t you just do it tomorrow?” I still didn’t look at her. My eyes were fixated on the letters appearing on my screen with each keystroke.

Brittany slammed her hand down on my desk. The force was great enough to make my mouse jump, and the top two sheets of paper blew off the pile, drifting down to the grey nylon carpet below. “For fuck’s sake, Jordan! What could you possibly have planned on a Tuesday?” I sensed the sweet smell of spearmint gum escaping her mouth, and glanced over at her hand on my desk. Her vibrant ruby red fingernails contrasted with her milky white skin, which was brightened by the glossy mahogany beneath it. How such a small, delicate hand could possibly have made such an impact on my desk, I will never know. My dick squirmed as I quickly flashed back to our night in Las Vegas last year, and how those soft, beautiful hands looked and felt clasped around it. The way she looked up at me with those gorgeous brown Vietnamese eyes as I exploded in her warm, inviting mouth. No no, stop it, I thought.

I turned back to my computer screen and continued typing. “I have a raid tonight,” I replied.

“A… what?” Brittany asked, her voice dripping with confusion.

“A raid. In World of Warcraft,” I said. Normally I would’ve been embarrassed to tell her this, but I just didn’t care today. I wanted to get my work done and get out of here, knowing I definitely wasn’t going to beat the rush hour traffic now.

“Oh my god, seriously?” Brittany bakırköy escort shouted. “You would rather play video games than get some easy overtime?”

“Easy?” I said. “I’m a salesperson, not a file clerk. I barely even know how to do it.”

“There’s nothing to it, I’ll just get you to sort and organize papers, and I’ll do the rest,” Brittany said. “Come on, I’ll meet you in the filing room. It won’t even take an hour.” She spun around and exited the room, and I turned my head to watch her leave. God damn, she is so sexy. From her caramel brown ponytail swaying with each soft step, to her perfect hourglass body, to that soft plump ass to her flawless feet in those black high heels, pushing her height a couple more inches past the five foot mark. Fuck, I miss her…

I finished typing up the final email of the day, ready to go home. Ideally that would’ve been the case, but instead I’m stuck here for another hour with a sexy old flame of mine that I no longer have a chance with. The past few months have been weird working with and around her. Since our wild night in Vegas, we had hooked up a few more times, but she had decided to end it when it seemed like people at work were getting suspicious of us, since relationships are prohibited in our workplace, which is such bullshit. Since when does a company have any authority to regulate love? Fuck, I should’ve quit this job when I found out how she felt about me, but the benefits are great. Now being around her is just awkward, but she’s still so damn good to look at.

I turned off my computer and adjusted my keyboard and mouse cords to be parallel with each other, tugged on all of my desk drawers to make sure they were all locked, then grabbed the lousy five pound stack of papers and left my office. I strolled down the dark and quiet hallways, with only the sound of the fans above me to muffle the sound of my nervous breathing. After passing a dozen empty offices to my left, I passed the elevator to my right. Just as the door was closing, I eyed the curly hair and wide brimmed glasses of Charlene the receptionist. I heard a loud “Have a good night!” from behind the closed door. I will when I get home, I thought.

After passing the elevator, I approached the heart of the workplace – the maze of cubicles, normally bustling with activity and social conduct, now all empty and neat for the day. Sometimes I miss working in this area. I am by no means a social butterfly but I do miss the riff raff and shenanigans that would happen around me that would make me smile and laugh, helping me get through the day. Looking at all the cubicles, the only difference between each one was who was in the family pictures plastered along the inner walls. It always saddens me when I look at all of the smiling faces in each picture. Beautiful pictures of husbands, wives, and children. I hope I can have that someday… I’m in my thirties now with no real sign of settling down, and the only thing ever really on my mind is my feelings for a co-worker I’m about to spend the next hour with but she’s already found someone else. Fuck… what am I even doing? I feel less productive now than when we were actually breaking the rules.

As I approached the room in the far corner to the left of me, the only room that still had light shining out of it, I heard the sound of shuffling papers and closing drawers, getting louder with each step. I looked inside and I saw Brittany bent over with her sweet ass pointing towards me, sifting through the folders of the lowest drawer of one of the dozen filing cabinets lined along the far wall. Further down I see she has already gotten more comfortable and had removed her high heels. Her soft white feet and red toenails shone brightly underneath the office highbay LED lights.

Before I started feeling awkward, I spoke up. “Hey Brittany, I’m here now.” Brittany stood up and flashed my favorite smile — a small smile that mildly showed her slight overbite. It was a sweet, innocent smile, but to me it was sexy. I never get tired of seeing it.

