Our Second Encounter

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I call ahead to the hotel to see what the earliest I could check in was. I was so excited about seeing her that I left an entire evening early. I was going to arrive at the hotel at 3:30 AM. The hotel assistant was very nice and said that she would let me check in early without having to get another night. This alone was a sign that this encounter was going to be an encounter to remember.

I call my baby to let her know that I was going to be arriving early. She was so excited, I could tell by her voice. She immediately started packing to meet me there when I arrived. This time, I was driving to her home town to see her.

This being the second encounter, the nervousness was a lot less than before. The excitement is what was over the top. I am so excited to see her again, even though I saw her just over a week ago. The first encounter was so wonderful, I had very high expectations for this encounter. As with the last time, I spent most of the drive down on the phone with her.

As I pull off the exit to the hotel, she says “I see your car.”

She was standing at istanbul escort the gas station across the street getting gas. I glance over and see her standing there by her car. An overwhelming happiness comes over me. Again I thought “she is so beautiful!” I quickly enter the hotel and start the process of getting the room key. After a few minutes, she arrives as well and meets me inside the lobby. As the lady behind the counter punches on the keys to her computer, I turn and give her a quick hug and kiss.

“Wow, I’ve really missed that.”

I receive the key from the lady checking me in and we quickly head to the elevator to take us up to our room. As we approach the elevator, I turn and give her a very deep passionate kiss which she returns happily. The elevator door opens and we take the elevator to our floor and walk to our room. I open the door to our room. She quickly tosses her bags on the floor in the corner and hurries back to me and throws her arms around me and kisses me very passionately again.

After avcılar escort this kiss, we decide that since I drove through the night that we would lie down and take a nap. We both removed our clothes, got comfortable and lied down on the bed. We immediately wrapped our arms around each other and pressed our bodies together as tightly as possible. As our bodies pressed together, she felt something quite hard press against her leg.

She giggled and reached down to grab it asking “What’s wrong with you baby?” in her naughty voice.

I immediately said “I want to be inside you now.”

I was harder than I have ever been, she had me so extremely excited. I gently climbed on top of her and the head of my dick quickly found out she was wet and ready for me. I slowly slid my head inside her hot, wet pussy and she welcomed it by arching her back to push it in. She moaned loudly as my dick parted her pussy lips and slid inside her. I pushed my dick in as deep as I could and started thrusting in and out of her pussy. It felt amazing. I felt every şirinevler escort move, every throb, and every surge. As she started to moan louder and dig her nails in my back, I started getting more and more excited. My dick started to throb inside her pussy. I started thrusting faster, harder, and deeper into her pussy.

I looked into her eyes and said “I want you to cum for me, cum all over my cock, I want to feel your juices run down my balls.”

She quickly replied “I want you to cum deep inside me, feed my hungry pussy, it will suck all your cum out.”

At which point, I looked at her and said “I’m going to cum.”

She said “me too.”

We came so intensely and so much our midsections and the sheets beneath us were soaked. I pulled my dick out for just a second and realized I’m not done. So, I thrust my dick back inside her to her surprise.

She immediately said “You’re still going?”

I returned “I’m still hard as a rock and horny, YOU baby make me this way!”

We spent the next day and a half in the hotel making non-stop love. Surpassing any and all expectations I had prior to arriving to see her. She is one amazing, incredible, beautiful, sexy girl. This day is a day to remember. It will be one of many that I will share with this girl over the rest of my life. Each day that passes will be another day that I will attempt to make her the happiest girl alive!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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