“Oh hey, Jordan,” she said. She pointed over at a small desk in the corner. “You can set the papers on there and sort through them. Might make it easier for you. I brought my chair in here too.”

I placed my paper stack on the desk and pulled Brittany’s office chair over to me, sat down and began looking through the stack. Most of it was just sales orders, so at least I knew where these ones were supposed to go. Other things, like quotes, were odd because normally we don’t put those in long-term filing unless it’s for high profile clients. Brittany would walk over to me now and then to take one of my sorted stacks, and every time, I would get a nice smell of her mild strawberry scented perfume. I found myself turning around often to look at her. The filing cabinets were five feet tall, so sometimes she had to grab the stool in the corner to place files in the top beşiktaş escort drawer. God I miss her so much, I thought. Why did she ask me to do this? She should’ve known how I would feel about this. We barely talked the entire time we were in the room.

After about half an hour, I was done sorting and began filing as well, which didn’t take long at all. After placing the final sheet of paper in the appropriate folder, I finally asked, “So, why couldn’t you do this tomorrow?”

Brittany closed her final drawer, looked at me and sighed, “Today is my last day.”

My eyes widened. “I beg your pardon?”

“I… I can’t be here anymore,” Brittany sniffled. “I’m so sorry for how I’ve been treating you lately. You don’t deserve that.”

“But why would you agree to do more work for Josh on your last day?” I asked.

“He didn’t actually ask me to do this,” Brittany replied, dewy eyed and lips pursed. “I offered to do it. It was the right thing to do, to at least finish up my work before I leave. It would be a real bitch move to leave that for someone else.”

“You’re not quitting just because of me, are you?” I asked, placing my hand on my hip. “You had such a good thing going here.”

“No, Jordan!” Brittany snapped. “WE had a good thing going. This fucking company! I can’t stand being around you knowing I can never be with you!” Suddenly, her eyes darkened and she took a couple steps closer towards me. “But now… nothing can stop me from getting what I want.”

“Um… uh… Brittany,” I stuttered. “What about Richard?”

Brittany smirked as she continued to walk slowly towards me. “I dumped that sack of shit over a month ago. He helped me to realize what I’ve been missing out on life. So I’m starting a new career, and now…” she placed her hand on my crotch, “… I can have you again.” The seductive look in those sexy Asian eyes as her hand made contact with my bulge caused my blood to rush down to my cock faster than it ever had before. In less than a couple seconds I was already uncomfortably hard inside my pants.

“Mmm that’s what I want to feel,” Brittany grinned. She quickly hopped down to her knees and began undoing my pants. She pulled them down to my ankles and my cock sprung up to say hello to her face. Brittany placed her left hand around the base of my shaft and stacked her right hand on top of it, and smiled as she looked at the remaining amount of cock still visible. “Mmm yeah, that’s more like it,” she moaned. “I couldn’t do this with Richard.”

“Whoa whoa, hold up Brittany,” I said. “I love that I have a bigger dick than him, but… please don’t talk about him.” It was hard to be upset while looking down at her like that.

“Heh, sorry,” Brittany giggled, licking her cherry red lips. “I’ll shut up now.” With that, she plunged her mouth right down my cock and began viciously slurping on it. Up and down and all around, wet and sloppy, she closed her eyes and moaned as my meat filled her face. Now and then, she would try to go down to the bottom, but she would gag every time, pop back up and moan again with a smile. She got her hands in the mix and started stroking my sloppy cock while sucking away at the top three inches. She popped her mouth off and kept stroking. “Holy FUCK I missed your huge cock!” she announced right before diving her mouth back onto it. Her forehead rubbed up against my shirt, so I happily removed it, allowing an even better view of my dick being sucked by the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

This was amazing. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping we’d hook up again, but right here in the filing room at the office? As I watched Brittany’s glorious mouthwork on my rock hard cock, I couldn’t help but be thankful that there are no cameras here. She’s so fucking hot, the way her ponytail whipped around in the air as she circled her mouth around my shaft. Then it happened. She looked up at me. Her beautiful Asian eyes made contact with mine and I started feeling the cum building up down below.

“God dammit Brittany it’s your turn now!” I announced as I picked her up, twisted around, and leaned her up against the desk. I grabbed her ponytail and lightly bit down on her neck, her soft moan right beside my ear was so heavenly. I continued nibbling on her neck as I shoved my hand down her teal pants and felt her smooth pussy. Heh, she prepared for this, I thought. I rubbed her clit softly and sensually, bringing my hand back up to lick it, and placing freshly moistened fingers back into her area. Brittany’s moaning and panting in my ear continued to get louder and more intense.

I fell down to my knees and ripped down her pants so fast I didn’t even see what color her panties were, and presented before me was her precious hairless treasure. She leaned further back along the desk and kicked her pants to the other side of the room as I introduced my tongue to her clit. I lightly flicked it with my tongue a beylikdüzü escort few times, followed by one large lick along her entire perfect pussy. As I pulled back, a large amount of pussy juice hung down from the lips and dripped onto the floor.

“Mmmmm,” Brittany moaned. “Oh my god, yes!” I started sucking gently on her clit and brought my hand up to get a couple fingers inside of her, while placing my other hand on her soft sexy foot beside me. Brittany, all hot and sweaty, undid the buttons of her blazer and opened it up, revealing a cute sky blue bra holding her sweet mango sized tits together, as well the sexy belly button piercing she got last Christmas.

I increased the intensity of my tongue and fingers until I could tell she was just about ready to blow. She closed her eyes, brought her hands up to her bra and began passionately squeezing her tits. “Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Oh my god just like that! Ooohhh OOOOOHHHH!” Brittany screamed as her body tightened up and her pussy quivered around my fingers, forcing out a blast of juice down my arm and onto the floor. “Ooohhh myyyy godddd! ” she belted out as her body calmed down.

After a quick moment, Brittany’s eyes opened up and burned right into me. She pushed me down onto the floor and fully removed her blazer, leaving her clothed with nothing but her bra. I removed my restricting pants from my ankles and threw them to the side. Without a single word, she hopped down from the desk and slowly slid herself down onto my cock with her mouth gaping and eyes rolling back. She moved up slowly, then down again slowly, allowing a little more of my meat to be inside of her. She repeated this process multiple times, moaning more intensely each time, until she was finally able to allow it to be all the way in. “Oh my fucking god I missed your cock so much!” she yelled as she began the fast bouncing motions, her tits and ponytail bouncing along with her.

Soon she stopped bouncing, straightened out tall, and began gyrating. “Oh god yes!” she moaned again as she felt all that cock swirling around inside of her. She stopped, reached her arms around her back and unhooked her bra, dropping it down beside me, allowing those pretty tits to flop out and say hello to me, so I reached up with my hands to say hello back. While not big by any means, they were very fun handfuls worth playing with. Brittany continued to gyrate on my cock as I squeezed her warm soft tits and nipples. I crunched up forward so I could suck on those pretty little nipples for a while. Brittany moaned again as she began lightly bouncing again. I laid back down and kept watching her, because she looked so fucking good up there.

“Oh my god, Brittany,” I said. “I want to fuck you so hard now.”

“Mmmm okay,” Brittany moaned. She slowly brought herself up off of my dick, until it finally toppled over onto my stomach with a soggy slap. She gave it a few quick strokes with her hand before I stood up, grabbed her by the waist, bent her over and slammed her down onto the desk.

I grabbed onto my slippery cock and gently guided the throbbing tip into her begging chasm, slowly pushing it in all the way, listening to Brittany’s long moan get stronger with each inch. Once all the way in, I thrust softly twice, and followed up with extreme pounding. “Oh fuck yes! Oh my god fuck me! Ohhhhh fuuuckkk! It’s so fucking big!!! MMMMMM! MMMmmmmmMm!” With one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder, I became relentless with how badly I wanted her to cum. The smacking sound of my hips against her ass must’ve echoed through the halls. Brittany began screaming and moaning even more loudly. Ear piercing screeches of ecstasy with each vicious thrust. “YES! YES! OH GOD YES!”

But then she started yelling something different. “Stop! STOP!” I immediately ceased thrusting, doing as I was told, leaving myself inside of her. “I want to turn around,” she said. I slowly withdrew my throbbing cock from her tiny box and allowed her to turn around and lean back against the desk. I stared for a moment at the flawless, clear skinned naked body of my perfect Vietnamese co-worker that stood in front of me. She looked at me with those seductive begging eyes as she leaned further against the desk. What did I ever do to deserve this woman? No, stop, no time to think.

I wrapped my arm around her left thigh and lifted her up as I proceeded to ease my cock back into her. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer towards me as I began ramming her. Brittany closed her eyes and her moans directly into my face were such a delight. She then opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I love you, Jordan,” she said softly, her body and tits shaking with my thrusts.

What the fuck? I thought. Don’t be saying that shit while I’m fucking your brains out. I didn’t respond, instead I leaned forward, pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. Our tongues locked lovingly together and at that moment I realized I loved her too. Perhaps her leaving this job was a good idea, knowing nothing can stop us from being together now. I released my mouth from hers and allowed her to continue moaning loudly as I continued to pound away at her tiny pussy. I gripped her waist and thigh harder as I bucked my hips back and forth at great speed.

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